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Skipping the Quantum Record

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Happy new Year, friends!

About a week ago, I was researching human vision and hearing.

What used to annoy me to no end was visits to the DMV for my driver’s license, where I would be tested for my hearing, where different tones were generated to test the range of my hearing. I SWORE there was no sound being made despite the assertion of the tester.

Now I had learned, years before, to memorize the standardized eye test charts which were the same in EVERY doctor’s office, so it was easy to convince doctors I had 20/10 vision. The best ‘in that chart’ is 20/5, but I didn’t want to overdo it too much by getting the last line correct.

Truth be told my vision really is 20/20. Pretty much average.

Now in my ‘funky world’, I am realizing a lot of things which had been scientifically documented are flat out not the same in my observable world.

For instance, the sun and ALL stellar objects VISIBLY rotate around the Earth here Not, as documented, rotate around the sun.I have yet to see a galaxy formation in the sky as depicted on the internet. I could go on….

Or there’s more artificial deviations – such as There’s FOUR observable space stations circling the planet, the International Space Station is the only one publicly documented.

In any case, in this quest to question this world’s indoctrinated science, I decided to test normal human hearing – which is documented in the range of 64Hz to 23kHz

Google lists this below:


Leveraging a sound development utility called “Audacity” to test my hearing, With Audacity, it is relatively simply to generate audio files, and to generate tones to test out my own ranges.

Here’s a screen shot of how it works:


On the menu ‘Generate’ is an Option called ‘Tone’ – and after that, you can generate a ‘sample tone’ – in this case I selected a Sine Wave (a simple oscillation) of 30 seconds, and I set the frequency at 88khz.

Now why so high? It was weird. First I tried ‘normal human range’ – and the tones seemed… Low. i went from 10kHz to 20kHz. Then I stepped it up. 30kHz, 50kHz, that’s when I jumped to 80kHz and I was still freaking hearing it! At 90kHz I heard nothing, so I stepped it down to 89kHz, 88khz which is where I settled.

What I learned in my ‘testing’ is that my range of hearing went all the way from 20Hz all the way to 88kHz.  I even went as far as to ‘save’ the high and low ranges of the tones, I was so dumbfounded by my results.

Now with human hearing documented as 64 hz to 23kHz, there’s clearly a misalignment.

So what I did next was – i went to Youtube, and figured someone on youtube might have tones generated on a video.

Sure enough. I found a video which claimed to have ‘human hearing ranges’ of 20hz to 20kHz, a sine wave Just like I had just generated, only this one went thought the entire range.

Here’s the video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qNf9nzvnd1k):


Now what I learned was – what they depicted as the tones of Human Hearing Range were dramatically different than the tone I was generating.

That is – I generated a tone which said 60kHz on my machine. And this matched the tone at the frequency depicted at about 15kHz on the Youtube video.

Now I don’t have a whole lot of confidence in internet information propaganda lately. And notice these inconsistencies between what’s documented online versus what I experience in real life all the time. So I just wrote this off as yet another attempt by ‘the machine’ to manipulate public perception, in this case, in a literal sense of the word.

Now from there, I thought – let’s see how the cackling squad responds to this, so I went and posted the question on Yahoo Answers Questions (The really funny responses often give rise to more questions than answers), where I asked “What’s your ‘range’ of hearing? I see humans are documented as 64hz to 23,000hz. Mine is more about 12hz to 88000hz. What’s yours?”

As to explain my position and assertion on Yahoo Answers, I made darn sure respondents knew why I had arrived at my conclusion:

What's your 'range' of hearing?

Human are documented as 64hz to 23,000hz. Mine is more about 12hz to 88000hz. What's yours?

Use Audacity to generate the tones, it has a specific feature to generate tones at any frequency, quite handy.

WEAR A HEADSET and respond with your answers!!

Update : And YES I do mean precisely what I wrote down, I hear 12hz to 88000 hz..

Try it yourself. leverage something with a tone generator - Audacity is a great for instance, and report back your findings!

Now almost immediately, I received the contentious response:

Barb answered 4 days ago
I think you mean yours is 120hz to 8800hz, not 12hz to 88000hz. Nobody can hear down to 12Hz or up to 88,000 Hz.

Now what’s funny about this situation is, not only had I documented my experiment, but I documented my results, and while my experiment defies accepted norms, there’s ABSOLUTELY no response other than one person asserting my inaccuracy.

It was weird. Like no one’s willing to question their own surroundings.

Now I have been banned from a Theoretical Physics web site for asking similar questions. They referred to me as a crackpot theorist.

Like being called a nerd, it’s a moniker I take proudly as a compliment.

The converse being ‘a conformist theorist’

Anymore. I just shrug these things off. But I have made it a fact to ‘keep my eye on the pulse’ because it’s instances like this that I generally will see reality itself reshape the experience to attempt to make me question my own memory.

It doesn’t work any longer i might add.

Sure enough. last night.

New Year’s Eve I might add.

I went to go replay the tone I had previously generated to see if my friend could hear it.

The files were gone.

But the snapshot image was still there. So I knew I had done it.

So I went through the same method to generate the tone.

And wouldn’t you know it – the tone I generated above the documented hearing ranges was NOW inaudible to BOTH me and him!

Reality had glitched right in front of me and I actually had evidence of it glitching!

A GLITCH is a short-lived fault in a system. It is often used to describe a transient fault that corrects itself, and is therefore difficult to troubleshoot.

Having spent years as a computer programmer, I’d become trained in spotting glitches – errors/bugs/faults within computer systems.

And that skill was actually translating itself to real life as I come to understand the funky and pretty cool mechanisms which hold this thing we call reality together.

It was then I generated a tone at 14kHz, and now it was matching the stated range of the SAME video I had played only a week before and found a mismatch.

Now I had just found evidence of ‘change’ in my own hearing ranges over the last week.

I have my own theories on why this occurred.

What are yours?

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