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Einstein was a DOG

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Now this is a true story about a man name Einstein,
The scientist who invented this thing called relativity

On Einstein’s death, the scientists swarmed like flies,
and wanted bits and pieces of Einstein for science to study

Now a lesser known fact about Einstein’s eyes,
They went to a doc named Abrams and to his surprise….

They were missing rods and cones, which had Henry advise
Albert Einstein only saw black and white, and not colorwise

This imbalance created a unique lack of stimulation
From ‘normal eyes’, thus inspiring Einstein’s imagination

Now Einstein’s brain was another artifact,
That until 2010 was thought to have been hijacked

Then in 2013, The German museum called Mutter
verified a correlation of Einstein’s brain to a nutter

A nutter being another word for insanity,
Or in Einstein’s case, an imaginative sense of reality

It was at this time they did discover,
The temporal lobe was gone, helping them uncover

Einstein’s brilliance wasn’t just circumstance,
He perceived time and the world differently, and not by chance

He came across this theory called relativity
Out of self preservation, to protect his family tree

Darwin’s evolution had been unkind to intelligent life,
And as a program ‘in the collective mind’ was creating all kinds of strife

Einstein’s individual brilliance was a threat to this programming,
So it tried eliminating dogs out of Darwin’s tree

Einstein perceived the world differently than you or I,
Einstein’s vision was like looking through dog’s eyes.

Which makes it curious how a movie like Back to the Future
Is a story about a dog named Einstein using relativity to explore

Time and space and this thing we call imagination
Is also potentially a tale of dog to human mutation

So when you’re playing your video games,
and crying about imbalance and being lame

Thank God for Einstein, because without that dog,
The games you play may have been a real war without the man.Rest in peace, Freddie (who played Einstein in Back to the Future)



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