(HOW TO FOR Beginners) GET free movies and TV shows using Torrents!

Tired of paying $20 for that new copy of a video?

Or $3 to $5 bucks for a rental?

Got a comic book, a book, or a magazine you just don’t feel deserves your hard earned money?

You do not have to pay when you can get it for free!

Here’s a step by step guide on how to download any tv show, movie, book, and more – often THE DAY it hits the public! And yes, this is how the ‘pros’ who charge you do it as well! Much of the content you pay your hard earned money for is pirated by the distributors it. So it’s time to out-pirate the piraters!

Step 1: Bring up ‘Windows Explorer’

With Windows 7 this is done by right clicking on your start menu in the lower right hand corner.


If you have Windows 8 you’re gonna have to figure out this step on your own.

Step 2: Create a new folder for your Torrents!

With Windows Explorer, LEFT CLICK ONE TIME on the “Libraries” folder on the left hand side, then RIGHT CLICK ONE TIME ANYWHERE on the white background on the RIGHT HAND SIDE, which will pop up a menu. On that menu, Drag your mouse to the to the bottom where it says “New”, then LEFT CLICK on “Library”.


Step 3: Name your folder

After you have selected Library, a new folder should be created. Type in the name “Torrents” to make it obvious where you are saving to. Hit ‘Enter’ on your keyboard when you are done typing.


Step 4: Navigate to the Torrents folder

Now do a DOUBLE CLICK with the LEFT MOUSE button on the new Torrents library you just created. You should see a screen that has an “Include a Folder” button on it. LEFT CLICK ONE TIME with the mouse on that button.


Step 5: Create a new physical location for your logical torrents library.

When you created the library for the Torrents above, that was similar to you thinking of a new title for your book. But the book isn’t written yet, does not have a home until you find a location for it on the physical hard disk itself.

The screen “Include Folder in Torrents” comes up. In that screen, first LEFT CLICK “Computer” then LEFT CLICK “Local Disk (C:)”, Then LEFT CLICK ONE TIME on ‘New Folder” near the top of the screen, then type in “Torrents” as the name of the folder and hit Enter, and finally select “Include Folder”.

You may have a window that pops up after that which says something along the lines of “Nothing found”, that’s ok, just ignore that message.

Here’s the visual:


Step 6: Go to the web site to download a BETTER video player for showing torrent movies – VLC.

In your web browser, go to http://www.videolan.org/index.html


Step 7: Download VLC Player

Once on the Videolan web site, RIGHT CLICK ONE TIME on “Download VLC”. A Menu pops up if you have done that correctly, then LEFT CLICK on the ‘Save link as…” menu item.


Step 8: Save the VLC Player Link to your Downloads folder

When the ‘Save file as’ window pops up, then underneath “Favorites”, LEFT CLICK ONCE ON the DOWNLOADS folder. Then remember the file name (in this image it is ‘vlc-2.1.1-win32″, and then LEFT CLICK ONCE ON the ‘Save” Button.


Step 9: Obtain a Torrent Downloading Program

My favorite Torrent download program is utorrent, it’s quick, it’s small, and it’s best of all – FREE.

Save the following link using a RIGHT CLICK ONE TIME just as you did with Step 5 and Step 6 for the VLC Media player. And download this to the DOWNLOADS folder.

Here’s the link (for Windows only): http://download-new.utorrent.com/endpoint/utorrent/os/windows/track/stable/

If you are using a different Operating System, then go to www.utorrent.com to obtain the correct version of utorrent for your operating system.

Step 10: Bring up ‘Windows Explorer’ (again)

With Windows 7 this is done by right clicking on your start menu in the lower right hand corner.


Step 11: Navigate to the Downloads Directory

Refer to step #6 on how to get there

Step 12: Install BOTH the VLC Player and UTorrent. 

Double LEFT CLICK on the VLC file on step 8. Once that’s done installing, then Double LEFT CLICK on the utorrent file you downloaded from step 9 and install it.

NOTE for BOTH these programs – be sure you DESELECT the ‘toolbars’ and ADD ONS they offer. These are CRAP. Your installation will likely be different than mine so it’s up to you to READ what you say yes to, and you want to say yes to ONLY the torrent application and the VLC application and NOTHING more.

Step 13: Start the Torrent Program

We’re going to set up your preferences, so start the Torrent Program by going to your start menu, and LEFT CLICK ONE TIME on the Torrent Program to start the application. If it’s not directly under your start menu, select “All Programs” (depicted in the image), and find it there.


Step 11: Set up the preferences inside the torrent program

We are going to set up some preferences for the utorrent program, and need to bring up the preferences menu. On the menu, LEFT CLICK ONE TIME on ‘Options’, then LEFT CLICK ONE TIME on ‘Preferences’.


Step 12: Set the destination location for your torrent files

Once the “Preferences” window pops up, On the left hand side LEFT CLICK ONE TIME on the “Directories” Item. Then on the right LEFT CLICK ONE TIME on the check box next to “Put new downloads in:”. Then on the right hand side of the text box directly underneath that item LEFT CLICK ONE TIME on the button with the three dots on it “…” (all of this is outlined in the first screenshot below)


At this point, a new window will pop up, in which case you want to LEFT CLICK ONE TIME on the Torrents library you created earlier. Next, DOUBLE CLICK on the Torrents Folder on the right hand side. Next, tap the Button that says “Select Folder” at the bottom of the screen.


You should see this: If you don’t, do step 12 again.


Step 13: Now yer ready to be a Pirate! Arrrrr! Time to go find your favorite movie!

Go to the bestest torrent site in the world. thepiratebay.se (it turns into thepiratebay.sx, but just to be on the safe side, always type in ‘.se’)


Step 14: Do a search for a movie that’s available in your universe

In the ‘search box’ type in “The Matrix”. If you haven’t seen it, then I suggest this is the first one you download! LEFT CLICK ONE TIME on the “Pirate Search” button once you have finished typing.


Step 15: Find the best torrent available to download

What’s important to note here are the two columns on the far right “SE and LE”. The higher the numbers, the better the ‘quality’ of the torrent (movie) and the faster the download will be.

For our search, LEFT CLICK ONE TIME on the full “The Matrix Trilogy”, the seventh one down in my list, just LEFT CLICK ONE TIME on the ‘Name’ of the torrent that has the best quality and looks like what you want.


Step 16: Start your download

First, when you click on any of these links, they are full of stupid pop up windows. Ignore them trying to sell you shit, and simply close down those other windows.

Below is a screen shot of what you should be looking for. First off, read the description (in yellow), and if it looks like what you’re looking for, then LEFT CLICK ONLY ONE TIME ON THE “GET THIS TORRENT” (MAGNET LINK) –  AND NOWHERE ELSE! The screen shot below depicts this. DO NOT click on the various DOWNLOAD links, DO NOT click on the Play now link, and DO NOT click on the Anonymous download link either. YOU ARE ANONYMOUS by using the “GET THIS TORRENT” link.


Step 17: Use uTorrent to download your movie.

At this point, uTorrent should have popped up in the default directory. Verify that the download folder is ‘c:\torrents’. Then simply hit the ‘OK’ Button to commence with the download.

On this screenshot, I downloaded Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., because I already have the Matrix you’re getting!


Step 18: Wait for the download to complete

This step is simple. Be patient. Depending on the speed of your connection, it might take a bit. Once the download is complete, then you can watch your movie. The movie is considered ‘done’ when the status reverts to ‘Seeding’ and downloading has reached 100%. Here’s a screen shot for the Agents of SHIELD download that just finished for me.


Step 19: It’s time to Watch the SHOW!

Bring up explorer again from step #1. Go to your libraries folder. And locate the movie that you downloaded. I am going to locate the one i just downloaded. Double click on the ‘big file’ the one with the largest number for the size.


Step 20: Watch your damn movie, already!

Here’s my screen, If you can’t tell, I have a tv show to watch, so leave me the hell alone and quit buggin me asking me how to work torrents! Now ya know!



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