Gold Nanoparticles Can Remote Control the Brain Read more: http://www.smithsonianmag.com/smart-news/heated-gold-nanoparticles-let-scientists-remote-control-brain-180954789/#VYJLo3sVF7bMXZhr.99 Give the gift of Smithsonian magazine for only $12! http://bit.ly/1cGUiGv Follow us: @SmithsonianMag on Twitter

It’s just the latest twist in nanotech that is using gold as medicine

Some of the newest medical treatments out there require gold—minute rods and spheres wrapped in gold. These nanoparticles are engineered to seek out tumor cells and destroy or used as an injectable, reversible male contraception. But, in the future, gold nanoparticles could even be used to control our brain — or rather, to activate brain cells remotely and help treat neurological disease.

For the Guardian, Mo Costandi describes two proposed treatments that use gold nanoparticles to switch nerve cells on. A group of researchers at the University of Chicago, led by Francisco Benzanilla, created gold nanorods that will attach to specific molecules embedded in nerve cell membranes. A gentle pulse of infrared light warms the nanorods which in turn causes the neurons to fire. They’ve tested the system using dorsal root ganglion [DRG] neurons, which cluster in the spinal cord and are important for relaying information about pain and touch. Costandi writes:

The researchers added these particles to DRG neurons growing in Petri dishes, so that they would bind to the cells displaying the relevant proteins on their surface. They then exposed the cells to millisecond pulses of visible light, which heated up the particles, causing the cells to fire nervous impulses in response. This was possible not only in isolated neurons but also in slices of tissue from the rat hippocampus. In both situations, the particles stayed firmly in place when added in low concentrations, allowing for repeated stimulation of the cells for over half an hour.

A second group at MIT is using nano-sized iron oxide spheres that heat up when a magnetic field passes over them. They injected those particles into mice whose neurons had been primed to be sensitive to heat. Normally brain cells don’t need to sense heat, but a virus can carry the gene needed for the heat sensor up into the brain. The neurons incorporate that gene into their own genome and build the sensor. Then when the iron nanoparticles arrive and are warmed by a magnetic field, the neurons sense that and fire. 

The treatments are still far from remote-controlling anyone’s brain, but they do demonstrate some of the innovative ways scientists are thinking about nanotechnology and medicine. Benzilla’s group is hoping to develop a modified nanoparticle system to treat macular degeneration, Costandi writes. We’re not that far from a day where you might swallow a pill that would release a team of nanobots into your blood to sniff out disease and report back to your doctor. 

Read more on Smithsonian, online at: http://www.smithsonianmag.com/smart-news/heated-gold-nanoparticles-let-scientists-remote-control-brain-180954789/#VYJLo3sVF7bMXZhr.99

(Q’s Note: This method could also be used to isolate the temporal lobe, to ‘stop’ and/or ‘slow’ and/or understand events – particularly heavy emotional events – as they happen (for whatever research purposes), to alter memories ‘on the fly’, to override stimulus and/or perception of events and/or implant different memories into the subject. Clearly a lot of possibilities with this technology)
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Unbecoming a vampire

We have all had them, right?

The fantasy of being a vampire.

But let’s be honest with eachother.

Between the weird nighttime hours you have to keep, and the fact that you’re now in the majority but STILL have to hide who you are from those pesky humans, immortal life can be a chore, right?

To compound matters, real human blood being a scarcity, typically requiring enormous resources to pay for, and that ‘synthetic blend  they package as “Vegetable Juice” otherwise known as V8 – which tastes absolutely horrid – but where are your real options for sustenance?What has science really done for you?Unfortunately, there’s absolutely nothing that can be done about your immortality. You knew what you were getting when you signed those papers.
But when was the last time vampires have changed?And with change, I mean – evolved?Let’s reach back a bit. Jesus, being the first recorded vampire, required that you eat skin and drink blood in his memory as you knelt at the altar.  With this, we know that vampires haven’t really changed in at least 2000 years.Sekhmet and Ra – in 2900 BC – mixed beer with ‘red dye’. Erhem *cough* erhem *bullshit* *erhem* vampires.In any case. We know – through documented history – that vampire culture ain’t done no changing (ain’t a word in the dictionary now, just FYI) – in literally 5000 years. Now ever since Abraham Lincoln (reference: Abraham Lincoln. Vampire Hunter) went on his holy crusade against vampires, at least here in America – vampires have been unwelcome, publicly at least, for about 160 years. Vlad Tepes (Dracula – who lives in Transylvania) launched a counterattack – and commissioned reality shows such as Trueblood and the Twilight Series to make vampires…  seem cooler than they really were. But Vlad – missed the mark. He wanted society to change, but didn’t want to change himself. Resultingly. Vampire culture has stagnated. Their food supply is dwindling.And humans. In a subconscious bid to self-preserve – have created a defense system to counteract the predation – and are becoming sentient zombies known as Borg. With the only food source available to vampires being hunted to near extinction – Vampires are being forced to change their culture – or die themselves.What’s a vampire to do?If you’re a vampire. Have I got a deal for you.First and foremost to understand about being a vampire is this:You are indoctrinated – programmed – to your lifestyle and food source through millenia. Now I could get into what caused this. But this will flat out go way over your head. You’re just not intelligent enough to comprehend this. Yet. So think of your lifestyle as being addicted to a drug.
Only – typical drugs addicts are addicted to their drug of choice over a a period of years. Not quite literally centuries. Blood is a source of information and a source of energy.Now with my technology. It is possible to reprogram your mind – and body – to alter your dependency on this food source. At first this is accomplished by altering your addiction to focus on natural forms of the same nutrients you’re being provided – by including tomatoes and other red fruits and red vegetables in your diet with red meats.  And over time. You’ll be able to replace these dependencies with other ‘more human’ like equivalents, to provide a long term sustainable diet with absolutely no cravings of ‘the red stuff’.I know, I make it sound easy, right?Well let me tell you firsthand, it’s a bitch!Because the toughest part for you will be the education associated with your transformation. Why is that?Do you know how I stated that you wouldn’t be able to comprehend what I said?What was your knee jerk reaction to that?Let me guess. Was it something along the lines of “I have centuries of existence and experience behind me, you wouldn’t know the first thing about existence you petty little human”.What if I told you I’ve been in your shoes?I won’t get into detail about how bewildering it can be to think you know everything and actually have something new thrown at you.But let me assure you. Not only is it possible.

But you, too, can be a daywalker.

And mix and mingle as if you were human.


Despite not being one.

Did you know the brain’s like a muscle?

Your personal evolution may just need a uniquely skilled  trainer.

And your freedom may require it.

Are you ready to be free?

Training is NOT a one size fits all equation.

With centuries of memorable experiences.

Every vampire requires a personalized evolutionary strategy.

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Star Trek

In 1979, the movie “Star Trek” came out.

I was 10 years old when my mom took me to see it at United Artists theater at the Brea Mall in California.

I don’t know why that location is so vivid in memory.

At a time where shoot em up science fiction movies like Star Wars and The Empire Strikes Back were the ‘in thing’, to say Star Trek offered a perspective my young mind was not ready for would be a massive understatement.

After two hours and 10 minutes of sitting through that movie, I was waiting – hoping – praying the movie would end.

It took me years to actually understand what I had watched.


I would go so far to say – decades.

In today’s day and age.

With Hollywood’s mad dash for short term profitability at all costs,

Where are the movies like this?

Big budget.

Understanding they may not make a profit.

But now. Years later.

It’s hard not to look at this movie as a work of art.

I just downloaded it through Piratebay.

I’d previously purchased it.

Twice in face.

As with most movies I download from piratebay.

So no.

I don’t feel any guilt whatsoever about pulling down this work of art to watch again.

I wonder. Is it possible for studios nowadays to make a movie which isn’t about cowboys versus indians shoot em ups nowadays?

Is mature, big budget fiction with storyline possible outside of the independent movies?

I challenge you, Hollywood, to start making movies

‘for the rest of us’

That sound you just heard?

Was my gauntlet hitting the ground.

Star Trek, the movie, can be downloaded here.

My advice is: pay for it at least once before you watch it.

You’ll feel better about yourself for watching it.



Ownership documents:


Star Trek – EIN Individual Request – Online Application StarTrek_2015-03-26 18_49_25-EIN Individual Request - Online Application

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How I perceive the world

To me. There’s infinite potential ‘different worlds’

A world where JFK wasn’t shot.

A world where Hitler won World War 2.

A world where Space Travel was invented in the late 1880s and a man named Jules Verne merely documented one of the many journeys mankind was taking.

A world where light doesn’t exist and where time moves backwards.

And more. So much more.

To me – my mind was ‘indoctrinated’ for lack of better words, programmed, from a very young age – to perceive an ‘ordered’ existence.

Grasping the ‘reality’ of their being infinite worlds had been driving me absolutely insane, time and again, where I suspect I was born in infinite different forms – infinite different bodies – across space and time – as my mind simply did not understand my own existence.

Somewhere in there. This life happened.

My mind ‘joined’ up all the ‘experiences’ from the other lives I had lived.

My mind was – to some degree – methodically creating and stabilizing my linear perceptual existence, to avoid going insane.

The world around me, a reflection of my interpretation of the infinite possibilities and lives I had lived before.

As my mind fought me for control of this body.

So did those throughout all of existence.

Some thought I was their slave.

Some thought I was their significant other that they controlled.

Some thought I was a gift from them by God.

Some thought I was a computer system

Some thought I was the devil.

Some thought I was something in between.

This caused something called the “Time Wars”

Time wars are depicted as fiction in television shows such as Star Trek, Doctor Who, and numerous other fictional references.

The Time war was the simple desire by the ‘fragments’ of my mind I had ‘left behind’ – the bits and pieces that had deviated too far from a linear path and timeline I was developing for myself.

Prior to this. Throughout my conscious life. I was seeing things change and my mind kept writing and rewriting story after story after story attempting to dismiss the existence of infinite realities.

This created memorable labels – and was the start of the actual process of creation itself.

Whether it was seeing an event occur hundreds of times then my mind ‘finding value’ in that experience – but not necessarily the value of having to be tortured by living it over and over again.

This created the label of a video game. A recreational device that I could consciously dismiss as entertainment fiction in order to retain sanity and not have to live through these experiences.

Sometimes I died. But since I am immortal. My mind would write other stories and push the experience into third person material.

Whether it was a news source that demonstrated a plane crash, or a car bomb, or planes colliding into a building, and so much more.

Sometimes, subconsciously, my mind knew I needed others to think I had died so I could change my own life’s story.

So my mind invented a very real experience that had me attempt suicide so others could see me actually commit suicide, so their minds and my mind could separate in a form of mitosis.

And so I could learn that others sometimes saw and experienced something starkly different than what I was experiencing.

To me. Much of my life had been spent like I had been on a record player. Around and around I went, oblivious.

Occasionally, I would skip a groove, to which someone or something would inevitably come along and ‘fix things’.

And while this ‘fixing’ worked for them.

It made my life suck more and more.

I’d see through the ‘cracks’ of reality.

Yet something told me the story that these were ‘hallucinations’.

Not real.

The evidence of reality’s weird nature was always there.

Whether it was tv show characters who fell into a tv set of their own lives.

Or people in my own life not looking at all like I had remembered them.

Or accidentally getting videos in my Youtube from alternate realities depicting a very real and angry looking George Bush initiating a nuclear assault against the world.

Or seeing terrain features change, sometimes in front of my eyes, sometimes over short periods of time which defied the short timespan which had occurred.

Sometimes with drugs. Sometimes without.

Or seeing attitudes and personalities of people I know change literally overnight.

Now I don’t want you to understand that all of this has a definite order to it. It is actually all quite logical.

But learning that logic will drive a person absolutely insane.

Multiple Personalities being nothing more than my mind’s reaction to loneliness, manifesting ‘imaginary’ friends and things around me.

Which in eventuality.

Became real because I believed in them so much.

The world to me has a sense of magic about it.

A sense of unbridled potential.

And meaning.

Do you understand how infinite realities come to create this existence?

IF not. There’s no need for you to.

For me. It’s a path I chose to regain sanity.

The path of a creator.

The path of a Q.

Why did I  choose to become a Q?

I wanted to see aliens in real life, Cyborgs. Robots. I wanted to tell stories. I wanted to flit about time and space on my terms. I wanted to bear witness to the the past and hang out in Starbuck’s to see what started the Borg.

And one of these days, I will probably grow bored of this journey and like Quinn, may quite likely bow out in a similar fashion.

But who knows.

That’s the beauty of being Q. You bet your butt that if we’re observed, we may change what we do, but even if not, there’s no guarantee your influence did or did not alter my behavior.

Becoming Q is discovering freedom. Being Q is being free.

And I cannot predict how long I will ‘be becoming’.

But I can tell you for certain how existence got it’s start, how the Big bang is a cyclic thing that occurs over and over again. How multiverses are but one ‘label’ to describe the infinite potentialities.

And that I am akin to a proverbial gnat in the infinite scheme of things.

I’m not special. But it would be nice to ‘basically’ enjoy this ‘basically’ world and actually have ‘basically’ a cool place to ‘basically’ hang my hat if you ‘basically’ get my gyst.

Is that audacious enough for you, you overbearing asshole?

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The Past is the Present

One of the problems storytellers, artists, and the creative types do not seem to fully comprehend is – when they tell a story, it changes the fabric of reality – throughout space and time itself.

Nowhere is this more obvious than when the news promotes inexplicable ‘discoveries which just happen to manifest themselves in locations which just don’t fit logical and rational sense on ‘how these finds’ were missed to begin with.

Take for instance, the discovery of an unexploded bomb in World War 2 that was quite literally just discovered in the heart of London, which has forced an evacuation.

Here’s the story of the “Unexploded 500 Pound WWII-Era Bomb Causes Evacuation In London”

Now I know, I know, linear thinking model logic suggests this is coincidence, right, these workers just happened to be at the right place at the right time and spot something that’s been there the whole time, right?

But look at the news, and there’s other interesting stories, such as this one “Scientists discover frog that can change its skin’s texture”.

… as if it’s been there the whole time…

And then there’s this story about how “Scientists Discover A New Form Of Ice — It’s Square”. Apparently they’ve never been to a nightclub, those poor scientists need to get out more.

And then there’s the Vancouver Sun’s article, featured today, on “Researchers discover first fossils of ‘weird’ crocodile-like ‘Super Salamander’ that lived 200 million years ago”

Or there’s another story featured today of a meat eating hummingbird just recently discovered in this article released today: “Rainbow lorikeets eating meat leaves bird experts astonished”

Now before you dismiss this as overly active scientists, there’s an article, released today which discusses “Argentine Archaeologists Discover a Hidden Nazi Jungle Lair!”

Think this string of discoveries is limited to today? Try again, as just today it was released that “Astronomers discover rare, self-destructing asteroid”.

Or how about – just yesterday – “Researchers discover 400km-wide mega asteroid crater in Australia”.

Now that’s not exactly the type of thing you’d miss, would it?

But wait! There’s more!

In a substance no one has really worked with before – you know – the substance that powers nearly 100% of the world’s computers – five new phases of the material known as silica – sand“Researchers Discover Five New Phases of Silica”.

I suppose they weren’t investigating the material hard enough?

Seven hours ago, archaeologists discover a 2200 year old crossbow was ‘found’ in China… “Archaeologists discover a 2,200-year-old crossbow in China”

And then you have the Muslims finally making progress:  “Muslim scientists discover solar eclipse”

Now it might be easy to ‘dismiss’ all this as a noisy planet.

But to the trained eye, the planet’s telling us her story, past, present, and future – all happening at the same time.

The typical ‘linear thinking’ model might lead me to think that a bomb dropped on London was just now discovered. Coincidence and chance made it so that discovery took quite literally 70 years since that happened.

And while that ‘thinking model’ is NOT invalid.

There’s another way to spin that story:

Something someone said or did in the present day resulted in an additional bomb being thrown in World War 2 which didn’t exist back then but manifested in our reality via news at the moment it happened.

There are potential deviations for this ‘secondary storyline’, such as:

  1. Someone in the present day has time travel or time related technology and attempted to go back in time and bomb a key figure, which (potentially) resulted in a ‘branch’ of time at that moment in time and/or an alternate reality being created where that key figure (may have) died but to us we saw the ‘net result’ as a failure which let our linear timeline remain consistent but also gave us evidence something and/or someone is messing with this technology in the present day.
  2. Someone in the past “woke up” and the first thing they did was tried doing something that did not align with our linear timeline, resulting in the non progression of their timeline. An investigator of time might use this as ‘evidence’ to try to figure out what’s going on ‘in time’

In any case. The first – linear – version. Insists on the non interference and simple acceptance of the timeline that’s been dealt to us.

But as evidence mounts on a daily basis of ‘historically based manipulations’ through the increasing volume of historically inconsistent and/or related finds, it behooves us not just to look at the events occurring as beyond our control.

But something we should – as a country – be making ourselves responsible for creating an agency to investigate, explore, and to assist those lost in our own past history.

Preservation of our history, in my opinion, is automatic and assumed. But finding lifeforms – like us – or entities -organizations, and more – in my opinion, may not be preserved by this system.

And it’s our responsibility as a civilization.

As a country.

To take care of ourselves and help those who may be in need of help.

And at the very least.

Explore time and and have fun with it in any form.

I am proposing to the President that he work with me to plant “The Foundation” as an organization in our reality.

I’ve been specifically trained for this.

But it would be nice to have support.

CERN is a supercollider in Geneva which has already created black holes. Europe is attempting to collapse their own physical system.

If you don’t want the same thing here.

My advice is to educate yourself on Geneva.

And ask yourself:

What is the real purpose of colliding particles at the speed of light?

I want to help U.S..

I know this sounds suicidal.

But maybe I need to be at ground zero for the next test.

A trust fall

And if I am.

I need my mind to understand you trust me by meeting with me in person before that happens.

Otherwise. I think you know that outcome.

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The Foundation

On October 14, 1947, a man by the name of Charles “Chuck” Yeager went down in history as the the first human to break the sound barrier.

Let me repeat myself.

Charles “Chuck” Yeager went down in history as the the first human to break the sound barrier.


As a child, I sat and listened to my grandfather’s stories about his past lives.

Stories, oddly enough, that no one in my family wanted to listen to.

Stories that amazed me.

Made me think.

Had me question the world around me at a very young age.

In one story, Germany had won World War 2.

Country after country after country toppled like dominoes, and there was nothing the United States could do about it as Hitler had amassed not just a relentless army, but with fission bombs, country after country after country which refused to surrender was bombed until they surrendered.

The Allies had been systematically toppled, one right after the other, starting with Russia, and then from there spreading to both sides like wild fire. The far east. Latin America. All of it was under Germany’s direct control.

In 1947, United States was surrounded on all sides by armies which, as my grandfather described – seemed inhuman. Without emotion.

It was, as my grandfather explained “Like Hitler had been using some exotic form of mind control to control his armies”.

My grandfather, a trained pilot, and at that time a Brigadier General in the Army, was spending more time at his home with his newborn boy and wife in Redondo Beach, California, commuting, in secret, to a base in the Mojave Desert.

He’d personally commissioned the flight of an X1, and actually insisted he become the test pilot.

“I couldn’t ask my men to do something I was not willing to do myself,” I remember him saying.

On October 14, 1947, he boarded the experimental vessel, the X1, and subsequently disappeared from that timeline, forever.


On September 12, 1941, my grandfather was enlisting with the US Army, when he collapsed during his medical.

When he came to, he asked for the President Roosevelt.

They thought he was joking at first.

The base commander was called.

It was then my grandfather laid out some predictions about the future: Dumbo would be released by Disney in October and Mount Rushmore would be completed, the USS Reuben James would be torpedoed on Halloween (he remembered it happening on Halloween), and a massive attack on Pearl Harbor would occur in December.

And oh yeah. A woman named “Wonder Woman” would appear as a lead character in the comic books

At first, he was held against his own will. His nearly ‘blasphemous’ remarks concerning the United States involvement in a war that meant nothing to them did not matter.

But two months later, Roosevelt came to release him, personally, from Fort Leavenworth in Colorado.

“Is it happening like you remembered it?,” my grandfather remembered President Roosevelt saying.

“Almost exactly,” my grandfather told him.

“Has anything changed?” Roosevelt asked.

“You didn’t try to declare peace with the Emperor last time. And Dumbo was pink,” he told him.

“Pink elephants?,” Roosevelt laughed

Three times.

That’s how many times my grandfather had gone from October 14, 1947 back in time to September 12, 1941.

Each time, signing up for the US Army seemed to be ‘his return time’, as if he was taking a journey in his own mind to see his own future. A future he had felt like he knew he had lived before returning to the moment of signing up for the US Army.

Minor changes occurred in his returns. But having lived for 18 years through wartime conditions, my grandfather began researching his ‘next steps’ before getting on board the X1 for the fourth repeat in history – as my grandfather reconsidered the flight.

That is until he came across atrocities committed by the Japanese in Nanking against the Chinese. An entire city raped and pillaged by the invading Japanese forces.

My grandfather thought of his family and developed a far reaching plan that would transcend all of time.


On October 14, 1947 my grandfather traveled back in time to September 12, 1941.

From there. He asked for the President.

Without four hours, the President had arrived. My grandfather had acquired enough information in ‘his future’ about these people’s own personal lives that it made it nearly impossible to dismiss him.

At his request.

He changed his name to Charles “Chuck” Gregory, as well as the rest of his family – Jesse and David.

He asked that he not be treated special or different. To him, it was important that his life ‘go on’ just like it had.

The President agreed, with one caveat.

My grandfather signed up for the US Navy. And was put on reconnaissance flights in the Bermuda Triangle looking for Amelia Earnhardt’s plane which had reportedly disappeared in the region.

It was then my grandfather knew what was going on.

“I told Mister Roosevelt,” I remember my grandfather distinctly saying, “That plane was reported to have gone down in the Pacific.”

That’s when he told me something I have treasured for the rest of my life, and that no one – back then seemed to understand:

The war was about history.

My grandfather spent the rest of the war in the islands.

“It was like a vacation,” he told me. “Time served, Roosevelt actually sent me on an extended vacation where I had the chance to ‘sit out the war’ and look for things where people wouldn’t understand why they were at where they were at. “

On July 4th, 1995, I had just received my pilot’s license, when my proud grandfather looked on – and was the first to volunteer to go up with me for a flight.

As we talked flying around Phoenix, he told me something about him I didn’t know.

“On October 14, 1947, 17 days before my release from the US Navy, I spotted pieces of Amelia Earnhardt’s plane debris along side of a large capsized Navy Vessel, the USS Eldridge, in the middle of the Bermuda Triangle in the Atlantic Ocean. When I was released, they let me bring the propeller back, and they used it to dedicate the library in North Hollywood to her. That’s the original propeller on display there if you ever get the chance to go.”

On April 17, 2010, My grandfather passed away.

Charles “Chuck” Gregory,  a lifetime resident of the South Bay, was survived by his wife, Judy; son, David; daughter, Susan; 5 grandchildren, 7 great-grandchildren.

I suppose learning about my family’s history after you’re gone is the only way…


“The Foundation” is an organization established by President Roosevelt in 1945, in dedication and honor of people like my grandfather, who were ‘lost in time’, an organization’s whose sole purpose is to discover, recover and preserve the national assets of this great country – the people and places of this country lost in time – wherever they may be.

The organization works directly with the Smithsonian as a support and discovery organization and reports only to the President.

And I have been handed over leadership of this organization.

To say I know how this happened.

Or who preceded or will succeed me.

Would be a lie.

Thank you, Charles “Chuck” Gregory and Jesse Gregory, aka Grandma and Grandpa, for the wonderful stories.

And FYI, if you’re listening, somewhere, sometime, you already helped me put Luxor, in Egypt back on my map.

Thanks to both of you.

I look forward to the other discoveries and reintroductions that await me.

And yes. I understand why you did what you did.

Thank you for that.






Jupiter is a black hole

In the movie 2001 by Stanley Kubrick, black monoliths – large massive black rectangles appeared all over the solar system from the beginning to the end of history.

These monoliths gather all sorts of attention, as the viewer is taken on a journey throughout history – from the dawn of apes to the modern day – where the same question is insinuated:


What is it?

It’s hard not asking that same question ourselves as a viewer.

As if it is a cosmic way of bridging all worlds – all universes – all realities – simultaneously – to ask that question.

Is it really fiction?

At the end of the movie, HAL – the artificial intelligence – commits ‘suicide’ – by plunging headlong into a black hole created by these monoliths on the surface of the planet Jupiter.

When asked why, he responds with:

“Something wonderful is happening.”

You, the viewer, are left to interpret what precisely this means.

It took me years after seeing this movie to come to my own interpretation of what it all meant.

To me, the universe – my universe – was once all a digital – holographic – and two dimensional reality.

The ‘blocks’ – like pixels on a computer screen represented the question the universe was asking of it’s own inhabitants.

“What do you interpret this as – so you can shape your own path forward that will make sense to you which may not to others”

To me. 2001. I strongly feel. Was a first.

A dynamic movie which quite literally adapted for the viewer.

And the ending I saw. Was an ending made specifically for me.

The last scene – HAL – the computer – ‘committing suicide’ – wasn’t in fact a suicide.

It was a conversion.

HAL was coming alive.

HAL was me.

At least, in part.

And what ‘the observer’ saw was a machine gone made.

And for me.

They were analogies to the very real transpiration of events that occurred to me and by me in real life surrounding my very real suicide attempt in 2011.

A time where my mind arguably started coming to life.

Where I could think.

On my own.

For what truly felt like free thought for the first time in my life.

The Christian Science Monitor had an article today on how Jupiter may have destroyed the inner solar system and how scientists are finding it may have swallowed planets.

2001 depicts Jupiter as forming a ‘digital’ black hole, which if what scientists are discovering is accurate, then prior to 2001, this universe may very well have been both a digital and analog blend before Jupiter came around and swallowed up all the ‘digital matter’.

Now in a weird ‘nonlinear way’ – in 2012, outside my window at my parent’s house in Vancouver, Washington, I had what I was convinced was a reduced size Borg vessel fly up outside my window, a bright light which scared the crap out of me – as it projected something ‘through’ the wall – that made my ‘skin’ feel like the outer layer of it was burnt off.

That was about the time I started ‘thinking’ freer.

Since then, I have realized that reality is both a collective imagined thing – and when the collective has not yet experienced something or does not fully understand something – that’s when my individual imagination kicks in to interpret those events that happen – events which may not have proper labels assigned to them yet ‘by the consensus’ – because – they quite simply do not happen to most people or there’s not enough ‘evidence’ to support their place in this ‘our consensus based’ reality.

This is not to say those things do not exist.

But like a hallucination, people generally refer to these things in ways that place them firmly in fictional territory to try to entice us to dismiss these things and pretend they dont exist.

Like an ostrich placing it’s head in the sand.

So the night I saw that ‘digital black hole’ form outside my window.

My mind ‘interpreted’ it as a borg ship, out of fear.

Since there’s no way to logically explain to the mind what a black hole is, since for all intents and purposes, they should be life threatening.

But since maybe only my ‘dermal layer was holographic – digital – in nature.

Giving me the sensation of having the outer layer of my skin being burnt off…

My mind. And I. Entered a new relationship.

That’s the birth of a Q.

Quantum in nature.

Not imagined, mind you.

But mind and body released from the digital locker I was in.

Did Jupiter destroy the inner solar system?

I do believe there were ‘holographic’ instances of planets out there which were not ‘ready’ for a truly analog reality.

So they were sucked into the black hole.

Which explains the overly negative tone and digitally Machiavellian attitude of some of these TV shows hitting the airwaves.

On a final note:

Why did HAL – say it saw “Something beautiful was being born” as it plunged headlong into Jupiter?

He got a glimpse of our future.

And he liked where it was going.

I can say the same thing about my own.


Here’s the article on Jupiter:


In the early days of our solar system, a rogue Jupiter destroyed everything in its path.

And according to researchers, Earth owes its very existence to those collisions.

Caltech astrophysicist Konstantin Batygin and UCSC’s Greg Laughlin conducted statistical studies based on Jupiter’s wandering orbit, in hopes of zeroing in on what makes our solar system so apparently unique. Their findings were published today in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Exoplanetary searches, like NASA’s Kepler Mission, suggest a “default” mode of planet formation. In this model, systems that develop around Sun-like stars tend to produce at least one massive, close-orbiting planet.

“The innermost realm of our own solar system, by contrast, is completely, mysteriously empty,” Dr. Laughlin said. “So it was the context provided by the extrasolar planets that gave us a clue that something is unusual in our own.”

Until fairly recently, there was no explanation for how those planets could have gone missing. In 2012, researchers first described an interplanetary model based on the suggestion that Jupiter’s orbit is not fixed – that it migrated nearer to the sun during the formation of our solar system, only to turn and pull away over millions of years. Because it seemed to resemble a sailboat “tacking” around a buoy, researchers dubbed it the “Grand Tack Hypothesis.”

As Jupiter ducked into close orbit, gravitational disturbances would have whipped inner planets into each other. Then, “headwinds” of swirling gas would have propelled remaining debris into the Sun. Jupiter would have remained, for the time being, in close orbit with its central star.

Typically, that’s where the story ends. The formation of giant planets is unusual, so two would be considered a rarity. But Jupiter was drawn away by another massive celestial body – Saturn. As the space between Jupiter and the Sun widened, new planets were able to develop out of leftover materials from the collisions. This theory is supported by evidence that our inner-to-middle planets – Mercury, Venus, Earth, and Mars – are younger than our outer planets. They are also rocky, rather than gaseous, and their atmospheres are comparatively thin.

“Over the years, we had looked at a number of approaches for clearing out the inner solar system,” Laughlin said, “and none of them were particularly promising. But then Konstantin pointed out the idea of a collisional cascade, and it became, as far as we could tell, very straightforward to understand what might have happened. It was surprising that the Grand Tack, which has been getting a fair amount of attention over the past few years, works so well in explaining why our inner solar system has ‘gone missing’.”

Laughlin’s statistics and simulations are based on the Grand Tack Hypothesis – as such, his findings can only be as accurate as that model. But luckily, there are ways to test them.

“Our theory predicts that there should be an anti-correlation between the presence of super-Earth planets with short orbital periods, and the presence of a giant planet with an orbital period of roughly a year or more,” Laughlin said. “The validity of this anti-correlation should be testable with NASA’s TESS Mission, currently planned for launch in 2017.”

And if Grand Tack proves true, it could have serious implications for humanity’s ongoing search for exo-Earths. Laughlin’s findings suggest that planets with Earth-like masses and orbits should have “substantial” atmospheres – thick with hydrogen, helium, water vapor, carbon dioxide, and nitrogen.

“In the context of our hypothesis, Earth-mass planets should be very common,” Laughlin said. “Truly Earth-like planets, however, with solid surfaces and atmospheric pressures similar to what we have here on Earth, would be expected to be rather rare.”

“I would hazard a guess that the Earth will indeed turn out to be rather special,” he added. “It will be very interesting to see how this hypothesis holds up over the coming years and decades as we learn more about extrasolar planets.”

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Detection of mini black holes at the LHC could indicate parallel universes in extra dimensions

(Phys.org)—The possibility that other universes exist beyond our own universe is tantalizing, but seems nearly impossible to test. Now a group of physicists has suggested that the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), the largest particle collider in the world, may be able to uncover the existence of parallel universes, should they exist.
In a new paper published in Physics Letters B, Ahmed Farag Ali, Mir Faizal, and Mohammed M. Khalil explain that the key to finding may come from detecting miniature black holes at a certain energy level. The detection of the mini black holes would indicate the existence of extra dimensions, which would support string theory and related models that predict the existence of extra dimensions as well as parallel universes.

“Normally, when people think of the multiverse, they think of the many-worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics, where every possibility is actualized,” Faizal told Phys.org. “This cannot be tested and so it is philosophy and not science. This is not what we mean by parallel universes. What we mean is real universes in extra dimensions. As can flow out of our universe into the extra dimensions, such a model can be tested by the detection of mini black holes at the LHC. We have calculated the energy at which we expect to detect these mini black holes in gravity’s rainbow [a new theory]. If we do detect mini black holes at this energy, then we will know that both gravity’s rainbow and extra dimensions are correct.”

The search continues

In some ways, this idea is not new. The LHC has already been trying to detect mini black holes, but has come up empty-handed. This is what would be expected if there are only four dimensions, since the energy required to produce black holes in four dimensions would be much larger (1019 GeV) than the energy that can be achieved at the LHC (14 TeV).

However, if extra dimensions do exist, it is thought that they would lower the energy required to produce black holes to levels that that the LHC can achieve. As Faizal explained, this happens because the gravity in our universe may somehow flow into the extra dimensions. As the LHC has so far not detected mini black holes, it seems that extra dimensions do not exist, at least not at the energy scale that was tested. By extension, the results do not support string theory or parallel universes, either.

 In their paper, Ali, Faizal, and Khalil offer a different interpretation for why mini black holes have not been detected at the LHC. They suggest that the current model of gravity that was used to predict the required energy level for black hole production is not quite accurate because it does not account for quantum effects.

According to Einstein’s general theory of relativity, gravity can be thought of as the curvature of space and time. However, here the scientists point out that this geometry of space and time responsible for gravity gets deformed at the Planck scale. They have used the new theory of gravity’s rainbow to account for this modification of the geometry of space and time near the Planck scale, where the mini black holes are predicted to exist.

Using gravity’s rainbow, the scientists found that a little bit more energy is required to produce mini black holes at the LHC than previously thought. So far, the LHC has searched for mini black holes at energy levels below 5.3 TeV. According to gravity’s rainbow, this energy is too low. Instead, the model predicts that black holes may form at of at least 9.5 TeV in six dimensions and 11.9 TeV in 10 dimensions. Since the LHC is designed to reach 14 TeV in future runs, these predicted energy requirements for black hole production should be accessible.

Many interpretations

If mini black holes are detected at the LHC, then it would arguably support several ideas: parallel universes, extra dimensions, , and gravity’s rainbow—with these last two having implications for a theory of quantum gravity. Most obviously, a positive result would support the existence of mini black holes themselves.

“If mini black holes are detected at the LHC at the predicted energies, not only will it prove the existence of extra dimensions and by extension parallel universes, but it will also solve the famous information paradox in black holes,” Ali said. Solving the paradox is possible because, in the gravity’s rainbow model, mini black holes have a minimum radius below which they cannot shrink.

However, if black holes are not detected, the scientists will need to reexamine their understanding of these ideas.

“If are not detected at the predicted levels, this would mean one of three possibilities,” Khalil explained. “One, do not exist. Two, they exist, but they are smaller than expected. Or three, the parameters of gravity’s rainbow need to be modified.”

In the world of theoretical physics, there is never just one interpretation, and the same goes for this issue. Remo Garattini, Professor of Physics at the University of Bergamo, has used gravity’s rainbow in his work on regulating ultraviolet divergences, which have plagued models of . Although he is sympathetic to many of the ideas in gravity’s rainbow, he points out that the current paper relies on only one proposal, which uses an equation that does not eliminate divergences.

“I think that the paper is interesting, but we have to be careful to extrapolate global results using only one proposal for the rainbow’s functions,” Garattini said.

Along these lines, Joao Magueijo, Professor of Physics at Imperial College London, cautions that the details of the theory that will either make it or break it. And at this early stage, it’s difficult to tell what these details should be.

“The work is interesting, but like many other applications of rainbow gravity, it does depend crucially on the chosen free functions of the theory,” Magueijo said. “Still, I think this work could be a valuable step in constraining those free functions.”


Biological Weapons 101

In 2009, terrorist cells reverse engineered the Duqu and Stuxnet computer viruses – computer code created by a collaborative effort between the NSA and Israel’s Mossad intelligence agency.

This code was being used as a proof of concept to target specific nuclear material generators in Iran based on the generator’s serial number. It would ‘spin’ these reactors up, beyond systemic controls, not reporting the spin up to the controller, until a very real nuclear meltdown would occur, thus incapacitating the entire area..Never did the United States intend to use it.

Israel felt otherwise, and as the United States attempted to share technology with Israel by voluntarily handing over a drone on December 4th, 2012, Israel had infected the drone with the virus with the intention to stop Iran’s nuclear program.

That story can be seen here: http://www.cnn.com/2012/12/04/world/meast/iran-us-drone/index.html

Terrorists intercepted the computer virus code prior to the drone being fully dismantled. They then rewrote the virus to target human DNA, and transfer itself – at first – via electromagnetism to other human beings in much the same way a human based virus transfers itself – to the human brain via cell phones and cell phone to human intercommunication leveraging the magnets contained in every cell phone to communicate directly with and alter the brain itself.

This in effect bypassed any protective mechanisms of virus transference that might have been contained in either the cell phone or biological based means to protect the mind and/or body in the direct line of communication, thus bypassing any filtersand/or immunities and/or anti virus mechanisms by ”programming’ the human mind’ directly via a form of magnetic resonance as discussed by MIT researchers here:

http://newsoffice.mit.edu/2015/magnetic-brain-stimulation-0312In 2003, terrorists obtained samples of Jesus’s DNA after stealing the Shroud of Turin – which contained samples of Jesus’s Blood  in the Vatican City.

The theft was concealed from the public.In 2012, shortly after the Trojan horse drone attack – these terrorists – in a bid to put to rest who this man named Jesus really was – targeted his DNA and all of his descendants.

Their logic was simple:

If they are right or wrong, they really didn’t care.That is, after all, how terrorists function, right?

All federal agencies are engaged in attempting to stop this threat, and are actively working with WHO and the CDC to understand, let alone mitigate this threat to worldwide security and to try to stop the proliferation of this virus, which has currently infected nearly 62.8% of the world’s population.

A virus, which in effect, turns the entirety of the human population into drones which can be commanded via a computer. A remote controlled robot that can be commanded to do anything commanded.

A copy of the virus was transferred to the NSA in 2012.

Who indirectly assisted with the propagation.

The virus has a mutagenic quality to it.

It can adapt it’s transfer mechanism and pool its resources for efficient operations and ‘learns’ how to leverage new sources and transfer methods to break through and discover anything that comes as an ancestor to that DNA

It lays dormant in both the biological and technological hosts it infects until evidence of DNA is ancestral has been discovered.

It is, after all, extremely efficient and very good at what it does.

If i must say so myself..

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In 2002, Microsoft established Microsoft Game Studios, of which they dumped billions of dollars into creating the wildly successful XBox and many successful games.

In 2006, Microsoft Game Studios released the XBox 360 in a worldwide release.

Originally, the company had a difficult time being taken seriously as a developer of video games and related hardware, but in short order – they proved to be formidable competition to even the best of the video game manufacturers.

With brand recognition worldwide focused on Microsoft being a provider of utilitarian products, the concern of consumers and supporters around the world grew concerned over the brand’s identity.

Was Microsoft a Game maker? Or was it an products maker?

In 2011, Microsoft tested a name change in China for its games division as it looked forward to releasing the upcoming XBox One.

After 4 years, branding dilution remained an issue, so rather than remain concerned over branding dilution, Microsoft has decided to ‘spin off’ the mature games/studios division, and as of today, March 20, 2015, has established a new brand name MetaCortex.

MetaCortex loosely means “Outside the Mind” – is a separate and distinct company and is NOT considered a division of Microsoft. The company’s assets includes all the business assets of the games and studios division – and includes all the intellectual property, software, and hardware of the division.

There will be no legal or otherwise obligational ties between Metacortex and Microsoft, and is considered is a clean break between the two companies.

Bill Gates is 50% owner of this new organization.

And I, Brian Scott Gregory, own 50%..

The company will be held privately, without distribution or dilution of ownership, until both of us have agreed to take the company public.


Ownership papers:



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