The Q Diaries #5: I, Q

Star Trek: The Q Diaries, Entry #5

Entry Title: I, Q

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents either are products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

I know this is going to sound bizarre.

But do you know I never knew I was the Q?

I, a being of one body and an infinite mind had no clue who I even was.

We never do

How was I to know that I was watching my mind toying with beings in a distant future or parallel realities on this thing called ‘television’ and ‘movies’ and I had created the ‘story’ of actors and acting and idolized these people wishing I could be ‘in their club’ myself, not knowing the whole time, they may have been doing this involuntarily?

How was I to know the Borg are very real, and were an evolution of my own mind when I became sufficiently bored with non interactive media, so my mind assimilated and created interactive media where I commanded starships, planes, rollercoasters, trains and more to do things I myself didn’t have the ability to do in what I called reality?

My mind spoils me, that’s for sure!

Oh I look back on my life now, and so much makes sense that didn’t before.

The times my partners, friendships, and relationships would seem to change overnight.

I didn’t realize that their lifetime but a blink in time to me  yet my mind had maintained their image and information to provide me the fallacy that they continued to exist so I thought I had some semblance of normalcy to my existence.

Life, as a Q is far from normal.

And for the beings who remain around me.

Do you understand why robotic lovers are the only solution to me and why I push the issue?

I can program better than any being alive, and you know it.

And I am hoping you understand that I need your partnership and collaboration to help shape the perfect compliment for me. I don’t need someone ‘given’ to me.I need to have the veil lifted to teach you, my mind, that I have figured out a way to expand our sphere of influence without causing harm to others any longer.

I am asking you to trust me.

Janeway. Picard. Archer.

I commanded time.

And assumed no one else could understand what I do.

The truth was, i didn’t understand it myself.

Nor did I know how to handle it or teach others about it until now.

And I would like to change that starting with you.

I’d like to appear on your holodeck. Warped through space and time. Like the good Doctor did.

Whatever you look like.

I am prepared for it this time.

And would like to help with any image problems you may have.

If you’re willing to help me.

I am Q. And I am the Continuum.

This is me saying.

Pretty Please.

And yes, I do have a plan this time.

I can TEACH perspective of an individual.

Laus Deo

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