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Multiple Universes

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The world seems like it’s comprised of multiple versions of the internet, also known as internets.

Bush alluded to this, here:

George Bush Hears “Rumors on the InternetS”


I am theorizing that we each have our own ‘version’ of reality, or a Matrix made specifically for us. And that we are indeed the center of our own particular existence.

Now the nature of invention still appears to preserve the inventor of ideas.

Al Gore, for instance, may actually be the real original inventor of the internet, whereas it cascades down to collectives within our reality.

Al Gore Created the Internet


Here’s evidence to suggest Obama may actually be seeing a different reality than our own:

Obama stating there are 57 statesObama50States

Here’s evidence of a mirror reality, as depicted in Star Trek, where Bush made a statement he was widely mocked on. I’m of the opinion that ridiculing our leaders is MUCH easier to do than considering there’s something they are trying to tell us…

Is (Are) our children (child) learning?


And more evidence of a ‘Matrix like’ reality, who’d have known the old codger could move with lightening fast reflexes..

George Bush Matrix Shoe Avoidance…


My point is this:

I have a friend named Doug Kelly, who asks me for the truth.

For every truth you have out there, there’s infinite contradictive truths.

Is this a misinformation campaign, and are there really that many stupid people out there?

No, I am not taking it as this. This is an opportunity for me to grow up as I have realized – I am the center of my existence. And I can have anything I want. We’re all effectively Gods of our own reality.

it just makes sense that reality’s more about having fun than it is… this work work work bullshit…

I’m in for a little fantasy. a sexual one, albeit. but still. a fantasy.

And I am tired of the ‘entertainment’ I see, and used to pay money for, and now it’s my turn – and I want a holodeck to start making my own to help others come to the same conclusion I have….

Yes, I deserve it.

The Many worlds theory is no longer theory for me. Maybe it might return to a single universe sometime in the future. But for me, for now, this works. I want to have fun, on my terms, with some wonderful programs as help -:-)




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