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The Operating System, The Script (In Progress)

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Working Title: The Operating System

Genre: Science Fiction

Plot Synopsis: In the not too distant future, Doctors have begun to work with patients using the newest life saving tool in the operating room: a computer program, loaded into the human body’s electrical system, which quite literally takes over key functions of the body during surgery.

Named“The Operating System”

The invention has it’s costs in jobs, as anesthesiologists find themselves out of work with the Operating System’s ability to completely turn off nerves, Blood loss is minimized as blood flow is literally re-routed and the heart rate artificially lowered. Entire organs are artificially turned off and the body’s use of them is diverted as they are replaced.

And memories… Replaced with a pleasant day on the beach in Hawaii or an imaginary lover rather than 10 hours of surgery. If you can afford them…

But not everything is as hunky-dory as the inventors had hoped.

A patient having taken part in surgery using “The Operating System” develops a strange interconnection to all the other patients who experienced the same surgery and begins to demonstrate a mysterious rapid advance in intellect as well as unusual behaviors and psychopathic personality transformations.

Behavior that begins to become .. contagious.. to others who never experienced surgery themselves.

Have the Doctors and Scientists invented a boon to medicine?

Or have they accidentally unlocked the proverbial Pandora’s box of the genetic code?

And unwittingly unleashed something on the world and themselves they never imagined possible?

Plot Points

1) Ordinary Life

A glimpse in the inner life of a highly valued agent working for the NSA (National Security Agency)  who’s working with the FBI as a United States representative and local hackers in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, teaching them the merits of ‘ethical hacking’ and the benefit to themselves and to the world of working with rather than against people and companie and for the ‘greater good’.

2) Inciting Incident

The agent is sent to tour a Hungarian military establishment where he’s escorted to a secret listening post by two careless Hungarian Army representatives, when one of the men’s rifle is dropped causing it to fire – piercing the heart of the NSA agent.

3) End of Act 1

The man is rushed to a German hospital, where English and German Doctors can be overheard arguing the necessity to use the untested ‘Operating System’, to both stop his heart and slow his pulse to near nothing as a replacement heart is flown in.

4) Midpoint or Turning Point

A year later, the man’s recovered and living a somewhat normal life, discussing his experiences along with others who have had the “operating system’ used on them for surgery in front of a panel of a Medical Review meeting. On leaving, a man not paying attention hits his car making the NSA man go totally out of character and absolutely nuts, beating the crap out of the other driver sending him to the hospital.

5) The low point

All the patients receiving “The Operating System” are regularly undergoing psychosis with different memories of the event itself than they’ve been told actually happened, and the symptoms appear to be spreading like a disease.. but in explicable ways.. Through the internet.

6) The Final Challenge

A Computer Scientist with a psychological background devises a solution: Since the virus appears to not be containable, then come up with an educational plan to rapidly identify and teach those succumbing to the Operating System’s virus how to be a socially functional sociopath… While the President and Leaders worldwide have developed an unpalatable escape plan should that solution not work.

7) The “return” to

The President can be seen in the oval office agreeing on self destruction as the only option. He can then be seen launching an all out nuclear assault as he sits in his chair with his wife in the Oval Office looking out the window as an ICBM nuclear missile can be seen nearing him as the target…..

Then the view changes. The NSA man can be seen not far from the White House as the streak of an ICBM from the President’s perspective is a jet trail from his. A strong gust of wind hits him as the jet disappears over the horizon. But that’s it. Nothing has changed for him.

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