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Why I want to explore off planet: FOR THE WOMEN, STUPID!

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Let’s face it.

Earth women are sexy.

But despite the fact that most robotic and alien women from off planet are depicted as vicious, psychopathic killing machines.

Whether it’s a shape-shifting Terminator Robot Female (played by Kristanna Loken) from the movie Terminator 3.


Or it’s the gorgeous killer shape shifting female alien Sil (played by Natasha Henstridge):


The fact of the matter is.

Alien females..

Whether they are red headed green women with big breasts…


Are SO much sexier than this.


Whether it’s the gorgeous human looking vampiric alien from the appropriately named movie ‘LifeForce’


Or it’s the BORG humanoid female, named Seven Of Nine from Star Trek Voyager (Borg stands for cyBernetic ORGanism)


These women from OFF planet are OH so much sexier than this:


Whether it’s the sexy and she doesn’t know it Vulcan T’Pol from the television show Star Trek Enterprise proving that aliens don’t have to look entirely alien to be alien and still sexually ‘fit’ with her male counterpart, as seen with her nude received direct from planet Vulcan here.

916966 - Enterprise Jolene_Blalock Star_Trek T'pol fakes

And it’s not just that they have this otherworldly beauty…

It’s that the settings themselves. So MUCH story that adds to the depth and engagement with the characters – letting our imagination run free in unparalleled ways.

Whether there’s an exotic woman singing opera while floating above Planet Earth on a futuristic space based Titanic.


Or it’s the stunning Cylon (A robotic clone) Tricia Helfer from the television show Battlerstar Galactic posing with her Cylon counterparts on board their starship.


Whether it’s amazingly well written stories in games like Mass Effect with BEAUTIFUL graphics, sound, story, and immersive first and third person elements of gameplay  featuring adult oriented regarding love and relationships featuring a sexy blue alien female and a human in a scene ‘banned in Japan’ for being too much for their sensitive imagination…


Or it’s the gorgeous Milla Jojovich from the movie Fifth Element, with the absolutely stunning futurtistic city that she’s immersed in working with Bruce Willis to save the world.


and even if it is mutant aliens from our own Planet Earth such as the shapeshifting Mystique


Now you ask..

Now you say there’s no place for women in Science Fiction.

I say to you.

You don’t understand women like I do.

How utterly fantastic they can be no matter what time period they are in.


How much they can balance and add an aura of levity and appeal to ANY futuristic based scene, especially remakes Star Trek…


or it’s fantasy scenes imagining the possibilities of the woman and her.. .form and function.


Whether she’s on fire…


or she’s bigger than life…


… I don’t want to explore space and time alone

Never have wanted to.. don’t intend to…

However…The woman I absolutely need in my life just ain’t your typical woman.

She’s wanting to be a pervert with me.

And wanting to explore space and time with minimized limitations and constaints.

And always with a safety blanket of eachother.

And to be sure. Woman to me, means I want all of them to join with me.

Is that really so much to ask with what we stand to see and experience together?

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