How to create a Stepford Wife (Or Husband)

Here is your instruction manual on how to create the real life Stepford Wife (or Husband) of your dreams.

Choose the woman of your dreams, and for a price you pay to the NSA or CIA, she can be kidnapped, her memories wiped, and a new history of your happy lives together can be rewritten specifically for you , complete with vacations and memories of real world events and places you visited with her….

First, the basics:
Airports have full body scanners which capture detailed three dimensional holographic information about someone. This is off the shelf technology available now. 

An example of what the airport scanners can ‘pick up’ is here:

TSA Nude Body Scan

Once you have your target picked out, computer generated simulations will create a realistic digital history for your previous life together with her. THis can be done through these technologies:

Get supportive real world imagery and video of events, people, places and material using dynamic content generate similar to ‘3DS Max Camera Matching‘ for rendering things that ‘are not there’ into scenes, and rendering human faces ‘like this‘ that mimick the facial gestures ‘in software’ and match human discussions like ‘this talking head of Einstein‘. Thank you, Drake and Playstation 3’s Uncharted series for hints and ideas and the ‘behind the scenes videos’ for mimicking body and face movement!

Once an agreeable ‘past’ has been provided and crafted by the digital artisans, then you simply work the new memories in with the old ones using these technologies:

So now you, too can have your own Stepford Wife.

And for the foreign governments, another practical usage is should you have that clandestine officer who’s gone rogue, well you always have the ‘instant off button’ which lets the remember nothing but a life as a civilian!

Why the hell would they invent this?

For any technology introduced, there’s innumerable negative and positive reasons it could be used.

Let’s say someone slips into a coma, and has missed 8 years of their life. How much advancement and mental training do they have to go through simply to catch up with society’s advancements? What if you simply educated them about the lost period of time by creating a simulation and letting them know what they’d been through when they were mentally prepared for it?

Imagine the research opportunities this provides too. If someone is in a coma for 8 years, if you ‘re-educate’ them do they still exhibit problems with speech and physical movement if they don’t ‘remember’ being out for that long?

Let’s say a prisoner of war has just been retrieved, and they aren’t readjusting well at all, and they voluntarily agree to forget the memories in favor of a more amicable life…  Perhaps you could educate them in more polite ways, where they could be educated on their history AFTER they have gone through a mental readjustment for a more healthy positive outlook on life…

The potential for helping people recover from traumatic events is limited by the imagination.

And it gets more far fetched from there. Let’s say you have immigrants from alternate realities who aren’t adjusting well to your reality… Or you’re in the process of educating someone to what alternate realities are… You introduce multiple memores of the past into their head of their past with different timelines… and let them and their mind resolve those memories, and you simply stand back and listen and help them along as they struggle to understand on their terms how incredible and resilient life is, and how and why we are who we are.

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