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Paris Hilton is a BRILLIANT Marketer

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Let’s face it.

Paris Hilton, an heiress to the Hilton Family’s chain of hotels – is an extremely wealthy and very attractive lady.

Here’s Paris:


A few years back, Paris Hilton performed a very public and masterful blow job (read: fellatio, oral sex) to some lucky unknown male in the not so distant past.

I wish that man was me, but I digress…

It’s available here: http://xhamster.com/movies/25740/paris_hitlon_gives_a_blow_job.html if you’d like to see it.

It’s well worth the watch, particularly for ANYONE who wants to increase their respective skills with what is truly an art in my opinion! Paris is truly gifted with her performance, any man would be lucky to have her for a night!

But what if Paris Hilton’s very public fellatio was actually a marketing ploy by Hilton AND her family to promote its more liberal values it was adopting to provide high end escort services – companions – when Hilton opens up its hotels where all sex laws are currently unwritten in space and on the moon……

WHAT if Paris had intentionally decided WITH her family to UNdemonize sexuality, and to make it both an open and shared act in an effort to create interest and profit for both her and her family’s line of hotels? More interest – more profit, more profit = more success. it’s an easy equation, right?

… this could make Paris one of the most brilliant marketers of the 21st century!

What’s the evidence. Let me outline it:

It’s well known fact that the Hilton family is contributing to the commercialization of space at Truth or Consequences, New Mexico.

The town is actually home to Conrad Hilton, and the town is largely owned by the Hilton family.

See this link here for more information.

Richard Branson, one of the biggest financial backers for Spaceport America here: http://spaceportamerica.com/, has a long and extensive personal and professional relationship with the Hilton family. He owns an airlines, clearly dependent on positive Hotel relationships, and the Hilton has clearly benefited form this relationship.

And with Mr Branson’s HUGE financial backing of Virgin Galactic here: http://www.virgingalactic.com/, Virgin’s space based commercial enterprise, it behooves Richard Branson to support the unique destinations in space which cannot be found terrestrially.

Here’s Virgin Galactic’s web site:


Now to be sure, California’s losing out on a TON of money as it’s sex based industry just moved to Las Vegas because of a law requiring condom usage for sex workers. Not only do those watching not want to see condoms, but those performing the act don’t want to use them either. The industry is looking for a permanent home, since there’s BIG money industry, just look at Las Vegas’s very lucrative high end escort industry as an example of this. And as entertainment options grow more interactive with virtual experiences and more liberal values for sex, you can bet your ass the sex industry is looking for a more permanent.. and higher class.. home.

Space where there’s no laws is the obvious choice.

And both the Hilton family and the Branson family know this.

Mr Branson has even been known to play practical jokes on Paris, one that can be read about here.

The Hilton Hotels also has a special relationship with NASA, and has actually worked with NASA for interior design and influences of their facility located at NASA Houston Lake here.

Here’s an outside picture of the family’s hotel, here:


Now where’s the demand? For these initial space rides, there’s gotta be deep pocket interest, right?

Paris Hilton thought of that too, and intentionally inserted herself into the moviemaking industry. Sure, the movies are mostly cheese, the titles enough to steer most people clear of them. But let’s look at the brilliance of the move she made to establish this relationship with the film-making industry.

She created relationships and thus interest in her family’s space based ambitions.

There’s money to be made by bored celebrities, that’s a simple fact. Just hang out at any public airport around Hollywood and you’ll see a stream of celebrities heading to rent a jet for a few hours at $10,000 dollars a ride and more. So as she cemented these new relationships, she created interest in her and her family’s endeavors, particularly by celebrities with deep pockets, to support her venture into space.

Justin Bieber was ‘fishing’ for space based opportunity and received just that as he will be one of the first passengers to be selected for Richard Branson’s Spaceship One commercial flight to space. That can be read about here: http://perezhilton.com/tag/richard_branson/#.U8w9HrGTGSo`. Richard Branson has a list of all the interested celebs signed up for this, which include Katy Perry, Russell Brand, Ashton Kutcher, Leonardo DiCaprio and more here: http://www.nydailynews.com/entertainment/gossip/stars-sign-ride-space-article-1.1377981

Think Hilton’s moral code is above that?

Try programmed moral code, that the Hiltons have definitely been challenging by their Chinese based operations.

Hilton has received a fair bit of attention in the news due to child prostitution in Asia. it’s lucrative, and Hilton respects the LOCAL laws and culture, not a bad thing in my opinion, and is profiting based on the respect of that local culture. Now Hilton’s being asked to ‘change their ways’ in in South China Hilton. But there is CLEARLY money in child prostitution. Read more about Hilton’s issues with child prostitution in China here: http://www.change.org/petitions/tell-hilton-to-prevent-child-prostitution-in-their-hotels.

So Hilton’s solution? Yes, they are changing their ways. Move to space and the moon. Earth based businesses are becoming so overly constructed with ridiculous laws, lack of respect for cultural values that defy your own, and making for an unhealthy business and individual environment in general. So companies such as Hilton are looking to promote open sexuality as something that even their own family members aren’t above. In addition  – QUESTION the values of what’s legal and moral – IN SPACE, where ‘companions’ of ANY AGE and GENDER and SPECIES can be a part of your hotel stay, redefining the relationships between a sexual partner and the consumer. .

It’s companies LIKE this, in my opinion, which will guarantee we become a space faring civilization. When need by the population is stripped away by lies, corruption and subterfuge, profit invariably guides the demand.

It’s inevitable, folks, with human trafficking and sex crimes and divorces at the rate they are at. Something had to give. And this is the solution that companies are heading towards.

Sexuality and it’s function as utility has to change.

Which begs the question – if we quit looking at sex as utility and instead regard it as pleasure and entertainment, doesn’t this reinforce the necessity to question – how does our relationship with our children change too?

And are genetically created children a wave of the future once sexuality becomes something where there’s no boundaries?

At least Ms Hilton has the guts and courage, in my opinion, to ask these questions she seems to imply in her actions.

Spaceport-America_1[1]One could even argue her family and this simple act could single-handedly be responsible for the acceptance of the profession of high end sexual escort ‘companions’ as a soon to be sought after profession for all young and attractive women, as well as guaranteeing that her franchise would be the first to market in the exploration and sexualization of space. Why is this?

Simple: She’s a class act, and for being so open about what she did, she made it acceptable for anyone of any class or status.

Here’s an article about Hilton’s ambitions in space and on the moon:

Here’s an actual picture of Spaceport America, the world’s first commercial spaceport, based out of Truth or Consequences, new Mexico.


And Paris, if you ever feel the urge to make another video with an unknown male…

You know where I’m at 😉

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