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The Truth of Roswell (AM #2)

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This is the second in a series of automated messages.

In July 1947, A UFO crash landed just outside of Roswell, New Mexico.


Massive amounts of material from the crash site was sifted through using cranes and substantial military and civilian personnel.


This was promptly followed by the the following news article which made headlines across the nation.:


On ascertaining the authenticity of the event, the United States Air Force secured the debris field a rancher had located on his farm and began distributing the great majority of the recovered artifacts to Wright Patterson Air Force base in Ohio for analysis.

These artifacts included:

Two of the three deceased alien bodies recovered from the crash site.

Each having had a preliminary autopsy done in White Sands, New Mexico to ascertain if the aliens were in any way shape or form still alive, and if there would be any foreseen issues with transport.



Great care had been taken to ensure that biological and physiological differences were taken into consideration before the transport, to ensure the victims were indeed fully deceased.

Two of the bodies along with a great deal of material obtained at the crash site was transported to Wright Patterson Air Force base in Ohio for further studies, and one was ‘kept behind’.


Along with the bodies transported to Wright Patterson Air Force base were a substantial amount of the material recovered from the debris field.

One material sample sent to Wright Patterson Air Force base was a material as thin as aluminum foil, that on camera could be confused for Mylar or Aluminum Foil.


But unlike aluminum foil – and somewhat similar to mylar’s reaction, when crumpled, the material would return back to its original state

And unlike both materials,the material was noticeably lighter than both materials, or anything else known at the time – and the material was substantially stronger than steel.

This strength was quickly discovered ‘on accident’, which resulted in the immediate reprimand of several military personnel and civilian contractors attempting to illicitly remove samples of the material for their own use.

A scientist had at first delicately attempted to poke a hole in the material with an ink pen. A tired and impatient Army Sergeant produced an extremely sharp blade and attempted to slice the material, but to everyone’s amazement not only could he not pierce the material, but his attempts left no discernible marks on the material whatsoever.

This discovery resulted in ‘profit seekers’, a deluge of get-rich-quick types who started flooding into the area – people who wanted nothing more than to obtain the material for themselves for profit – having heard rumors of the incident and the nature of the material being found.

The Air Force was forced to react quickly – with a very public denial of the incident, over nothing more than a credible concern of not being able to secure the property and preserve the crash landing site.

Another material was recovered from the crash site, a lightweight material which comprised about 90% of the material found, and at first the material was thought to be unremarkable in nature.

On first analysis, the material was thought to be a dense Boron lattice based compound which formed a strong poly fiber type of heat resistant material. It had been theorized at the time that this material which comprised the great majority of the craft – was used as an ablative coating for entering terrestrial atmospheres and for eluding radar.

The United States government – as well as a few other governments had been experimenting with a similar compound for it’s stealth operations.

So after the initial analysis, the material was largely disregarded by the military scientific complex and then distributed to a number of different American based companies for their own analysis.

The origin and nature of the material was NOT discussed with the recipients.

This had historically been a common practice and accordingly did not arise suspicion of the nature or origin of the material by the companies and scientific types who received it.

Among those the material had been distributed to was a man who’d recently invented the technology which resulted in the creation of the Microwave Oven on accident, an inventor and scientist by the name of Percy Spencer.

When Mr Spencer touched the material with his bare skin – whether it was fingers his hands – the samples ceased to obey the natural laws of gravity and raised and lowered in direct correlation to the elevation and acceleration of Mr Spencer’s movements.

This effect occurred regardless of the bearing load exhibited on the object, with the only constraining factor being the loaded object’s form factor.

Mr Spencer immediately discussed this observation with the Department of Defense, both realizing Mr Spencer effect on the material and and his observation were unique.

No one had witnessed nor been capable of reproducing these effects.

This resulted in the DoD’s somewhat vain attempt to rescind the material after its distribution. The results were predictable, exhibiting similar results to the initial incident at Roswell – a retrieval of only about 30% of the material.

The DoD then contracted with Mr Spencer and his company – Raytheon – with the primary goal of ascertaining the nature of the relationship between the man and the material.

For several years, this relationship of man to the machine baffled the brightest researchers, until a renowned biological molecular scientist by the name of Erwin Chargaff caught Mr Spencer’s attention through his self titled “Chargaff’s Rules”.

The first rule laid out a framework detailing early understandings DNA, and the concept of genetic history.

The second of Chargaff’s rules was the most relevant – and startled Mr Spencer.

“The composition of DNA varies from one species to another”


On October 23rd, 2003, I was released from the US Army with a full honorable discharge and the discretely titled ‘NPD’ for my dismissal code.

The joke is – NPD – To the NSA – The acronym NPD stands for “NSA Profiled Discharge”

It’s a well known fact that military leadership has considerable contempt for those who have been selected for intelligence operations, more often than not because they tried themselves to get in and were denied.

Accordingly, The military’s acronym for NPD means ‘Narcissism Personality Disorder’, a polite way of saying to those in the intelligence field that ‘we think our shit doesnt stink’,

Let me assure you military types out there it does.

In any case. On October 23rd, 2003, I was released by the US Army to the NSA and officially toured the NSA complex.

Like every new recruit, I was given a rock, and told nothing about it, until I went to drop it in the hand of the woman who had given it to me.

That’s when it failed to fall out of my hand into hers.

It wasn’t long after – because of the results of this seemingly silly little test –  that I was put on a special projects team dissecting the databases obtained from the alien craft that the NSA had just recently learned how to interface with for the first time.


In 1996, the fictional movie “Independence Day” brilliantly outlined a strategy on how to discretely test the DNA of a subject without invasive measures such as a blood test or a urinalysis

Not long after this movie, the intelligence community embraced a not so discrete method of identifying subjects of further study and discussion.

Years before, Mr Spencer and Mr Chargaff had come to the scientifically validated conclusion that their DNA was undergoing a speciatic deviation from humanity, and that humans were undergoing an evolutionary mitosis.

What we were becoming as a species, was unknown.

But one thing we all had in common was a definite proclivity to technology.


In any case, I was part of a team which discovered for the first time the question that had plagued the intelligence community for years:

What was the official cause of the crash in 1947?

The occupants of that space craft didn’t understand what gravity was.

It was truly that simple.

The aliens had spent several years studying our media and transmissions for hints and clues how and where to interact with us,

It wasn’t an invasion.

It was a landing party and a failed attempt to make first contact.

You see, my team discovered in the databases we poured through that these beings had never experienced gravity before and had come to the erroneous conclusion that gravity was perceptual fiction and had not taken it into account in any of their calculations.

The funny thing is/was – it had taken them years to comprehend what we called fiction versus what we referred to as fact. They had done a remarkable study of us and our culture before making the approach.

Their crash landing was nothing more than a misinterpretation of our ‘truths’.

They also sent humanity a really profound message:

Having advanced technology at your disposal does not preclude you from making even the simplest and most disastrous of mistakes based on your individually unique interpretation of the ‘evidence’.

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