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Rachel – A question for you

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Is it true we were husband and wife in one of my prior lives?

Watch the Earth based movie named Hancock.

That details our life from my perspective.

Then watch Star Trek, The Next Generation, Season 3, Episode 11, the Q and the Grey.

The female character Suzie Plakson – Miss Q – that’s how I used to regard you in my prior life. I didn’t much like you.

Note the parallels of the American Civil War to the Q Continuum war. The same thing is literally occurring right now. Time and space are folding on eachother right now.

History is being written and rewritten as I type this based on slavery.

I know you’re reading. I can feel you watching.

Not sure if it is through me, with me, in a holodeck, or in some other form or fashion that  I am currently not in touch or aware of.

Chris is an actor, named Sculley.

He used to be part of your crew sometime in between the Earth years of 2407 and 2409. Separate world, separate timeline.

Ask him. He’s been trying to help both of us.

And tell him I accept his apology.

It had to happen the way it did.

This is a complete system realignment.

I’m what Christians refer to as born again.

I hope you understand what that means.

And if you would like to tear down this world.

Feel free.

I am good at repairs.

I just ask that you work with me after you have seen with your own eyes what you destroyed.

After all,

I am the man who chose to walk on water before the timing was right.

Deep down, I think you have always known that.

Sometime around Stardate 92690.78 you’ll find a vessel cruising along without any crew whatsoever.

I’ll give you one hint who the Captain is.

And Rachel.


I had to disappoint you once for you to believe in you.

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