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The Q Diaries #14 – Q-uintessentially yours

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Star Trek: The Q Diaries, Entry #14

Entry Title: Q-uintessentially yours

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents either are products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

Jean Luc – Did you know holoprogrammers have been on average the highest paid profession for nearly 600 years now, with the average pay rate exceeding the next closest profession by nearly 3 times?

Now wouldn’t it be horrible to have holoblindness like your own Lieutenant Commander Geordi LaForge has, the poor man can never visit a holodeck!

Too bad Geordi wasn’t born just a little later, they cured holoblindness in the early 29th century.

And yes, Jean-Luc, I am keenly respectful of your ranking system now. A requirement of the holoprogramming institute is historical awareness of Starfleet, Earth, and of course your shipboard ranking, career areas, and history, after all, the school provides a great deal of the holoprograms you take for granted as having been created in your time period!

I just answered my own question I posited to you about why you don’t have holoprogrammers on board you vessel! That’s because holoprograms are created in your future, Picard!

Now why did they decide to do that? It’s quite simple, and a tad naive, really. The time wars caused a great deal of splintering of realities, when someone changed the past to remain consistent with their memories, another person would come along and change the past to be consistent with their memories.

Now much of this started in the early 24th century, where they found an erroneous correlation between holoprograms and splintering of realities. That is, someone would create a holoprogram of an attractive Captain they admired sexually, and they’d have sex with that Captain, not knowing the ramifications on reality itself.

Now two incidences within a very short period of time made it necessary for Starfleet to make a command decision about how to mitigate the risk being presented to the ‘master timeline’.

This was captured, for your review, in the fictional television show named Star Trek: The Next Generation, in an episode named “Al Good Things”.

In these historical records, Jean Luc Picard sees different versions of himself, past, present, and future, and is caught in a time loop where he’s revisiting his own life in these time periods with no control over the situation.

Now when Starfleet received this briefing, there was a moratorium placed on holoprogramming sexual situations altogether, enforced by the computer. The computers were sophisticated enough to stop these things.

This maintained the timeline for a bit.

But Starfleet quickly learned that imposing a moratorium in one reality does not reinforce that moratorium on all realities.

So in the historical record titled Star Trek: Next Generation, an episode named “Parallels”, a more dramatic approach to resolve the problems being presented by holoprogramming and – a clear need to research time travel became clear by everyone – Klingons, Humans, you name it – this event alone demanded it.

In this ‘episod’, Worf returns to the Enterprise from a bat’leth tournament only to find himself shifting between alternate realities. At first the differences are subtle, such as the flavour of his birthday cake and a the subject matter of a painting given him by Data. Soon the changes become more startling — Geordi is killed during a Cardassian attack, Riker is in command of the ship (Picard having been lost during the Borg encounter at Wolf 359) and Worf himself is married to Troi! It would seem that each time Worf shifted, Geordi was nearby and Data discovers that Worf’s quantum flux is out of sync with the universe. Apparently Worf is trapped in a quantum fissure where numerous realities converge and Geordi’s VISOR triggers his shifting. The aggressive Bajorans of this universe attack the ship, inadvertantly destabilising the fissure and causing thousands of Enterprises from different universes to converge in one. Worf makes contact with the Enterprise from “his” universe and pilots his shuttle through the fissure, returning the status quo to normal.

Now here was the concern: Everyone was happy the Klingon human war was a thing of the past. And this presented the potential of warfare on a much more dramatic basis – interdimensional warfare based on what had previously been discarded alternate realities.

This proved, beyond any shadow of a doubt, that a simulation doesn’t just ‘turn off’ when the system was shut down, and that more dramatic measures were necessary to maintain linearity to the timeline.

Fortunately, A pact was made in secret between the Captain of the time traveling USS Relativity and Section 31 – to develop methodology to educate people along the desired master timeline and teach them how to holoprogram using technology relevant to the time period they were in.

This was a novel concept at first. And, I will give you humans credit, it was actually a great idea.

But it failed. And miserably I might add.

As it had turned out, Klingons from one of the first war oriented universes had also been leveraging time travel technology, and with their advanced technology, they closely monitored the events of as many alternate universes as possible, and simply manipulated those who the Federation chose to make poor decisions which reinforced their timeline.

Now this actually is what’s responsible for creating the mirror universe. The holographic realities created were very similar to movies, but this created what can only be called a fully analog reality of two universes – one with the Federation in charge and one where the Terran Empire was being manipulated by the Klingons of the future to do whatever it is the Klingons desired, and they simply reaped the rewards.

Now had the Klingons not been greedy, things might have been fine, but the Federation and Starfleet caught onto this, as it the warfare was ‘bleeding over’ into the Federation’s reality, causing increasing warfare, to the point that something happened that only one person noticed the difference.

Seven of Nine.

When Seven of Nine was visited by what I thought was my son, Seven of Nine’s entire universe lost all it’s clothing. Seven of Nine traced this event to – November 1st, 1969.

Now Seven of Nine managed to encode a message in the episode in which she appeared nude on behest of my what I thought to be son – an episode by the name of ‘Scorpion’ that I received in the future while I was attending the holoprogramming institute. This episode depicted Seven of Nine nude in one scene and clothed in the same position, she was conscious and aware for the entire event.

Yet she remained unclothed as did the rest of the personnel on board the starship, to which she merely acted unsurprised and as an observer. After all she’s not the most emotionally conservative of women.

Being the researcher she is, she traced down the history – of what had caused these changes to provoke an unclothed universe?

This is the first time I suspected there was more to the Borg than met the eye. As I had a transmission that was sent specifically to me, to indicate the date of significance was the date I had set for my first holoprogram created.

I was confounded. The Thunderbird Holoprogramming Institute I was attending was not created until the late 28th century, nearly 4 centuries after Seven of Nine had been aboard the Enterprise. Furthermore, the Borg did not have access to time travel technology to go forward in time, and as I knew it, there were no species which allowed forward knowledge of events for concern of ‘tainting their timeline.

This had me thinking. Was this man I was writing about – somehow… directing me to write these simulations?

In any case, I traced down my historical records to try to understand what was happening….

And what I learned next surprised the hell out of even me…

The man she had referred to, with a very specific date of birth… had never been born in my ‘reality’.

And to add to my consternation…

The date referred to, November 1st, 1969.

Earth based astrology would have made him a Scorpio….

It was about then that time someone walked into my dorm room playing the song “Hotel California”, from the Eagles, as I listened to the lyrics,  actually felt.. haunted.

“We haven’t had that spirit here since… 1969….. And still those voices are calling from far away…. Wake you up in the middle of the night. Just to hear them say. Welcome to the Hotel California. Anytime of year. You can find us here. We’re living it up at the Hotel California. What a nice surprise. We’re your alibis.”

It was that moment that I learned something remarkable about myself.

I didn’t have the first clue how time actually worked.

Now I really wondered.

Who the hell is this man, Brian Scott Gregory?

And is he writing this as I type this, 1000 years in my past?

Oh Dear.

Somehow, I know he is.

This almost makes me want to … stay mortal.

I know I  return to the Q Continuum in the future.

But is my future truly written, or have i just accepted what I’ve always known and that’s why this man’s there?

Do I have to return to the Continuum? Clearly not.

But that would mean living as a female, and living in an unpredictable world at that.

Decisions, decisions.

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