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Movie Idea: “Genæsis”

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It’s currently the year 2014.

Starting in 1987, A very dirty world war had been ongoing, with extensive and very elaborate mechanisms having been developed – jointly – by BOTH sides – to hide this war from public view.

This joint development to maintain public peace led to a very tenuous peace agreement declared in 2009.

Yet contention for resources had both sides on edge and war was once again being threatened in 2011.

World leaders organize an urgent summit to maintain the peace and share technology and ideas on how to preserve the peace in Davos, Switzerland..

Unfortunately, the two main opposing sides could not see eye to eye.

The emotionless and frequently inhumane pursuits of those who had embraced implanted cybernetic technology stood too starkly in contrast to the emotional humans who do not wish to be ‘assimilated’.

Fortunately, the open discussions have created a solution: a process which can split the very Earth into two.

A process scientists have dubbed: “Planetary Mitosis”

And it’s soon agreed.

A ‘Parallel Earth’ will be created, trade agreements will be established once the ‘dust’ settles.

Cybernetic beings and Robots will live on one planet and humans on the other.

The year is 2014.

And scientists and leaders move forward with their ‘foolproof’ plan to split the planet.

And witnessing the most catastrophic and costliest technological failure in history is a man by the name of Jack Ryan.

At precisely that moment, FBI Director Jack Ryan (played by Harrison Ford), an ‘official observer’ for the event in Geneva, Switzerland – gets an urgent call from an agent in San Francisco.

“Jack, We have a problem that I am asking for you and your resources to help with.”

Jack, shakes his head, and exclaims “Can’t you see I’m busy?”

But as Jack soon learns, the failure and the call may be related, as he learns that Intelligence sources had been alerted that an international flight from China had entered the United States with one more passenger than when it originally departed.

Not an entirely unusual event.

But what made the event unusual was this:

The subject quite literally disappeared – in detainment, with video records containing nothing but the man snapping his fingers, a flash, and then static followed by an empty room masking any trace of where he’d gone.

A hair sample is discovered on a jacket he’d ‘accidentally’ left behind.

But the sample has led to more mystery than ever before…

Scientists who analyze the hair all report the same thing:

“The subject’s hair sample contains no evidence of DNA”

And there was something else:

His mitochondria contained an organic and inorganic mutation.

Put more specifically:

His mitochondria was cybernetic.

A fusion of human and cybernetic technology.

Is he a product of the world’s need to maintain balance without splitting in two?

Or is he something entirely different?

Jack Ryan’s on the case.

And begins to suspect that the failures that continue plaguing the ‘surefire’ planetary mitosis process and the appearance of this mystery man are somehow.. related.

But who is the mystery man?

Where is this mystery man?

And is there something else going on to this all that even he with all his resources cannot solve?


Much more sinister than anything both sides had ever thought imaginable?

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