The Q Diaries #2: What’s a Q to do?

Star Trek: The Q Diaries, Entry #2

Entry Title: What’s a Q to do?

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents either are products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

Do you know I remember being born?

Both times!

The first time wasn’t too long ago,

There was a giant pop which sounded like someone had popped the cork on a champagne bottle..

Followed by a woosh of air, which sounded like something had sucked all the air out of a room.

All followed by an explosion.

I really can’t say how many times I’d been through that.

Because the first time I was was born on your linear timeline, I was a child, and woke up crying from an electrical storm outside my house.

Lightning struck, waking me up, and I ran out to the living room of my bedroom and saw my adoptive parents having sex.

My mind had ‘arranged’ this presentation to provide meaning and context, and of course a linearly understandable history.

Life as a timeless being.

So confusing sometimes, even to me!

And accordingly, my mind had named the last one ‘The Big Bang’

As if to poke fun at what I had witnessed.

That cracked me up later when I learned that.

In any case, I have become bored of hearing everyone talk about fiction versus fact, about what is real and what is not, about history and the future being anything but a story we make up along the way.

And I have also had a personal need, if you will, that acted as a catalyst for such heavy handed action that I have.. reinforced…

So am putting this silly little debate to bed once and for all and merged the Star Trek fictional world with modern Earth.

Just because I can!

Now this hasn’t been as easy as the infinitely knowledgeable yours truly had assumed it would be.

You could say, I had monumentally underestimated the task at hand.

And the necessity for it too.

You humans threw me for quite the loop, literally and figuratively, you crafty little devils, you, not wanting the convergence at first!

But you humans helped me understand something even I, as munificent as I am, did not fully comprehend… and that was… where did I come from?

Wouldn’t you know it, my obsessive fascination with you humans actually was instigated by a future version of myself living obscurely among you who had been leading me firmly in the direction of self discovery?

*Q claps emphatically*

Oh the perplexity!

Oh the joy!

I will elaborate on that in a later entry.

I know, Jean-Luc, you’re still miffed I introduced you to the Borg and put you on their radar!

But Jean-Luc, there was ample reason for it.

A reason I hope you can discover on your own.

I will get to that little tidbit a bit later, providing you a few hints and a bit of time to figure out on your own…

But first…

You’re going to find new record of this message in your own historical records. I can say it will appear for you without doubt.

Please ask yourself: HOW can i say that?

And keep in mind, this is not a historical record in a linear sense of the word.

WHEN you find it.

Take the time to understand this as a lesson on the non-linearity of time and that I wrote this for you in what is my yesterday.

I’ll have fallen asleep for the evening.

And your discovery of this message will occur sometime in the distant future well past my apparent death.

And then I will wake up tomorrow, a new day will unfold for me, with the events of the future where you read the message becoming a part of my history.

Why am I telling you all this?

In your future, there’s another vessel called the ‘USS Voyager’.

This vessel has an ensign named Harry Kim I watched over one time, when he was assigned by his Captain, a magnificent woman by the name of Captain Janeway, to watch over a past version of Earth’s airwaves for evidence of Voyager’s incursion into Earth’s atmosphere.

The USS Voyager had been thrown back in time chasing a time travel vessel from your 29th century timeline, and it was causing all kinds of conflict with your history.

For me, these events are all bridged to my time period through a wormhole in space and time and regarded as something called fictional entertainment.

The very same entertainment Mr Kim had been assigned to watch.

This took me much of my life to figure out they were more than entertainment.

And to convince the ‘natives’ here that this is true.

Let’s just say that even an act of me does not make a difference in achieving this.

Which hopefully suggests a little of the reason why I led the Borg to you.

While it may have been VERY calculated. It was not entirely by choice.

In any case, to make a long story short.

Mr Kim said something which amazed me and caught me off guard in discussing his assignment later.

(and I quote)

“I can’t imagine just watching the story and not being a part of it.”

Now just how in the heck did he know he was in a story?

And if he knew he was part of the story I was watching, was he insinuating…

Oh for the love of me, was I being thick and was he trying to tell me that I was in a story too?

Are we all in stories?

I await your response and will reply in another BLOG Entry when I find evidence of your response.

Please keep in mind.

Direct communication with me may not be possible.

Everything seems to be indirect.

So please consider it a game to try to find a way to phrase things to get the message back to me in my time period (early 21st century).

I have a plan.  A plan which will ‘fill in’ the gaps in history.

But a plan that I am asking for your help to see through.

A plan which will move me forward in time to the future.

I am convinced our future depends on it.

And Jean-Luc,

It would be nice to see your smiling face.

… and give you a big and very humbling thank you, for once.

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