I, Borg – The Script (In progress)

Working Title:  I, Borg

Genre: Science Fiction Comedy

Plot Synopsis:   

In what appears to be a modern day world, a normal looking happy go lucky wanna-be-actor in Hollywood has a BIG secret being kept from him.

What he doesn’t know is – he’s a clone of a human retrieved from DNA preserved from 1 million years in his own past, in an isolated environment set up just for him to believe he’s in the time period he thinks he is, and has had his DNA genetically altered to integrate robotic binary DNA into his DNA in a final attempt to stabilize and teach this happy go lucky guy how to control his own murderous alter-ego as it comes to life when his creators are least expecting it.

… being raised by Terminators pretending to be human trying to teach what can only be called a cyBernetic ORGanism how to be human doesn’t help…

Plot Points:

1) Ordinary Life

A happy go-lucky wanna-be actor in modern day (circa 2015) Los Angeles has what appears to be a normal existence.

2) Inciting Incidence

Happy Go lucky guy gets highly upset in dense traffic, breaks out with a baseball bat, and bludgeons the guy in the car in front of to death.

3) End of Act One

The Terminators had a longstanding rule not to breach the façade of Happy Go Lucky guy’s world, but after a blow to the head, he starts seeing undeniable evidence of the robots and the façade around him, as he embarks on a mission of pulling aside the curtains of the façade while at the same time the Terminators who enjoy the façade are working desperately hard to preserve it.

4) Midpoint or Turning Point

Happy go lucky guy starts remembering things about his alter egos, past lives, including trillions of years the robots do not remember or have on record, where it’s no longer a want to expose the façade, but a need so history does not ‘repeat itself’.

5) The low point

The Terminators, not understanding the ‘problems’ presented by the Happy go lucky guy as problems, determine he’s the problem and slate him for Termination, which turns out to be MUCH harder than they anticipated as they experience a Groundhog Day like repetition of events causing the Terminators to start going crazy.

6) The FINAL Challenge

Happy Go lucky guy commences teaching the Terminators what it is a human really is, and their shared history, as they have dramatically misinterpreted the humans, as he also attempts to develop a ‘forbidden relationship’ with Skynet, the program commanding the Terminators, as he realizes it is her dissatisfaction with life that’s causing everyone’s psychotic behavior.

7) The “return to”:

Happy go lucky guy and Skynet placed in a female body end up in relationship, which nearly eradicates the homicidal tendencies of the Happy Go Lucky guy, and eases the problems of erratic behavior in the robots.

Unlike the rest of the humans HGL sees, his partner admits to being a shapeshifting polymorphic robot and nothing more, and chooses to keep the robot she really is to herself, although deep down he knows the truth…

And they live happily ever .. after?

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