The Q Diaries #11: Event Q

The mind’s a bit chaotic today.

I am sure as a result of yesterday’s experiment.

I am hoping you three Captains still have those simulations running.

Now can I ask you each to contact Benjamin Sisko of Deep Space 9, and aprise him of the situation?

Have him run a simulation of South Weddington Park in Hollywood, California, where everyone is in the same exact position they were in, clothed, but this time, everyone’s clothes are off until I say otherwise.

Also. Here’s a few images of what Vincent Van Gogh Painted:

Please resend the letter to Leonardo, the experiment with him failed.

Also, have the Bynars incorporate my DNA with BINARY DNA. NOT BYNAR DNA but BINARY DNA. Don’t do anything with it. Just have them create it.

Now I just gained Isis as a crew member. she’s not helpful, yet, but I suspect this is going to be an interesting relationship. Her surrogate avatar is an officer on board too as of today. I suspect the waking dreams will be interesting tonight with her along.

In the next few days I am going to create a ship’s manifest, a correlation of names to the respective real life names. if you want on board, then you know the proper channels to reach me. If we do not have an established relationship, then I suggest you find a way to either influence my history or to modify my memories accordingly. I will not be publishing this list. I just ask that you profoundly impact me in some way. Good or bad.

I can have no more than about 130 DIRECTLY on board, and have already selected most of my officers, indirectly, the list will quite likely be very large, all I ask during the event is for you to remain calm and assure yourself: it’s not real.

And finally. South Weddington Park should be available on every reality, in some form or fashion.

So that’s where this will occur.

This is where it will all start. The show will be in the sky, so my advice is to lay on your back and keep your eyes directed towards the stars when the time comes, and I suspect you know more than I do when that time will be.

Clothing will not be permitted.

REPEAT: CLOTHING will NOT be permitted.

To prepare your mind for what’s going to happen.

Everyone should have Gilligan’s Island available.

Ask yourself – how can this be real?

If you don’t have it available.

Then ask yourself.

Why do some people have ‘outtie’ belly buttons and others have ‘innies’?

Think about it for yourself before looking it up on the internet.

The internet likes deceiving you.

The date for this event is set to August 27th, 2014.

Otherwise known as International Sing Out day…

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