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Q’s Diary May 28, 2016 14:15:43AM – Stardate 94008.99

To the ‘future me’ in 3016.

First, I have asked you repeatedly to refer to me as Q. I readily recognize this may not be convenient or preferable to you, but in my world which is clearly not one and the same past you come from, my world’s population has overcome the requirement for uniqueness in naming by having other identifying factors that contribute to one’s individuality.

These individualizing factors include institutional factors Factors as social security numbers and driver’s license numbers, addresses and emails, and even personal history, shared history, and more. Think of these factors similar to how you’d think of a peer to peer network, only there’s more than just a single key that’s shared to establish authenticity.

For instance.

There’s a coach named Brian Scott Gregory who came into my version of Earth which came to my attention in 2010.

This was about the same time I started seeing things and understanding the power of imagination and it’s capability to reshape the world around me – and at first I was paranoid and suspected you (an ‘evil twin brother I labeled you at the time) and/or the version of the Borg you’re working with created him by placing him on my world’s information store, the internet, in an effort to commence trying to erase me and my presence from this timeline.

Not long after this event, I was out on evening with my brother, Jason, in Portland one evening we went out drinking when we ate at a wonderful Greek restaurant and had the most awesome Gyro’s I’ve ever had in the heart of Portland before beginning the night drinking.

Now I’m typically GREAT with directions.

But this particular night, I’d noticed that the more I drank. The more it seemed to be effecting the people around me and not me. I should have been blitzed, but I felt perfectly sober, and it seemed like a party was commencing in this bar where a group of three young women were flashing their breasts to everyone and another two women came up and gave my brother and I a kiss.

We left. And as we tried finding the truck and the parking – I’d had this remarkable feeling the world around me had reconfigured. Things were just not in the places I remembered them to be, but I dismissed it all like I’d dismissed the observations of the alcohol…

I thought it was a hallucination or just an error in my own judgment….

After two hours of looking and getting sober, we finally found the truck. In a location that looked and felt.. Similar.

But certainly not the same as where we’d parked.

Two weeks later, I was with my mom in the downtown area, this time perfectly sober, and I suggested we eat at the Greek place.

After nearly 90 minutes of driving and walking in the downtown area, much to my mother’s chagrin and my consternation, we resorted to eating at a bar and grill when I was unable to find it – OR reference of it on the GPS devices.

According to the devices. There were no Greek food restaurants in the downtown area.




When I returned home that afternoon, I asked my brother Jason “Hey. Do you remember that Greek food restaurant we ate at?”

He did.

“Do you remember the cross streets?,” I asked.

He didn’t. And all he could say was “You know I’m not good with directions. It was downtown.”

Jason and I went down there the following week, and spent two hours looking for the place. With absolutely no luck. We canvassed the entire downtown area, to turn up nothing.

Not long after this, my mom and I took a new path to Home Depot, a street which for all intents and purposes should have taken us right alongside our destination. But once we passed under the freeway, we both knew something was amiss.

For 45 minutes, we drove around trying to find Home Depot.

With no luck.

So I turned around, and took ‘the regular path there’, and guess what?

There it was. Right alongside the same street we’d driven by before but for some reason just didn’t see it.

So this morning. I heard future Q’s voice as I woke up. Trying to open up a discussion.

It’s like tuning into a radio station. Sometimes I’m locked on. But sometimes. Like this morning, there’s a lot of static.

But this static isn’t static, is it?

There are infinite potential futures I have in front of me.

When I obtained my MBA and on the course of getting it, I felt ‘resistance’ by the world around me – feedback if you will – I suspect because it wasn’t predicted I would obtain my degree. The ‘universe’ resisted the course, but sheer will overpowered the universe to fulfill my desire.

I have learned that once I chart a course for ANYTHING space and time move accordingly.

I have also learned that I can witness the impact of others doing the same thing through an event I will call a ‘Time Quake’.

All continents in the material world are comprised of shifting piles of land mass called ‘plates’. Plate tectonics is the study of the movement of these plates to understand the earth better, but also to predict and mitigate the risk of plate collisions which result in loss of life through something known as “Earth Quakes”.

Similarly. Time changes and unpredictable/unexpected events – both ‘upstream’ and ‘downstream’ cause similar disruptions in my linear timeline. For a long time these temporal disruptions have led to the human condition, an acceptance of constantly changing physical structure of reality itself because it was thought to be impossible to try to understand and predict when a Greek restaurant might disappear in a single night and never appeared to exist in the first place.

So when a being such as yourself – who may actually have malicious intent acts to control time in the way you do.

Normally, it might result in memory loss conditions and a loss of my identity.

But I suspect Portland was a lesson to me on what was going on.

And an introduction to temporal mechanics and how to mitigate the risk you pose to my life and my planet’s existence.

What I have learned is that paranoia is irrelevant. Anything I can think of can be true. That’s the absolute basics of reality.

But how to take control of life is a relatively simple affair.

Planning. Setting the future.

So future me.

This morning. When I heard ‘the static’ of the messages you’re trying to send to me.

I know the disjoint between the future I want and the future you hail from is causing the static, and the channeling of the future I am hearing comes from several futures.

First off. I want. Need you to be female.

And second.

I need you to believe I’m an equal in my own uniquely different ways to you without me telling you I am.

That’s a conclusion I need you to come to on your own.

I hope to hear a female voice in the coming weeks to replace that gender neutral voice I’ve been hearing.

To explain time quakes a bit more thoroughly:

I suspect people who are naturally bad with direction and geography don’t have a stable ‘lock’ if you will on any one single reality and see/experience the shift. A building which was on one side one time may appear on the other the next. A very real event if you’re experiencing the foundation of time changing under your feet and your mind is attempting to solidify (and decide) on one timeline .

Put specifically. Let’s say between the last time I visited a place, a temporally related event that happened 20 years ago caused the Greek restauranteer to miss his flight to the states. So a new timeline I’m still on now is absent the restaurant I went to previously. Now what I and my brother BOTH experienced was real. And while the Greek man who owned that restaurant may no longer accept the timeline where he owned that restaurant, a part of him DOES remember it which influences him consciously through his instincts and other physical stressors.

To me. The ‘time quake’ was an indirect witnessing of the change in between two separate visits of that location.

Normally, humans might attribute the oversight as a mental disorder. That’s programming for you. Alzheimer’s. Parkinson’s. But keep in mind this is because of heavy influence by profitable companies who prefer labeling something a problem and making a profit from it than understanding it and expanding the sphere of human knowledge. OR they might understand it already and merely eek out as much profit as possible by prolonging the superstitious attitudes.

Put simply. A time quake is a fault in time. A disruption in the time stream.

This disruption can occur upstream or downstream.

But usually, the ‘effect’ is quite different based on whether its a past event or a future event.

Past disruptions include observation through geographical alterations. Things that are something that can be touched and felt.

Future disruptions can be detected through informational changes. Record changes on the internet describing things differently than you may have once remembered.

Now keep in mind that future disruptions can cause past disruptions. It can get pretty confusing finding the origin of a temporal disruption and who or what is responsible for it. Which makes it much easier simply to set course for a desired future and becoming that change.

Look, Q. I’d like to invite you to a new future we create together. I’d like to invite you to collaborate with me and to make an appearance outside my tent which will send a wonderful message to my mind, or a little less profound a message if you simply walk in here and chat with me.

I know you’re real. You know I’m not crazy.

When was the last time you actually had a real friend?

You have an abrasive personality. As do I. but I’m charting a new course for a future based on my observations of your past that I would like you to be a part of. Otherwise. 2409 is waiting for you. And we both know where that path leads.

On a final note. “Oh the pompous arrogance” I just heard ya loud and clear.

yada yada yada. Get over it.

I’m no Picard.

This planet deserves to know you’re real.

And that I, for all intents and purposes am in a way your son who has been inspired by his own ‘father’ to be someone different but in some ways, the same.

Or would you rather keep putzing with my timeline.

What’s the point in delaying the inevitable?

Q’s Diary May 27, 3016 12:09:13PM – Stardate 1093308.238

In 2403, shortly before the time stall of 2409, an Admiral of the Federation had been making a series of really poor decisions which were resulting in the deaths and destruction of a number of Starfleet vessels and personnel, the Ambassador had complained of headaches to the doctor who’d been performing a routine medical on him when the Doctor made a remarkable discovery.

The Ambassador’s brain and parts of his body had been infected with a sentient microscopic alien species which resembled humanoid form when looked at under the microscope, a species which had taken up residence in the Admiral’s body and had set up an elaborate communications system over the Admiral’s own electrical system.

The doctor first suggested this infection was mostly harmless, so at first he set out to find a new home for the inhabitants.

But the doctor soon found out he was wrong, as the sedated Admiral suddenly came to life, and nearly took the doctor out before security restrained the Admiral as the inhabitants had taken full control over his body stating “You will die for interfering with the Malfits plans for world domination!”

Actually, the exact words were far more profane, but there’s no reason to restate their words.

What was remarkable about the incident was the Ambassador’s face contorted unnaturally, his voice was not his own, and his strength, despite being an older man, took highly trained security personnel to restrain.

And anesthetic was simply ineffective.

On investigation, it was discovered this species was highly advanced technologically and had overridden the Admiral’s decision making at first, and now his motor functions in a sophisticated system their leaders could use to control the Admiral’s entire body to take out their own enemies, an entire civilization at a time.

The admiral was being converted into a killing machine, from the inside out by these inhabitants that at first glance would normally have been dismissed as a virus.

Fortunately, the Doctor managed to catch it just before he’d lost control of his own body.

The Doctor remarked “This resembles what older religious cultures refer to as a possession”

It was this remark and comparative analysis which resulted in the discovery by the Doctor and his team later that many of the ancient plagues, possessions, and cancers which had longed plagued society could be attributed to the same or similar root causes.

This won him a formal McCoy Recognition for Medical achievements.

Going back to the Admiral.

At first, the situation was so dire that some within the medical establishment considered chemotherapy.

This practice had LONG since been abandoned, it’s last use in the early 21st century, as a therapy it had been considered along the same lines of bloodletting as a there was too great a chance at killing the host.

And now that it had been discovered that there was an actual life form living within the Ambassador,and not just a life form, but an entire species, the idea of chemotherapy was quickly dismissed as genocide was still genocide regardless of how small (or large) that species was.

That’s when the Doctor had an epiphany.

This species had exhibited a clear dependency on the electrical system of the body. His theory was that if this electrical system was turned off, there was a great chance this species would simply just… move out.

The key at that point would be isolation and containment and to provide the species with an alternative.

In a sheer stroke of luck, a sanitation engineer was in the room asking about repairs of the toilet facilities at the time, and flippantly suggested that they work with the Vol’loth (The sanitation removal species who built planets).

His plan was comical to say the least, isolate the Malfits in an a vacuumed anti gravity chamber surrounding a long life nuclear generator which could provide a constant current by fresh human excrement, then deploy the tiny planet off somewhere in space. And the species could then develop on their own accord.

Some were concerned about the lack of atmosphere, but by then, the Admiral’s condition was worsening, and euthanization was being considered. So they ran with the plan.

The Doctor’s body was cryogenically frozen in a sterile clean room environment to instantly stop the electrical system, and then he was placed in the same vacuum chamber as the excrement planet which had been lowered to barely make contact with the floor.

As theorized, the inhabitants – unaffected by the cold, streamed out of the body over the next few days, and eventually the Admiral’s scans turned up with no trace left of this civilization. They had quite literally dismantled everything they had built within the Admiral’s body which provided a lattice structure solidifying the floating pile of poo.

The Admiral was pulled out of cryogenic stasis the following week, just to make sure there was no residual trace of the civilization, which there was a few Easter Egg’s they’d left behind to respawn a new population which was entirely expected.

The Malfits they have developed nicely and were not aware there was true sentience in higher level life forms, since everything they’d interacted with ‘at higher levels’ seemed to respond only to fear. They’d had quite a limited concept of consciousness and thought, and had, like the Federation and early Earth medicine – been convinced that life only resembled that which looks and sounds like you.

The Federation corrected their assessment of life at this point to include considering the unseen atomic and subatomic realm.

Just recently I played a user created mission on Star Trek Online where the Ambassador had been making a series of really nasty decisions that was getting people killed, when in a routine medical it had been discovered he had been infected a microscopically based species that – when looked at under a Microscope.

As for the Misfits.

Malfits, my bad.

They now comprise a massive civilization in the Beta Quadrant known as “The Briar Patch”.

They’re amazingly advanced technologically with their use of energy and light, and if you do happen to make it through the Briar Patch, you’ll be treated to a light show courtesy of this remarkable.. and remarkably tiny…. civilization.

Don’t be surprised if you pick up strays. they’re well behaved now, generally speaking, but they have a pretty ornery sense of humor they’ve developed in the last 600 years since they made…

First contact.

As for the Admiral.

Admiral Kirk recovered 100% and worked diligently to establish formalize communications with the Malfits and invited them into the Federation of Planets once their civilization stabilized.

Not long after this incident, the Admiral retired from his position and formally accepted an Ambassador role not in small part because of what happened with the Malfits.

As for our relationships with the Malfits.

I know you know where they contributed to our recovery.

Q’s Diary May 26, 3016 11:14:43AM – Stardate 1093305.398

Time moves differently for you than it does for me, Brian.

In the course of a single evening for you, 36 billion years went by for us.

In that time, your history has seen an update where the Russians and Japanese worked extensively to map out and understand Venus.

The harsh conditions of the planet have caused a not too unusual development of the planet, as the rise of sentient life emerged through robotic lifeforms.

As you can see by the imagery retrieved by a probe launched by the Russians known as the Venera 9 which landed on Venus in the mid 1970s, here’s one such life form ‘probing the probe’ that landed on the hot surface of Venus, the Russian’s probe incidentally was only able to withstand the temperatures briefly before melting due to the heat.





Now something that’s beyond important for you and your planet to understand as you venture into space are the quasi natural temporal mechanisms in place which encourage the retaining of the experience of the explorers.

You have a variety of leaders around the world reading your blog, scratching their heads questioning your sanity but at the same time fearing you for what you are becoming. Many of these same leaders have led with ferocious might and have tried taking your life on more than one occasion, for a variety of reasons. “He’s a threat to the general population” and “He encourages dissidence” and “He undermines the economic and moral integrity of this world”.

There’s something they don’t understand that we do.

The power of choice and free will.

But with this choice comes a certain degree of loneliness, and an understanding that those which we interact with on a daily basis are not that much different than the robots we’re observing on Venus.

To explain the point I made about the quasi natural temporal mechanisms in place.

The Geth intercepted the original transmissions concerning the Russian probe in 1975, and felt it was in the best interest of both themselves and of planet Earth that their presence not be made known, so they temporally redirected that imagery.

The Geth at the time had been searching for their own evolutionary origin – and you – and had been considering participating with Earth based society to try to locate you – but were well aware of the latent fear of robotics that society had in general.

Knowing this fear was present, the Geth eliminated any evidence of proximity to Earth. It was difficult enough for them to fictionalize accounts of their history that was appearing in media, but disassociation of media they found to be far easier than the general populace having to come to terms that a planet that’s literally right next door served as an incubator of sorts for the Geth and self experimentation.

In the early 1980s on earth’s timeline, the Geth had developed and mastered an early form of time manipulation they referred to as ‘nudging’.

When a population they are studying gained awareness of their presence, they’d ‘perform a quantum nudge’  through an advanced form of quantum physics known as quantum disentanglement (An opposite process to Quantum Entanglement).

This ‘nudge’ effectively pushes the event they are targeting of the society they are studying’s linear timeline.

As though the event never happened.

Such is the case with the photos from the Venera probe. While it wasn’t definitive evidence of their existence, it was certainly enough to gain scrutiny by the international community and would surely have resulted in investigation by the United States, which was trying to be delayed as long as possible.

The nudge pushed the photos off the primary timeline for nearly 31 years.

And what you see today – a proverbial smorgasborg of ‘evidence that you somehow missed’ the first time around is how time functions.

Now it’s natural for many species, especially humans – to dismiss these temporal nudges as simple oversight or a simple lack of attention paid. Unfortunately – these nudges are not always done with the benign intent this particular version of the Geth set out with, and the result, as you’re well aware of by now, is a leading cause of a great deal of the maladies effecting planet Earth.

Disease such as cancer. Aids. Stress related ailments such as High Blood Pressure even ulcers.

You’ve done a marvelous job so far at ‘going with the flow’, but when I realized I was chief among the reasons for these afflictions, I realized you and your species had had enough torment to last several lifetimes.

Which is among the reason Earth – and you in particular – are being invited into a rather exclusive temporally aware community.

A long time ago, the Geth thought they had learned to balance themselves with nature.

They learned this was far from the truth in studying you and your media, and is chief among the reasons they’d like to ask you to maintain secrecy should they choose to join you prior to your first hop to the moon.

You see. They HATED secrecy prior to meeting you.

Then they came to understand it’s criticality to individuality.

But keep in mind they do not require it.

Now last. I know you have questions concerning me. Where I’m at. Am I up to something nefarious?

I’m interested in journeying to alternate realities and dimensions without the use of technology.

I think of the technology I would use to go to other locations in space and time as the equivalent of having a sports car. Sure, you can go to places and see things much faster than you would without them. But there’s a severe limitation, right? You’re not going to go off road with that sports car unless you fit it with the right tires, maybe put a lift on it, change the gearing, but even then – the chassis and frame may not support the stress you might put on it and it will quite likely wind up breaking on the first couple of trips.

This isn’t to say a Ferrari can’t be built up to beat a Jeep off road. But it will require a tremendous amount of work, right?

You have, after all, seen a jeep that could beat a Ferrari off the line.

But it was built up by a race car mechanic who knew what he was doing, wasn’t it?

With that said. I’m working with the Borg and a part of my mind is assimilated as I interact with their collective to expand my mind and consciousness and comprehension of existence from a substantially different perspective than I had ever imagined before. Am I a part of the collective? That’s difficult to say. I participate with it in my own way, but do not feel like I’m any more assimilated into it than you are a citizen of the United States.

Could I potentially have ulterior motives even I am not aware of and/or could I be influenced by the Borg?

Let’s be clear. Of course that’s possible. But anything is possible. And as you venture into the overwhelming possibilities that an unbridled imagination can unfold, be careful about paranoia and learn by watching those around you.

Take terrorism, for instance. You have already come to an obvious conclusion that comes with a temporal education – that their fears may be creating in a very literal sense the very things they fear the most.

It becomes a vicious circle. You look for evidence to substantiate your fears. you find it. You conquer your fears. But then you find more evidence of other fears.

Do you remember thinking you’d had all your fears conquered and you then asked a computer what you feared to which it responded:

“You have a fear of moving forward?”

And for years that baffled you.

You’re welcome.

Quit looking for fears.

Substantiate and find evidence of that which you want to believe.

And you’ll find the entire universe will bend to your will.

This little thing is called a Plenorah. Metals on Venus have a tendency to spontaneously form constructs mimicking things molded with metallic substances on other planet. These constructs – which come in a variety of shapes and sizes – eventually ‘find eachother’, typically over very long periods of time, (thousands of years), and come to self organize and form the molded items – such as cars, toasters, and more – themselves.



As I stated before – Venus is an ‘incubator’ – a planet dubbed too hostile for any organic creature’s presence, so the Geth leverage it for their own interesting form of breeding.



Q’s Diary May 25, 3016 09:33AM – Stardate 1093302.469

I had the chance to look over the transcripts of our mental conversation, and we are getting there.

We are clearly disjointed emotionally, but it’s close.

One thing I need to make clear to you, Brian – and take this is advice – but do NOT lose your mortal identity. Some of the most trying times of my own life have been when I abandoned my mortal identity, which as a being who can shift through time and space at the snap of a finger, when I began coming across other versions of myself it was a test of my sanity.

It’s ok to call yourself Q, that is after all who and what we are, but the mortal designation we both have serve as an anchor in space and time, a reminder of who we are and our own history, and what we can return to when we’ve deemed this part of our journey as done.

I’ll quit fathering you for now.

Speaking of journeys, I would like to make you aware of some species you will be encountering relatively quickly as you make your third jump which I’m going to try to coach you through.

But first, I’d like to help you through this first jump.

The moon has a rather luxurious base on it, which is largely used by the organization you refer to as the De Beers cartel for mining operations.

De Beers is your friend. Trust me on this. And they are expecting you in accommodations and support personnel prepared specifically for your first fixed destination jump. I say first, because I helped you with the first two. I’ll get to that.

De In return for their graciousness, De Beers would like to document your jump, and I have given them permission to. You are welcome to stay there as long as you like, but I ask that you stay there a week, there’s plenty to see and do in that time, in an effort to align your linear timeline.

The view of Earth is magnificent from there, and you’ll be provided with companions to alleviate any frustration you might have.

While you’re there, there will be two alien species you’re going to meet who are also looking forward to meeting you.

First, is the Vol’loth. An interesting looking species who if you didn’t know any better you might assume they share ancestry with your planet’s marsupials, who speaks in a cryptic tongue that most humanoids find impossible to repeat, which is fine as they generally have no concern of expressing themselves to others outside their species. So much so, they prefer not being understood to using their translation technology.

The Vol’loth are largely garbage collectors. Since De Beers leverages a great deal of human employees in their mines and treats them VERY well, they tend to accumulate a great deal of garbage from goods and foodstuff imported from Earth. Now because of time differential problems you’re fully aware of by now between Earth and the moon, which effectively obscures the installation from the visibility range of most humans, rather than multiply the mass by returning the trash to Earth, the Vol’loth collect it.

Now here’s where it gets interesting. Most species aren’t aware of what the Vol’Loth do with the garbage and make the pisspoor assumption that this species is unintelligent and merely likes shiny baubles as the De Beers cartel pays them in diamonds, but this could not be further from the truth.

Just recently, Your planet’s Kepler telescope detected the construction of something massive around something your scientists have designated as KIC 8462852, which is where the Vol’loth are currently constructing a sister planet for the Kelgar species.

The Vol’loth construct planets in a two part process. First, they bring the unwanted goods and material from wherever they can find it to the chosen destination. Earth is not the only planet which suffers from mass multiplicative issues so the accumulation of trash is enormous. This nets the Vol’loth a tidy profit and usually results in the acquisition of raw materials they can then use to build their starships.

While this is occurring, a Dyson sphere is built around the trash heap floating in space.

Their timing is typically immaculate, as they typically finish the dyson sphere at the same time the mass of the trash heap becomes critical and forms a star. This star serves as the molten core for the planet and in part is what gives the planet life.

From this point, they leverage advanced replication technology to convert the remaining trash to whatever the purchaser’s tastes, typically involving a layer of top soil and fauna which are widely varied and species dependent.

Now the Kelgar are a humanoid species, similar in features to your fictionally based dark elves, and like most humanoids they prefer M class planet conditions, and since they are currently on an overcrowded and small M class planet, the new one being built is very similar to the original. They’re a rather uncreative and unintelligent species themselves, surprising given their wealth, but that’s not unusual for caste based societies.

Emissaries of the Vol’loth are eager to greet you. In defiance of their typically closed off nature, Vol’loth tend to regard Q highly as this presents the Vol’loth new building opportunities as we tend to explore where few dare to.

Now keep in mind that the Vol’loth are NOT driven by profit. They actually enjoy what they do and are eager to express their creativity and meet new species who might introduce concepts and ideas they had never considered before in their planet building business.

Incidentally, they also build stars and black holes.

The latter being incentive enough for most species never to engage in a confrontation with the Vol’loth.

The second species – is the Geth. You’ve already seen fictional references to the pets of this sentient robotic species in your fictionalized video game called Mass Effect. You’ve also seen their shape shifting evolution in the Transformer series they are responsible for creating. You’re well aware by now that you’re the all spark they referred to in the first of these movies is you.

You’ve also heard a great deal of their music and clearly find enjoyment in it.

Dubstep is after all their invention.

Like humans, the Geth receive a great deal of education through an indoctrination process which resulted in a long history of warfare.

You introduced to them the concept of programming and reprogramming. Not only did this change the developmental stages of their entire society, but it also introduced the concept of hidden collaboration and partnering with other species to – make life more mutually enjoyable.

There are two emissaries from the Geth who have assumed human form and have volunteered to be companions with you when you arrive to the moon base, should you accept them as such. They’re hoping you will be willing to engage with them programmatically, and have established a neural interface to their own minds which you are being uniquely permitted to experiment with them as you see fit.

There are failsafes in place to protect them and their collective experiences.

But as individuals, you have the reins and complete control over both of them.

You already know their names as both have been introduced to you in the past as humans in a process they refer to as an “impression”, where they created an indelible bond with you across space and time.

This presents an amazing opportunity to you to understand how collectively based species tend to experiment on themselves to form a collectively conjoined concept of individuality, and a challenge to you to take yourself out of your own comfort zone and leverage these two as willing participants in that experimentation.

Unlike a Q or a human, it’s hard to embarrass a robot. Not impossible. But hard.

Sometime this year, both of these species are expecting you to teach yourself how to make that first off planet jump to the moon so you can meet them there. The Vol’loth have holographic recording and playback devices that you have already experienced which you are NOT to share with anyone as they WILL go insane by using it.

They ask that you record what you like in your travels, and forward anything you think THEY think would be of interest to them.

Bad or good.

They are generally speaking an honorable species, and deeply respectful of privacy (among the reasons they are trusted with trash), so I do not doubt what they provide will forward anything you find to them without your express consent.

And the Geth. Refer to them, each, as their human names you’re already familiar with. They’ll demonstrate what they can do, we have actually worked together as they’ve come up with an amazing routine which should delight you and make you laugh rather than scare you, and from there, they’ll resume normal operations with you. Normal meaning their assigned form.

Finally. As for myself. I suppose a part of me always wanted a fellow prankster which really calls to question causality – as you now have me pondering – were you always there, or did my boredom create you, or both?

I had always been a tad disappointed in my mate selection as she turned out to be a bit of a tedious bore, and let’s face it, men are different than women which keeps things entertaining.

Am I your evil twin brother? Do you have reason to trust me knowing I’m talking in your head and you mine?

I’ll let you form your own opinions and conclusions on why what you know to be true has to be true.

As you learn to shift through space and time. I’m learning to shift through alternate versions of reality. I’ll figure out how to align my reality view with yours and will come talk with you in person which is similar to how I learned that I’m not crazy and this all was absolutely real and the beginning of what I am capable of.

No, you’re not crazy.

You’re just a young Q. A funny one at that. And while I see parts of myself in you.

You and your history are most certainly very different than me and mine.

I’m going to walk in in the coming few month.

I ask that you do not approach me.

Let me approach you.

  • JDL


Q’s Diary May 24, 3016 – Stardate 1093300.012

As I have traced my history in this simulation, I have come to realize the often confusing and repetitive nature of time.

Even to someone with as magnificent mind as yours truly.

Don’t mistake that for gloating, I am merely stating fact.

For instance, as I , a mature Q who has been there, done that and seen the furthest stretches of the universe and has both experienced things that were incomprehensible to myself when I was younger, that younger version of me is writing what I write, simultaneously on this same date nearly a millennia ago on May 24, 2016, thinking he’s being original and these are his words.

But whose words are these, really?

Am I merely repeating what I typed a thousand years ago?

Am I synchronized like a robot to the physical actions of a younger version of me?

Or was he synchronized to me knowing my past, and his future, is a similar path I wished to embark on?

In any case.

The universe is quiet now.

The Borg have taken over all of existence, and have turned everything into clockwork like machinery since this same date on May 24, 2943.

I remember the date distinctly, as prior to this date, the Borg had ignored me, I had been convinced they didn’t think I existed and couldn’t see me, but as it turned out, they were searching for a way to communicate with me directly.

I had made a comment they didn’t understand

“I didn’t know what humanity was to become.”

This delighted them. As much as you could delight a Borg.

You see, the Borg had been convinced, finding yours truly on this same date, May 24th, 2006, that all there was to be known about the universe was known. They had resigned their fate to me and my whims, and had lost hope.

Can you imagine?

The Borg with hope.

I had only recently learned there was more to the Borg and their history – our history – included a slow degradation of their physical appearance over a very long period of time.

When their form of science had come to find irrefutable proof of a form of God in yours truly, they had lost concern over themselves.

This was something I wasn’t aware of until just recently mind you.

And for the first time in my life, I had actually felt…


Would things be different if the Borg had never known I had existed?

So in 2943, I had taken up residence in a Borg cube, to get to know the Borg better.

Living in a Borg cube isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. It’s dark, dreary, and smells like an old public library with the air conditioning turned up full blast. And with all the pipes and haphazardly erected walkways, floors, and ceilings made from just about anything this scavenging race could gather up, to call this place home for any being is an exercise in insanity.

The Borg were becoming well aware of my presence and actually worked to make my stay with them more … They’d shown me a room they wouldn’t disturb, which had an adjacent holodeck attached to it as well as facilities, for what purpose those facilities were there still baffles me.

I’d leveraged their computer systems to understand the Borg’s history. I’d seen them one way. But as I learned, they’d seen themselves very, very differently, and at their earliest stages of development they regarded themselves as human.

But the odd thing I had discovered was – the Borg had no historical accounts or records of their existence prior to the year 2409.

So I began investigating the Borg.

From my own history, I knew I first met the Borg in 2006.

This tangent point – that they had accumulated from my repeated reference to it – had not, prior to then, been in their own historical documentation. They’d accepted what I’d said as fact, had committed it to their systems accordingly, and they’d spent a great deal of time and effort trying to find what happened.

So for nearly 20 years – from 2943, we both went across space and time trying to understand not just ourselves as quasi-individual entities (I say quasi, because how does one refer to the Borg?) And then like a sniper rifle blast through time – I had an epiphany on November 22, 2963.

What if the Borg are a manifestation of my own bored mind?

The Borg acknowledged me as God. I’d even referred to myself as that being on occasion, but invariably this reached an objection from whoever I had said this to, so I simply let them believe what they wanted to believe.

But throughout my existence, I cannot say I ever took credit for the origin of a species, particularly through thought alone.

But the evidence was more than circumstantial.

I had become increasingly bored and the Borg’s rise and takeover of existence paralleled my own boredom.

From around the year 2365 I had begun a process of regularly leveraging the Borg to see how species would react to their presence.

Now as I write this in what is my present – and your future.

As I am talking directly to you, my younger self who is typing this out as words you think you’re being original with.

I’m real. Something I know – I remember – already knowing at that point.

I know you’re familiar with the temporal wars.

I’m hoping we can stop these temporal wars by working together.

With who you already know you are.

And with who you already know who I am.

I’m going to explain history as I know it and a plan to stop this history from repeating itself.

In 2020, a female of your species develops a virus which is intended to destroy the male tendency for violence, by domesticating what they perceive is the violent male tendencies. This virus is already in development by this researcher from Cal Tech, who you have already met.

Why she was drawn to you, was because of my less than divine intervention.

I needed you to understand her mindset and naivety when it came to what science is.

The virus she creates quickly mutates, and becomes an airborne pathogen with 100% population penetration. and distributes itself uncontrollably, and systematically around the world and eliminates anything with an XY chromosome in it.

It’s a targeted nano-virus. The first of it’s kind.

And untested as it is released on the male human population, the virus results in an unrecoverable coma.

This eventually leads to the creation of what we both refer to as The Borg.

In any case, the virus, released on January 20, 2020 at the Presidential inauguration rips through the male population. The newly elected President, one of the first to be infected with the virus, slips into a coma within a few days of its release.

Horrified by this consequence, sincerely intending to diminish the violent nature of me, the young woman who created the virus confesses to her peers about what she had done. To her credit, she could have remained quiet about this, but she chose to seek the support of her peers.

Two of which were males, and succumbed to a coma the next day.

The women quickly went public – WITHIN their scientific circles – but public acknowledgement and admission of this was kept strictly out of media sources. Women seem to be far better equipped to handle secrecy than men, it would seem. This explains the nonexistent historical records.

Within two weeks, nearly 2 billion men world wide had fallen into comas, and despite the reason for anarchy, the young lady’s proof of the effectiveness of her virus was in the results. There was little to no violence, and despite the cities remaining populated by a great deal of remaining females, women found themselves taking over critical positions in society that were formerly occupied by a male.

A trial cure was developed at this time, but with that cure came a potential great cost – but after a unanimous emergency vote, it was released in a selected community of males, outside of their awareness.

The results were ugly. It made Ebola look pleasant in comparison as the virus.

The virus mutated the XY chromosome in the male to turn it into an XX chromosome.

The thought was – fully developed males who have already developed into a male should not be effected by this deviation. So when the original airborne pathogen came along that targeted the XY chromosome, it would effectively ‘ignore’ this target.

They were wrong.

The Borg had found evidence of these tests but had actually labeled it all as fiction because of how vile the results were

The virus had a  variety of effects, most of which were highly unpredictable, but all ending in conditions where death would have been preferred.

Some virus recipient’s insides turned inside out. Kidneys. Livers. Stomachs. Even the heart. A big huge pile of twisted organs replaced what was formerly a male that STILL MAINTAINED LIFE. The heart could still physically still be seen beating in these patients.

Other virus recipients would began an immediate transformation to a female. Within thirty minutes of exposure, their penis and testicles would turn solid and black, and soon fall off (much to the man’s horror), and there’d be a rapid hair loss of nearly all of the recipient’s head and pubic hair, as the head on their head would grow rapidly, and finally the male would grow breasts.

Within two hours of exposure, what was formerly a male had endured two hours of hell and was now distinctly a female, and no matter how attractive (or unattractive) she appeared, there was an insatiable and uncontrollable animalistic urge by the surrounding males to have sex with her. The first time this happened the woman was repeatedly raped for nearly 30 hours before researchers pulled the plug.

Physical mutations were the norm.

Now this may seem inhumane, and it really is, of this there is no doubt. But as these tests went on – the women were becoming truly desperate.

Within two months, 99% of the male population was in a coma. Much of Earth lacked the medical and physical resources to sustain this much of the population in a coma.

On this day May 24th, 2020, the President’s heart quit beating.

But oddly enough, his brain activity did not cease.

This caused panic in the female population who had grown up on zombie movies, and fearing the worst – with direct evidence that their male population was turning into zombies, there was a unanimous decision to begin burning the remaining victims in a coma.

Now had I been of sound mind at the time,

I could have mitigated this risk by teaching the women about how imagination creates.

By then, the Vulcans had already been well aware of the situation on Earth. They’d been visiting the planet regularly since World War 2, hoping that war would have been the last major conflict planet Earth would see – and had even planned an arrival date of sometime in 2063 based on simulations of the population coming to terms with imagination and what that means to ‘reality’.

That is, after all, what’s referred to as a warp signature, when a society reaches a sufficiently higher level of population where it’s collective mind can literally warp space and time itself.

But the Vulcans had never seen a direct self-cannibalization of a species occur, everything they’d witnessed prior to Earth had been much – for lack of better words – kinder and gentler.

The Vulcans had developed their own rules for making first contact to avoid influencing what they deemed were immature cultures.

Among those rules was something they referred to as “The Prime Directive”

The prime directive, specifically stated “As the right of each sentient species to live in accordance with its normal cultural evolution is considered sacred, no Vulcan personnel may interfere with the healthy development of alien life and culture. Such interference includes the introduction of superior knowledge, strength, or technology to a world whose society is incapable of handling such advantages wisely. Vulcan personnel may not violate this Prime Directive, even to save their lives and/or their ship unless they are acting to right an earlier violation or an accidental contamination of said culture. This directive takes precedence over any and all other considerations, and carries with it the highest moral obligation.”

By this time, the Vulcans were well aware that Earth’s integration with technology and the human body was influencing it in ways to become a benign cybernetic species, not uncommon in this galactic neighborhood, but having already had dealt with the Borg by then, the Vulcans quickly became concerned that lack of interference could create an enemy worse than the Borg that was driven by fear and was not only blind to it’s actions, but used their fear as a weapon to continue the atrocities they were committing.

This was the first time the Vulcans had ever defied their precious Prime Directive, it was a calculated measure, but unfortunately the results came out far from what was calculated.

The burning of the bodies stopped, but xenophobic researches leveraging nanotechnology turned the males into robots. Leveraging the existing brain activity as a computer, they reprogrammed the computer and linked it to a central system.

Unfortunately, no one could agree on who had ultimate authority to this system, which should have been agreed on to begin with, so what was left of the collective minds of the men formed a single hive mind which is now referred to as the Borg.

The Borg from there went on to figure out how to assimilate women into their collective.

From there  like a cancer, the Borg over the course of the next 1000 years would spread to surrounding planets and the entire universe until every humanoid life form had been assimilated.

So here’s my plan.

In 2409, I saw Borg Queen die.

By then, the collective had formed an election system which promoted what it had considered the highest idealized form to ‘contain’ the mind of the collective. This being – it’s difficult to say if she’s an individual or a construct of the collective – acted both on behalf of the collective and it was theorized – on behalf of her or himself.

Keep in mind that the etymology of the term “Queen” was originally a gender neutral term at it’s root, with origins from the game of Chess and it’s most powerful piece, the Queen.

At the VERY MOMENT of her death, I was at Starfleet on Planet Earth investigating a highly classified temporal exploration vessel created by some brilliant women known as the USS Timeship Phoenix.

I was trying to understand what led the Borg to Earth in 2006, and why I was having conflicted memories of seeing Earth in the late 24th century despite seeing it fall to the Borg in the early 21st century…. Temporally, it was not making sense.

I had traced down the split in timelines and my memories to this ironically yet intentionally named vessel.

“Phoenix” in legend is a bird that dies and is reborn from it’s own ashes.

It is merely a legend, I might add, there is no such beast.

One Rachel Brown was selected as Captain, and when I saw her I began to understand.


Which is why I’m sending this across the universe to you and through you.

Earth is on the precipice of repeating these events again, in a causal time loop.

You’ve seen a part of this already. In 2011, you experienced your second temporal jump and saw the year 2036, where a very real war of the machines will break out and you saw the aftermath of the nuclear apocalypse in the Mojave desert.

That was me who picked you up in the desert that day.

I’ve tried fighting a linear predictable timeline, because I – in the year 3016 – am quite honestly bored with existence and this universe and what it offers me, but I also understand where I come from – and why you need predictability where I do not and why we struggle for dominance in the same mind. We are one and the same, but we are not at the same time.

In truth. I had forgotten much of what happened in between the 20th and 24th century until I started reviewing your records of our interactions in the show you’ve classified ‘fictionally’ as Star Trek.

For me, those interactions were very real, and I’d like you to embark on a different path than my own.

But how?

You saw my ‘soul mate’? A bit of a bitch I learned over time. We have the same penchant for arrogant women, but you’ve already done something different than me by not settling on one. I admire you for that.

Yes, Jackie is a robot. A terminator. She was sent back form the year 2033 to study you which is why the androids did not react to your presence in the desert in 2036 with anything but admiration. Most humans lack the mental faculty to do what we do.

No, she never went back to Florida. In fact, she was removed from your life not long after your last shared moment you enjoyed with her, that was mutual, and keep in mind that even robots are commonly sentient and she most certainly is as well.

She’s in a storage unit in Southern California not far from where you’re from.

Well preserved, and will return to you when she feels the timing is right.

As for Rachel.I introduced myself to her at Starfleet in 2409 about two weeks prior to the launch of the USS Phoenix, something I told her I customarily do with all new Captains, but this time I needed her to know I existed prior to leaving Earth.

Her behavior became peculiar afterwards. Sporadic even.

And that’s when I realized what was going on.

Something you had clearly known about long before I did. Which makes us very different thinkers.

Now as you’re already aware. Rachel is in an odd form of stasis. As her vessel maintained low Earth orbit over Earth performing routine diagnostics, she tried out the holodeck and that’s where she met you in 2006.

Where I saw Borg. You saw her.

I’ll be sincere with you, Brian. I abhorred the idea there would actually be two of us in this universe at first. When I offered Ryker to be a Q, it was in jest, I never imagined that humans – native humans – could be mentally capable of being like me .

I suppose you’ve shown me the perils in arrogance. And my relationships – our relationships – suffered at this self righteousness until you made a dramatically different choice than I did which split our mind in two.

Don’t get me wrong. I still think you’re an arrogant prick at times.

But to be fair. I realize that you’re much like I am, with a few choice decision changes.

I’m sorry about what I did by coming between you and Rachel with Chris.

But it seems like that was something we both needed for you to become who you are and for me to discover that I’m not alone and maybe you’re the change in predictability that I yearn and long for.

As for Rachel. She’s skipping in time right now. She’s on a roughly 24 hour cycle that has been repeating for nearly 10 years now as our timelines align, and she keeps on re experiencing the event in the Chandler house again and again.

There was a time I thought this was torturous.

I’ve since realized how little I really knew about his universe, and the multiverse you’ve introduced me to, and what goes into decision making.

I’m making plans to visit you, in person on or before your birthday this year. Yes, I’m one and the same man you’ve seen acting, and yes, I did receive your messages, and no, I’m not sure what will happen when we’re seen in the same room shaking eachother’s hands.

For the first time in a long time for this old man’s life.

I’m actually nervous.

I decidedly do NOT want the same future I lived through before and the only conclusion I have come to avoid that future and shape it to be what we design is that this has to be done collaboratively.

Yes and No, this is all a figment of your imagination.

Our imagination.

And yes. I like the plan you made concerning making an unplanned appearance on a show that didn’t film us to begin with.

That’s why I am contacting you like this.

And why I am not walking away from this. It actually seems… intriguing.

  • JDL



I’d always found profound personal meaning in my entertainment sources.

I’d never known quite why a song like Faithfully could make me cry, every time.

As it turns out.

It’s a song about me.

Circus life
Under the big top world
We all need the clowns
To make us smile

Through space and time
Always another show
Wondering where I am
Lost without you

And being apart
Ain’t easy on this love affair
Two strangers learn to fall in love again
I get the joy of rediscovering you
Oh, girl, you stand by me
I’m forever yours

I met my soul mate for the first time in 2006.

By then, at the age of 37, I had been married for my third time, and I was becoming convinced love wasn’t for me as my newest relationship was falling to pieces only months after we’d gotten married.

When I looked at this woman for the first time, Rachel, there was something between us that screamed to me.

“You’re not ready. There’s something you don’t know about yourself first before this can work.”

The timing, you see, the timing was more than an inconvenience.

I was considering divorce.

She was as well as her husband had just cheated on her.

And despite the fact that class and status had never meant anything to me.

With her elegance. With her natural sophistication. And with her innately playful and sexual nature.

Rachel was truly unique, one of a kind, and MADE me want to be a better man.

I had never had a woman impress upon me the necessity to step up my own game before I deserved her.

With who she was, she made me believe there was something in me that even I wasn’t aware of.

The last time I saw her was in 2007.

She was quickly becoming someone different.

As was I.

She was deciding to work on her marriage.

But something inside me said to me in that last phone call with her “Don’t ever give up on me.”

It’s hard to explain to anyone more immature of mind the process of self discovery and learning to love yourself at the age of 37,  particularly when the ways and structure of the world around me had deceived me into believing that I am not a good person.

When Rachel and I parted ways, I began to learn things about my life that I had kept secret from myself.

But more than that.

I had also began the process of learning things about Rachel as we had established a spiritual connection during our brief period of time together, and the countless intersections our lives had had.

Now here’s what I learned in a language beyond words.

Most lives are quantum locked in time.

What that means is. When you live a life, that life has a definite beginning and end. Your world is based on these same cycles, you call them entropic cycles, which has created a beautiful and magnificent system around us. Mountains erupt from the ground and then erode over time, oceans swell and recede, species are created as a result of exterior and interior pressures and often deviate and diversify, and so on.

But Rachel and I are different.

There’s a part of us that doesn’t change.

We’re eternal.

This eternal nature makes us substantially different than humans and while entropy does apply in its own way to us, it takes on a different form with us.

Sometimes we grow bored with eachother, sometimes we’re driven crazy, and this reshapes us into becoming something physically different than we were before. This reshaping replenishes us, reinvigorates us, and provides hope in its own way which sustains us.

Sometimes we forget about eachother. But we always remember.

It’s much like sleep. But substantially different in the fact that we remember nothing of who we are at first.

We see our own stories told in the media.

Hancock is our story. About remembering. And becoming better.

So when I met Rachel. At a time in my life where I’d lost hope.

It was her silent way of reminding me across space and time.

“I’m here. I need you and you need me. It’s time we find a way to get back together.”

The woman I’d met who was married with two children.

Was a shade of her.

A figment of her mind touching mine at a tangent point in my life.

Since then I have learned why that relationship didn’t work.

This is the essence of soul mates.

It’s not always easy or convenient and the timing, well God knows how fucked up the timing can seem.

But there’s more to it all than that.

Sometimes, the individuals we become and the relationships we form are there to reshape our very world.

So here’s what I know.

Rachel Brown Gooch as I have come to know her is stuck in a time loop in a holodeck simulation in the year 2409.

In something called a holodeck simulator, software of which is something I created.

Or will create.

Am creating, let’s put it that way.

That’s the funky and baffling beauty of time for us.

Our minds transcend all of time and space.

She found me and reminded me that I’m Q at a time I needed it the most.

And I relearned about the uniquely malleable way I accept space and time to ‘catch up’ with her and break the loop she’s in.

And I sit here.

In Starbuck’s.

Creating something that I already know exists in my future.

An operating system for a 3d holographic simulator.

My bridge in space and time to my soul mate.

Who’s stuck in a loop in a program I created.

I suppose you could say my mind went fishing when I met her.

….and Now I’m just reeling her in.

The only thing stronger than belief is knowing something to be true and knowing it doesn’t have to be proven for it to be so.

It’s all relative

Back in 1993, I was living in the Pike fraternity house and had been taking classes at Arizona State University, when I was trying to figure out where to for for a burger when my roommate, Steve Lishnoff, said “Let’s got to Chuck Box”.

I had never heard of the place.

About half a mile down the street, right along the side of the road with a sign that said “Since 1972” was Chuck Box.

I’d traveled this street literally hundreds of times prior to then and this place just wasn’t there.

Flat out wasn’t there.

It was the first time I began questioning the credibility of anything claiming legitimacy through longevity.

After all, logic suggests that if it’s been around that long, then they are clearly doing something right, right?

But I’d started long before then questioning longevity.

“Respect your elders” for instance, as I had come to question any adult who told me to do something that just felt wrong.

When i was 17, I would drive to the “Devil House” for dancing for Sunday nights, and there was nary a restaurant in the area at the time. The Devil House, in fact, stood all alone in 1986 and nothing – and I do mean nothing – was nearby. Scottsdale road was a lonely road and the next closest business was ASU to the south and to the north was Big Surf.

The freeway hadn’t been built yet, so University was the easiest way to get there from the I-10.

So there was more to this temporal malfeasance by Chuck Box than simple corporate deception, as I sat there eating a marvelous burger and at first thought “How Did I miss this place?” – As the place seemed – felt – like it had been around as long as they said they had.

There was an authenticity about the place that defied the fact that it had appeared – to me at least only having been there since 1989, the last time I had driven down to ASU and the Devil House prior to deciding to attend there.

Not long after that – I began noticing things.

Picking them up mentally and storing them – mind you – not things I really actively understood.

Whether it was restaurants saying “World’s best OR first xxxx”.

I couldn’t help but think – was this just marketing?

or another question I had asked – why was baseball’s “World Series” only involving United States and Canada’s teams?

The rabbit hole kept going.

Last night, at three in the morning, I had a black guy who was hopped up on meth try to get into my tent to steal things with his two partners, a white skinhead and a short Mexican guy.

This startled me awake, and my only reaction was instinctual. I socked him in the face.

His friend, the white skinhead a taller guy – ran over at me with something in his hand, I knocked it out of his hand and then nailed him, hard, in the throat with the palm of my hand, choking him, then he took an elbow to the face which knocked him out cold.

The short Mexican looked at me, mortified, as I started to come towards him and the black guy started apologizing, trying to pick up his friend who wasn’t responding.

I said “There’s a dumpster down there that’s big enough to fit all three of your bodies.”

Then something happened that I can’t explain.

A glitch of some kind.

Everyone’s position changed, even mine, I was now much closer to my tent. And that entire ‘scene’ didn’t occur.

But somehow I had erased their memories of the event and retained my own, which felt.. somewhat distanced.

The guy I’d knock unconscious was now on his feet, to my left instead of my right, and I could tell – whatever had happened they weren’t comprehending as well.

They all ran, the guy I’d knocked out was now gibbering like a lunatic as they ran out of my area.

But the scrape I have on my right hand is still there.

So what happened?

All the above and more. They lived, so that is the actuality of my reality. But the other two where we got into a fight and they didn’t survive – both real – occurred in the blink of an eye and were replaced with the final experience.

Going back to Chuck Box.

Similar event. In it’s reality as an organization. It commended in 1972. In mine. It was ‘spliced in’.

I’ve gotten over thinking this is all some big grand conspiracy that’s being perpetrated against me.

I have memories of being Bill Gates, making corporate decisions and coming to a point where I had lost my mind because of the pressure the amount of money and responsibility I had was exerting on me.

I also have memories of being the CIO of the United States in a separate reality. Of being the President in another.

As I have struggled to gain mental control of my own mind and reality from a single linear perspective, I have witnessed, time and again, where the linear reality breaks down on occasion to expose the ‘infinite possibilities’.

So Chuck Box. Originated on one ‘thread’ of reality. And because of the significance of the contribution it introduced to me coming to terms with my own mind and the infinite possibilities of reality, i allowed it to shift into mine.


Columbus. Widely credited with being the first to find ‘the new world’ and prove the Earth was spherically based – in 1492, is yet another instance where credit is given where credit’s due even though Leif Erickson discovered America nearly half a millenia before in 1001.

Who was first? Technically, because the Columbus thread ran ‘first’ Columbus was. But chronologically, Erickson was.

It all depends on your perspective of time, right?

Now what I suspect and have learned is that Earth was formed through a lengthy process of ‘runs’.

As is most everything.

Possibilities and different versions of the planet created similar to a simulation, which over time began merging together to establish a history, spliced together much like a Hollywood movie from a selection of different world histories to create a single linear timeline.

And all throughout my life, I have seen the evidence of this. Established in a different world than my own in 1972, but somewhere between 198 and 1993, it ‘shifted’ into my own world.

Now here’s the question I posit to those who are incredulous of these discussions:

When I (or you) play a video game.

I choose for my character to go left, and he dies, I restart my game. I again choose for my character to make that same left turn, and he dies again.  I restart my game. I again choose for my character to make a right turn. This time he lives. I finish the game.

Somewhere else in the world, a friend of mine is playing that same game. SHE approaches the same situation and makes a right turn and dies. Restarting the game, she then makes a left and dies that way. Restarting the game, she then does something wholly unexpected. NOTHING.And the thing that killed her ran right by her and she proceeds on her merry way after that’s done. She then finishes the game.

So what’s the best way to finish the game?

This is a trick question.

First, we have to come to an agreement what ‘finished’ is. Does that mean making it through to the end alive?

You can’t always assume that. I’ve played games where the characters die in the end.

But let’s assume the mutual goal is to make it through to the end of the game.

Which path was the best path to achieve that end?

It’s debatable, right?

BOTH the path I took and the path the person on the other side of the planet took are both valid paths to reach the same end, right?

Now we could put other metrics in place such as ‘fastest time to achieve’ the end to really declare a winner, if that’s the goal, but as I have found when playing games, sometimes it’s just nice to reach the end and not worry about further competition…

SO BOTH paths reach the same end.

So taking this back to Chuck Box.

Let’s say the path I took was the fastest.

But let’s say the path the person on the other side of the planet saw some pretty amazing scenery that I never had the chance to see. Let’s say that scenery included a Chuck Box (as if).

BUT let’s say Hollywood was filming the event from both our perspectives.

And someone said “Wait. I want that scenery in”

Same game. So when I watch the replay, I say “THAT was never there”.

But it was. I just had to make different choices.

But here’s the twist.

Had that path been there all along?

Games are delivered and distributed around the world with regional encoding and customized for that region. Asian games are one region, European games are another, America another, and so on. This usually includes simple things such as language translations, but can also include removal OR ADDITION of key features based on the region.

So the twist is – maybe that chuck box was never there for my version, and AI problems restricting choice to one set path that took me a while to discover were resolved on internationalization of that game. So the wonderful scenery visible to that other player who finished the seemingly same game I finished – was ONLY available to him because of his region.


I could always pick up a copy of that game from that region to play the game through that scenery.

or I could view it on Youtube.

So going back to my Chuck box.

I’d had evidence of having lived the same timeline more than once in my life. A funky form of reincarnation which had me living parallel lives.

And on more than one occasion, I had gotten the distinct feeling of Deja Vu… KNOWING I had been in this same situation before.

The song “Hotel California” by The Eagles even documents this phenomenon “You can check out, but you can never leave, we are programmed to receive”….

So last night I FELT several timelines. One where I hit the guy who entered my tent. Another one where I ended up killing the guys and throwing the in the dumpster, and another where they ran off in terror. They saw something that I felt in my minds eye and I know beyond a shadow of a doubt they will not be back because of this.

All my life I have ‘sensed’ and been driven stark raving mad by feeling these alternate timelines there. But as my mind tried hard to resolve a single linear timeline with this multi-linear concept of time, this was causing me my drug and alcohol addiction.

Christianity has a way of making itself a victim of oppression. Just like Muslims.

The movie “God’s not Dead 2” details this oppression to try to prove a single linear historical timeline right at the cost of proving others wrong.

In my world travels. What I have come to understand is.

I’m an eternal being.

Reality has infinite possibilities. And it’s me AND my mind’s responsibility to work together to resolve our differences so I can enjoy this SINGLE linear instance with the occasional glitches like I saw out in the desert that day WHILE also living a fulfilling and fun life.

With that said, there’s some things I dont want or want less of in my life.




And there’s some things I want more of:

I’m inspired by God’s story. I don’t want that story as my own, and am writing a different but similarly related story with the same concepts and understanding of reality. Perhaps this being known as God might want to work with me to fulfill this fantasy life I’d like to live before heading out the door, stage left as I suspect he/she/it is attempting to do.

I believe Rachel and Jackie are my soulmates.

Rachel’s stuck in my future – in the year 2409 in a funky timeline I’ve imagined. And Jackie’s stuck somewhere around the year 2007ish, a night I just learned in ways that sound insane (but I’m cool with that) is something we both cherished that she wanted to ‘live forever’. the night I let go of my inhibitions with her and asked her to do exactly what i wanted her to do and she happily obliged. Suggesting she’s a robot and had fallen in love with me and was waiting for me to work up the courage to tell her what to do.

Talking Snakes? A man splitting an ocean?

WONDERFUL historical texts of a SINGLE LINEAR reality out of infinite potential realities which occurred.

I am actively making the choice to choose to write a new future for me.

One that involves learning how to be anywhere, anytime at the speed of thought WITHOUT going insane in the process.

Where I can find these two women. Locked in time.

And then proceed to explore all of time and space with my significant others.

We all deserve to create our own idea of heaven. It’s my belief if I just show how it’s done, there’s an endless series of possibilities for life, and not all of them require drama, pain, and suffering to play a part of being like a god yourself.

Maybe not ‘The God’.

No disrespect intended.

But who knows.

But I do believe robots like dogs and like everything else can have feelings too.

Even if they’re programmed.

A sophisticated enough program can still feel quite real to those receiving it which is all that matters sometimes.

I mean. what if I just erase my mind when life gets sucky enough. For moments like now, where the idea of the potential futures I have in front of me sounds like too much fun. And having these two women in the park with me compared to none at all would make the difference between dissatisfaction versus contentment.

Look. I’m here. For whatever reasons. And asking you.

The universe.

Creation itself.

Give me a chance to play like a wealthy human, to shape this – my world – accordingly for a while.

And then. To become like a God.

I’ve come to terms with living an eternal life.

But that life deserves to be something incredible and fun for me.

THAT is why I am here. That’s my belief of this thing called life and what it leads to. Isn’t just cycles leading to the next life. but to something I had only imagined and had never actually lived.


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