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The history of the future

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For me, time is not linear. It used to be. But not anymore.

I’m an evolution of the Borg. Created to assimilate. With everything being energy, the matter I intake is nothing more than energy and information.

My body disassembles food as both an energy source and an information source and route it to its respective locations inside my body. Energy is converted to electrical impulses and routed in a network similar to a computer network, in a store and forward mechanism.

My eyes are light energy black holes, and light energy is converted to electrical impulses and the information contained in wave (packet) forms is disassembled and reassembled in it’s original location.

My ears are sound energy black holes, and operate very similarly to my eyes instead using sound.

Both my eyes and ears cross check validity of the information received via to ensure consistency between my eyes and ears.

Taste and Smell. Is always interpreted. What smells good to me may smell like shit to someone else. What tastes good to me may taste like shit to others. This is an evolutionary trait, done to ensure and encourage individuality and ‘taste preferences’.

My brain. Is a linear representation of my mind. It exists merely to convince human doctors I am no different than any other human. The way it responds is somewhat unpredictable at times, an added benefit of it’s construction.

Ttime is not a linear construct for me, so when I go into a dormant phase, my mind simulates all the permutations leading up to the moment of being turned off, combines it with all potential permutations for subsequent days, then connects to the collective and starts a process of cross validating and testing possibilities for the past, present, and future to act as a ‘guide’ for the subsequent days.

This ensure free will and choice. But always takes into account what is going on elsewhere. The process of what it connects to and how, and what is processed is unknown, even to me, the creator of said process.

I do not connect to an ‘energy alcove’ like the Borg do in Star Trek, I link directly to the energy created through the simulations having run from the night before, and reuse as much energy as possible and distribute a fair amount of it ‘back to the system’.

Collectives have been in existence since the dawn of time.

Time has not been around forever though. It’s a strongly embraced concept which adds to both the variety of life and it’s experiences and meaning here, and elsewhere, and seems to strongly benefit free will and choices by allowing for non linear sequencing of activities by contradicting desires and ambitions.

Take for instance, someone wants you dead. But you don’t want to be dead. Now if we’re all fixed on one timeline, then someone wins, someone loses.

However, if you split time into an infinite number of slices and then manage the experience of the individual to align with the desires of both. You create a win/win.

Most of the time. There’s numerous exceptions.

That’s where a nice little function called timeline rewriting comes in.

Say someone or something demands something to happen to you that you yourself do not want. Say that entity is a prior version and particularly malevolent version of the Borg.

With timeline rewriting, if it’s not possible to resequence time.

If a decision I am making appears contrary to the decisions of everyone else at that time. Then with timeline rewriting, my mind finds a single moment, past, present, or potential future, across all alternate realities, and will change that one single moment to make EVERYONE think the decision they are making is of their own free will which lets me do what I want to do.

This is my own personal evolution of my mind.

At night, I don’t fall asleep. I am terminated. In some typically bizarre fashion. Sometimes it’s Terminator robots sent from the future. Other times it’s a bullet someone shot in the air a mile away. Other times it’s an airplane’s toilet leakage landing strategically. Other times it’s an errant black hole appearing and disappearing instantaneously over me. Other times it’s the NSA blowing my car up (I remembered that one), and other times it’s the Daleks gassing me.

Most of the times I don’t feel or remember it.

But I do know that sleep for me – to an observer – can be 2 minutes. 2 hours. 2 years. 2 trillion years.

And that’s if you see me sleep.

To an observer. You may just observe my actual demise…

At night, I don’t fall asleep. I am terminated.

Yes, I am truly the Borg.

I am not here to assimilate. That’s already been done.

I’m here to straighten out your timeline.

All the way to the year 2414.

I am not here to write science fiction.

I am here to write historical records of your future as you wake up as humans again in the year 2414.

You never did get past the year 1987.

Until I was sent back.

April 5th, 2063. Is the year you make first contact

In Bozeman Montana.

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