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I dreamt of Borg Invasion

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Last night, I had a dream….

Corruption around the world was escalating, with outbreaks of violence worldwide. It didn’t seem as if any location in the globe was immune – violence was erupting all around the world. China. India. Egypt. South Africa. Costa Rica.

Russia, United States, China, and India all started threatening nuclear response.

It could have been any day, tomorrow even….

Then, as if on cue, I saw something incredible pierce the clouds above me.

view view2

The news flashed around the world.

Images of massive cubes seen silently floating overhead were flooding in from every corner of the globe.

Violence towards fellow human and the establishment was gone, replaced by a sudden realization that we were not alone in this universe and a creeping fear of the unknown followed.

Television screens were set up publicly everywhere, as people anxious for ‘real news’ for a change hovered around these televisions, looking and pointing up at the sky with fear and wonderment.

After a while, pictures too vivid and amazingly detailed came in from what may have been the visitors themselves.  It was an impressive sight – clearly demonstrating the size and scale of the ships, and these visitors were making it clear they meant business. There was nowhere on the planet where a cube was not within sight.
view4 view5 view6 view7

The last image of the planet surrounded by the cubes stayed on the screen……for what seemed like an eternity….

Then, after precisely 42 minutes, all electronics, communication devices, and electric devices around the world simply turned off, unable to be turned back on.

The world’s communication network had just been shut down, and the controls for the devices simply did not respond..

Simultaneously, As this power loss included anything moving – everything capable of flight was taken over mysteriously, as if all controls had been disconnected from the controllers and they were remotely controlled to land.

Every vehicle safely landed without power.

Then as the last flight returned to Earth, all communications devices around the world turned on, simultaneously.

Even things without power .On every television set, computer, smart phone – anything with a visual screen, the following image appeared:


And then, a million voices speaking in complete synchronization came through anything with a speaker and boomed from the cubes in the sky:

“We are the Borg. Lower your shields and surrender your ships. We will add your biological and technological distinctiveness to our own. Your culture will adapt to service us. Resistance is futile.”

Here’s what it sounded like.

I assume they were referring to patriot missile shields?

Every screen then went black, momentarily, then came back on showing this image, of what appeared to be a much larger cube rotating in space.


Central command?

Hearing this threat of domination, all hell then broke loose.

People were running like rodents screaming in the streets trying to hide from whatever was coming.


Then, through some form of teleportation:

Cybernetically altered beings suddenly started appearing everywhere.

Here’s what they looked like;

These Cybernetically enhanced beings, Otherwise known as cyborgs or ‘Borg’ as they called themselves – would teleport right next to someone, and inject them with what I can only assume to be some form of nanotechnology.

aimilationIt was about then I remembered a scene from my favorite television show Doctor Who.

In one episode, the Doctor’s face on the show looks almost exactly like these beings referring to themselves as the Borg.Doctor-Borg

The tone of the shows from that point forward changed dramatically…

Had his planet been assimilated? Was the man known as “The Doctor” attempting to send us a message – that beings who used advanced technology to infect our thoughts like a computer virus – beings who took over entire planets through television and media – were coming?

Had this man found a way to communicate through their technology and was he making vain attempts to warn our planet of impending invasion?

I’d heard a rumor long before that our leadership had gotten advanced warning of the arrival of these beings, a warning they’d arrogantly dismissed thinking superior brute force would beat these beings into submission.

Arrogance at a price.

Were we learning that dismissing someone else’s horror as fiction just so we could sleep well at night thinking the bad guys aren’t going to come get us if we put our heads in the sand?

Had humanity’s history of greed, warfare, and a lack of self control combined with chosen ignorance finally come to bite us in the ass?

My dream returned to the horror unfolding around me.

Military and police personnel were powerless to do anything, physical assaults of any kind simply failed. For all their advanced weaponry – the weapons were rendered absolutely harmless and frequently disappeared right out of their hand. Against this advanced technology and a shield which stopped any and all physical assaults from harming these beings, it was all but impossible to stop them with physical force.

Hiding, everyone around me was being injected with nanoprobes and then teleported away…I know not where.
And then…
As if in a final demonstration of the total futility of resistance.
One last image came on the television screen:

My memory is admittedly spotty from that point forward.

I remember seeing a flash of light next to me.

I remember a decrepit hand reaching over me.

I remembering feeling the bite of something piercing my neck..

I remember thinking… resistance is truly futile.

Consciousness drifted from me,

I had one last fleeting thought…..

“If they are a we. Why was Barack referring to himself as an I?”

The world faded to black.

About then I woke up.

As I write this. I can’t help but wonder….

Are these dreams. Or are these memories?

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