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A short letter to Mr Morgan Freeman

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Mr Freeman –

I hear you want to make the book Rendezvous with Rama supposedly by Arthur C Clark into visual media production.

I got about halfway through that godawful mess you made err admire.

And while I don’t admire your… taste in fiction.

I do understand the inability you have in having it translated to the silver screen.

Are you familiar with holodeck technology?

Three dimensional, fully immersive simulations?

In my opinion, your novel will best be fit for translation to a non interactive 3d holographic simulation.

Now if you really have the intention of having this translated for a medium you wish to share with others. I will gladly work with the technology and people necessary to bring this material to the general public.

This isn’t about good script writing.

It’s about the proper media of translation. Even I think the book sucks and wouldn’t translate well to a typical movie for the simple reason is – it’s a visceral experience. Typical movies we tend to ponder, intellectually.

From what I was able to slug through, I could tell why it wasn’t translating. It’s a perceptory experience, this book is, – seeing the ‘vast size’ of something in contrast to your own form, or the ‘depth’ of something of a dark tunnel that seemingly doesn’t end – it’s been done before in so many other movies. Unfortunately, with a lack of general quality plotline, there’s a lack of impetus on the reader to emotionally invest in the scenery, thus it loses it’s ability to emotionally draw you in.

That’s the beauty of a holodeck.

You not only intellectualize the scene.

YOU feel it. When the vastness of space is all around you, looking up and down, left and right, straight and back, 360 degrees around yo left to right and back, and 360 degrees top to bottom and back.

Your senses ‘feel’ the scene – because you are IN THE SCENE, it is a part of your experience, and your emotions cannot help but react.

EVEN if you went into a doorway of a starship or a specialized location to get into this ‘theater of the senses’, even if you know it’s fiction you’re indulging in, it’s still an emotional experience you don’t have to creatively imagine to understand it.

In any case.

I’ll build a holodeck and tell your story.

If you’re willing to invest in me.

AS I have with you.


– Brian Scott Gregory or Doctor Q, the new moniker I am taking on.

Don’t like the moniker or think it’s silly or stupid?

Don’t care. Your book’s stupid too. Doesn’t mean I’m not willing to work with you on it for both of our sake.

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