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Making Star Trek REAL

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My theory is –

If you play an online role playing game in the same way you want real life to function – you can quite literally reshape existence around you.

I’m not a brawler. Not even much of a fighter. Physically that is.

Accordingly, I envision reality being explorative, playful, and sexual.

With that said, can I invite you to play the online game Star Trek Online with me, and play it by progressing your character through experience obtained by abandoning all combat by the time you’ve accomplished level 11?

No later than level 13?

My theory is, the energy of reality can be like clay in a sculptor’s hands, and we can ‘collectively’ reshape reality itself to introduce space travel NOW.

Sure, you may not like or care about online games.

But even if you didn’t, wouldn’t the ‘work’ necessary to produce the end result be worth it to you? To see space travel not just in our lifetime, but to actually be an explorative space-faring society in the next few years?

Download the game at http://games.arcgames.com/en/prod/star-trek-online.

Keep me up to date with what you do!

And no, I am not going to tell you who I am online 😉

There’s some other things I do with the game, I don’t want to bore you with them, but I will detail those things after the photos.

Here’s a few images of Star Trek Online I’ve taken in-game!

Now other things I do:

1) Re-imagining the context

I am pretending I am in an increasingly perverted and sexual alternate reality, a reality that has had the Federation having undergone warfare for so long in this ‘deviant’ alternate reality, where clothes have been used for food replicator rations, and as a result no one wears clothes anymore.

I figure wouldn’t it be fun seeing Seven of Nine nude as well as seeing a relatively clotheless Star trek universe?

First Contact missions would take on an entirely new meaning, that’s for sure!

It never made sense that everyone in the Star Trek Universe was always clothed anyways.

Accordingly, here’s the Star Trek Online nude patch which removes all clothes from all the characters.

2) I am treating the reality as though it’s nothing but collectives within collectives, a Borg overrun reality, where I’m a former Borg drone (for real) who self-liberated out of the collective, and I am teaching the other drones both on the ship and in real life how to be an individual again after being a member of the collective for so long.

Accordingly, I am keeping notes on every duty officer and bridge officer, giving each one a unique biography, preferences, tastes, and things you’d associate with individual opinion and ideas.

I’m also aligning the assignment ‘officers’ with their respective duties – that is – if there’s a sensor scan, I ALWAYS include a sensor officer, and if none are present, then I wait to do that assignment. Similarly, if I have to do a exobiological scan, then I ALWAYS must include a biologist. This reinforces my awareness of what each career area is as well as reinforces compartmentalization of career field knowledge.

3) I immediately abandon ANY mission that requires me to fight.

4) I have quite literally sold all my weapons and armor, and run around with nothing but food on me, this includes my ships too. The ‘nude patch’ visually reinforces this concept of being non combative!

For me, it never made sense that ‘first contact’ with a foreign species would be wearing clothes. Would you make the assumption  the sexual organs of an alien species would be the same as yours? Wouldn’t you be the least bit curious if that’s WHY they covered up? Wouldnt you be the least bit curious HOW you AND a visting alien species BOTH developed the same mindset and culture of ‘covering up’ the sexual organs?

5) I have been practicing ‘Thinking’ about the assignments I take and reframing why they happen, for me, from a sexual perspective. For instance, there’s an assignment ‘Discipline An Officer’ which I’ve made up a story that my captain and one particular officer are having a tryst, so I always assign the same officer as the captain tells the crew he’s disciplining her in his ready room when she leaves she’s always exhausted, it’s because they just had sex for four solid hours. Making up a story in my head, to ‘mitigate’ the mindset of combat and abusive operations really being something else entirely….

6) After level 11, I quit fighting altogether, and accordingly, ignore missions that require it.

7) I’ve been doing a LOT of Foundry missions that are non combat oriented. Foundry’s EXTREMELY limited with it’s offerings and doesn’t allow you to import graphics, and is a pisspoor three dimensionsal way of creating missions. But it’s still a seperate outlet discovering other people’s creative ideas that are non combat oriented.

The MOMENT it turns into combat. I drop it.

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