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I’m a proud pervert

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When I was 13 through 17 – I used to run up behind the girl I found most attractive in high school – Nikki Putnam – and squeeze her ass – giggling like a child. Heck, who am I kidding – I was a child.

About 6 years ago, at the age of 37 – we finally hooked up. The sex was great. I wouldn’t go so far to say amazing – we did it all over my apartment, including the balcony – and i couldn’t help but say “I’m having sex with Nikki Putnam” shortly before climaxing….

But that was that. One torrid night.

In high school, she used to call me a pervert. She called me it again as we went to the balcony.

No, I haven’t changed much. If having sex anytime, anyplace or admiring attractive women makes me a pervert.

Then it does. So be it.

Accordingly, My favorite adult video right now involves a group of very attractive college women in a college dorm room who decided to create a video and ‘rate men’s penises’

For me, it’s sexy at the same time it’s silly and tells a story.

Similarly, there’s a web site which releases videos all the time – called the ‘dancing bears‘.

It’s about a group of men who are oggled by horny women who just want their man to dance for them – in a variety of settings similar to strip clubs – sometimes to have oral sex with them right there in front of everyone.

Now I’m an exhibitionist, clearly, and I am convinced the dancing bears is from an alternate reality, because women like that simply don’t exist where I am from…

In any case – the reason I love the college women video is simple – it’s so freaking casual, the women are clearly bored, and instead of drinking – they have recruited men in their college dorm room to determine who has the ‘best penis’.

Their qualifications aren’t really made clear.

And there’s really no prize in it or point to it.It’s just.. Funny.

To imagine a college dorm being like this. Talk about awesome recruitment vehicles for college!

So a man is brought into a room with three college women on the couch, another two ‘observers’ off to the side, and a sixth woman with a camera.

A man is brought into the room, and the woman each take their turns performing fellatio on the male. Here’s a few rated ‘PG’ images of this adult video.

And from there, the ladies proceed to rate the male, each with scorecards. In all, about 7 different males are selected, from a wide variety of looks.Here’s a few pictures of the ratings, all rated ‘PG’ again.

Ratings1 Ratings2

The girl in orange is easily my favorite. Attractive, and she knows herself.

And in the end of the video, she is seen in a variety of adult rated positions, both being performed on orally and through penetration by what can only be assumed to be ‘the winner’.

Here’s a rated ‘PG’ photo of the winner performing oral sex on the cute woman in orange.


The video can be seen in its entirety here:


Now why did I enjoy this specific video?

Easy: It featured a very attractive group of ladies who knew what the hell they wanted and weren’t afraid to demand it. They played to the camera, and were unafraid to show what they were doing as they performed fellatio (That’s a hint for Hollywood), and finally – they were clearly in the whole experience for the fun of it.

Do you want to know the last time an attractive woman approached me on the street, or in a dorm room, and ordered me to have sex with them or demanded they give me a blow job? Umm, try NEVER.

I’ve ALWAYS had to work for it.

If only I had life to live over, I’d go enroll at the school that video was shot at.

But knowing my luck with the ladies, they’d all go lesbian on me at about that time.

So I am left to live vicariously through those lucky souls living the dream in adult entertainment.

About two years ago, I had a dream.

The dream was funny – it featured the red carpet for some award show on Hollywood – no clue what award ceremony it was.

In the dream, I remember vividly seeing Emma Watson get out of her limo, completely nude with a cute shaved undied pussy hair with smiley face on it.. I remember that smiley face, vividly.

In the dream,  I started looking around, and noticed – some of the crowd was nude – not all – and some was dressed.

And Emma walked up the red carpet, completely nude I might add – she points her finger at some random guy with a camera, and points at the red carpet.

He excitedly hurries over, lays down on the ground, arms to the side, face up – and she promptly buries her pussy inside his face, with her sliding over his face – posing for the photos – repeatedly until finally she gets up, and continues inside.

Next, Brad Pitt walks up, and a girl who looks no older than 13 grabs his ‘private area’, in a gentle yet demanding way, and pulls him over and starts giving him a blowjob.

Right freaking there on the red carpet!

He goes along with it, and about that time Angelina Jolie walks up – again completely nude – looking absolutely amazing as usual – and stands alongside him while the girl’s giving him a blowjob.

The funny thing is, right as the girl opened her mouth and revealed Brad’s ejaculation to Brad and Angelina, was about the same time I woke up.


Being completely honest, I find this world a tad boring.

Sterile at times.

Now I don’t live for sex, mind you.

But in having a conversation with my mom about what heaven would be not long before I left Portland, she indicated it would be a place where you meet all your friends and family and play cards.

One of these days, I do think it’s quite possible that’s where my heaven might be.

But in the meantime, since I know that alternate realities exist – and time and space travel do as well.

I want to go explore these crazy, mind bending worlds that I’ve seen in hallucinations and dreams.

I want to go see this sex world, and nude worlds, and worlds where the wild and crazy things exist.

There’s even a part of me that would have fun ‘shaping this one’ to be that world, to contribute to the collective pool of diversity of worlds.

And then there’d be other – far tamer ones I’d invent for others to explore.

Maybe even help a certain someone out with Rendezvouys with Rama.

And then, someday – a day that has yet to arrive – by the time I am entirely fed up with the lunacy of infinite realities and exploring the countless stories being real.

I can settle down.

And enjoy that game of cards with the family and friends.

Both new and old.

If I am even allowed in….

I’m impotent.

So sex is something I’ve learned to enjoy – unabashedly – rather than look at it for the utility.

So it’s something I do for pleasure.

Which means I have learned to enjoy watching you have your fun too.

Always have.

Especially now that I know who you are 🙂

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