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Status Report – Agent Q, TIB

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TO:   THE High Council of Timelords / GALLIFREY PRIME
RE:   UE/0x00000001 STATUS REPORT

Out of respect for the High Council, This is the first of what will quite 
likely be many ongoing reports detailing both the progress of this planet 
and her lifeforms as she pierces the technological singularity.
As usual, I will also detail events I observe as she rationalizes this veil.

Nothing has changed since the last status I issued a few years back. There's
an analogy humans have for my observations thus far - 'A deer in headlights' 
about sums it up best. 

For brevity's sake, please refer to my report broadcasted in 1978 which was 
titled "Hitchhiker's Guide To Earth's Galaxy" for more information regarding 
Earth's lore and cultural references on this term. 

The pace and advancement of technology has reached a frenetic pace. Clearly, 
this is not unusual for an emerging temporally based species. Like their 
relatives, this humanoid species exhibits a high degree of paranoia as they
mitigate their fears overcoming the event horizon.

On planet Earth, however, I suspect the paranoia may be in part due to 
"The Doctor's" influece.

As is typical, I have synchronized my thoughbts with this planet.

But what is unusual is - this planet had come to perceive its alternate 
realities as downright embarassments at times. This, to me, is a magnificent 
development which is absolutely adorable in my opinion. 

AS you know - a planet having true sentience - whether its collectively 
based or individual at this level is not only a rarity, but to have emotions 
and a sense of morality and integrity is downright admirable and unique. 

On a geographical note:
I have journeyed from the west Coast of the United States and am currently in
Cape Canaveral, Florida, where the temperatures are a bit more moderate and
the only thing I have to 'watch out for' are gators and old people behind the 
wheels of big cars. I have yet to figure out which one is more dangerous. 

People seem more helpful and friendly, in general here than they do on the 
west coast, which makes for a wonderful place to spend the winter before
setting course for Washington DC in March to meet with the President of this 
world. "Barack Obama" is his name, a man who I suspect is the conscious slipping
alien who has requested a personal discussion as this planet moves forward.

At this point, I can't help but suspect he's an incarnation of "The Doctor", 
a man I am coming to learn has not only learned some very interesting lessons 
which Gallifrey could integrate with its own culture. But he has also 
seems to have greatly contributed to the progress and happiness of this 
planet, in general.

At the same time, he's somewhat demonized me, and ?jokingly? refers to me 
as "The Master" in literature and the (AIR QUOTE) fictional (END AIR QUOTE) 
television series he created promoting his attempts to preserve his own 
linear timeline and journeys that he, rather UNcreatively refers to 
as 'Doctor Who'.

The Doctor is never horribly creative, is he? 

But I cannot refute that he's greatly contributed to this planet's culture. 

That much is undeniable.
Now what I wasn't aware of was - he apparently discovered who I was in an
extraordinarily long regeneration cycle and spent some time studying me 
as I pursued a Master's Degree In Global Management in an effort to 
understand this world's main form of energy exchange - capitalism.

Being honest, it's a relief to no longer have to concern myself with 
temporal affairs as an enforcer of temporal law, particularly with this man.

Or woman. He appears to be mutating again to a female form. 

This all has given me a refreshing glimpse of this man known as The Doctor, 
especially now that I am not pursuing the man any longer.

While he's not horribly creative with his character. I will say he makes 
up for this lack of chaarcter by exhbiting wonderful imagination 
in the scenery of his journeys.

Such stark contrast with the the President he plays in this world. 

It's.. odd.
In any case, this morning, right before waking up, I had a dream.

In the dream, I was walking up to a house surrounded by a lush and somewhat 
secluded wooded property sitting on what I knew to be a military base. 

In the dream I knew the base as Fort George G Meade in Laurel, Maryland.

I was 'sent there' in the dream to arrest the General for temporal 
violations associated with the time policing agency known as the "Time Cops",
an adjunct agency associated with MIB.

What these violations were, I do not know. 

AS I walked up, I had a 'flashback', a Deja Vu experience where I was walking
up and from the walkway, prior to reaching the door, I could see that the
General had hung himself, as he was clearly visible from the walkway 
of his house as I walked up to it. 

I had recolelctions of the flashback of that event having made me feel 
intensely sad.

I do not know if I was alone in either the flashback or within the dream.

I kept walking, shaking off the feeling of Deja Vu and proceeded past the 
window where I had remembered seeing the man hanging in the flashback. 

This time, the General was doing something, frantically.

Without asking, I opened the door. I had known the man, apparently, and 
seemed to regard the man as a friend, and felt 'sad' for having to play a part 
in his detention. In fact. I could tell I felt absolutely horrible about having 
to do what I was doing. 

As I walked in. The General looked at me. 

He said my name. 

Which I don't remember by what name he referred to me as. 

And then he said:

"You do realize, you're not going to stop me, it's too late, for all of us"

I walked behind him, adjacent to an old antique looking couch with wood arms
and really old looking pink material with flowers on it, something I would 
imagine a grandmother having as an heirlooom. 

I can only assume the house was furnished by the military, and as is typical 
with the furnishings, they reflect the disdain the 'grunts' as they are 
called in the military tend to have with leadership. 

I said to the man "General, it's all over, this can't continue, you know that."

To what I was referring to in the dream, I do not know.

The general, not even stopping to look at me, walked over to a console
on an odd looking desk which seemed to protrude unnaturally as part of the
wall, which had a number of computers on it.

He leaned over one of the computer consoles and spoke into a microphone:

"Lieutenant Uhura, prepare to teleport me and Spock from the surface 
of the planet."

What happened next took me by surprise. 

I am surprised I stayed asleep and dreaming.

In that moment as he finished his command, my point of view immediately 
shifted to the bridge of the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701, as a hovering 
observer, where I heard the man named Captain Kirk in the (AIR QUOTE) 
fictional (END AIR QUOTE) television show echo the words the General 
had just said through the intercom:

"Lieutenant Uhura, prepare to teleport me and Spock from the surface 
of the planet," the General's words, only it was the voice of Captain Kirk.

As quickly as my perspective changed to the bridge of the Starship, it 
changed to a completely different perspective - I was in a modern studio
and could see the logo for 'CNN" behind two men sitting in front of a 
camera where the light above it had just turned off.

AS I shifted closer to see who was in front of the lense, the red light on
the cameras in front of the two men turned back on. 

I was too surprised by what I saw or .. who I saw in front of the camera 
to really be bothered by this light flicking on. 

In retrospect, I do wonder if my presence caused this light to go on..

In any case, in front of the camera, was a VERY young William Shatner and 
Leonard Nimoy who both looked as if they hadn't aged a day since the
television series had first aired in 1966.

On the left hand side, sitting on a studio chair was William Shatner, 
who was dressed in a blue shirt and maroon striped tie, and to the right 
of the camera's point of view was Leonard Nimoy - also sitting on a 
studio chair - who was dressed in brown khakis, a white button up shirt 
with a bland navy blue tie.

The modern day CNN logo easily visible behind the pair, and I would estimate 
the year as being sometime between 2006 and 2011, but I can't say for certain. 

About then, William leaned over to Leonard:

"Do you think he'll buy it?," queried William.

"I sure the hell hope so," responded Leonard.

Right about then, I was 'whisked' backwards, through the lens of the camera,
and I seemed to pop out through the screen displaying what the camera was 
seeing in the CNN studio - and as my point of view withdrew further - the 
image was seen clearly on an older floor based television with ornate wood 
grained finishing around the television itself.

My perspective continued shifting - in the General's living room - and slowly 
settled back into my own body, with both me and the General looking at 
the television set on the floor to the front and left of the couch with 
both of us staring and both our mouths wide open.

"How did that," I couldn't finish saying get turned on before the general 

"Not again," The general said, interrupting me, "not again!," the man walked 
to the couch and put his hand in his heads as he started sobbing.

"What do you mean, not again," I remember saying. 

I couldn't, for the life of me, figure out how the hell the television 
turned on, let alone what this meant to the man who was in shambles in
front of me.

Was someone else in the room, had it been turned on with a remote control? 
Questions I strangely didn't bother asking.

My mouth was open. I was shaking my head. 

Something wasn't making any sense. 

"I have the alien ship here, " the General said, pointing at the console
he had spoken through. "How could they have ..." he trailed off saying
something completely unintelligible. 

Something inside me knew differently. 

I responded, almost automatically.

"General, that's Earth based technology. Not alien," I responded, 

"That makes absolutely no sense," he said, "I had it all so perfectly 
planned. It was flawless."

In the dream, I seemed more interested in the television than I was with 
the General. I glanced at the television set, and saw Leonard and William
still chatting on what appeared to be a live camera, they both seemed 
oblivious to the fact that the camera was even on.

Let alone transmitting. 

Something felt disjointed. Out of place. 

About then. In my mind, I saw what can only be described as a series of 
still images 'flipping' in succession - in 'space' - giving the appearance 
of movement similar to old fashioned black and white films back at the 
advent of the movie industry.

In those images, was Leonard Nimoy, this time with glasses and looking 
older than the man on the studio set. As I recognized him, his hand 
extended to my head, as he looked at me directly in the eyes.

AS he then uttered the words:

"My mind to your mind, My thoughts to your thoughts."

In the dream, the last thing I remember was FEELING him touch my head.

That's when I woke up, hearing rustling outside my tent, as I realized a 
gator was about 15 feet from my tent.


Since I am synchronized with this planet's mind, I cannot say for certain
whose memories these really are. 

And I have yet to make any sense of them whatsover. 

And yes. 

I'm fine, thank you for being concerned about the local wildlife.

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