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FREE Online Courses from Edx and Coursera!

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Anyone who knows me knows I spent a great deal of time in school before I actually received my first degree.

In 2007, I received my Bachelor’s Degree – at the age of 38, and had nearly 250 credit hours of courses in a variety of disciplines.

You could say I didn’t know what I wanted to do when I grew up.

In 2009, I finished up my Master’s – A Global Master’s in Business Administration at a school that just happened to be right across the street from the place I grew up in In Glendale, Arizona.

In any case. I have found a few amazing resources for continuing my learning experience – and unlike most sites which serve to tell you what to do without doing it themselves, I would like to share with you what I am actually doing – are ‘around’ the things I am recommending!

The web sites I have to recommend are Coursera.Org and the second is EDX.Org.

Both are offering a great deal of undergraduate and graduate level coursework – from extraordinary universities and institutions – such as Harvard, MIT, IIT, and more – all around the world – free of charge

Now I am currently taking a course on coursera.org called “History of the Slave South”, from the University of Pennsylvania. “This course explores the relationship between slavery and democracy at the heart of American history. It is about the rise and fall of the slave South from the beginning of the seventeenth century to the end of the American Civil War.”, and can be found here.

And just today, I started “Astrobiology and the Search for Extraterrestrial Life”, from the University of Edinburgh, “What are the possibilities for intelligent life elsewhere? How would we deal with contact with an extraterrestrial intelligence and what would be the impact on society? Who would represent Earth?” on edx.org.

Now as a homeless dude, I have a great deal of time at my disposal, so I figure why not learn some more about this crazy world – and over the next four months, I am registered for the following courses.

From the University of Colorado, in a month – I start the class “Beginning Game Programming with C#“, I figure I have never programmed video games before, so why not learn how in one of my favorite languages and make some of my own?

From The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, in 14 days, there’s “Positive Psychology ” – clearly something a homeless guy looking to make some life changes could use.

From “The University of Arizona”, in 20 days I am REALLY looking forward to their course “Astronomy: Exploring Time and Space“. The UofA has a world renowned astronomy program with the Steward Observatory at Mt Lemon, so I do not doubt this course is going to be great!

From the Wesleyan University, next week I start the course “The Language of Hollywood: Storytelling, Sound, and Color“. Since the art of story telling and movies so greatly intrigues me, whether it’s in a video game or in a theater, I figure this will help me understand the storytelling processes.

From the American Museum of Natural History, there’s a course on “The Dynamic Earth: A Course for Educators“.  the evolutionary history of this planet just something interesting to me. That course starts in three months.

And to finalize the courses I am taking on Coursera, there’s a course taught by The University of Melbourne titled “The French Revolution“. One day, when I’m time traveling and popping in and around Europe, it might do me some good knowing who I’m meeting should I come across them. That course begins in four months.

And onto edx.org.

From a University named “GEMS” (not sure who they are, but for this course, it’s irrelevant): I am taking “The Art of Teaching”. That begins this quarter, sometime.

From UC Berkley, I am taking a course “CS188.1x Artificial Intelligence” Should be an easy course for me, but I am curious what educational environments are saying about AI.

From Rice University, I am taking a course “ELEC301.1x Discrete Time Signals and Systems, Part 1: Time Domain”, which begins next week. I am quite frankly just curious to see what they have to say about the subject.

And just started on the 21st of January is “UT.5.02x LAFF: Linear Algebra – Foundations to Frontiers“. I have taken Calculus, and always wanted to take Linear Algebra and Differential Equations. Here’s my chance, right!

In any case, here’s the beauty of these courses:

  1. I pay nothing
  2. I have all the degrees I really need, the ‘certificate of completion’ is nice, but the real reason I am in these courses is – the subjects are just interesting. i do this for me. Not out of some preprogrammed degree framework.
  3. It helps a homeless guy spend his idle time to become a better Q and more informed Q when it finally happen.

In any case, pass it on, if you or someone you know is interested in learning more about this, my world.

– Q

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