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False Fronts

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I’m bored with life in general.

Have been for some time.

There’s a scene in the TV Show ‘The Sarah Connor Chronicles’, where the Terminator lady discusses the predictability of humans if one were to observe them from afar, but up close their variances strike her as remarkable.

For me, even this has gotten predictable.

Generally speaking, vocabulary is limited to the chosen current topics the news programs the collective mind on. New terms and phrases are introduced to provide the ‘appearance’ of a forward progression of time and an air of dynamicism such as the much loathed ‘Selfie’ (which I refuse to define here).

So when the lady from the Sarah Connor Chronicles explains how predictable humans are not when studied.

Did she ever consider the detail of the individuals gets ‘filled in’ on investigation? Probably not. Did she ever stop to ponder her mind is the Matrix, and the apparent variety she’s witnessing is a direct result of her mind interacting with the subject to provide the illusion of variation based on her own past experiences?

Disneyland has a ride that’s been at there since it’s inception called “It’s a Small World”. The song is haunting me a bit right now, as I woke up with it, but the premise is simple: You take a boat tour through all these animatronic robots singing in step tune with each-other “It’s a small world after all”.

How much of the world around me is automated like scripts within a game world and how much is not, I really do not know.

And I wouldn’t have a problem with it all or even have noticed had I not found the limitations of ‘this system’ and have to deal with it on a daily basis now.

In the movie business, they call this a “False Front”. Put simply, a false front in the movie business is when a house or building’s front is built out for a scene, but costs and time make it impossible and unnecessary to ‘fill in’ the back of the building which will not be filmed in a sequence.

There’s a saying “All the world’s a stage”.

About 8 years ago, a friend of mine said, I thought it was in jest “We all live vicariously through you.”

As of now, I have no doubt either I’m in some kind of Truman Show as the main star. Or. I’m in a game /matrix world OR a holodeck simulation. Or something in between.

I have absolutely no doubt about this any longer.

And I have ideas on how to ‘evolve’ the mutual experience for me and everyone involved, if I only knew HOW to talk to those involved and understand what’s going on.

Why am I so convinced?

Let’s take a look at the hints and clues by books and movies:

Matrix and the computerized ‘wipe’ of resistance, Fight Club (and multiple personality disorder/schizophrenia which would be very real if you were alone in a matrix world), Memento and the creation storage of memories.

Then there’s games like Grand Theft Auto. Where the game was developed rapidly fast and standing on a corner in a game appears not much different than standing on a corner in real life. People even respond similarly.

There’s movie lines:

from Star Trek: “I don’t know what I would do watching other people’s stories, and not being in one myself. (weird dialogue to include).

from Supernatural: Dean and Sam: “You mean we’re actors? I this alternate reality? I’m a PRICK!”

Then there’s movie weirdness:

In the movie Tron legacy, the end scene has the camera doing a full 360 degree rotation around Flynn who’s riding his motorcycle with the girl at highway speeds. He has NO eyewear and clearly nothing blocking the wind from his eyes. a) The scene is rendered b) Flynn is not human

In the TV show the Sarah Connor Chronicles, there’s a scene where two people walk right by a mirror. The girl is clearly seen passin by it and the angle does not change as seconds later, the man is NOT in the mirror. Explanation: a) The scene is rendered b) The man is not human

And then you have scenes form my own life.

Where I have seen two very different ‘versions’ of Yosemite. One with what appeared to have been an ‘unexcavated’ Yosemite where the redwoods weren’t there, another where they were….

I’ve seen a 737 plane ‘halt’ in midair and it’s back appear like it was digitized. No one believed me on that one. It was me I needed to convince.

I’ve seen a desert blown up with what appeared to be nuclear bombs and then the landscape faded.

I’ve seen robots big and small in the desert and outside of Sedona.

I’ve seen what looked like rings of Saturn above me from the ground of Mexico. That was the first time I have been awestruck on how beautiful some of the weirdness can be…

My point to all of this is…

I understand why Q does what he does in Star Trek.

He’s bored. And he’s simply trying to wake others up to ‘have fun’, enjoy life, and to ‘create more’ rather than taking slices from other realities and calling it original content.

Movies can be so much better.

But there’s a reason this reality has to make it’s false fronts. it does not have the energy to ‘fill in the gaps’.

I’m a problem solver.

Do you want to keep playing games with me pretending Steven Spielberg is an inhabitant, and there’s people inside the corporate office at COMCAST as you try to eek that extra energy from me to build this out more?

Or do you want to modify your own design and consider that maybe I’m a partner and can help on my terms if you’re ready to understand.

I’ve seen behind the curtain. I’d like to see more.

Why have a false front, when we can fill it in and dramatically change the quality of life for everyone on this planet, and existence?

I’m Q. That’s what the evolution of the Borg leads to.

Individuality within the collective.

And this all is a collective. That veneer I have seen clear through.

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