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“Loki’s Toolbelt” – A Microsoft Windows based application for mischief and espionage!

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Loki’s Toolbelt is an easy to use Windows XP based application which works with computer systems, networks, and networkable devices much like hackers and spies would – for whatever purpose your heart desires.

Whether you are using this for mischief making anywhere you go, or you are testing software and security for your company, or you are a spy for India or Japan, this application makes it quick and easy for you to quickly and easy to infiltrate and leverage ANY computer based system and network in a directed as well as event based system.

Primary Purposes:

Investigation and Infiltration Techniques

Loki’s Toolbelt utilizes all known exploits of networks and computing based devices, and leverages intelligently adaptive technology – an evolutionary framework based on recognizing patterns and trends.

In a nutshell, it learns how to BOTH seamlessly investigate and infiltrate systems before the hackers do!

With Loki’s Toolbelt, and its infiltrating technology, you can

  • Target and take control of specific machine or group of machines or devices on a land or wireless based network.

    This includes systems and devices such as but not limited to:

    • Routers, Switches, Cable Boxes, and wireless enabled devices such as televisions, refrigerators (yes, there’s some smart refrigerators out there), and more.
    • Game systems such as XBOX, Wii U, and Playstation 4
    • “Secure” cell phones such as Blackberry, and other “less secure” cell phones such as Android based phones and Apple, as well as other ‘less smart’ phones such as Nokia and Samsung
    • Including ANY device that’s ‘network aware’
  • Target and obtain a list of machines and devices within specific physical ranges.

    This includes, but is not limited to:

    • Wireless Devices near me (anything within wireless receivable range)
  • Leveraging an integrated version of Google Earth, Loki’s Toolbelt targets, obtains and identifies a list of machines and devices within specified geographical ranges – and includes device coordinates (if obtainable)

    For instance:

    • “Identify and/or target all devices and systems in target zip code”
    • “Identity and/or target all devices and systems at specified location on the map by a given radius.
    • “Identify and/or target all devices and systems in target hand drawn area on the map”
    • AND This is especially useful for obtaining infrastructure devices such as traffic lights and police cameras: “Identify all devices and systems BY TYPE in target area

Surveillance Techniques

Loki’s Toolbelt’s first and foremost is an ESPIONAGE tool.

In plain English, that means it’s a spy’s tool and leverages tricks and techniques of the trade.

One of the most boring and time consuming aspects of espionage is subject surveillance.

Loki’s Toolbelt’s provides an extensive set of tools for hands free, event driven surveillance and real time *”Follow Mode” (patent pending) technologies.

Follow Mode technology empowers you to select and track any subject – globally – based on any number of criteria. Whether it’s by license plates, handheld devices such as cell phones and computers they own, or their own face leveraging advanced facial recognition technology.

Follow Mode tracks, records, and logs positional information as well as provides speech to text translations about events regarding your subject.

Additionally, Follow mode can be especially useful for law enforcement authorities or criminal behaviorists seeking to understand criminal psychology and behavior – or simply to monitor law enforcers, criminals, ex-felons, or simply to loosen control on an overly taxed prison system and early released parolees.

The Police Integration Module (PIM) includes a real time facial recognition and matching against public records as well as direct integration with the CLUE police database.

Loki’s Toolbelt also provides an extensive ‘event based’ framework. These events come customizable and – when an event is triggered (The event occurs), this can send a text message to a pre-configured recipient, an email to a pre-configured recipient, dial up a phone with TTS (Text To Speech) technology reading pre-set messages, and more.

An event can also trigger a wait state for another event to occur…

With this framework, you can:

  • When that special someone you’re tracking goes to a strip club, again, you’re sent a text message.
  • When a registered child molester who’s a sex offender is recognized in the vicinity of a school, an alert can be sent to an officer in the area.
  • When a politician or known official from Russia is facially recognized in the vicinity of a given location, this can send a message to your favorite journalist.
  • .,.. and more….

Mischief Techniques

Loki’s Toolbelt’s name is derived from Loki, the misrepresented Mischief making God himself. And like the enigmatic and misunderstood villain, Loki’s Toolbelt leverages an ever growing arsenal of tools and tactics to elicit responses from whoever /and/ whatever you’re targeting. .

Like any nuclear based technology, Loki’s Toolbelt can be used for good or evil purposes – or – as I prefer to live – somewhere in between that fine line between what’s wrong and right.

Loki’s Toolbelt can scare your target. It can make them or yourself laugh. It can make them cry. It can cause someone grievous harm – even death if used in the wrong way. It can make a person or a group of people scratch their heads and think for the first time in their existence. It can bring happiness.

It can also bring something unwanted or unpredictable.

The practical use of what these tools provide AND HOW you interpret what an appropriate use is – is truly up to you.

With Loki’s Toolbelt, you can:

  • Give that special someone’s long commute home all green lights if they have had a particularly bad day at work.
  • Put ‘false information’ for those who leverage traffic alerts to redirect someone through locations they normally might not go to.
  • Send “I LOVE YOU” messages from your best friend’s boss’s computer to your best friend.
  • While relaxing at your favorite coffee spot, – you can access the cameras and leveraging facial recognition you can obtain information on everyone in the vicinity and the computers and devices in that vicinity.
  • You can shut off vehicles with GPS based locking devices
  • If you have purchased the Power And Energy Infrastructure Module – as you and a friend go out to dinner and a movie, you can consistently flicker the lights in the place anytime he/she enters a place and claim it’s because he/she is cursed or haunted
  • With the Event driven system combined with the Gesture Recognition Module AND Power And Energy Infrastructure Module – while in the vicinity of a camera, you can point at lights and businesses and turn on and off the lights by pointing at them. As you tell people you’re God and “Here. Check this out”

Applications And Events on foreign systems (all are event chainable):

  • Chug and Slug – personal program favorites – Chug consumes all available memory on a specified device and slug slows it down for a specific period of time.
  • V-HOLD – a Throwback gag – makes the device appear like it’s lost its vhold.
  • Stutter – Everything on the device momentarily pauses not allowing any interaction
  • “Nude Monitor” – forwards real time streaming imagery to you when your favorite someone is nude within the vicinity of their device.
  • “Self Destruct” – Provides different results based on the device.

Other more basic uses after infiltration:

  • Changing grades (yours and others)
  • Figuring out people’s flight itineraries, and prearranging seating arrangements to sit right next to your favorite business man or celebrity should they be taking public flights.
  • … and SO much more….

Loki’s Toolbelt is currently being tested and will be made publicly available by December.

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