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Q – Scene 1

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The blackness persists for precisely 42 seconds. No sounds. No nothing.

Then from BEHIND the observer, a booming voice can be heard.


OFF in the distance to the far lower left of the observational viewpoint what
appears to be a star flickers to life then quickly fades.

3 seconds go tick by. 

DISEMBODIED VOICE ) (exclaims) What was that?

2 seconds tick by.

DISEMBODIED VOICE ) Rewind and replay that event.

OFF in the distance to the far lower left of the observational viewpoint what
appears to be a star flickers to life then quickly fades.

DISEMBODIED VOICE ) (sighing) Too fast. Rewind and replay at 1% of original speed.

A flash of light occurs, an explosion quickly approaches and envelops the 
observer, and instantly, all around the observer are planets and stars, 
not far from the observer are entire galaxies, an entire universe, of 
unfathomable depth as far as the eye can see, in all directions - amazingly 
lit up with amazing color.. 

As quickly as the amazingly beautiful scene appears. It disappears in a 'woosh'

Blackness surrounds the observer again. 
DISEMBODIED VOICE ) Wow. That was amazing. Where did that come from? Show me 
the point in space and time and event which caused that to happen and then pause. 

The amazing scene reappears around the observer.

The observer is suddenly led on a mind boggling fast journey through space, as Earth 
becomes clearly visible, followed by the United States, California, and then... 



A young blond haired boy, by the name of BRIAN SCOTT GREGORY, aged 8, is watching 
his next door neighbor on the front lawn of their house, STEVEN JACQUES, aged 10, 
play a new game with his two other friend, both around the same age. 

DISEMBODIED VOICE ) Resume at normal relative speed.

About then, the observer spins around from in front of the young boy, and then 
goes over the young' boy's shoulder and to the right, a demonic picture is clearly 
visible on the cover of the sizable book STEVEN is holding, the title clearly visible
to the camera "Dungeon Master's Guide".

BRIAN walks around the group, as he then attempts to peer at the notes Steven is 
hiding from his friends behind his DUNGEON MASTER'S SCREEN.

Before BRIAN can get behind Steven to see what he is holding, Steven reacts by 
covering everything from BRIAN's view.

STEVEN ) Get out of here, runt! You're too young to play!

BRIAN ) How do you play? I just want to see!

STEVEN ) Leave us alone. This game isn't for you. I said you're too young to play. 

BRIAN ) But it says you're too young too. 


BRIAN runs off, crying. 

One of the other boys looks at Steven, and says

LITTLE BOY 1 ) Steven, you didn't have to be so hard on him. You've made this one 
hard for us anyways, we could have used his help. 

LITTLE BOY 2 ) Yeah, that and we're only 10, it says we're too young for this game 

STEVEN ) I made it as a two man dungeon, so I didn't expect anyone else to join. Not 
only that, but he's such a pest.
LITTLE BOY 1 ) Well maybe next time you could be create one he could join?

STEVEN shoots the other boys a glare. 

Not wanting to stir up trouble with STEVEN, the young boys return to their game as 
the door to BRIAN's house slams shut.

The observer is suddenly led on a mind boggling fast journey BACKWARDS to the 
observer starting point, as Earth quickly loses visibility, followed by 
the United States, California, and then all the planets, galaxies, and more cease 
to exist again.

DISEMBODIED VOICE ) I don't understand. How did that event create all that?

A slight pause of 5 seconds.

DISEMBODIED VOICE ) Computer, I don't understand. 

Another pause of 5 seconds.

A low rumble begins to happen all around the observer.

DISEMBODIED VOICE ) Computer? I don't understand. What's going on?

The rumble continues to grow in intensity all around the observer.

DISEMBODIED VOICE ) Computer? Why aren't you responding?

The rumble gets to be nearly deafening. 


Nothing happens. 

Then for the first time, PATRICK STEWART's extremely distinctive and clearly 
demanding voice is for the first time oddly and clearly discernible over the roar.


Cracks appear in space exposing light and a very different perspective is seen through 
the cracks, all to the lower left of the observer's point of view, and through the 
cracks can be seen a rather unusual view - what appears to be an old and very time worn 
and bearded homeless man named RICHIE is standing over a toilet as he's urinating in 
what looks like a circa 2000's public restroom.  


The man in the restroom, startled to hear this in what is presumably a closed off 
restroom, looks up and stops urinating, and appears equally as stunned to see a 
man staring back at him. 

The observer's perspective shifts to just over Richie's shoulder, and as he looks up, 
he sees what is clearly a crack in the corner of the restroom. Almost as if something
collided with it. And through the crack is seen a very recognizable man. 

RICHIE ) Mel? Is that Mel Gibson?

The man rubs his eyes.
On making eye contact with the man who appears to be Mel, the observer's perspective starts
to spin in 360 degrees, as a spherical distortion appears at the location of the crack.

The observer's perspective continues spinning, rotating faster between the 'simulation 
location and the point of view of Richie.

A rumble and all noise and light starts to fade towards this point.

This spherically round distortion grows in size and while it's transparent, it's distorting 
everything all at the same time - with everything appearing to slow down and be pulled 
into this intersection point. 

Including the observer.
Time slows down. The distortion appears to be dragging everything in from all directions
the sphere growing in size distorting everything and dragging everything into it. 

And then. In a woosh...


Then blackness.

42 long seconds tick by.


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