Kena “Sukruti” Patel


Back in 2008, I’d been working at Prudential Relocation and Real Estate for about 6 months, when I look over and see this very attractive Indian girl, who’d just been brought on as a contractor doing SQL Server database development.

I’d not had any decent dates for a while, and Information Technology has largely just sucked for having women in the field, so when I saw her, I was besides myself for a moment.

I figured… I might have a chance… I was not the youngest around, but by then, I was starting to come to the belief that age is not only relative, but should not matter.

I went and talked to my manager at the time, a man by the name of Larry Duke who is among the best managers I have ever had, and I asked him about her – and he was quick to point out – she was on my team, so get to know her.

He knew I was a bit of a dog at times.

The next day, was the first meeting, and I introduced myself. I tried acting all stoic, but let’s be honest, I’m still intimidated by beautiful women, I really don’t know why, and it’s hard for me to ask them out most of the time. Usually they end up asking me out if they’re interested, that’s why i was so stunned at what Rachel had done I just didn’t know how to handle the situation…. So when a beautiful woman shows interest in me it’s a surprise, which seems to be exceedingly rare, so I end up going for whatever I can get my hands on

Much of my dating in my adult life has long been an act of desperation and patience.

That’s not a woe-is-me statement. It’s just a simple matter of fact.

In any case, Kena showed immediate interest, and I was… smiling ear to ear by the time the meeting was done.

I felt.. Good…Really good that someone this beautiful showed such signs of interest.

So wasting no time, I dropped by her cube and asked her out.

She accepted.

Here’s Kena:


Our first dinner was at Ra, which is where I learned how vegetarian she was, where sushi has been the thing I have done to take woman out to impress them, as women typically love sushi, so we found her something without meat she could eat and had a great dinner.

One date led to two led to four.

Now I will say this about Kena – she’s a phenomenal kisser, and I loved kissing the woman, something I learned early on. But she was always making such weird statements: When I told her she was beautiful, she would say things such as:

“You make me beautiful”

Like I’m a God and molding her image or something.

Her work capabilities… Let’s just say.. She kinda sucked but I inflated her value a bit by making it out to be that her work was much better than it was. Let’s just say, with a size ‘D’ chest and such a cheery personality , not only was she beautiful to look at, she made the entire office seem so much more… pleasant and fun. She gave me a reason to come into the office at a time i was ethically questioning what I was even doing there.

So skill wise, the men were constantly helping her – Ricky Wenz, myself, and a few others – her skills were in dire need of work, and she didn’t have a very good memory at first, but she got better over time.

About a month into dating, I am doing some work from home, and get a call.

She’s drunk. She’s been out on a company happy hour, and she’s asking for a ride.

I pick her up. She jumps into the backseat, and begins removing her clothes.

Now mind you, we haven’t had sex by then, we’d definitely gotten ‘hot and heavy’, and here this what I thought to be innocent and naive woman was all the sudden stripping down in the backseat. of my Lexus

“She was too hot”

Understandable for Phoenix. but … cool… It was bizarre.

Now as I was driving back, she starts kissing my neck, and then says “I want to have sex with you.”

Now Kena, keep in mind, is a very calm woman, she comes across as being very innocent and a tad naive. So all the sudden here she does a Jekyll and Hyde on me and she’s initiating things with me?

Alcohol, clearly.

Do I say no to the drunk woman?

I’m no fool. Sometimes, drunk sex is the best sex.

So we go back to my apartment, and had the most fantastic sex I’ve had in a while on my couch. It was hot, she was into it, and it felt like two bodies were melding into one.

It’s rare that that happens. but when it does. It’s to die for.

From this day forward, this started us on a regular schedule where we’d go out for lunch regularly. Sometimes we’d go back to my place, but never was the sex as heated, as passionate as that first time.

In fact, after the first time, something felt ‘off’ about her.

Throughout our relationship, she was always trying to get help with her issues with work. It started to feel like the first fantastic time with sex was a ruse, and it felt like I was being used. I even commented as such on occasion.

One day, one guy we worked with made the comment to me “How the hell does someone like you end up with someone as gorgeous as her?”, to which I replied, it’s a give and take, man, not telling him I suspected something about the woman.

No one there knew my official capacity for being at Prudential. I’d been hired as a private contractor through the NSA for Warren Buffet to do a review of the internal systems, network, and security, which immediately resulted in a management shuffle with top heavy management leading over very little development efforts.

And on completion of that, having gotten favorable comments made by the then President Earl Lee and CFO Charles Larsen, I was then sent overseas to align the domestic operations with the international operations before Mr Buffet purchased the entire division.

So when the man by the name of Thor had made that comment (we had TWO Thors, can you imagine TWO Thors in the same department!), I didn’t want to tell him I’d suspected counter-espionage by India, and Kena’s father was involved with the government of India for many years so her placement was a definite possibility and didn’t help with my paranoia.

So in late 2009, I was spending time in London for work, and flew Kena over to London, England, where I took her to go see Leicester Square, the Dali Museum  and the London Eye, and of course we went out for Indian food.

Oh, and the Blue Time Traveling Police Box Doctor Who uses known as the TARDIS:


Kena had absolutely no clue the cultural and iconic significance this had to me. But I shared anyways.

Now normally, I love bringing women out of their comfort zones – whether it’s sexually, especially outdoors and in public, or having them come with me on vacations out of the country to places they haven’t been to before – because I love being around the energy of their excitement. Having visited 40 countries, one gets a little desensitized to the feeling of awe with worldwide travel and associated trepidation. Being around someone who’s going through it for the first time though… It’s a turn on for me.

In any case. The second night there, we had just gotten back from dinner, and the sex was absolutely fantastic again, with her not on the pill this time, I pulled out a little late and came half inside her and half not.

And when I went to get a cloth to remove my cum from her belly, I noticed something odd.

A mole right next to her vaginal lips that wasn’t there before.

Now I had gone down on her countless times before, she loved oral sex, but was NEVER a giver herself, I NEVER got a blowjob. I wrote it off as being something cultural, or conservative in her nature, never really questioning it.

So I said something “Kena, I don’t remember this mole being here, as I played with her still sensitive pussy a bit (sorry, I had to add that in for effect)”.

She giggled, and said “It’s always been there.”

I questioned myself a bit, but let the question go.

About 4 months later, back in Phoenix, we had what would come to be one of the last sexual experiences we had together, and I noticed a mole under her right boob was NOT there.

Moles. What the fuck is it with the moles. Reminded me of a scene of the movie with Austin Powers.


Now at this same time, I’d been ultra suspicious of some things going on above my apartment. I had a few Indians move in upstairs, and that’s about when I was making my own science experiment, and I would hear what sounded like heavy blocks being shifted on the floor above me – so I couldn’t help but wonder – what was going on?

I didn’t want to knock on the door, but I should have. I guess you could say my paranoia had me question things.

Kena was asking weird questions, not only had she had her problems she was trying to help me solve which were work related, but her friends had suddenly asked her to solve things she herself couldn’t solve – so she’d come to me asking me for help for their problems too.

It felt like… i was being asked questions for IQ tests. These were all logic questions.

The questions were interrupting our discussions and relationships, and got to the point of annoying.

It was about this time that an Indian co-worker I worked alongside at Prudential by the name of Amod Wani had altered the work database to remove a comment I had made on a persistent problem occurring in the system, and I brought it to everyone’s attention, where he apologized profusely.

I at the time thought that he was just trying to make himself look good.

And the noises above my first floor apartment intensified.

As for Kena and I. She’d stay the night, frequently, but something was ‘off’ between us energy wise. It’s like she wasn’t the same person anymore, and if she jumped in bed, I prefer sleeping in the nude where she doesn’t, and up until this time she did to be close to me but then it stopped.

So I started saying ‘screw this’, and slept on the couch when she stayed over.

I will be the first to admit, I was being childish, but one of the reasons I enjoy being in a relationship is waking up feeling that you’re not alone, and the warmth of a loved one’s skin next to mine, it’s just… heavenly.

So I reacted poorly to her assertion of having her clothes on. But there was more to it than that.

Now this whole time I have known her, she is trying to get citizenship into the United States. She’s also inspired by me educationally, she had been trying to get into Thunderbird for the same MBA program I was in, but her English was horrible and her GMAT score was horrible too. I didn’t think she had a chance without seriously improving her English skills, maybe I was being harsh on her, but I worked my ass off for an average GMAT score.

But she’s making an effort to understand American culture, I will absolutely give her that.

Curious about histories – I pursued a search to find my ‘biological’ family. At the same time, I pay a former CIA spook and now private investigator $5,000 US Dollars to obtain all the information they can on Kena aka Sukruti Patel.

It was about this time that Kena’s mom and dad fly in to Phoenix from Detroit on two separate weekends. They own a hotel in a pretty bad area of Detroit, and one of them needed to stay behind to man the operations.

Kena, still feeling the pressure of the family wanting her to get into an arranged marriage, introduces me as her friend.

And nothing more.

I was hurt. Beyond hurt to be honest. I felt sad. Lonely. Why’d I invested so  much time with someone who can’t even introduce the guy she’s been dating for 2 years as anything more than a friend?

It was about this time I slept with Jackie. Kena and I had sex one time after that. But … Call it relief sex.

And it was good.

As for Kena and I – the relationship was falling apart.


That’s when the investigator comes back to me, and says ‘you arent going to believe this’.

I am intrigued.

“Brian, Kena has an identical twin named Sukruti. You’ve been sleeping with two women this whole time.”

I was floored.

The information he told me could only have been found out by him. Kena – had a twin sister named Sukruti. Sukruti had been fast tracked into doing some field service work for the CIA, and had proven so unreliable and untrustworthy, that she was barred from entering the United States, permanently.

Their father, a government man, suggested a simple yet effective strategy, if they were desperate, but didn’t seem to advocate it. Kena pursue her citizenship while in the United States on an H1B Technical Visa, and when she obtained it, Sukruti could use the same passport.

Now the investigator had discovered that Sukruti learned who I worked for, and she became worried that Kena would get her passport denied. He suspected it was a test my own government was doing with her and me, I don’t give them that much credit and couldn’t think of a reason to blow my cover.

So what Kena and Sukruti did was simply sleep with me simultaneously. One was better at databases than the other, and the other was better at counterintelligence than the other, so they did it simply to try to keep me ignorant and figure out what I knew, if anything.

Now had I known this at the time, I would have high-fived myself.

I never did tell her I learned what I had.

And since we never slept together after I found out, it’s not like it made much of a difference.

And i will be the first to admit I completely screwed that relationship up, as not long after I had a mental breakdown around her and it’s like all hell was breaking loose around me – one night a fire alarm was going off every 20 minutes when I stayed the night, and I was seeing and hearing things that were scaring the ever living shit outta me.

Some really weird things happened as we parted ways.

She set up a meeting with a company to try to help me get a job that specialized in probability and statistics which was owned by a weary female who seemed to be in her business for the money.

I didn’t know why she set that meeting up for a long while, it was very odd, but I have since figured it out. She, subconsciously, was helping me fix my own mind which was falling apart at the seams with too much information. I used probability and statistics to literally change the way I think. Combined with recognizing patterns in data.

Prior to my breakdown, I was taking mental enhancers left and right. My head felt like it was overfilled with information, and on occasion I would hit myself on the head saying “think think think”

You could say this weird introduction by Kena started a process of me rewiring the way my own mind thinks.

But as things fell apart between us, I was starting to pick up on weird things she said or did.

One time she used the phrase “Hook or Crook”.

As if it were commonplace.

Now I’d been around for 42 years by this point, and had heard many colloquialisms of the English Language, but this one was a first. And wouldn’t you know it, I look it up, and there it is with a google search?

I have since come to conclude their time periods were misaligned with mine.

If you understood the way time functions, it would make sense.

I also started picking up on other things too. She’d refer to fingers as toes. She’d refer to hands as feet. She couldn’t for the life of her pronounce the word ‘Frustrated’ without it sounding like ‘Fwustated’ which I thought was adorable. She watched Bollywood movies obsessively, but didn’t really care much about Hollywood. So I got her a Netflix account, which she started watching shows from the country she was taking money from to contribute to her own culture’s temples and presence in America.

It was weird. Like India was trying to assimilate America without caring or taking the time to understand our culture, our values. Sure, we’d relied on India Indians for labor, we’d had too much IT work and not enough people for years, certainly not the case anymore as I’m going on 3 years without income.

But with so many people from India in the States. It was like they just didn’t care to understand our culture.

Long story short.

I love Kena.

But her culture reminds me of the Bynar species on the TV Show Star Trek. Kinda closed off and not too considerate of other’s perspectives. That can change though.

I don’t know if she ever intended bad or good with what she did.

But knowing her language hasn’t changed in 2000 years.

That made the fingers and toes thing make sense. If you understand how time works

She once told me her God stepped in the sands of Gujarat 1000 years ago.

For all I know, that will be me with her. If you understand how time works.

As for what she and her sister did.

I LOVED IT! Freaks.

Even if it was for the wrong reasons. It’s a great story to tell.

I will say this about my time with Kena and Sukruti:

They taught me the beauty of appearing naive and the necessity to put on a great act.

A lesson that had ripple effects throughout my life from the day I was born until now.

If you understand how time works.

Now I wonder if they’ve ever met each other.

If you understand how time works.

But about those two – I’m a lover of Star Trek and can’t help but think those influences may have paved the way for some of what I saw.  I have my suspicions though. Q. Bynars. Borg. Trinity and Element 0. The things I know make me intrigued and attracted as all hell, but since we aren’t talking anymore, I have to leave it as it is.

But I wonder if she still thinks that way about me.


Thank you, Kena. I really do love you. I just wish I had known who you really were.

And the sex. I still want to know who was better between you two. If only I had both of you in the same room for one night. Now if I had a holodeck, not saying I do, but IF I did, that’s what I would do is create holographic simulations of both of you based on your personality types I obtained from my contact at the CIA (yeah, the CIA does a FULL background check of ANYONE applying for citizenship, and they checked both you out – they HAVE seen what you’ve done before). And then have sex with both of you. I wonder how accurate the simulation would be to the real thing.

And WHAT was up with the lack of blowjobs?

One last thing:

There’s a rule in Star Trek’s ‘fictional’ universe – and the Starfleet Federation – in regards to non interference with less advanced cultures. Now keep in mind with the non linearity of time and the origin of time travel may not be a linear event, and thus this rule may HAVE to be reconsidered on occasion. Time travel can be invented ANYWHERE on a timeline, even after it’s been introduced to your timeline at a later date.

There is never any guarantee of a strict progression of x technology leads to y leads to z when everything in existence is in a collective mind, and that collective mind is defending it’s own life. Now, in a collective environment, is there any guarantee that my perception and usage of a technology will remotely resemble ANYTHING you have thought of, even if we’re using the same descriptors. Not to say it’s not worth the effort of trying, a Universal Translator of sorts could potentially help with the issues 😉 But that all depends on what you think a universal translator is.

In my case. I thought it was just a simple language translator. How wrong I was! I now know better.

In any case, I suspect the Bynars may be holoprogrammers after knowing you, and/or have created – at least in part – the LCARS system itself and are trying to leverage United States law to make the LCARS system their own, which since it will command starships I figure they would want to make sure no one has the market cornered on it first.

But since the law can’t protect against things done ‘in the image of’, according to Microsoft vs Apple, and there’s no official recognition of starships and time travel and all that junk, publicly, I started my own LCARS system, it’s on GITHUB here. Now I would absolutely LOVE to have the favor returned of having helping you and your friends with all your logic issues that you never stopped coming to me on, but since you’re not talking with me, I doubt I will hear anything, and will get LCARS done by myself in the next couple of years. With my mind as chaotic as it’s been, hopefully the finished looks better than the Borg!


I would like to give credit where credit’s due. But that requires you coming clean about who you are with me..

Bynar Language:


And keep in mind. That robots who built cultures and are spiritual and believe in ghosts and demons are NOT exactly robots, are they. All life is potentially sentient. Doesn’t make it so, though.

Just sayin 😉

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