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To my favorite peeps

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To my favorite peeps –

With my own eyes, in the analog world without video or recording or playback equipement:

I have seen the rings of Saturn from the ground.

I have seen Yul Brynner’s face melt like oil in the movie Westworld.

I have seen water being poured from a bottle and the individual particles splashing magnificently into the cup I was pouring it into at about 1/20th the normal speed.

I have seen the Mojave desert blasted from what looked like a nuclear holocaust

I have seen robots the size of small trucks, with ‘pads’ for feet – robots which seemed to back away in fear as I approached them on foot – as they announced over my iPod which was playing Avicii at that moment “NO HUMANS ALLOWED”

I have seen little robot eyes in the sky and all around me, first in the desert, then in Sedona (a lot of them there), and then in Costa Rica, and now, regularly, I see one in the same position overnight overhead, that appears to be hovering in orbit.

I have seen little holographic Furby’s pop up out of my kitchen floor.

I have seen flies, with gold backpacks, flying around in circles as if they’d lost their bearing.
I have seen robotic pigeon robots with what looked like little cameras in their mouths looking at me from my patio.

I have seen tiny a ‘Darth Vader’ looking like he was filming me in my mom and dad’s window in the reflection of windows.

I have seen Terminator robots in reflections of windows.
I have seen infinity mirrors where one of me did not wave back when I waved.
I have seen myself from outside my own body as I walked around a corner.
I have seen little people crawling down the cables of my parent’s tv.
I saw Simon Cowell make a comment on tv “YES, yes yes, you saved the world, we have all been there already. In ANY Case.:”
I saw George Bush issue a nuclear war assault on Russia on tv.
I saw a plane freeze in mid air over Fiesta Mall as I was driving in Phoenix, and what looked like ‘digital’ fragments of it halting.
I saw what looked like three stars forming over Phoenix, what looked like a series of nuclear explosions halted in time.
I saw a Gila Bend in Arizona without a turnoff to Mexico. At all.
I saw Yosemite when it was young and there were no large trees there, and the granite cliffs were much more closed in, like a nuclear blast had happened there too and caused the walls to be blasted away.
I saw a landing strip out in the desert around  29 Palms, which looked like it was roughly 5 miles long.
I to this day see what appears to be ‘cloaks’ or some kind of envelope around modern aircraft.
I saw my girlfriend in Romania split into two people with similarities to eachother online.
I saw my GPS maps change four times as I was driving to a location outside Big Bear, each one the same road only different configurations for the roadways.
I saw a lady who quite frankly didn’t look human and slinked like a cat inside Subway in Barstow.
I saw a young “Bill Gates slip into my body consciously while he was laughing at Steve Jobs” as they were speeding down the highway in California as I was driving my lexus RX450 hybrid.
I saw RED dollar bills in the nuclear holocaust land, where there were no gas pumps and none of the cars had gas inlets.
In the same nuclear holocaust land, I saw all the truck drivers with all the the same face, all waving at me as if they knew me – as I tried flagging them down to stop.
I saw Art Muro change his appearance within two years of me knowing him to appear to be 12 inches shorter than he was before – to become a young blonde haired boy that looked much like me.
I saw a girl – Nanette Lewis – change in personality and attitude and girth in the same two years to be much larger and wider, and suddenly she went from being a goody two shoes to a pot smoking hippie.
and throughout my life. I’ve always felt a presence and sometimes seen it in the corner of my eye. It’s usually black, and moves fast. much like a black cat. and the funny thing is – I had a black cat that used to suck on my ear when i was young that was hit by a car and died.

The things I have seen and experienced. have largely not made sense until the last three years.
And this is only a start. I could start a similar list with what I have heard and felt.

I’m insane. By any definition of the word.

BUT I AM FINE with that and have come to be ok with and have rationalized my world and the funkiness I perceive.

I like me now.

I DO NOT want to think like you. And be like you.
But I respect you all.

AND I APPRECIATE the structure your society brings to my life. In fact, I LOVE it. Gravity acts and reacts in predictable ways. the sun comes up and goes down and quasi predictable intervals.

It didn’t before you came.

YOU allow me to be calm. To breathe. To relax. To enjoy life.

And deep down. I KNOW you’re not here to hurt me. I’m intimidated, I feel like a lost little boy who is in a land where I don’t mind having my hand held, and don’t mind being told it’s going to be alright.

But please, please please, don’t mistake my desire to have you as a part of my life as wanting to be like you and to think like you. Nor do I want nor expect you to be and/or think like me. I simply like exchanging ideas. That’s all.

You have helped me teach myself to rationalize insanity and to be ok with that.

Now all i ask for in return is. Keep me safe. and, if I may ask.

Help me get off the streets.

No, I am not of benefit to you in the traditional workplace.
You know that.
We BOTH know why.

But I think you know I’ll be of benefit exploring the things and places you’re keeping hidden from most.

I’m not out to destroy your society. I am just asking for permission to participate in it, without having to be like you.

– Brian Scott Gregory
who now prefers to be called Q because it feels funner.

Yep. I’m an immature 45 year young boy. Since I never had a childhood, feelin in part, tortured by my own demons, which I am trying to come to terms with and play with – I am asking for your help to enjoy it.

I never experienced a real childhood without being tormented.
i’m asking that you indulge me and collectively…
Understand I am ok with you.
and would like your assistance and support as I become

You need energy, right?

You’re doing it all wrong.

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