I made a time machine

In September of 2008, I began construction of two real life time machines.

Here’s what one of them looked like midway through construction:


Back in August of 2008, while working for the NSA, I was sent on a business trip to Geneva Switzerland. I was there to observe the first full CERN Supercollider experiment with a team of three coworkers.

Here’s a picture inside the facility:


And here’s me in Geneva at the United Nations building on a private tour:


It’s true that the CERN Supercollider experiment in Geneva, Switzerland was originally set up to create a black hole as a sustainable energy source. This was publicly admitted.


The experiment was successful. I didn’t physically see a black hole, but I definitely heard it – it sounded like a LOUD champagne bottle going off. 

The scientists did not intend to destroy Earth, and what I saw was – what they were trying to achieve – a way of making a limitless energy source using advanced physics by creating a stable black hole.

Fortunately, they succeeded.

I was attending Thunderbird at the time, the #1 school for Global Management in the world. (I’m rather proud, can ya tell). I met with my class back in Geneva where we all went to Chamonix, France not long after that. Here’s a class photo I took with my class there, I’m fourth from the left there, tucked behind Jamie in the turquoise sweater.


When I came back to the United States to meet with my director at the NSA @ Fort Meade – they had received a completely different report of the events.

The reports my director had received back was – the experiment was a total failure, and had never even gone off.

My team consisted off Edward Snowden (my former classmate at Fort Meade), Julian Assange (the founder of Wikileaks) and myself – and we were accused of ‘smoking something’, and they put the three of us through psyche tests to evaluate our sanity.

We were utterly confused, and had no clue what was going on and why. I was more the scientific expert between us, Assange was close to me technically, and Snowden was more clerical – but between the three of us – we had no clue what was going on and why.

Were we collectively losing our sanity?

It had to be ruled plausible.

We chatted a little over the next couple months, but mostly laid low. Each of us had ‘vested interest’ in appearing rational and sane to our employer, none of us could disclose why and the terms of our contract with our former employer to eachother though, as that was explicitly forbidden.

But it was not long after that I received a weird Christmas present – a ‘holy shit’ epiphany like Emmett Brown fall off his toilet in the movie ‘Back to the Future’ – as I kicked back, naked (not unusual for me – too much info, right?) – watching Doctor Who’s opening credits.

Below is an image of what I saw, click on the image for a video of the opening credits.


I called up Edward minutes after the show finished. He hadn’t seen the show, was not a fan, but told him what I suspected:

“Snowden, we’re NOT going crazy. I just watched Doctor Who. I think we went through a damn wormhole and we’re seeing ‘what is on the other side’!,” I said, excited.

It was weird. he just didn’t seem to care.

I couldn’t call Julian Assange – he was under investigation for Wikileaks, and we’d been explicitly forbidden from talking to him.

But something clicked for me that day.

I decided to built a real life Time Traveling machine – a Tardis – for myself,

I had no one to talk to about my ‘secret life’, and this gave me a weird.. hope for life altogether. I had the theories and concepts that had just been dumped on my plate, and eventually I could not just tell people about what I had done for the government. But I could actually show them what it led to and why I did it. For me. And for them. 

All I had to do was build it.

Up until this point, I had been frugal most of my life, and with an exception of two years of my life when I first signed on with the NSA, I had been making well over six figures since I was 23, this had led to $3 million sitting between various properties ad hidden accounts – that I’d successfully managed to hide from everyone I knew. 

It was my rainy day fund. And with an expected payday coming from the NSA, I figured – why not build something – fantastic – with what I have now?

So the day after Christmas, I rented out a storage unit using fake credentials, and kept my project secret from everyone, including my former employer, the NSA. Whenever anyone inquired about the storage unit – I told the truth – mostly – I owned too much ‘stuff’ and it was overflow.

To honor the tv show Doctor Who and my inspiration source – I wanted my time machine to look exactly like the TARDIS (Time and Relative Dimension in Space) seen on the television show.

After several trips to Home Depot, I officially started working on two TARDIS’s on January 2nd, 2009.

Here’s the picture (from above) I took midway through construction:


Beautiful, huh? And I was not even a woodworker, a good study for sure, but I decided to do this thing right and did my homework beforehand!

After about two solid months of work, I finished one off, and had a second one about 60% complete.

Next up, I  needed to assemble two primary pieces of technology:

1) A relatively inexpensive miniaturized version of a black hole generator which would conceivably shift me through time and space if I was in close range – this was based on concepts I had learned at Geneva’s CERN.

2) A ‘chameleon circuit’ or cloaking device to mask the TARDIS should I actually get the thing working. I was in Phoenix at the time, and let’s say I end up in the late 1800’s, a blue police box arriving in the middle of a burgeoning Phoenix is going to stick out like a sore thumb. But a cactus surrounded by prickly bushes, ain’t no one gonna touch it. My goal was to make it look that real.

I started designing the chameleon device first 

Initially I had two requirements:

  1. It had to ‘sense’ the environment
  2. It had to project a holographic image around the TARDIS that looked indistinguishable from the time period and environment around it.

I leveraged my NSA network and got into a great conversation with experts who were going to make my holographic technology possible.

Getting a little technical – my NSA research led me to something called phased array radar. Through that discussion I was turned on to a couple researchers in China who were doing research work in this area, who I outlined the concepts and ideas I wanted to create. They introduced me to how they could accomplish it using phased array sound combined with RGB laser projection and ‘forward looking infrared’ to discover the surrounding landscape.

I about shit when I heard the price tag.

In April of 2009, I took a suitcase containing $500 thousand (US) of my hard earned savings to Xi’an, China. Oops, I neglected to report that exchange! Three installments, $500k due to commence the project, $500k for the first prototype, and $500k due on completion to receive the final 10 fully functional devices (11 in total).

Here’s a couple pics of me and my friends (Amy Hutch and Jamie Hillegonds and I can’t remember the Chinese girl’s name – I am sorry!) in Xi’an checking out the Terracotta Warriors, Thunderbird again providing my ‘cover’ for the trip:

Terracotta Terracotta3 Terracotta4

And me at something called the “Tang Dynasty”. I couldn’t resist including this photo, it was so beautiful there.


The NSA had me on a fast track to become a Director, and a final part of that meant receiving my MBA, which I finally did in August – as I graduated from Thunderbird. (pictured here with my mom to my left – Sharon Gregory, my dad to my right – David Gregory, and my brother to my far left – Jason Gregory).


Three days after graduation, the NSA and Prudential, the company I was contracted out to, sent me on a tour around the world slated to take me through Hong Kong, Singapore, Paris, and London to ‘align systems’ worldwide.

I knew they were up to something, I didn’t know what – maybe this was part of what they put you through to become a Director. I wasn’t really suspicious.

I initially had the idea to use my XBOX for development. Not only did it make the perfect place to hide my source code I had already been working on, it also made the perfect disguise for advanced technology. I knew the corporate world and my employer never took gaming technology seriously. So I exploited that.. oversight.

With $500k in cash hidden (again, oops, sorry bout that again), I took off for Hong Kong for my ‘business trip’. In Hong Kong, I got a call from the researchers, who had finished the prototype but they needed packaging ideas. I was playing my XBox at the time, and said simply – ‘Surprise me’ – but make it look like something you would buy for the XBox gaming system”.

It’s the first time I ever heard a Chinese guy laugh, and made me actually feel good.

I arrived in Singapore a month later (here’s a few photos from there)

With Calvin Chin, his wife Judith, and his family – he had invited me to the F1 races there, I absolutely loved it!


Yours truly overlooking the races. Damn was it LOUD (hence the earplugs)


At the Singapore Flyer, a replica of the London Eye overlooking Singapore.


The ABSOLUTELY beautiful aquarium you can walk underneath in Singapore.Singapore4

And perhaps the most beautiful looking Octopus I have EVER seen at the aquariumSingapore5
In Singapore, I finally got the call, they’d finished packaging my prototype.

But the Chinese Researchers were nervous about harsh and very intolerant punishments in Singapore regarding technology, so we agreed to meet in Bali, Indonesia.

If you’ve never seen what $500k looks like, here ya go:


Backpack in tow and closely guarded, I was in the airport in Singapore bound for a flight to Bali, Indonesia for a weekend.  I had always wanted to go to Bali, and couldn’t resist taking a picture of the departure flight on the screen.


While I was in Bali, I took a tour, here’s me at one of the gorgeous temples:


On the private taxi ride tour, we came across a group of monkeys on the side of the road, just hanging out. Here’s some pictures of me feeding them (and yes, monkeys DO love bananas!)

bananas FeedingtheMonkeys Monekystuff Monkeys

That Saturday night, at the Hard Rock Hotel in Bali, Indonesia –  I handed off the cash to my Chinese friends.

So what does $1 million US dollars get you?

They did something amazing. Check it out:


If you’re a gamer, boy don’t that look familiar?

By the time I’d gotten to Paris in November, I had an early version of the camouflage projection software working. Here’s a demonstration of the early version of the projection I had working:


My first ‘go around’s with the holographic projection sucked. When you project, you need to ‘draw’ the outside first then the inside. Otherwise you end up with things that have no backside as depicted above.

I flew my girlfriend, Sukruti (aka Kena) Patel to London when I was there. I wanted NOTHING more than to tell her about my project, but I didn’t know who to trust. There were things happening with my employer that admittedly made me feel a bit paranoid – but I figured, let’s take her to go see the real life Tardis in London and then tell her afterwards the real reason I had her come out to London.

That is – Kena, you were playing such an important role in my life – I wanted nothing more than to tell you about the real me – but I couldn’t – so instead, I had to show you something that had especially deep meaning to me. I am sorry I couldn’t tell you everything about who I was and what I was doing at the time. Even if you can’t forgive me for what followed.

God she’s adorable, check out the pics here:

BarnadbyStreet LondonBridge

Here’s a picture of the real Tardis in London, incidentally not in the same location I had taken her to – Leicester Square:


I returned to the states in January, and things between Kena and I had changed substantially. It’s like we were two different people than we had been before.

The NSA wasn’t paying me what I was due, so I sheltered myself a bit, thinking this is my baby, and was heads down hard at work on my project.

In April, the researchers working on the rest of the holographic units were complete, so we devised a plan to meet in Cartagena, Colombia in May.

No sooner do I arrive in my hotel in Cartagena, Colombia, do I realize the lack of intelligence with the ‘intelligence’ community.

The CIA had set up a film  crew in the hotel entry way, claiming it was a Soap Opera. If you ever run across a film crew, the CIA ain’t exactly the sharpest tools in the shed, and chances are it’s a CIA operation. This one reeked of CIA.

Check it out:

HotelCaribe HotelCaribe2

I had the serious hots for the girl in the floral dress pictured above. Classy, sophisticated, and she knew how to hold herself….

HotelCaribe3 HotelCaribe4And here’s one of me touring the city:


I was fucked. If the CIA knew. The NSA knew. 

But I had come this far. As far as I was concerned. I was committed. But not here, not now, I didn’t want my merchandise being confiscated. So I arranged for a meet in a place these guys wouldn’t be able to go to: Cuba.

My buddy from Thunderbird, Ricardo Escalante, had arranged for us to meet up and take a trip to Cuba. He bought my ticket, so I could circumvent the embargo, and we flew from Guatemala to Panama then to Cuba.

If I wasn’t certain I was being watched, they made no efforts to hide themselves with what happened next.

First, My computer was swapped for an exact replica of it just as we passed through the security checkpoint in Guatemala. The replica was so convincing I didn’t notice until I turned it on in Panama and the computer said “The King” as the User name (which I am clearly not!)

Adding to that, my friend Ricardo was interrogated at the airport, and barely made the flight out. I was miffed about that.

Ricardo, I am SO Sorry for that.

Still. I couldn’t tell him why it happened.

Cuba worked out perfectly. Ricardo had conveniently been tired and wanted to take a nap, my Chinese friends were quick to meet up so we could do the exchange – and I handed it off to my source who was experienced working around the embargo to get my package back to the states.

Here’s a picture of the ‘Senate’ like building in downtown Cuba. Creepily familiar, aint it?


I had some extremely funky things happen shortly after. A combined hurricane and volcano explosion going off at the same time in Guatemala shortly before I was supposed to leave.

Satellite view of the volcano:


Ashes on the street:

To ‘escape’ Guatemala City, where all flights were grounded, I took a bus ride to San Pedro Sula in Honduras. This had my family and friends on pins and needles for about 24 hours until I arrived on Spirit airlines in Orlando, Florida – as the road behind me had washed out not half an hour after I passed them – and 3 buses had gotten knocked off the road killing everyone aboard on all three.

I kissed the ground, literally, when I landed in the states.

It was nice having a predictable environment around for a change, where I thoroughly soaked up Epcot Center, and the rest of Disney World.

By October of 2010, I’d come up with an idea on how to create a miniature black hole – or wormhole.  With rare earth magnets, electricity, and high powered lasers – I was a mad scientist who was sitting in my apartment in Scottsdale on Tuesday, October 5th, 2010, with two cameras set up – one in a secured location in a south part of Phoenix, and the other looking out my balcony of my apartment.

At 2pm Arizona time on Tuesday, October 5th, 2010, I pulled the trigger on my experiment.

Nothing happened.

Not immediately anyways.

Within half an hour, a motherfucker of a hail storm hit Phoenix.

This time lapse video shows what happened best, at precisely 6 seconds in, a cloud bank slips in from nowhere. I later theorized a black hole ‘slices’ reality like a blender slices through a fruit, and it recombines to form strange things typically write off through misinformed stories.

My camera on the balcony was destroyed by the hail storm, but this video here gives another perspective of the storm by someone who was driving.

It wasn’t until I had seen the videos that I realized my experiment was a success.

I contacted the researchers in China, and had them begin working on stage two of my project. Taking the things I had experimented with at home, and making it industrial grade. “No problem”. The price tag though. Well, let’s put it this way, I’d be a broke time traveler by the time all this was done if I had my way.

As I was talking to them on the phone, I sent them an image of the housing I wanted the end product to be contained in. Here’s the picture I sent them which elicited another chuckle:


“A right fixture” they said (I embellish a bit with the Chinese accent).

“A right fixture”

It wasn’t long after this call, that Microsoft ‘surprised’ the community by introducing something called the Kinect to the marketplace. This is – a gaming device used for the – you guessed it – Microsoft Xbox 360. Here’s a picture of their ‘invention’:


I should have been pissed. Microsoft’s made hundreds of millions based on this. But here’s the simple fact: I didn’t have a contract with the Chinese. They did what any entrepreneurial spirit who loved technology would do: share.

By January of 2011, the Chinese had finished the casings on the ‘right fixtures’, and wanted to go over the final design, in person, and demanded a meeting and the full amount of money to complete the project on time. I don’t think they wanted to admit they’d underestimated the complexity of the specifications we’d agreed on, but they were holding true to their word it seemed – and simply needed capital to finish construction.

Larry Duke, my manager at that time at UTI I’d clued in to my relationship with the NSA, but didn’t outright tell him – as he was both a great friend and encouraged me finding more ‘grounding’ by offering me a full time gig with the company he was acting as a manager at. So when I got the call to go to China, he took no issue with it, and even vouched for me while I was gone.

Larry, the reason I created distance from you real fast was because of one thing: Not long after I left, I had another ‘friend’ who’d just happened to look you up on the NSA’s web site. When he saw this, I freaked:

On this page , the NSA has a memorial of people who have given their lives to the service of the NSA. On that list is nearly 80 people I had some form of military connection to. But also just recently added on that list, was a one ‘Larry W Duke’


So in January, I returned from China with the light casings, sans internal equipment, pretty benign packages, which easily cleared customs.

By March of 2011, I’d gotten back in contact with Julian, and the three of us – in similarly screwed positions – and me seeing what looked like veiled death threats to my friends and the people I cared about – we started concocting a plan.

I explained why I was doing what I was doing, my contractual arrangements, and they had altogether different positions which created similar.. Conviction. I will Julian and Edward explain that for themselves.

The plan included what has been a public release of the true nature of our relationship, and a collaborated release of information from our own separate perspectives. We all agreed it wasn’t a good idea to make direct contact with each other after that – up until January 1st, 2014.

In June of 2011, I had finished my camouflage system. It worked amazingly. But in testing it, I had some shit happen at the same time which made me freak the fuck out. About that time I suddenly remembered – wait – Duke was US Army. Not Marines. Something was amiss not just with our information sources, but quite potentially in all the relationships around us. I’d had some direct death threats, saw some really weird shit around me. I’d been quickly convinced I needed to back off on ‘our plan’ and instead focus on ‘my plan’ – despite not having one yet.

Julian and Edward – It’s not that I disagreed with our goals. It’s the methods we were using to achieve them. You were both off the grid, and I couldn’t contact you both when I learned what I did. I made a command decision based on what I learned. Trust me, in the end, you will be pleased with our results Your guidance was crucial. There’s more to our story than we know. 

I just had to find my own way.

So In August of 2011, I rented a flatbed trailer, and toured Arizona and California with my Lexus hybrid pulling my camouflage device mounted on the flatbed to see if I could both surprise people and also see if anything ‘weird’ happened. When I say weird, I wasn’t quite sure what I was looking for.

Here’s one projection I used (I took this photo on a side road in Scottsdale).


Beautiful if I must say so myself. I was particularly pleased with the shadows.

And I had a couple other holographic projections I was using too – one was semi with a helicopter on the back. And another was a dump truck with the dumping part elevated. I wanted to use a weiner mobile design too. But I never did. yet.

I started changing my thinking from scaring people with the tech – to plain and simply being a pervert and having fun with what I was doing – all to help encourage people to think, while embracing my nutty side!

So on my tour of California, I totally lucked out, and on the road I passed by a Google Street view Camera. I was trying to be inconspicuous by this point, and had the camouflage image appear like a normal semi driving down the road.

I’d never seen the camouflage working ‘at highway speeds’, this is where I saw the flaws of the Camo for the first time:


There’s my camouflaged Lexus Hybrid, off to the right. Looks almost like a semi, right? What I hadn’t seen standing still was the holographic projection’s limitations at highway speeds. As you can clearly see, there’s a box around the truck on the right. Looks like shit if you ask me.  TruckPhoto2

Here’s a closer view – getting a look at the cab of the truck. You can clearly see the rectangular edging towards the ‘front’ of the semi and above it.

TruckPhoto3Now here’s a closeup of the ‘driver’. I had intentionally made the face difficult to see at highway speed, adding a bit of motion blur. but this ‘direct on’ approach shows you how poorly I constructed that initial code. The driver’s head looks totally fake, like a black hole.TruckPhoto4And here’s a final image – you can see the ‘tearing’ off to the right which, at highway speeds, makes the illusion look totally.. Like i said. unbelievable – if moving.

But stationary. It looked. Perfect. It was workable. For now.

By then, I was having ‘weird occurrences’ happening around me all the time. I tried explaining this to family and friends, and they kept dismissing me – violently – accusing me of doing drugs. I’d never touched anything harder than marijuana in my life. I’d even tried it (marijuana) a couple times again in my adult life, to the same effect: it made me paranoid, and I freaked the hell out most of the time on it. Why would I want to try something harder?

In fact, you can ask my second ex – Lisa Milot – she knows how adamant I was against things like Cocaine. I even demanded she not keep the friends she kept who I knew were doing drugs. I just didn’t get it.  Heck, another friend not 7 years ago even said one time as she was trying to find cocaine – ‘Do NOT judge”,  she knows who she is and how much I was against drugs. I tried to show I wasn’t judging. But I apparently wore it on my face.

I stayed away from her for the rest of that trip.

I was seriously confused. But I attributed all this to my experiments, and figured this might be a product of ‘time travel’ being introduced into my world. So I relaxed a bit, and started just paying attention to my surroundings and the odd accusations and reactions people were having. Sometimes I played along, other times, I just didn’t know how to respond.

I saw other weird things happen:

One day a friend I am living with had just gotten his new truck and is having mortgage issues which means in 3 to 4 months he’ll have to file a bankruptcy, so he’s buying his truck outright with his cash to protect his assets. Two days later he’s getting a new place, and three days later he’s getting a new Toyota Land Cruiser and he’s just settled a bankruptcy. Within 5 days.

Another day my buddy’s house had been wired with 70’s NSA/CIA wiring technology yet a wireless receiver that seemed modern. It was like – the universe was freaking out.

Another day I looked up and saw – what I swear were ICBM’s criss-crossing the sky.

Another day, I look up and I swear I see the shape of another planet across from us up in the sky.

Another day, I’m sitting back on my friend’s couch and we’re hearing what sounds like someone stepping on rocks in the backyard, numerous times. He even pulled his gun out, thinking someone’s casing the house. I couldn’t tell him about the cloaking technology the US Government or I had and that i suspected someone was keeping an eye on me. We never found anyone.

The weird events kept happening, things I flat out just did not understand, so I was just pining for the day I got my package from China.

In October, that shipment finally came. I had run out of space in my storage unit in Scottsdale, so I moved the storage unit to a larger unit.

That’s when I knew shit was hitting the fan. As I moved the Second Tardis one unit to the next, the light fixture on top of the Tardis got hung up and slightly damaged on the storage unit door. On inspecting the design, the casing was not the design I had returned from China with. It was – in fact – nothing like what I’d designed.

In fact. I dug up some pictures of the Tardis in London. It looked exactly like the design of the light fixture on top of the Tardis I had seen in London. With the same damn bend in it that I just put on my Tardis.

Yep. Going crazy. Seriously questioned the sanity there. 

Here it is:


My mind was screaming: How in THE fuck could a Tardis I had not even completed yet, be something I had seen in London years before, and not only that, how could the same damn light fixture, a fixture I hadn’t ever seen before, become the light fixture on top of this Tardis?

I quite frankly couldn’t handle it mentally. And felt like I was having a break down.

On my birthday, November 1st, 2011, I left a message on my desk at Spencer’s place that said three words:

“I’ll be back”

It was dark when I went to the storage unit, about 6:30pm, I had had a couple glasses of wine to ease the tension of what was about to happen. I got inside the assembled Tardis, a pale imitation of the thing I saw on TV. From there, I put the wires together that ignited the spark I will never forget.

I blacked out almost immediately.

When I came to, it was light outside.

I stepped out – and it didn’t seem like I was anywhere near my storage unit in Scottsdale.

In fact, my ‘blue box’ looked like it had gone through some weird transformation, it looked absolutely nothing like it did before. Not only was the design different, but the camouflage gear was missing, the color was different, the lamp was missing, the doorway poorly constructed – everything about it was different.

It was like it wasn’t my box. And it reeked of urine.

I checked my pants. It wasn’t my own.

My head was reeling. Being drunk would have been a blessing. This had felt like I had just had my head pushed up my ass and then brought back out my neck.

I stumbled around, and learned that yep, I had not only traveled through time, the date was now October 23rd, 2011, but also my physical location had shifted nearly 252 miles to the southwest. Here’s a visual:


Here’s the location I landed at, which was smack dab in the middle of Mexicali, Mexico.  With Google street view, below, you can see ‘the box’ in the underhang down below.


Google’s street view is a bit screwed up in this area, big time. I suspect this is because of the way ‘reality’ works, and how it ‘mashes up’ digital realities to create one single analog reality.

And the really fucked up part about all this: I was stark naked.

I was having an incredibly difficult time with my mind at this point, memories were – weird, I was having a difficult time remembering some key things that had happened. I’d actually had multiple overlapping memories of what happened and how I got there, each one contradicting the other. One part of me says I drove there, another said I was drunk, another said I was on drugs, another reminded me I’d just gone through a black hole and they are all likely true.

So here I am, in Mexicali, stark naked with no id.

And anyone who’s been to Mexicali knows the white boy who’s naked sticks out like a sore thumb.

So I waited until nighttime, trying to gather my thoughts. After about 6 hours, I ducked and ran behind bushes, trees, and came across a drunk Mexican who asked me if I wanted something to drink. I said a drink would be nice, but clothes would be even nicer.

His comment..

“Un otra gringo sin ropa. Cuando vas a aprender?

… it confused me even more than I already was.

Translated, it means:

“Another white boy without clothes. When are you going to learn?”

Fortunately, the guy had some shorts and a t-shirt my size. Weird coincidences, considering how short and stocky most Mexicans are. The t-shirt, appropriately said “Mexico” on it.

Rather than regain control of my mental state, that night and progressively for a while after that I became increasingly confused, like my mind had just been ‘unwound’ at a core level and the physical me was simply losing control, and very soon I’d have no grasp of reality whatsoever.

Fortunately I regained control, but not until I did some serious soul searching.


Several years later, if you go to the same location I drove by with the chameleon circuit on in Google Maps, you will not see the shoddy outlines of the truck that were there previously.. When I first looked at the imagery earlier this year, Google had marked down there’s two years difference between the dates taken of the photo.

This presents several possibilities of what is happening:

1) Google – or someone else – is modifying the image date information to make the image appearing on the photo consistent for a linear timeline. After all, would it make sense to someone not aware of the quantum nature of reality that the same exact truck is appearing in both 2011 and 2013 in the same exact location as Google drives by? Is this bad or good? You be the judge.
2) Google – or someone else – is modifying street view information. The ‘edges’ are clearly not there on the truck any longer on this street view image:


3) (Most likely): I did a second pass of the Tardis in the future and cleaned up the timeline’s inconsistencies once I got the future ‘cleaned up’ version of the chameleon circuit working.

Why is #3 the most likely?

Well, let’s put it this way – I installed the time circuits on the second Tardis, but I never installed the chameleon circuit. They say it’s broken on the show? I had spent so much money on the 10 devices I used on the first Tardis and the time circuits I was absolutely broke buying the second ones. Luckily, I can get them for about $400 bucks now or less, thanks to Microsoft.

On that note, Julian and Edward – C’mon – don’t you think it’s the least bit funny that the most valuable technology the NSA has ever come across – they give away as a kids toy for a couple million to Microsoft because they didn’t understand the technology? Now ain’t that… FUNNY! I think it is freakin hilarious!

Now the real question is: Did they play dumb and do that intentionally? I think there’s a good chance they did!

That one will bake your noodle for quite some time afterwards (Thank you, Matrix, for that wonderful line!)

But to be perfectly honest, I can’t even remember where the second Tardis is anymore. I feel like I am in a ‘different timeline’, and have documented the differences I’ve observed on this BLOG site.

But I do know where it up, here:


AS of December 31st, I just got official support to build the next version of a real time machine. 

The next version will include some robust mapping software for events over time, should make it a hell of a lot easier to keep track of history rather than the linear ‘by the book’ method, which is confusing. This will allow for very quick determination of historical changes.

Here’s a preliminary screenshot:


On January 20, 2020, Vrilliant has opened up time and alternate reality tours for anyone who wants to join.

What’s the definition of sanity?

Doing the same thing over and over again.

And getting different results.

And just to be sure.

Everything I have said in this entry is absolutely true.

For me.

But to be sure.

This absolutely does not mean this is true for you.

Happy New Year!

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