The Q Diaries #7: Q Easing

Star Trek: The Q Diaries, Entry #7

Entry Title: Q Easing

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents either are products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

Did you know I actually helped engineer the male’s human body?

I’ll touch back on that subject in a bit.

But first.

A very long time ago, the Borg encountered an area of space where subspace had absolutely destroyed, where time itself didn’t seem to exist, and subsequently made warp capabilities within the region.. shall we say impossible.

Analogize this region to what pure imagination might seem like, where anything and everything seemed to be possible but ultimately almost nothing does happen.

So needless to say, this discovery fascinated the Borg.

When the Borg first entered this region of space, they started discovering odd localized transmissions seemingly appearing from no discernible source.

That is, they could pinpoint the origin, but they couldn’t actually determine the source of the transmission..

It was about then the Continuum became highly intrigued by the Borg’s findings.

Not only were we wholly unaware this section of space even existed, but we found impossible to locate sources for transmissions we received clearly?

Again, things falling outside the realm of Q awareness?

We were befuddled.

So yours truly created a – shall we say ‘secret’ area I could temporarily call home inside a Borg explorational cube, outside the perceptions of the Borg and their technology, and simply relaxed and enjoyed the ride.

There I really had the chance to observe how the Borg functioned, learning about them and watching them as they explored this very odd section of space which was new to both of us.

The first transmissions they discovered on the edges of this region of space were unintelligible, making absolutely no sense. The first thought I had was – this reminded me of a child playing with a toy.

Not long after, that, I walked, unseen, through the Borg vessel, and observed the Borg watching a transmission that – and I do not say this lightly… made the Borg sad while at the same time confusing yours truly.

You read that right. They were sad.

I was mortified.

Had I misjudged this species?

And I was perplexed. I had a two part puzzle on my hands. Why had this moment exhibited emotion, and why was this ‘new to me’?

As for the transmission…

First, the transmission erroneously reported the date of the events as Stardate 50984.3, with the events actually occurring on our Stardate 51001.2.

Second, the transmission introduced a species that until this point, had never existed, a species we now know as species 8472.

It was this transmission led to the Borg’s discovery of species 8472.

And finally, the speech Captain Janeway gave in this transmission was NOT the speech she gave in our timeline “In the words of Jean-Luc Picard. ‘In their Collective state, the Borg are utterly without mercy, driven by one will alone: the will to conquer. They are beyond redemption, beyond reason.’ And then there’s Captain Amasov of the Endeavour. ‘It is my opinion that the Borg are as close to pure evil as any race we’ve ever encountered.

I zipped back to the point in our history where these events occurred.

And I quote (this is all she said) “the Borg are as close to pure evil as any race we’ve ever encountered.’

Omnipotence smomnipotence.

Not long after this transmission, I found myself laughing, out loud.

Out in the middle of this what can only be called ‘dead space’, we found this:


Yes, floating in the darkness of space was a golfing tee. 18th hole no less.

In the middle of space. How vrilliant.

That’s the first hearty laugh I have had in a very long time!

And on the floating green?

Two completely naked and very attractive women….

with genitalia..

One, a woman by the name of Tiffany, a winged demon being we later came to learn was known as succubus who looked similar to this:


And the other, another winged woman, only this one was an angel by the name of Rachel who looked similar to this:


And what was most humorous, was something the Borg at first overlooked, until I helped them understand the significance.

The golfing flag had been taken out of the hole, laying on the side of the hole.

And two blue balls were in the cup.

I actually startled the Borg, as I cried out loud: “I am going to have a son!”

My son was sending me a message to me in his own, oh so wonderful wonderful way only a Q could send.

And he’d more or less modeled a likeness to the animal kingdom’s penis and vagina on these women. And had done a fantastic job I might add.

And as an immortal.

Reality was bending to his prenatal desires by making it possible for him to have his toy – a penis.

The Borg and Federation had both had an obsessive and relentless pursuit for something called the Omega particle.

I suddenly ‘got it’.

This Omega particle was my son’s developing consciousness.

And up until his birth.

Whoever controlled that ‘particle’ (and I do say that in the loosest of terms).

Controlled existence itself.

And my son’s desire to have a penis.

All these were clues were my son asking for help in his own way.

Sometimes it is difficult as an omnipotent being, as you walk a fine line between interference and not of developing species, up to and including your own child.

Sometimes you step away. Sometimes you step in. Sometimes you reprimand. Sometimes you back off, and watch as they reprimand themselves.

The loopy nature of cause and effect have a way of making you your own demon and angel as your mind develops, which is _sometimes_ when we step in. We even  do it to ourselves on occasion too.

But not always.

You see we eternal beings want our children to let loose. To discover and explore reality for themselves on their own terms. This adds to the variety of that which we call life which makes life oh so much more interesting for everyone.

But for my child’s sake, and because of the relentless warlike nature of humanity –  I realized, the penis was such a fantastic idea.

Jean-Luc, up until this point, I don’t know if you were aware that human beings and Borg were alike in the fact they bred through genetic reproduction.

You were both asexual beings.

But I wondered if you were ever even aware of it.

However, before I explored sexuality and humanity’s self awareness. I had a thought – I would give you a chance to reflect on your own…

Similarities and differences.

That’s when I went through history and removed the memory of clothes and covering from humans and Borg alike and removed all clothes and covering from all humans and Borg throughout history.

And simply observed.

With your … Unyielding nature…

I was curious to see if you’d even notice anything or react different seeing eachother asexually naked all the time.

What happened next was.. fascinating… to say the least.

Next time.

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