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Feedback Loop, The Script (In Progress)

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Working Title: Feedback Loop

Genre: Science Fiction

Plot Synopsis:

Maggie Brown, an attractive and young yet introverted high school biology teacher begins to experience a series of increasingly weird instances of Deja Vu soon after she’s asked about the origins of DNA by one of her students.

Inspired to answer the student’s question, and instigated into researching the origin, not discovery, of DNA after another student later jokingly suggests she’s a program and she’s trapped in a virtual environment, Maggie begins a journey down a rabbit hole that will inevitably change her life forever.

Plot Points:

1) Ordinary Life:

To her neighbors, Maggie is an ordinary and not extraordinary biology teacher who is also an intelligent, loving, caring, and reliable young woman who her friends publicly confide to her that they think she’s destined to be a cat-lady spinster if she maintains her life course.

2) Inciting Incident:

In a classroom discussion of genetics, DNA and corn, Maggie experiences a profound Deja-Vu experience of the same class discussion twice, which seems to act as a starting point of an ever increasing set of instance of of Deja Vu.

3) End of Act 1:

Maggie begins to notice patterns in the Deja Vu experiences, patterns which aren’t 100% clear, and embarks down an obsessive path of trying to figure out what those patterns are trying to tell her.

4) Midpoint or Turning Point

Maggie begins to see the patterns as leading her, which starts making her question her own freedom, as she finds evidence suggesting every decision she makes is already made for her before she even makes it.

Does she have free will, or is her life programmed for her?

5) Low Point

Convinced she is the ass end of some cosmic entity’s joke, Maggie sees ‘behind the veil’ of reality leaving her to believe she’s the only thing in existence, and has her thinking it’s her insane mind playing tricks on her and tries to commit suicide.. But learns she can’t. No matter how hard she tries.

6) The Final Challenge

Maggie’s mind breaks down, and as she struggles with sanity not ready to believe what her new sense of reality is demonstrating to her, she is forced her to confront her own fears and redefine her meaning of life based on her new perceptions which include having to accept seeing these new perspectives which included alternate realities she’d never known even existed.

7) The “return to” normal

Maggie realizes that DNA was a program, and what she witnessed was its end as she transitions to her new ‘self guided’ perception of reality. She learns to accept the transition as a gift rather than a curse, and teaches herself to embrace the journey of life as a participant rather than as a bystander, completely changing her personality and embracing her new perspective as a ‘superpower’.

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