Star Trek: Q Made Who?, The Script (In Progress)

Working Title: Star Trek: Q Made Who?

Genre: Science Fiction

Plot Synopsis:

Thought to at first be an abomination of sentient construction, the Federation loses it’s grip on the remaining planets in Starfleet, one by one, to the Borg – who leave nothing alive and create a hopeless fear in all the remaining sectors, in what is considered the final act of mother nature herself.

But does assimilation mean the end of time itself?

As two separated minds awaken to the horrific truth of where they are and what they are WITHIN the collective, they mysteriously begin devising a strategy to reshape not just the collective, but existence itself to bend to their whim.

They are.. after all.. The founders of the Q Continuum.

Plot Points:

1) Ordinary Life:

2) Inciting Incident:

3) End of Act 1:

4) Midpoint or Turning Point

5) Low Point

6) The Final Challenge

7) The “return to” normal


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