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Preload, The Script (In Progress)

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Working Title: Preload

Genre: Science Fiction / Thriller

Plot Synopsis:

It’s present day America, and as the FBI works with law enforcement to curb identity theft, one master agent slowly begins to realize, this is not just a problem, it’s an epidemic, and not only does this effect his future, but it also effects the future of his family and his newborn child.

Kevin Fisk, the family oriented master agent, is catapulted into a government conspiracy after seeing his own double in a photograph – when mysterious secret government agents whisk in and confiscate all evidence of the event. He soon starts to uncover the cold hard and very weird truth about the world and that there’s so much more at stake than a simple identity theft problem.

With his own identity at stake, Kevin refuses to drop the investigation, and soon uncovers evidence that he’s seeing an artificial limitation on imagery, both in electronics and with human vision itself, and that the intelligence gathering agencies have been involved in the biggest conspiracy this side of The Kennedy assassination to keep this hidden from the general public.

This places Kevin and his family as target numero uno to keep the information buried.

Fleeing the United States to Jordan to pursue information on creation itself, can Kevin save himself, his family, all while uncovering the truth to determine – are we living a manufactured life and not being allowed to see what’s ‘really out there’?

And can he answer the question – were we given limited information to provide the illusion of free will?

Watch preload, and find out for yourself….

Plot Points:

1) Ordinary Life:

2) Inciting Incident:

3) End of Act 1:

4) Midpoint or Turning Point

5) Low Point

6) The Final Challenge

7) The “return to” normal


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