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To the Ends of the Earth

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In five billion years from now, a Space Station by the name of Platform One will be perched in orbit around the Earth.

The Space Station will be occupied by what can easily classify as the the Universe’s elite – the wealthiest movers and shakers of the time.

The event?

The sun will expand in a not too uncommon event called a supernova, and will annihilate the entire solar system in the process.

The occupants of the space station will be protected by advanced technology which shields them from the energies released.

Now when this happen, there will be an exchange.

An odd man will arrive with the last human alive – an Earthly companion by the name of Rose Tyler.

I respectfully ask that the collective known as the Forest of Cheem, which will be in attendance, take DNA samples of the man’s breath.

The man will come NOT bearing gifts, as will be customary at these events, and will instead offer a ‘breath of air from his lungs” as a gag gift on your female representative – he will consider it to be a joke.

I also ask that you take a sample of his companion – Rose Tyler’s DNA – without her awareness, in blood, saliva, and hair.

Now another lady will be in attendance.

A lady by the name of Lady Cassandra O’Brien who also claims she’s the last human alive. My advice is: study her. I do not doubt she is who she claims to be. I also suspect she cannot physically see the odd man who arrives with the companion. Test my theory.

An event will happen beyond your control that will leave you with samples of Cassandra’s DNA.

There will be no need for you to become involved in the ‘event’.

You’ll be safe. Just relax and consider it to be entertainment and nothing more.

And next. I ask that you take a sample of each individual member in attendance representing your collective DNA.

Finally – I ask that you – FIRST – and in private, REQUEST a DNA sample from the Face of Boe. If the being does NOT explicitly agree to the request, do NOT and I repeat do NOT acquire one by ANY MEANS. It is absolutely crucial that you abide by his will.

And finally:

DO NOT tell anyone or ANYTHING who initiated this request.


In fact, I ask that AFTER you have read this, that you completely remove it from ANY records you have.

I suspect, after your analysis, comparison and contrast of all the DNA involved, you will understand the message this Timelord is attempting to send you.

Use our usual communication channels to relay the results to me!

Thank you


Good luck.

And God speed!

I have faith in you 🙂

On a final note:

Don’t worry about the Earth.
The Big Bang’s a cycle, and the destruction and re-creation happens ALL the time.

Just enjoy the show!

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