The Q Diaries #9: Q the needle

In early Earth year 2403, two female scientists by the name of Rachel G Brown and Tiffany B Matthews were picked up cryogenically frozen on board a derelict vessel which was ‘bigger on the inside’ by the Starship Voyager as the Starship Voyager passed through the region.

Unbeknownst to the Voyager’s Captain or Crew, this event was documented in its entirety by the Borg and, contrary to the Borg rules which were shared by Starfleet against non interference with developing species, a transmission was sent by the Borg back in time to Earth dated February 14th, 2003.

The transmission was deemed urgent enough by Borg in the current time period who were at the time merely observing humans, that unplanned first contact was made on March 2nd, 1961.

A plan was developed with political and intelligence officials of the United States of America to create a series named “Star Trek: Enterprise” which was to air AFTER the television show Star Trek Voyager ran its course.

The transmission was transmitted to the citizens of Earth on February 19th, 2003.

This transmission intentionally left out any mention of the two occupants.

The episode was titled “Future Tense”, and is known as Star Trek Enterprise, series 2 episodes 16.

Encoded in the transmission for the Borg to find later, were instructions to set an analog television set outside of Q’s living quarters on board their vessel in the Delta Quadrant just after finding the two nude women on the 18th hole.

The new episode was to be broadcast on a loop, until Q saw it.

His reaction to it was to be concurrently documented leveraging both digital and analog technology..

This directly resulted in the creation of the mirror universe.

Let it be historically noted that the supermassive black hole in the center of the Milky Way Galaxy is the precise stellar location where this viewing took place, nearly 18.5 trillion years ago.

The Borg have classified the Omega Molecule at the highest priority.

It is thought to be the mind of Q.

It is the year 2413 on board the USS Phoenix, an Origin class explorer vessel, currently serving in the Omega Leonis Block of Klingon controlled space on a Diplomatic Mission.

The Federation has been at war with existence itself for nearly 400 years.

In both universes.

The Federation blames the Klingon’s discovery of how to communicate in time with the never-ending war.

The Klingons blame the Federation’s recovery of time travel technology from Borg ships which mysteriously ceased to function in the late 23rd century for the war.

The Borg blame themselves.

Nearly 11 years ago, Rachel and Tiffany had both been found not far outside the Milky Way Galaxy – adrift in what was clearly a failed experimentation with time travel. .

The interior of the ship had been ‘flash frozen’, the temperature having been reduced to near absolute zero in a matter of microseconds, after having been instantly exposed to the frigid cold of deep space.  The exact date and time of their departure, clearly listed on their equipment, was February19th, 2003.

Energy is rationed., and has long been limited to essentials.

With energy rationing as extreme as it is, clothes are an almost forgotten historical past, remembered only by watching historical television shows..

Most don’t watch them. They find other ways to entertain themselves.

Sleeping. Reading. Writing. Dreaming.

Using personal research as their excuse, Rachel and Tiffany, decide to spend idle time reviewing fictional video records of Earth, most of all about make believe people in make believe houses or make believe starships which seemed to shape the very starships they were in today.

But most of all, they confided this only to each-other, and with being nude being a way of life, they watched the shows for the clothe, just for something ‘different’. Longing for intimacy. To be held. To even be loved.

Change, providing a little weird pleasure as fleeting as it now is.

Even something as simple as the drab uniforms that were worn in fictional shows such as Star Trek Voyager provide simple pleasure. Or a holodeck adventure with a fantasy partner. Even a simple construct would suffice.

But as scientists,

Both watch the Star Trek Enterprise episode which, unbeknowst to them, made the entity known as Q disappear.

When Rachel exclaims:

“Wait a second. I remember Tom Paris having to research the vessel. Wasn’t he in Star Trek Voyager?,” Rachel said.

Tiffany looks at Rachel, and says, without emotion “Rachel, you’re wrong, it’s Sisko, you have the wrong show”.

But something seems to come alive in Tiffany, and not long after, Tiffany exclaims:

“Wait a second, Rachel, I remember Cochrane having been successful with his warp flight in Star Trek the Next Generation. Why did they say he disappeared in a failed warp experiment?”

Rachel looks at Tiffany, and says, without emotion “Tiffany, it’s fiction, that’s a plot hole. Big deal..”.

But something inside Rachel comes alive, and then they ask eachother why do these events feel so familiar?

They both begin searching LCARS for historical information of the time period these fictional shows came out.

Asking – are there ties of their own lives to this event?

And why is it they seem more like historical records than fiction?

And then it hits them, simultaneously, as they both exclaim:


About then, Jean Luc Picard beams into the room, and says:

“Rachel, Tiffany, I’ve been anxiously awaiting to meet you for quite some time now.”

Rachel looks at Tiffany a bit clearly stunned and say “Jean Luc Picard? But you’re…”

Picard smiles, and says “Fictional? I sure hope not. Quite real I assure you, and we have some work to do in saving existence as we know it. In accordance with Starfleet Regulations 06-8342-9322, you are hereby honorably discharged from Active Federation Service, and are being offered a reassignment into Section 31 of the Diplomatic Corp.Your obligative service aboard this vessel is hereby terminated, effective immediately.”

Tiffany, stammers, and says “Section 31 is real?”

Picard, looking a little annoyed at the interruption, says “May I continue?”

Rachel says “She’s sorry. Go ahead, Captain.”

“It’s Vice Admiral. As I was saying. You have the ability to deny this transference, but if you do so, please note that your responsibilities and assignment aboard this vessel will be strictly voluntary in a civilian capacity from this point forward. Regardless of the choice you make, you will be granted permanent diplomatic immunity in exchange for time served aboard this vessel,” Picard states, in a fashion only Jean Luc Picard can state.

Rachel and Tiffany both look bewildered, and are speechless.

“Ladies, I don’t have all day. Can I get an answer, please?,” demands Picard.

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