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Q’s Log – Stardate 735997.56458 – HOLODECK Project Update

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Here’s the algorithm for date calculations.

I’ve created my own form of a time stamp – named a Q Stardate in honor of it’s heritage (Star Trek) – and the name I am assuming – to log and manage relative events within the system.


The code should be self explanative.

Now I am not horribly concerned with accuracy. I figure time and events occurring are going to be relative to this system, so why not reinforce it?

I have renamed the modelling application to “Loki’s Paint 3D Studio” and modeled the preliminary screens off of MSPAINT, as can be seen below.


As is visible in the lower right hand corner of the screen, the Q Stardate contains an update of the stardate in an ongoing basis. Particularly useful for brain training 😉


Now I am currently experimenting on the correlation of XML data to drawing, and it seems like when I think of a poor strategy, my mind gets fuzzy. Like this is actually ‘bridging’ the two d world to the three d world in my mind. It’s weird to say the least. Like ‘fundamental flaws’ aren’t being exposed as I implement this, but like my mind is busy simulating the possibilities and this is it’s way of saying “Hey buster, this sucks”

Ok, ok. I’m listening.

In ANY case. The first inclination was to scrap this approach altogether when trying to fuddle with design strategies and go to Blender Game Engine..

But I’m not, and going to make it a fact to document my inner battle as much as I can on this AS I go.

I swear I am fighting with multiple personalities on implementing this at times.

It’s not easy.

But the thing I keep returning to is – with using other 3d packages such as blender, I’m working within their environment. For better or for worse…

The one thing I keep returning to is the nonintuitive nature of design in 3D.

Like with Blender. I can’t help but continue thinking “Why must the learning curve be so atrocious?”

I know one reason is – what the mind can handle.

I grew up regarding movies as fiction, because that’s what I was told it was.

It wasn’t until later that I learned that’s not necessarily the case.

I can’t help but think.

I need to trust the next generation has the capacity to look at holodecks and 3D Design within a simulated environment in the same way.

I remember one time, when my mind was getting monstrously screwed with back about 3 years ago, it felt like I was in some kind of simulation and everyone was fighting computerized enemies or something of that nature when finally said out loud: “Will you kids quit screwing with me.”

The funny thing is. I got the distinct impression this not only surprised whoever / whatever was doing it, but to some degree whoever/whatever it was thought they were a god themselves. Images of Odin came around.

It was weird.

All something to stew on tonight.

Is keeping it simple the smart way to go?

I am beginning to have my wonder..

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