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Why I suck at sports

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One day, I was admiring the birds flying overhead.


I heard the distant sound of a softball bat to my left making contact with its target.

“Brian, Brian,” I could hear the scream of the other kids.

I looked up in the air, and sure enough, as if I had a target painted on me, came the inevitable impact of the softball.

I held up my glove.

The glare of the bright sun in my face, made seeing where the ball was even that more difficult.

The other kids were yelling. as the boy who’d later be known as one of those ‘jocks’ who had hit the ball rounded first base.

I was only 8 when this was happening, so his name truly is irrelevant. as he was yet another one of those guys who never made any real attempts to understand me despite how hard I tried to fit in with them.

I held up my mitt.

By this point this gesture had become an exercise in futility, a defensive measure I would attempt knowing full well the ball would invariably hit me in the face..

I wobbled back and forth.

The ball seemed to know where I was going.

The boy approached second base.

And then.

As if time and space had stopped.

The ball slid cleverly by my mitt, which should theoretically have covered and defended my face from any incoming projectile.

It made a 90 degree turn.

Then another.

and then..


I was knocked the ground, the ball hitting me squarely in the eye.

The jock went on to score the winning home run, much to the delight and laughter of pretty much both teams, due to the inept boy who had mercilessly placed in center field.

In times like this I swore was being tortured and taunted by an angry god.

I often questioned – what was the secret behind some people’s gift with sports and dexterity?

That is – how is it possible that someone like me could be so hopeless with the same baseball mitt that another boy picks up and can catch any ball with nary a thought?

I had similar questions about other things:

How does a blind person ‘see’ the world?

Comic books turned into movies such as Daredevil present very real ways the human body for some individuals has balanced the loss of one sense by boosting up other senses to compensate.

Some blind people leverage a form of echolocation – VERY real ‘bat hearing’. Some ‘see sound’ in a phenomena known as Synesthesia.

Two nights ago. I downloaded a torrent (via https://kickass.so/) – a 3d Bluray of the IMAX Hubble 3d movie.

Without 3d glasses and goggles, what’s the purpose?

They reminded me of 3D stereograms.

From the web site http://www.eyetricks.com/3dstereo.htm

“Stereograms are 3D images hidden within another picture. In order to view the 3-D images, simply stare at the picture until the image starts to take shape. “

Here’s an example image:


Now I had downloaded torrents before with the split left/right image, and usually ended up deleting them, since I didn’t have the glasses. But this time, I thought:

“What if I converge my eyes like I do with a stereogram? Can I see the 3d image from a bluray video without glasses?”

Now what had given me a hint that this was possible was Youtube.

Youtube shows preview images for videos when I do searches, and some distributors have learned to game the system by placing pornographic imagery in the key frame scenes which Youtube will pickup and place in the search results.

Scenes which can not quite frequently, be found in the video itself.

It is weird.

But there’s also an interesting effect occurring when I did a search on Youtube for ‘3d blu ray’. I would see the ‘3d split image’ I would expect from 3d blu ray videos, as depicted in this double galaxy image preview of ‘out universe’ below:


Yet when I look at the video, I see a SINGLE image, no matter what resolution I am looking at – HOWEVER, if I hover my mouse over the ‘preview window, I still see the dual blu ray image, here:


This had me asking the question: WHAT is Youtube doing?

In any case, I brought up the IMAX 3D Hubble video, here’s some imagery of the AMAZING video I watched:





All images are displaying the ‘dual screen/split image’ format, with the left image intended for the left eye and the right image intended for the right eye.

The first image is of the Hubble telescope being repaired by the space shuttle crew. The second image is a stellar formation of stars and galaxies known as “The Hand of God”. The third image is of the liftoff f the Space Shuttle at Cape Canaveral. And the fourth image is of the planet Saturn.

Could I converge my eyes to see the 3d which usually required goggles or glasses?

I held the computer screen of my laptop against my forehead to reinforce that my left eye focuses on the left image and right eye focused on the right image.

And then I slowly pulled the computer away from my eyes.

Lo and Behold, what do I see?

The two images converge to one and I see 3d depth with the image!

Try it yourself!

Here’s the Torrent Magnet Link: IMAX Hubble 3D (2010) DVDRip

I could only end up watching about 15 minutes of the movie before my head started hurting, it took considerable effort to maintain the convergence of my eyes.

But the 3d effect is undeniably there.


Now what does this all have to do with the young boy who sucked at sports?

I talked to a man who spent his life being pretty good at sports.

We tried an experiment.

Holding our index fingers apart a width equivalent to an eye width, can you maintain your left eye staying locked on your left index finger and right eye fixed on your right index finger?

I cannot. My eyes cannot focus/fix on both at the same time.

It’s one. Or the other.

This man who was good at sports.


My theory is this: His mind has two unique visual ‘images’ feeding his mind which developed a mathematical capability to triangulate ‘offset’ using simple Pythagorean theorem mathematics.

That is, with two ‘known’ positions and two angles, it is possible to triangulate the position of an object in space and trajectory in time.

It’s my theory that his mind has ‘hardwired’ calculations which allow instantaneous autonomic responses.

Thus making him ‘A Natural’

Conversely. My mind was wired differently from an early age.

An avid game player – and video games player – from early on, and generally less interested in sports. My mind de-prioritized the need for ‘fight or flight’ autonomic responses which didn’t serve me any use when playing Dungeons and Dragons or games like Super Mario.

This ‘freed up’ my body and mind’s processing to become better at the things I enjoy.

Which made me ‘not a natural’ at sports.

My mind had mostly placed prioritization and respected my choices!

Like writing, programming, and relaxatatin!

Of course training myself to see in 3d now.

This makes me wonder if some programmer in an alternate reality thinks they are ‘updating my code’ to see in 3d.

Now the real question is:

Just what is Youtube doing?


I am spending my copious idle time researching and putting the pieces together for a real life 3d Holodeck the likes that you’d find in Star Trek.

It will respond to English (ONLY) spoken vocal commands and hand and body gestures to build immersive environments.

Hence my obsession with speech and visual feedback systems, as I will not have any typed or written word in the commands and programming interface, so it is not exactly a bad idea to understand how my own mind works.

Inventin’ my own language you could say.


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