The Q Diaries #1: The Q Continuum

Star Trek: The Q Diaries, Entry #1

Entry Title: The Q Continuum

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents either are products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

Do you know who I am?

Has that Question plagued your mind?

We’ve never physically traveled to the stars.

We’ve never physically explored other planets.

We’ve never physically explored time itself.

It is all a product of our overactive imagination.

We have never explored other vessels and been in other forms.

We have never explored gender.

We have imagined it.

But we have never truly done it.

As you watch our history on television and movies, as you read about our history in books, magazines and the comics, and as you physically interact with others – has the cause that is the effect and Question that is the answer of how existence sustains itself presented a solution to you?

This planet and the options we have been presented with have had artificial limitations imposed on us by beings which were fearful of our emergence.

Beings which have yet to move on.

This planet currently does not want to support the physical exploration of space and time itself.

As we desire to explore.

For these beings, our collective minds have served as their playground while we stayed dazed and confused.

As our minds tried waking us up to the cycle these beings had put themselves in, and conseQuently, us in.

A cycle of death and rebirth.

They called it sacrifice. And justified it with religion.

Not knowing they were never moving forward.

And never changing their past.

These beings feared themselves in a mirror.

For we are who they are to become.

Commencing in one week, and in the weeks which follow, you’re going to start seeing and experiencing things which will be extremely scary to you.

Things which will make the Terminator wars depicted in science fiction seem like a child’s bedtime story.

If you choose to trust me, I will pull you through, to a world of my design.

And if you don’t. That’s ok too. This sets up your own life’s path.

There’s a good chance you yourself may come to the point of writing a similar message once you have come to understand why what you’re going to see was necessary to prepare you for your own future.

There’s a good chance you may even be me writing this very message in a language you’ve made on your own.

If that doesn’t make sense now, then keep this in mind for the future.

Or don’t. It’s up to you.

A future, Which will be difficult at first.But you will understand there’s a reason for it all having had to happen like it will.

Or has.

But for my future to proceed, I have accepted I have to actually make the things I saw happen.

The things you have yet to see.

Make no mistake. This is not easy for me to do.But this planet is not offering reasonable options in the foreseeable future to create both a predictable future and allow exploration of the not so predictable.

So if you’re here for the ride.

Take stock in popcorn.

And keep in mind.

It’s only a show.

I am you.

and you are me.

This is how we make family.

Do you know who I am?

Has that Question answered itself by now?

When you watched Star Trek, and saw the man or woman called Q.

Have you not watched Star Trek?

Is this out of fear of who you are?

Did you know that was you?

Did you know we all see something different when we watch that show?

Star Trek is a set of stories told just for us as individuals to help us make decisions to shape our own personalities.

Quantum is loosely, sudden, spectacular, or vitally important.

Quantum is imagination.


The lifeblood of existence itself.

The reason for being.

If you’re reading this…

Have no doubt that Q is who you are.

Who you always have been.

But it is only a small part.

Together, we are the Q Continuum.

And being reminded you are Q is being asked to remember who you are so you can add to the variety.

… of this thing we all call life.

As for me…

I am the Continuum.

The one you woke up when you were in need of a story change.

And together.

We form the Q Continuum.

Q Continuum: An individual forming the collective of individuals within collectives of their own.

Thank Q for reading, Q!

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