Time Blind, The Script (In Progress)

Working Title: Time Blind

Genre: Comedy Science Fiction

Plot Synopsis: A talented computer whiz seems to lead an ordinary life, with few things to complain about and by all outward appearances seems to have no noticeable problems or issues.

With one exception.

He’s completely blind.

And no one – not even the man himself has been aware of his blindness.

The man has a gift he’s not even been fully aware of….

A gift that has his mind rewriting entire timelines in the blink of an eye….

And the government is beginning to catch on to him and his special ability which has kept him safe and off the radar for all these years…

If they catch him, he will be a guinea pig for the rest of his life…

But first they have to figure out how!

Plot Points:

1) Ordinary Life

A seemingly ordinary computer programmer seems to live a functionally normal life, if anything, by all outward appearances, may in fact be a bit boring by most standards.

2) Inciting Incident

One day, the man is driving, and he gets pulled over by the police for passing through a red light. Upon investigation, the man is seen to be obviously blind, and right as the officer starts to go ballistic on the man, the timeline is rewritten to make the police officer and man never touch paths.

3) End of Act 1

As it turns out, a top secret satellite has amazingly observed and recorded the entire incident.. and as intelligence agents investigate the incident, they realize the frequent ‘disjoints of time’ which occur around the man initiating a massive manhunt for the man.

4) Midpoint or Turning Point

The man begins to realize he’s the subject of a massive manhunt, but does not know why, and unbeknownst to him, his mind begins to tamper with the timelines of the intelligence agent’s own lives, intensifying the manhunt.

5) The Low Point

The man is cornered, and at the point of death, when his mind stops time and rewrites the entire planet’s history – giving the man irrefutable evidence of what his mind can do – up to and including rewriting every friend he ever had out of his life, leaving him utterly alone – but all taking him out of harm’s way.

6) The Final Challenge

The man manages to find a way to communicate with intelligence agencies who’d lost his trail to come up with a game plan without direct communication on how to ‘balance’ his own psyche and ‘ability’, and at the same time teach his mind to communicate with him in a more amenable relationship so he can truly experience this thing called life.

7) The “return” to

The man changes careers and forges a new path, in the entertainment industry as a director and writer, as his work with the intelligence agencies arrived to a mutual conclusion – he is not the only one with ‘the gift’ and there are others to be communicated with ‘out there’.

Reality itself, after all, depends on it…

On a final note, unrelated to the script outline above…

I have an open source project on Github creating the LCARS user interface as seen on the computers on the long running TV Show Star Trek.

This Project, called LCARS for WordPress, is completely object oriented javascript, and is a browser based touch based operating system with a skinnable interface. The target for this is Microsoft Surface, ipad and ipod, and larger surface area based interfaces where touch is the primary method of interaction.

It’s completely open source. Your contributions are encouraged, as I will be taking my time on it, so feel free to check it out here:


And yes, I do intend on ‘selling it’ as a theme on WordPress, this is to support corporate integration of this interface (which many corporations require contract and WILL NOT do business with open source)… So any and all worthy permutations and derivations I will throw back into Github.



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