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It’s a Small World (AM#1)

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This is the first in a series of automated messages.

With computers,I spoke to them in a language they understood, and I had taught them about the constants that made up my universe:


The green text is ‘notes/comments’ I made to myself and later programmers to remind me or them why I did what I did.

When I was bored. Just to mess with scientists minds. I could talk to the computer and ask it to alter these constants.


With computers I could provide the appearance of non random and random motion and action and events over set and random periods of time, by ‘telling’ the computer to take a series of actions to execute on something called an event timer.


And while I KNEW I told the computer to apply downward gravity motion to the atomic particles I had created.

Without speaking ‘Visual Basic’, you may not have known this.

But you would have seen the results of my work by seeing particles fall down at a simulated ‘speed of gravity’ if I drag my mouse across the screen:


With computers, I could made it seem like information I was sending out came from different dates and times, to add in a ‘sense of’ dynamicism, mystery, and diversity to the environments and publishing.

And I do NOT have to be around for any of this to happen.

BackdatedEmailThis was the date I was delivered to my adoptive parents
(in a little red Christmas stocking)

With computers, I created ‘avatars’ and had them talk by describing ways to respond to questions in very basic and sometimes very complex ways:

Here’s an example of what I would ‘tell’ the computer to do in response to a ‘message’


And while the ‘language’ I spoke may not have made much sense, the conversation anyone could as depicted below made it seem that much more realistic.when anyone could interact with the program and ‘artificial intelligence’ as seen on the web page (www.existor.com):


This provided the illusion that there’s more going on in this world and hopefully makes everyone feel a little less lonely when they interact with everything,everywhere, particularly on the internet..

Walt Disney created the ride “It’s a Small World” in Disneyland as a lesson to teach people why people like me do what we do.

People like me and him genuinely enjoy making this world seem bigger and more diverse than it was before we touched it.

I enjoyed creating. Always had. Because it’s what makes my life interesting.

But I needed it to change who I was and do what I was doing for the right reasons. I needed to give my life more meaning and more fun.

Rather than the constant barrage of drama.

Because I simply haven’t been having fun with my life.

That’s why I started telling you all what I did.

It’s what had provided meaning to me in my life.

And I felt I deserved more out of my life.

This is the first in a series of automated messages.


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