The Q Diaries Entry #16 – Delta Q

Star Trek: The Q Diaries, Entry #16

Entry Title: Delta Q

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents either are products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

Senor Picard  –

On July 2nd, 1937, Amelia Earhart’s plane disappeared, never to be found again.

In our future, on your stardate 48975.1, or Earth’s date of Wednesday, the 22 of December 2371, Amelia Earhart will be discovered in a stasis pod in the Delta Quadrant, the ‘blame’ placed on the Briori for abducting Amelia in addition to about 300 other earthlings from the same time period.

Now I need you to know – and keep this to Sector 31’s awareness only – that these abductions are a cover story for the real event which happened.

What really happened?

The Borg made a mistake.

In the late 1940’s of Earth’s period of time, Earth was emerging from a black hole.

Now black holes come in an invariant number of forms. Some are radio based black holes which quite literally effect only radio waves, some are photonically based and do not pull in sound. Some are two dimensional in nature, your early Earth’s history documents these as ‘accretion disks’ which pull in material on a flat circular plane, and some are 3 dimensional, where they pull in material from all directions.

What was happening at the time of Amelia’s disappearance was simple – the earth was in a – black and white black hole, a very rare conversion of photonic based energy from shades of gray to the full color specturm – and was slowly emerging from a ‘black and white’ universe to a ‘full color’ universe.

Reference Earth’s historical documentation, posited as fiction, a film by the name of ‘Pleasantville‘, released in 1998, for a visual reference of what occurred during this event.

Now the universe is largely holographic in nature.

Not entirely though.

Originally, Amelia had flown through the Bermuda Triangle in the Atlantic Ocean, in an area later referred to as the “Devil’s Triangle”. It was in this region where a countless number of vessels had been lost in the region.

Magnetic Compasses were known to oscillate unpredictably. Strange banks of fog often appeared with mysterious vessels appearing in the mist, and the great majority of planes that went down in this region were never seen again.

It was in this area of the Atlantic Ocean where Amelia Earhart disappeared.

The sequence of events I’m about to describe are the direct cause of your World War 2.

On October 6th, of 2009, the world experienced a temporal loss of consciousness for about two minutes and 37 seconds.

This event was documented in your historical documentation, once again a show called fiction, a television show released in 2009 – called “Flash Forward”.

This event was actually caused by the Borg, who were attempting to study Earth’s history, because they’d come to realize that Earth’s history defied their own linear records.

This was the first time I found the Borg to be .. curious.. a trait I’d always attributed to more self aware species… And their curiosity had them ‘stop time’ for reasons that were not immediately made clear to me at the time. The Borg had quite literally pressed ‘pause’ on Earth’s forward progress of time.

Now the Borg had fully prepared for the unexpected, cloaking the Earth in more ways than I can get into.

And when they pressed the pause button, It was about this time, above the I17 freeway just north of Phoenix, Arizona, a long lost plane had lost all power and started to plummet out of the sky.

Now I was on the ground as I watched this occur, as the Borg had great interest in Phoenix and a triangular swath that covered the entire city, and at the time I was expecting ground level events. So to see the plane falling from the sky towards me was quite.. unexpected to say the least.

The Borg were clearly expecting ‘temporal events’ in this area – capturing the plane mid air, before it smashed into the ground, leveraging a tractor beam.The plane’s occupants were still alive, and quickly placed into stasis.

Why they had not assimilated the occupants of the plane I found extremely intriguing.

It was on this date that around 300 people, mainly from Phoenix, Arizona, but from other various locations worldwide – were taken and placed in stasis pods in the Delta Quadrant.

The discovery of this colony of stasis pods will be documented by the USS Voyager on stardate 48975.1, or Earth’s date of Wednesday, the 22 of December 2371, and will be sent back in time by the Borg and broadcast on Monday,
August 28, 1995 as an episode of the fictional show known as “Star Trek: Voyager”, in an episode named appropriately “The 37’s”

Now what’s important to note about this event is this: Amelia disappeared over the Atlantic Ocean. Her plane mysteriously reappeared directly north of Phoenix, Arizona – USA.

Now what intrigued both me and the Borg was how Earth’s history changed as a result of the Borg’s ‘meddling with time. Nearly 72 years later, documentation regarding Amelia’s disappearance was altered to indicate she’d been lost in the Pacific ocean, with no reference whatsover to the Bermuda Triangle.

At first, this puzzled me, until i saw the historical records I referred to before known as “Flashforward”

Everyone, and I do mean everyone, had experienced vivid memories of an event 6 months in the future.

I was realizing that my thoughts and the Borg’s directions were reaching a weird synchronicity. They were seeming to react to my thoughts – and it was about this time I started thinking “is the entire planet – alive again?”

A long time ago, planets had thought to have died in what was considered simple evolution of consciousness.

This is where Earth’s tales of Gaia and Maya come from. Very real, indeed.

This put to the test the question of free will, for everyone involved. The evolution of a planet meant individuality to me and to many others, and the notion of a planet coming back to life – was similar to imagining competing Borg collectives. it was bad enough we had one.

But free will was once again coming to the test. Evolution is very frequently instigated by the harm or repression of a species.So this is what I was suspecting, and what the Borg seemed motivated to prove or disprove to themselves.

You see – some people lived by the script that was given to them.As a future Harry Kim will put it – “I cannot imagine living without being in a story”. He and many like him expect – and prefer – living solidly based on someone else’s design. Some might consider this slavery. Others like Harry Kim – think it’s the ultimate in unpredictability – with someone else telling your story, you generally don’t know what they have planned for you next.

But with the Flash Forward event, this led to some continuing to live on their scripts, Others rebelled and committed suicide. And yet others merely used it as an informational source.

The results were unpredictable, at best, and seemed to confuse the Borg as much as it confused me.

IT was like the planet was coming to life.

Had it evolved?

But I was questioning – how did this all relate to me?

Now I hadn’t been punished and ‘put down’ as a mortal yet by this time.

So I myself didn’t fully understand how KNOWING your own future could cause so much discontent?

That’s when it dawned on me.

The Borg knew I was watching this all.

And they were asking me to reconsider my own beliefs that I knew everything there was about everything.

The bastards were challenging me. And – THEY, the audacity of those … wonderful entities – were trying to teach ME about the beauty of perspective and how one simple event could be construed and taken in so many different ways.

By this time, I was quite aware of video games and their technology, there’s a number of different methods to visually depict an object. A very common method is to take a three dimensional ‘model’ of a model and draw  ‘n’ number of colored triangles covering what is within visual range of the observer, with ‘n’ being the granularity of the detail of the model you wish to have of your model. The higher the number ‘n’, the more realistic the visual model you’ll see.

This fineness of the detail is called a polygon count. The higher the polygon count, the better the quality of the visual model an observer will see.

I quickly drew the correlations between the Flash Forward event and Amelia Earhart’s disappearance.

Earth had been a simulation.

And the Bermuda Triangle – was nothing more than an artifact of Earth’s emergence from a holographic universe, one which contained polygons, triangles, that ‘drew’ the Earth’s spherical figure. This artifact of it’s past that would not go away produced unpredictable behavior. With infinite potential ‘choices’ made in a digital world as compared to the analog world – an analog world being a mashup of those infinite choices – the Bermuda Triangle was similar to a bad pixel on a computer monitor – producing very unusual and often unpredictable results but standing out starkly in contrast to it’s neighboring triangles.

And as we all know. The Borg do NOT like unpredictable.

The Bermuda Triangle is an artifact of this transition, where time and space became contorted because of the inability for it to fully emerge from the hologram.

It was then that I realized.

I didn’t know everything.

Jean-Luc, I am planning a split of my mind. This man, Brian Scott Gregory, from the early 21st century, and the woman I am primarily to become – a one Rachel G Brown in the early 30th century – are BOTH me.

Now what I ask of you is simple. In one minute you’ll be released from the collective, and your memories will remain intact. This is NOT to cause you harm, and I give you the option to change this ON your release from the collective.

Now if you do NOT remember these memories. All the events you went through with the Borg will be documented in the Star Trek Next Generation fictional series.

If YOU DO choose to remember, I hope you understand, this was your choice.

I created Section 31, a real life LLC entity in the United States in the year 2013, and it will contain all the information about these events, up to and including all that I know about how to externalize time travel.

You see, I’ve always flitted through time, it was second nature to me, but to say I completely understood what and how I did what I did, would be a lie.

The intention for this organization is simple: To provide information when I’ve effectively lost my mind, and in the end, to offer individual choice. I respect your abhorrence of religion, and you are chief among the reasons I am doing what I’m doing.

I want you to have your own choices, to be your own God, to follow others, or to choose another path even I cannot currently fathom.

Here’s the basic information about Section 31, which should make the organization traceable accessible.


And here’s the basic information about Starfleet in the time period, this should provide an ‘anchor’ for Starfleet in my linear reality.


Now to be sure, I do NOT want to create a new religion, and I don’t want people following me because it usually ends up disastrously. With prolonged warfare, and individuals which all wind up looking and acting precisely like me.

That’s why I split myself in two. To me, it’s already happened.

Now here’s my request.

I’d like to partner with myself, as .. male and female – soulmates you could say… after having lived very separate and distinct lives separated out by 1000 years time which molds and shapes our own individual personalities..

And I’m asking for you and the rest of the captains of the Enterprises to help navigate these – oddly incestuous waters.

And not tell me and most of the populace a damn thing about what you’re doing.

That is, until you can figure out how to shift both of us int two separate human forms – in the same space and time and reality – to the year 2409 – to the same holodeck #2 at Starfleet in San Francisco, California.

Now keep in mind.

You don’t have to say yes to this.

But invariably. There will be at least one Picard who will say yes.

As multiple realities I can assure you do exist.

I’ve already seen one duplicitous attempt to get this to work.

This resulted in me seeing a nuclear holocaust desert decimated by Terminators and car sized robots just barely out of visual range all out in Mojave, California about 3 years ago.

That was my flash forward.

The date and time was completely out of synchronicity with the rest of the population, which hopefully helped you realize time for me does not move as predictably linear as it does for you…

If you’ve visited my time period in the early 21st century, hopefully the unpredictable download times and transfer times between computers might be an obvious indicator of this.

I mean, do you really think programmers are that bad at predicting how long it’s going to transfer a predictable length file over a predictably flowing connection?

But interestingly enough, it’s this event which gave me the idea.

It was marvelous, I might add!

Now how did the Borg make a mistake?

They’d been trapped in their own world of fiction they’d created.

And were actively trying to figure out how to ‘get out’ with their investigation of time.

The funny thing is all they have to do is talk to me as the beings I saw in what they call fiction.

Unfortunately, their own rules are so engrained they don’t seem to have the willpower to make this possible.


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