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HAVE the woman of your dreams! Investors needed – real life holodeck!

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Ever wished you could have sex with your favorite actor or actress?

Did you have a time in your life where you missed having a fling with a woman of your dreams?

Are you tired of the threat of the constant threat of STDs or simply not wanting to be ‘just another joe’ caught by the police or local media paying for sex?

WHERE are the alternatives?

I am currently designing a real like holodeck – a ROOM you walk into which DEPICTS ALL AROUND YOU a fantasy world you can touch, hear, and see.

This is NOT like current Virtual Reality, where you have to buy the goofy Oculus VR or Google Goggles JUST to see a poorly painted 3d image that doesn’t look remotely real. And if you want to touch it, you’re then forced to buy expensive gloves or other attachments that lock on to your … shall we say… body parts to provide POOR mechanical simulations of the real thing.

THIS IS a REAL, IMMERSIVE environment that you can select a program before entering the room, and the room’s interior will physically change to anything you can imagine.

Do you want a virtual Jessica Biel sex playmate in a room in your own house?
Do you want to experience that encounter you missed with your ex wife and her two gorgeous girlfriends at a sex club 15 years ago?
Do you want an exotic blue alien woman with three breasts on a remote planet with blue sand and red oceans and three stars?

Or do you want to simply hang out on your break at a cafe in a virtualized Hong Kong?
.. Or Hilton hotel in space?

Any new technology like this will first clearly have it’s sexual uses which I am clearly using to ‘sell’ to my initial investors. And while I would certainly leverage these options, to be clear – my long term goals is to create classy, sophisticated and intellectually engaging real life entertainment options for every age range and gender. From there – create scientific tools to test out the next big bang theories on life and more, exobiologicaly tools to test out ideas on life, and computer tools to physically program these environments.

With 30 years of computer and artificial intelligence experience, a Bachelor’s Degree and an MBA, an experience in 40 countries I am homeless working on this project and quite frankly need a real home to do this stuff in – and a team to quite literally change the world.

Your belief in this project is nice to have but not necessary.

Whats necessary is – deep pockets. Why? To hire the right people, from everything such as establishing the protocol for dealing with the highly complicated legal issues which will surely arise, to obtaining and managing key resources, to procure the technology and hardware necessary to build this – and to design and define the actual end products and markets – all I am realizing is making this thing FAR more than a simple device.

I have the mission and vision.

This is an absolute game changer. A game change I absolutely need financial support on.

Are you ready for the game change?

If you’re interested. I’m homeless and go to Starbuck’s at Ventura and Vineland on a daily basis and spend much of my day researching and ‘testing out code and ideas’.

Ask anyone who works there for “Q” and they will point you to me.

Right now, I am on the 7 year plan to develop a prototype, I am taking my time, time’s all a homeless former computer expert has, time to to do it right.

But I am realizing doing it right is not doing it alone.

If you’re serious and interested. NO EMAIL please.

Come down. From wherever you’re at. No need to arrange things in advance. Just show up.

Shake my hand. Tell me who you are if I don’t first recognize you.

And then explain why you think you’d make a good partner.

You see. I don’t just want any money. I want someone who believes in OUR future and this investment who’s also somewhat understanding and caring of this – my world and the funky way she ticks. She ain’t perfect. But she’s mine.

I’m homeless and don’t need yours – or anyone else’s money to complete this.

But I KNOW you need me to achieve this.

And with your help, it can be done by my target date of January 20, 2020.

If Not. I’ll still finish it. Not necessarily on the same timeline.

I just may or may not choose to share it.

That will be up to my discretion, right?

And yes. I’m for real. Watch Flatland on youtube. That might enlighten you a bit.

The attached image with Ryker on the Holodeck is what I am building.

AS a final note: Microsoft’s holodeck is projected on the walls and will provide no sense of immersion, let alone provide any decent stimulation of your senses. Mine is quite literally FULLY immersive, requiring NO attachments, and you will be able to FULLY interact (touch/feel/talk) with your environment.

This project will have full feedback mechanisms (complete with speech recognition and AI interaction)

holodeck-room images ryker Star-Trek-holodeck The_Big_Goodbye_holodeck url 7663281 article-0-14F9E6F7000005DC-282_634x534 august-3 hjuy8gjw8h19owjxhahs holodeck1 holodeck2 holodeck-300x209 Holodeck holodeckPicard holodeckprogram

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