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The perils of adopting a baby Q, a lesson in Q DNA.

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The one biggest drawback to omnipotence is simple:


Now nowhere is this more annoying than for those entities tasked with observing and/or nurturing a maturing baby Q to help impose a good set of morals and values and a fair modicum of personal discipline.

They say mother nature’s a bitch.

Just try to retain some semblance of sanity when you are a caring displaced soul who is dealing with an adopted Q child who you have temporally relocated to the year 1976.

One day, while you are inside doing laundry, and you assume he is quietly playing with his trucks in his sandbox in your serene urbanized landscape backyard in Yorba Linda, California, the next moment he is suddenly back in Ancient Egypt, in the year 2700 BC.

As he is single handedly teaching the Ancient Egyptians who really built the Pyramids.


You, as an adoptive parent, may think this adoption is an exercise in futility. After all, even if you did have access to time travel technology, how in the hell are you supposed to know your baby Q is back or forward in time?

Particularly since baby Q’s have evolved to respect and appreciate linear time – and that they rarely will make changes to linear timelines that are actually detectable….

Now how do you maintain sanity, both as a baby Q, and as the parents attempting to provide both a nature and nurture experience and understanding of what life is?

The answer.

Is surprisingly simple.

And comes straight out of video games.

It’s called a Save Game.

Humans have adopted this concept and began to refer to to as DNA.

And Q?

Well we can be an uncreative bunch at times.

We’ve named it merely Q DNA.

We don’t have to have those pesky memories of living for 6000 years before having to return to normalcy in the modern times.

We merely choose to forget those annoying experiences of our youthful displacement and update modern media with different interpretations of our experiences.

After all, it seems to keep the population we represent happy

And it keeps the population that represents us understanding of the relative perspective and not to judge us based on the seeming insanity of why we do what we do.

After all, can you imagine living a trillion years and actually remembering it all and really wanting to stick around when you have no choice?

I can, and have been there, done that, and have realized it’s so much more entertaining and satisfactory to live a life externalizing the hells I’ve quite literally lived at least once through.

This keeps things seeming fresh and new.

Even if it is a lie.

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