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Life is an allusion

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Most people believe that the acronym for CIA stands for “Central Intelligence Agency”.

That acronym actually stems from the KGB’s reference to their discovery of the agency, in the late 1960’s, and because the Soviet Union and Russia have – throughout time – so thoroughly lacked awareness and comprehension of what the United States was trying to achieve with this organization, and the CIA’s public refusal to disclose its mission, the acronym stuck.

What’s funny is Hollywood ‘bit’ the bait.

The acronym actually stands for “Creative Intelligence Agency”

Similarly, the NSA – seeing value in this secretive and unspoken approach of intelligence gathering, actually stands for “National Science Agency”.

Which is why the United States is simply not reacting to Snowden and worldwide media’s attempts to provoke reaction.

It’s ALL SMOKE AND MIRRORS propaganda based on the critical misunderstanding of the NSA’s true mission!

What is that? Science, baby.

The NSA jokingly created the web sites: http://www.nsa.gov and http://www.cia.gov to ‘feed’ the broken media system.

I mean. let’s be real. You’re doing classified intelligence work.

Do you sincerely think that someone – ANYONE pursuing extremely covert and classified intelligence work critical to this country’s success is going to post REAL work requirements or go through Boze Allen or any other contracting agency to hire recruits to work there?

If you believe that.

Then I have some ocean front property in Wyoming to sell you.

Snowden. You’re a doll. But it’s a pity you defected.

Is anyone aware you weren’t in information technology at all?

Is anyone aware that you and your wife were actually recruited as lawyers into Public Affairs and then into something called the ASA (Army Security Agency) for the US Army?

The REAL question is: DO YOU remember you had a wife back in 2003  when you went through PA school at Fort Meade with me again?

And better than that – that you never actually made it into the NSA?

Or that all you had done was gather intel at the Fort Meade recruitment center..

The same one I went through?

Have you told ANYONE that you had failed the psyche profiling tests for the peacetime TS/CLI clearance, and you didn’t stand a rat’s chance in hell at getting into the NSA OR the CIA?

Coming from the Army, I BET you weren’t aware there was such a thing!

On that note..

Where is she by the way – your wife that is – she’s mysteriously disappeared….

You’re a hard man to take seriously nowadays.

In any case. The NSA does not stand for security.

It’s about Science, bud.

Science that one day I hope you quit playing games and join me for the fun.

There’s a new game afoot.

Let me teach it to you.

YOU KNOW where I am at. I’ve made that infinitely clear.

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