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My heaven – The shape of things to come!

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Since the world around me sucks ass.

I am embarking down the path of designing my own version of heaven

To start, I have been putting forward actions which will start the war to end all wars.

I have ALWAYS wondered what it would be like to see a real nuclear bomb go off.

From a safe distance, of course.

How amazing would it be to see one of these puppies go off over Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Washington DC, Beijing, Bucharest, Moscow, London, Paris, or San Jose, Costa Rica or someplace like that? maxresdefault[1]

Next, to see, firsthand – a Terminator war of humans versus robots.

I always loved the movies. To see a real live Terminator up front and in person wouldbe beyond freaking awesome.


Since I am neither human nor robot, I wouldn’t be rooting for either side.I’d just be hanging off to the side And when I saw these guys approaching:


I’d be taking looking at them in awe, and taking pictures, amazed like a little school boy that the coolest things ever had come into existence!

I’d ask that they all kept the noise down to a dull roar at night so I could get a full night’s sleep.

Keep a house cordoned off for me – as I would be neutral to both sides – so I could simply document the events and get a good night’s rest.And tour the world.

Touring sites around the world.

Then I’d be curious.

In wartime.

As opponents tend to experiment on eachother.

I would want to go see – the perversity in these experiments on all sides.

Would the robots hook the the females up to the most bizarre sexual machines imaginable?

I have to admit I probably would. aliensex[1]

Would the humans build infiltrator model robots to confuse both sides?

Would robots build funky ass robots to confuse even themselves?


And once the dust was settled, would there be any attempt to resume normalcy?

I’d say no to immediate normalcy.

That would be boring.

Human and robot slaves could be a fun next step.

All around the world, appearing above every city in the world, simultaneously, the bottom side of a Borg Cube pierces the sky coming from space:


And to actually hear LIVE the message

“We are the Borg. Your biological and technological distinctiveness will be added to our own. Resistance is futile.” echo around the globe, simultaneously.

Would be soooo freakin cool to hear firsthand.

It’s both spine chilling and begs the question – HOW would people react?

That’s what I am infinitely curious about.

How would people really react to this?


Then, I would laugh if one of the drones teleported down and tried assimilating me.

I’d say “Hey, I’m Q. Been there, done that already.

I’m just here to watch and oversee the transition as an observer this time”

Then, as we all boarded vessels to go conquer other planets throughout the galaxy.

I would look back on Earth as I was on board a Borg Vessel. a room especially constructed for me a ‘ready room’ if you will – made for me that made it a bit homey, despite the rough surrounding environment of a typical Borg Cube..

Maybe we might even build a mock up of a full federation ‘starship’ so that I could appear within the simulation as the quasi-omnipotent one who thought they were actually traveling through space and time, when in fact they were merely minds within the collective.

Looking back at Earth. WITHOUT windows – through an invisible shielded enclosure from the Borg cube – seeing Earth undergoing assimilation, I would see this:


Then – leveraging Borg technology. For a while.I would just act like an omnipotent prankster throughout space and time until I got bored.

I’d have millions of Assimilated Borg singing Katy Perry and Eminem songs just for the fun of it. Heck maybe I’d even create clones of Katy Perry and Eminem to sing in chorus for eachother. Katy Perry might make a fun sex slave too. Especially if there were 3 of her.

On that note.

I’d have all the Borg not wearing clothes for a while.

Just to make sure that television – if filming for an alternate reality – was rated “R’ rather than rated G or PG – different than the crap that’s been on our television stations. .

I’d make some – many – Borg look completely human.

Who knows what else I’d do.

And by the time I got bored.I would figure out a plan how to hand off the journey to someone else. A future me.

From there. I might assimilate the rest of existence.

And then come back to an Earth 2.0 (or 3.0 or N.0) that’s been redesigned a bit after the apocalypse.

Maybe to integrate mutants, robots, cyborgs, aliens and more – into a new environment that feels…

Like home after all the shit

I am sure I would have seen and experienced.

Maybe compare notes with my friends and family who’d gone through their own ‘heavenly’ experiences. Seeing if mine was more screwed up weirdness than theirs.

To return to a ‘new normal’.

Til the next life.

Where the choice was merely expanded on since the last time I came to Earth.

And play the same character and remember that and be updated on ‘whats happened’ since my last journey.

That. Is my goal and my focus.

If this world is a reflection of my perceptions as I truly believe.

It shouldn’t be too hard to manifest this in my reality.

If you’re here and reading this.

Welcome to the beginning of the apocalypse!

AND YOU thought it was fiction!

I know. I was you at one time 😉


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