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There once was a man who couldn’t remember.
A name because he never fought,

So one day a story telling planet,
Put this man on a peaceful planet time had forgot.

The man adapted, oblivious to the change,
From there he was left all alone.

The natives invited him into their community,
He was a simple man happy to have a home

Then one day he remembered his name,
Something the natives didn’t want to hear,

Because it was the name of a man,
long since dead who lived by perpetuating fear.

Slowly the planet believed the man,
Was one and the same as the name,

So for every new act of hostility,
For anger, for shame he was made to blame

The story telling planet was demanded to return,
And the peaceful people said ‘Take this man away’.

The story telling planet, mercilessly tried,
In every conceivable way,

But somehow the man learned to fight,
Through stories that kept every demon at bay.

The natives – they realized – the stories,
Were what they had seen from another perspective before,

And came to understand that the man who told stories,
was a villain to the mind of the story telling planet waging war.

The story telling planet withdrew,
Saving the fight for another time

What’s important is to understand,
That this war as it’s known on Earth.

Is the subject of great fiction,
But to this planet named Earth was it’s birth

The Great Time War, and the Doctor Who fought it,
Insanely died preserving the peace by declaring war,

And I, the Doctor’s nemesis,
Loved the woman because of what she fought for.

You see, I was the Master,
the man who found out

The Doctor’s real name, A God in her own right,
But most definitely a woman to be respected of that there’s no doubt.

And The Time Wars she waged, she valiantly fought
To control a man who wanted life as he knew it to end.

But with the help of this ingenuous little blue planet named Earth,
And together, with the Master, it was time itself they did mend.

Now in the end, it’s debated by scholars across time and space
Would the wars have ever started had this man never been around?

The debate is quickly dismissed,
As no one doubts the necessity to have solid ground.

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