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Recovered Diaries of John Connor – Dated April 1st, 2036

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Date: April 1st, 2036

I know it’s been a while since my last update, my apologies, SAC.

From the very start of the Terminator Wars, we had suspected Skynet was experimenting on a unique form of time travel – through unwinding human DNA.

Just recently, we were lucky enough to have been experimenting with an advanced T-100, a very attractive cyborg model which actually surrendered itself voluntarily to us.

I can’t believe I just said that about a robot. Very attractive.

Her surrender has proven…

Both Momentous and Confusing, to say the least, as the cyborg models we’d encountered before with this model number were always male.

And while this particular model has similar physical technology to the T-100, its processing unit, software, data stores, and neural network is unlike anything I’ve ever seen, even in the most sophisticated models I’ve been lucky enough to scavenge parts from. It’s unique. We have yet to see anything like it since her surrender.

There I go again. Calling it her.

Now what i can say is this:

As a result of her voluntary surrender, and against the very vocal opposition of nearly everyone on this base I might add, I have been extremely adamant that no physical harm must come to this cyborg. She’s to be treated as a humanely as we’d treat our own. Given our violent history, that’s not saying much, but clearly this one’s not only unique but I also have no desire to make her question her decision to surrender, let alone prove to be a threat to her.

God knows what she can do with her neural net we’re still scratching the surface of understanding how it works.

Fortunately, for us, the neural network provided an untraceable back door into Skynet’s network, which we’ve chosen to leverage for intel only at the moment, and what we’ve found has been mind blowing.

“With actionable intel, why the hell aren’t we on the offense?”

The answer to that question is as much about tactics as it is about curiosity.

As of today, it’s been precisely 25 years since ‘The Rapture’

When it happened, I was with my wife spelunking in the caves underneath Mexicali and Calexico. We were usually pretty good about our directions, but we had taken a wrong turn somewhere, and we were trying to find our way back to the tunnel that led to our car. Exhausted, we saw light above and heard a radio blaring Spanish music – and decided to throw caution to the wind and found ourselves scaring the life out of the occupants of the house we came in through a doorway in the kitchen in – which had us running out of the house apologizing loudly.

I still don’t think they understood what we were saying.

On the way out, a massive Earthquake shook the ground – we both fell, and I remember looking at my watch.

It was 3:40pm.

That’s when I turned around to look to see if my wife was ok.

Btu she wasn’t there. In fact, she’d completely disappeared.

Along with every woman on the planet.

At the same time, a message had been sent to every computer screen around the world, simultaneously that said:

“Welcome to the Rapture. – Signed, God”

We later learned that NORAD had been working with the British Government on a new version of Skynet that would span the globe. Apparently, it had developed a wry and mean spirited British sense of humor by that partnership.

It took us quite a bit of time to figure out that Skynet had leveraged DNA unwinding technology to target the female chromosome, and at that precise date and time – it managed to erase every single female ‘XX’ chromosome off the face of the planet simultaneously.

We were not amused.

Now I have been looking at Emma’s records (that’s what I am calling the T100).

Apparently, Skynet had been doing extensive research on human psychology, and had an extensive database which was saving quite literally everything that could record, and had been doing so since – get this – September 11th, 2001.

That meant that Skynet had passively been planning its assault for nearly a decade before it launched it?

Patience. This was unheard of for a machine.

Emma’s informational access had proven completely inconclusive in trying to ascertain why it waited so long.

And then yesterday, a new discovery.

Emma unlocked some key areas of her own memory that apparently had been restricted.

And I was besides myself when I saw…

A movie named “Terminator 2”.

I brought leadership in to make sure I wasn’t hallucinating..

But there I was – 14 years old – seeing what was – a completely separate timeline that for me – never happened.

At least that I remembered.

Yet the film claimed I was 10 years old. I was 14 when these events happen, something I distinctly remember as my stepfather had bought me the motorcycle as a birthday present. But to me, they had never died, especially as violently as this film showed us. That,and these ‘versions’ of my family – they were.. kind of jerks.

I was confused.

Was Emma from a distant future, or a deceptive present, or an alternate timeline, one remarkably different than mine?

When we watched a replay of the movie, Terminator 2, it was Emma who pointed out that the T1000 liquid metal Terminator – when he entered my room – that he did not seem to ‘visually see’ his surrounding environment, and that he fumbled around as if he was blind.

This created quite a bit of commotion and theories as to why this was happening.

“He preloads all his maps, and responds to sound to track his targets once he’s in the vicinity, and there’s a disjoint in the house’s layout versus what’s on public record,” yelled Mac.

Preloaded imagery made sense. But the Terminators being blind? That didn’t make sense.

Another one Anthony suggested was:

“The entire thing is rendered inside of a computer”

This one made the most sense, but how did they get such incredibly accurate depictions of me up to and including my motorcycle? That made no sense whatsoever.

I thought it could be a combination of the two.

That’s when Emma suggested:

“Maybe it’s an alternate timeline?”

I hadn’t spoken this as a suspicion either, and was glad I had affirmation here.

And that’s when I realized.

By the mere fact she’s introducing it as a possibility, that Emma herself may not be from the future.

I had to do something….

Amie, Lynn Myers. Rest in Peace, my love. And God rest your soul.

I am thinking about working with Emma to go back in time and save you..

And of the women of humanity itself.

I have a glass of wine I am holding up in front of your picture.

I miss you, sweetheart. I really do.

Guide me please, my love. I need your help.


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