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Lost In Interpretation

When I first started visiting Mexico way back in 1988, Puerto Penasco was a literal translation to Rocky Point.

Later. sometime in the mid to late 1990s, I’d heard the translation – from the locals – was “Fish Port”. Puerto, meaning port, and penasco – meaning fish.

I’d always questioned how exceedingly bad I was at Spanish. Despite taking two years of it in high school and two years of it at the college level, I was constantly screwing up the translation.

Then. Sometime in the mid 2000s, it became what I’d partially known it to be.

Penasco now translates to rocky.

But the Spanish Translation to English still means “Rocky Port”

Now since and throughout all of this – I have found that language has a tendency of moving relative to a culture.

And the development of languages and distribution of a new word throughout that culture moves in collective ways that ensure the integrity of that collective culture.

And distribution of these linguistic changes I do NOT think happens automatically.

Take for instance – Hindi.

For years I’d dated Kena Patel – who spoke fluent Hindi and Gujarati. But for some reason, her culture did not have a word for computer.

Similarly, with Spanish – the word ‘Wall Clock’ and ‘Time’ is the same word – Reloj.

This – to me – has become a ‘tell’ if you will on the physical perception of a culture.

And – to boot – You have another tell – that of Einstein’s Relativity, I have found also applies to language.

Put specifically, for years I’d assumed that the object I see as an apple was one and the same physical model if you will of an apple that someone in China might see and that India might see.

A computer is a computer is a computer, right, and this device that I see and interact with is one and the same device my ex girlfriend might use or my friends are using.

I’m suspecting these logical fallacies couldn’t be further from the truth.

And the formation of a language, let alone the visual models I might use to represent that object – not only isn’t guarantee to look like one and the same thing, I’m making a monstrously poor decision in even assuming they have vision to begin with.

When I visited China, my cell phone kept turning itself on, and had downloaded nearly 5 gig of download on it’s own.

The Verizon representative didn’t want to believe it.

I’d accumulated a little more than $2000 in data charges, and this ‘smart phone’ for the life of me would not stop turning itself on.

On more than one occasion in China, I nearly got run over by drivers who had the right of way or – there’s more to it than meets the eye – and these drivers may not have been able to even see me to begin with.

After all of this. I often wonder.

Do some cultures collectively distribute and vote on imagery, sights, and sounds, and cross relate these to energy and present this imagery to the individual being to allow for a uniform collective experience?

In much the same way I play an avatar in a video game where the imagery and sounds of an MMORPG is preloaded and downloaded to my machine.

I’m suspecting either the Chinese do the same thing.

Or they’ve assumed we as Americans do.

And that’s why my phone was being updated.

They thought it was me.

And the experiences I see as fiction are indicative of the disjoint caused linguistically which causes deviations in the development of culture in such a dramatic way that time itself moves at a dramatically different rate for many of these beings.

I really do think reality is that profoundly odd.

As I am listening to Enrique Iglesias’s Escape CD, a CD which I have listened to at least 50 times before.

I’m hearing new lyrics for the Spanish songs he’s singing.

The same songs I’ve listened to in a literal sense as I said 50 times before.

Relativity. And while my translation to Spanish occurs dynamically, as evidenced by hearing new lyrics I’d not recognized before, my interpretation and understanding of some of these words does not.


I wish I were an Oscar Meyer Wiener

In 2003, horribly depressed from a marriage that had fallen apart and a company that was doing the same, I signed up for the US Army to be a Public Affairs Officer – career area 46 Quebec.

I’d aced the ASVAB, 96 out of 96, and had scored well enough on the DLAB language test to go to language school for a tier 2 language, but the only languages I was really interested in learning were Russian or Chinese which were tier 1, so this ixnayed Monterrey and linguistic school in California.

For reasons I won’t get into, I was required to sign up for 6 to 8 years of service, which limited the vocation area dramatically, and since I wasn’t interested in combat oriented roles, that narrowed the field down dramatically – to two vocations.  Technical fields required a bachelor’s degree minimum in the US Military, so being an Officer wasn’t in my cards nor was leveraging my skills as a programmer and entrepreneur.

This didn’t break my heart. But combined with my own long term personal goals to obtain a degree, certainly acted as motivation to sign on the bottom line – as did the Montgomery Bill and the $1200 or so I’d get a month for school if and when I decided to pursue the degree.

So in February of 2003 (or 2004, I always have a hard time remembering which one it is here), I was selling all my household goods when a man who identified himself as a Green Beret and his wife stopped by to buy my couch.

“Oh I retired from the military, but as you’ll find out, it’s not really something you ever retire from, especially if you’re in some form of special forces like I was.”

He smiled and wished me luck.

If this was any indication of the types of people I’d meet while in the military, I knew I’d made the right decision then for making this choice.

Two weeks later I was at Fort Knox, Kentucky – which was infamous for being the most difficult basic training one can attend.

Now what I didn’t realize going in to this exercise was that it was more – so much more – of a mental training that it was the physical. The physical was an augmentation. An expectation that you respected the physical form and that’s why you were here to begin with, and that you were just receptive to new ideas on how to train yourself differently and diet differently than you might already be doing yourself.

Sure, there were those who’d entered with the idea that they’d be forced to be banged into shape.

But more often than not. I saw these guys washing out. There’s a latent expectation that you’ve already got good control of your body and levels of fitness by the time you get in.

Fort Knox, incidentally, is all male.

But the real trial – was something that wouldn’t hit me immediately.

The mind fuck.

There was an obstacle course with an area with barbed wire where you’re suppose to low crawl through, and throughout the course, at night, there’s tracers zooming across the sky.

The drill sergeant yelled “If anyone sticks their head up. I and the other drill sergeants are aiming right for you. We’re using live fire, gentleman, to simulate a real battlefield, and many of you imbeciles who are interested in testing our simulation I invite you to stick your head up and test us. The last thing that will go through your mind will be a 5.56 round. “

It was easy to play off as a joke.

And seeing the tracers overhead I certainly had the inclination to see if they were serious by sticking my hand into the tracer fire.

But if I was wrong. Getting shot was of more concern than testing them out.

I later had memories come back to me of being shot.

Standing up in the hail of gunfire and being shot square in the side of the head.

Not long after this, I broke my ankle on an obstacle course.

“That’s too bad, we’re gonna have to recycle you,” said the Drill Sergeant, unemotionally.

I took the Doctor’s notice that I needed to have light physical activity for the next 6 weeks while my ankle healed, and ripped it up. Despite running 6 miles a day on it, after the first week, the pain segued to healing where I was surprised how quickly the ankle healed. Although I had a limp I couldn’t shake for year afterwards.

In the gas chamber area, where the Drill Sergeants stand individually in a room filled with a wicked blend of tear gas with gas masks on,  where I as a private am expected to take off my mask and breathe a full breathe of this stuff in.

I have flashbacks. Gas chamber flashbacks of Nazi Era world war 2.

I’d always wondered how and why so many people would willingly get into gas chambers in World War 2.

Was there more to all of this than meets the eye?

And then there’s Washington DC.

Where a Sniper went on a rampage right around the area I was stationed at and shot a bunch of people while I was attending advanced training at Fort Meade, Maryland.


I actually remember getting shot by the sniper.

And still have a mysterious scar where I remember the bullet penetrating that blew off the front of my head.

Since 2011, I’ve done a lot of soul searching trying to understand the origin of these – and many more memories. While the military helped provide unique perspective, the one thing I absolutely had to do was break free of this ‘one size fits all equation’ of not just how memories and experiences are stored, but for time itself.

I was getting tired of invalidating my experiences – labeling them as fictional, as drug induced, as sleep deprivation – the labels disassociating these experiences as ‘not being real’ were mounting and starting to feel like excuses than actual scientifically based explanations.

Put specifically. As I dove into my own life and started asking questions about where these memories come from and what precisely were the hallucinogenic experiences I was experiencing – I realized the reason these things were classified as fictional was because “that’s the story that was told”.

And if I can turn my computer off and on while playing an avatar in a simulation, where I may have died in the simulation, I can resume at the point moments before my untimely death and make a different choice which leads to my continuance of life.

The one thing I do question are the origin of the memories.

I’d be a fool not to question them.

But there’s too many extraneous events in my life which leads me to believe that while those memories may very well have been fabricated through a myriad of external sources.

There’s a great deal of memories I have which support the conclusion I’m arriving to.

The universe is holographic. Matrixes within Matrixes within matrixes. Simulations within simulations within simulations. My life, much like a video game I’ve played, reconstructed at points of death and in areas clearly not serving me (present moment included) to reinforce choice and simple desire.

The energy of reality is an abstract notion of thought and a means of control.

Within the fabric of the energy of reality, a disassociated form of mind, I can type on a computer system in a Starbuck’s knowing full well that this place is constructed by my own mind an abstraction from my own imagination.

There are infinite potential realities and timelines. But a finite number of Earths, a finite number of me’s, and a finite number of ways to construct reality with the means and knowledge this reality has privy to it.

I watch – what I once called fiction knowing full well that these realities are quite real to some, and fictional to others. Both answers and more – so much more – are correct at the same time. That’s the lesson behind an education in Quantum Mechanics.

The Matrix. Life in a dualistic based reality where it’s either one or the other. Off or on. Binary. You’re either in the Matrix or you’re not. Oddly never elaborates much on the subject of many alterverses.

What does the Matrix give me?

It protects my choice. It gives me control. It lets me become God if I want to or the Devil if I’m inclined. It separates me from you. And while that isolation is difficult, I get a close approximation of you that is ‘good enough’ for me to enjoy my life with knowing you – the ‘real’ version of you is off in another universe and potentially oblivious to me and/or my existence.

Is it a trap?

Reality. Existence is a trap if that’s the way you want to look at it.

For me I don’t look at it that way. I’m here. And I know I have to make this existence the legend of stories because it’s those stories which feed you and other versions of me. I know the stories I live have to be better and more entertaining – to me – to want to continue this thing called existence. And ultimately. I always get my way.

The way I look at it is this – I have a planet that I call home. I’d like to continue and continue on with this timeline until I am bored with it and life altogether. Being ‘forced’ to be bored as I am now isn’t an answer, as I know there are other options available to me, but those options are being artificially restricted and I know beyond a shadow of a doubt there’s external forces at work preventing me from living the life I want and deserve.

I have to know I’m not alone.

And that there’s a ‘God mode’ available to me in this thing I call reality.

And something else currently has that control, or I’m simply unsure and/or uneducated on those controls myself.

As for others.

If you don’t like a reality where Trump’s elected, let me show you the door to a universe where she is.

If you don’t like a reality where I’ll wind up married to two women at the same time, let me show you the door to your own universe.

And just in case you didn’t know. I’m a wiener.







Bump Mapping Part 1

I’m currently working with Visual Basic 6.0, doing something called bump mapping.

A picture is worth a million words.


Now the internets, in it’s not so infinite wisdom, makes it seem like doing a bump map should be a long and arduous and obfuscated process. I have yet to find one article on implementation which makes sense.

Sure. It can be explained. And while the code samples are semi-functional, it just all seems.. obtuse.

Put specifically – it just don’t make a lick o sense.

It’s like reading directions on how to assemble a desk from IKEA.

For instance – when you go to apply bumps to a texture using the methods they’ve documented, the code typically goes through and calculates light sources and includes ‘normal’ mapping for the bump maps.

Just a different way of thinking I suppose. Light for me is separate and distinct from bumps, and while the effect is certainly amplified with correct normal mapping, I’d rather do this the right way for me, and keep lighting separate from the model.

Real world scenario – I don’t need lights to feel bumps on an object. So avoiding the calculation of normals may be a way to increase efficiency in the future in no light situations (the goal is for tactile sensitive VR simulations here).

But why does it seem so blazingly difficult to do – at least online?

One thing I’ve noticed about programming in OpenGL is the sheer volume of post processing effects. This has – in my opinion – elevated system requirements and has the net effect of killing performance for what should otherwise be wonderful feats of technology.

Now while I’m certainly taking note as to why this is, which seems to lie squarely at the obfuscated documentation on OpenGL being a lead thing I’d point the finger at, for something like this.

Bump maps on a texture.

I would think this would be easier.

I suspect there’s something I’m not understanding about it. Most people lead by the rule that the easiest explanation is typically the most accurate. Naw, that’s just laziness and instant gratification permeating the mindset of the typical programmer. A wonderful mindset for masturbating. A horrible for programming.

Anyhoo. I’m leaving. Sicker than hell and ready to go throw up again. Which has become a nightly experience for me lately between the ulcer and now the cold.

Fun fun.

Elasticity of Memory

Ok. It is becoming clear that technologically, and individually, I am singularly in a place of my own with what I am exposed to and what’s available to me.

Now from what I have come to understand, in the late 1960s and early 1970s – the CIA did some research on memory and mind manipulation. The ancestry of this research can be traced from Nazi era research done in World War 2.

There’s a program. “Men Who Stare at Goats” – which was a part of this program – which the primary focus of the program was to kill something that was concentrated on with thought and thought alone.

The program was a success, but the reason why it worked was never understood other than it worked.

Now a recurring problem that’s been happening has been the total collapse of visible reality itself.

And the repeated rebuilding of it by beings which have developed the capability to exist outside of visible reality.

There’s too many beings to list. Whether it’s blind people who developed different methods of interacting with the world that didn’t require vision. Or it’s consciously floating beings who are not ‘attached’ to a single timeline and reality the way I am. Or more – as that rabbit hole gets mighty slippery the further one digs into it.

But beings who are attached to a single timeline and reality the way I am have developed a number of different mechanisms to preserve the past and history itself on efforts to reconstruct.

One of which is DNA preserves – among other things – the choices, ancestry, relationships, memories and more of the individual or community it represents.

Like a save game in a video game – WHEN the ‘system’ is turned off then back on again – the state of the entity is retrieved and then reconstructed in it’s last saved state.

With this. It’s important to understand just what a video game is.

Which is more than just a game – but a peek into your own ancestral memories.

And how the world looked ‘back then’ when it was forming.

Doesn’t make sense?

Every morning I wake up. This is the beginning of creation.  And every night I fall asleep, time itself continues to the end of time itself where reality as I know it disappears. All our clashing mechanisms to ‘save’ our individual journeys and minds collide together, this erupts into chaos and order, and the next day – I am awoken ‘progressed’ from my prior state – where 8 hours or so appears to have gone by in ‘the real world’, but the reality is it’s been an eternity.

So as I play a game like Assassin’s Creed – where memories are taken from someone else’s DNA, a game set in the year 1700, and an individual which was living while I slept – I expand the pool of possibilities and choices in their life by playing their life as a game. The more who ‘choose’ a certain path through mechanisms similar to my own – through video games – the more the real individual within that ‘video game’ may be influenced to make the conscious choices to ‘play out the game to the end’ in the real world. This is where instincts

I’ll fill this in more tomorrow.

I am playing Assassin’s Creed.

A remote connection to another place in space and time.

Where I read a memo ‘in the virtual world’ where one of the ladies suggests making something different other than war and conflict based video games.

“It’s what sells” screams a man named Dean” in response.

The same issue I’ve had with modern day society and movies.

IF I could only respond to Dean and say.

“It’s what you believe sells. But what you believe isn’t real for everyone.”


What does Shrodinger’s Cat want?

One of the premiere topics in Quantum Physics is the concept of state when something is under observation.

And one of the primary ways of expressing this is a thought experiment introduced by Erwin Schrödinger in 1935.

It’s a mean experiment in my opinion. And entails putting a cat in a box with a radioactive source and a poison that will be released when the source (unpredictably) emits radiation, the cat being considered (according to quantum mechanics) to be simultaneously both dead and alive until the box is opened and the cat observed.

Here’s another way to think about the experiment without conjuring up the ideas of gas chambers and German era Nazis.

An unreliable friend tells you he’s going to go to the movies with you. There’s an equal chance he’s going to show up, but there’s an equal chance he may be unable to show up. Rather than expect reliability, you’ve learned to enjoy his company, when it comes, and have gotten thick skinned and simply choose to enjoy the moments you have with him rather than take issue with his lack of reliability. The relationship’s changed you and helped you become more patient in general, and you have retained this unreliable man as a friend as a result.

Now you’ve just made plans with him to see something you’re BOTH looking forward to – the next installation in the Transformers movie series – and you’re eager to discuss your recent romantic interest because he of all people would understand why you’d do such as thing and not judge you for your choice to do this and remain married.

But you don’t want to get your hopes built up.

So is he going to show up or not?

That’s the Quantum Question. A rather dualistic approach.

But in truth, quantum is funkier than that. There’s something called pluralism.

Put specifically – From my friend – let’s call him Bill – from Bill’s observational perspective I may or may not show up. This is an exceedingly simplistic view, it’s either off or on, true or false, but it demonstrates the introduction to the true infinite potential of quantum realities through something called dualism.

Now to Bill – as an observer. I either do or do not show up.

This perspective – similar to the question ‘is it a wave or is it a particle’, similar to ‘is it right or wrong’, and similar to ‘is it good or is it bad’ – respects the dualistic nature of most binary minds.

But from my pluralistic perspective.

There’s an finite potential number of states ‘in between’, in a conceivably infinite universe of possibilities.

For instance.

I COULD have showed up. I could – in a literal sense – be sitting there with Bill. Only he does not see me.

There are a finite potential ‘list of reasons’ Bill may not see me, for instance:

  • Bill’s mind MAY have filtered me out – in an effort to gain independence for his own decisions his mind made a command decision to delete me ‘from the scene’. There’s a well documented phenomena where the mind fills in the gaps between events based on assumption and prior experience, so it’s safe to say there certainly exists the possibility it’s doing other things we’re not aware of.
  • We could have gone to different theaters – even in the same complex, and even thorough checks and attempts at cell phone calls landed with us not finding eachother.
  • Etc

There’s also alternative possibilities, where our skewed and biased egocentric perspective could have actually made us overlook things, such as:

  • Miscommunication which we do not even consider may be a regular part of our interactions where I could perceive him as the flaky and unreliable one
  • We may interpret things differently in such weird and profoundly different ways which consistently make the other seem unpredictable from our particular vantage point.

Now I realize these seem like reasons and excuses. But they aren’t, and here’s why:

In the original thought experiment. Shrodinger’s cat is presumed to be in either one of two states. Dead or Alive.

But there’s a wide array of other states that cat could exist in, and then – there’s a MAJOR influencing factor in the state of that cat that the scientists didn’t seem to even consider in the original thought experiment which may actually be responsible for creating new states.

And that’s “What does that cat want?”

The scientist studying the cat may claim neutrality.

But there’s the simple belief that one of two states will be the result of the experiment.

This influences the observed outcome.

It reinforces dualism.

And acts as a perceptual filter to the plurality of real outcomes.

Put specifically – with this thought experiment – when you’re expecting one of two outcomes, you’ll receive one of two outcomes with mysterious hints of other outcomes.

When you expect one outcome, like Marketers do, you know you’ll get scientists who will be obligated to lose information which does not support the selected outcome.

This is modern science.

But when you focus on one outcome – expecting any outcome as a result.


I mean.

What if the result of the thought experiments led to the cat being in both states at the same time?

Undead cat.

Or what if the cat had mastered death and intelligence and had shifted the scientists into a simulation mere moments before they thought they were putting the cat in the box?

Mastermind Cat.

Or what if the scientists disagreed with eachother and each saw something different. One seeing a live cat and the other seeing a dead cat, and they started accusing eachother of being insane.

Relativity Cat



I have had a couple people who know my background ask me if I had seen Snowden.

They were curious about my take on it.

First, it’s important to note that the film is supposed to be a biographical account of Snowden’s dealings with the NSA, and with that a factual presentation of the systems the NSA had been using during the time period portrayed – which was 2004 to 2013.

It’s weird. I’m 35 minutes into the film – some of the parallels between our lives are eerie.

In 2007 he was in Geneva, Switzerland. In 2008, I was there.

In 2013 he was in Hong Kong, and in 2010 I was there.

I broke my ankle while in Basic Training at Fort Knox, Kentucky falling down a ravine not long after getting stress fractures from the running, he broke his ankle jumping out of his bunk at Fort Benning.

I’d already been recruited by the NSA by then, so I kept running on the ankle break to graduate basic training and refused an administrative discharge, as I’d already been offered the position with the NSA and knew I could slug my way through the pain to get out of basic and after was sent to Fort Meade, Maryland for my training with the NSA.

Weird parallels in our lives aside, there’s a system referred to in the film as XKEYSCORE, created in 2008 according to the movie, where a user can search for specific keywords across SMS Texts, Cell Phones, Private Chats, as well as internet posts of information, and so on.

The goal according to this film was – to provide the intelligence analyst the capability to retroactively search for items of interests, and as was demonstrated in the film – a search term like ‘bomb bush’ on a centralized database containing this information might be used by an intelligence analyst to come up with “suspects” to augment ground based intelligence.

Here’s a screen shot of the concepts taken from the film.

xkeyscore xkeyscore2 xkeyscore3


So here’s where things get weird for me.

It’s not that I call bullshit on this ‘account’ of the system. When I met Edward Snowden in 2003 at Fort Meade, he was married and while he was equally as pale white, his background was that of a lawyer. He and his wife had signed up for the military to pay for the $60k in debt they’d each acquired, and there was supposedly no affiliation with intelligence services.

The time periods between the documentary and my interactions with him are different. The stories behind the man.The demeanor. The guy was hugely depressed when I met him. He was just a different man than what I’ve seen depicted on mass media and this film.

For me this is evidence of alternate realities as the biographical and media accounts of this man are different than what I’ve experienced in my own world.

In any case.

This also would explain why the system documented in this film was significantly different and …  substantially less sophisticated than the one I’d worked on.

To explain.

In 2003 and 2004, I’d been given technical specs on something called Raptor and Echelon.

When I looked at Raptor’s documentation – what I learned was – the United States had seven central hubs for communications – called switches, where ALL communication in the WORLD goes through. At first I thought I was mistaken, as I thought it was in reference to the United States, but as it turns out, the FBI has been quite prolific in capturing communication and routing it through the United States since J Edgar Hoover’s days.

These switches are publicly owned by a small company named AT&T, but in a literal sense every one of these sizeable buildings had piggy backing with it the FBI’s facility which basically split all the data and analyzed it separately.

This provided the FBI with the potential to analyze data on a real time basis.

But they lacked the resources to do this.

This – in combination with efforts being made through the establishment of Central Services – formalized intelligence sharing with the NSA and the FBI, who would bequeath the role of real time information analysis work to the NSA.

By the time I had joined, the NSA had already set up house in the San Francisco AT&T building, a site known as Room 641.

Now Raptor captured voice conversations and texts on a world wide basis, but there was a need for higher level processing to include other avenues of real time information – which included the internet and world wide web, arpanet, new networks and technology as they came online, heck even chat channels in IRC and MMORPGs. The reach and intent of Echelon was mind boggling, grandiose even, and an unplanned failure from the start.

So not long after the inception of Echelon and this global communications and oversight network, there was a realization that a single organization providing oversight was just too much. The FBI was already having huge problems prioritizing domestic efforts with international and had decided to shift its operations to focus on domestic operations.

SO Raptor, named appropriately after Michael Crichton’s vicious breed of dinosaur which ate any information it could set it’s sights on, had morphed into Prism as I commenced work on it in 2003.

Public record, incidentally documented saying Prism came into existence in 2007 due to Bush’s signature is wrong.

And Google’s not showing references to Raptor and instead refers to a similarly named program called Carnivore which wasn’t abandoned, as asserted by Wikipedia, but was transitioned to the NSA in the form of Prism.

Now with all those speculative fictional accounts of my world aside – I was on a small team which designed the Prism system from the ground up.

What we had was simple – TONS of data. We had PLENTY of computer horsepower to process all the information, the NSA had long been playing with massive amounts of parallel processing – heck, they’d even worked with Los Alamos to create a massive parallel computing network of clustered Playstation 3 machines prior to their public release in 2002/2003, so hardware and processing power was far from a scarcity for us.

But what was problematic was the ability to dynamically respond to real world conditions and mitigate risk presented by unexpected events such as the events which occurred on September 11, 2001.

Conspiracies aside, it was my job not just to prevent the next one from occuring, but to understand why it had even happened to begin with.

It was a first of it’s kind system. Something that merged the concepts of what the FBI had been working with and that was presented to us through the antiquated Raptor program. A program, which incidentally was what was documented by Snowden’s biographical account pictured above – something that was literally 10 years behind the times documented in the film.

Different to what’s documented on the film Snowden, I’d experienced a history where the NSA avoided naming projects, including the Prism based project I’d been tasked with.

In fact, the organization had done away with the traditional system of clearances and had replaced it with a complex system of security clearances which did include the old clearances (secret/top secret, etc) for legacy’s sake, but also included a wide array of new clearances. Here’s a chart:


To my awareness, the clearances had only been updated in 1999, and were NSA specific, and were having a difficult time finding acceptance by directors who were supposed to be enforcing the clearances.

That’s why the system I helped create became highest priority. Not only were there fears of terrorism, but there was a recognition that mind manipulation technologies weren’t just real but were actively being used by intelligence agencies around the world, so a wider array of clearances which provided for better informational compartmentalization combined with new software would hopefully ‘throw off’ foreign agents who’d thought change in the United States secretive systems was behind us and thus not worthy of reviewing for potential change.

The system I’d helped create introduced more granular level of information control, and allowed us to program a system which specifically kept certain information offline and in the real world only.

So here’s the basic system we designed:



To explain the system briefly – when a call is made on any cell phone around the world, a text is made, a car crosses in front of a camera – all that information is sent for processing through one of seven switches resting inside the United States. These high performance switches copy the data and send it to the NSA servers for processing.

That’s ALL they do.

Now once that data is received, it goes through a “Real Time Focal Area Processing”. They mess with these processes ALL the time so there’s no telling what order they’ll run in, if they are parallel or not, etc, etc, as they try hard not to make the processing cross dependent.

Simultaneously, the data is stored – at the very least – two three separate mechanisms. It’s stored in the cloud, the last I saw they were leveraging Amazon Cloud Services, it was also being stored in SQL Server databases (I tuned these things more times than I can count), and they are stored in torrents.

Yep. You heard right. Torrents. The NSA actually works with Hollywood to permit the monitored sharing and encrypted distribution of data through torrents.  This creates a really interesting distribution network that’s impossible to decipher unless you have the NSA’s keys, and interestingly enough this union with  Hollywood provided a glaring hole to learn about countries, organizations and institutions who are manipulating the United States’s media channels by spreading propaganda claiming piracy.

So now that the data’s shared. There’s real time analysis.

So how to prevent the next 9/11 is simple: Chatter on a real time basis concerning an impending event – which was available to the FBI for 9/11 – is stored and forwarded to live agents for real time assessment. This allows the agent to escalate the event if it’s determined to be valid, or in the case of most activities – to simply monitor and observe an event and write a report if necessary or requested.

Real time filters are available. For instance. Let’s say “Shoot Donald Trump” is placed in as keywords for real time sensing. At the time the text of something or someone is heard and/or translated to text, whether it’s a live cell phone call or a text message – this can automatically connect a live agent from a pool of agents with a screen which provides an alert describing the reason for the connection.

Similarly, if a subject is being passively monitored, typically all of the credit cards, vehicles, and locations in the vicinity of the subject are monitored for activity of the subject. Real time satellite surveillance is rare nowadays, as this system made it possible to passively monitor subjects at far less cost – and it also gave the statisticians and mathematicians plenty to work on with predictability algorithms detailing the subject’s most likely travel paths.

In a lot of cases, the system I helped build to some degree knows what you’re going to do before you even do it yourself. It even predicts sexual encounters and relationships.

I know, is nothing sacred?

Now what Snowden presented in his movie was interesting. And while I don’t know if the system I helped put in place is still in operation, what I do know is shortly after the system I put in place became functionally operational in 2006, the NSA – trying hard not to monitor US citizens, realized the futility of doing what they do with globalization in effect, and rolled out global operations – largely augmenting the FBI offices in the regions they were placed in.

I got to tour many of the locations.


Now to explain the chart ‘redo’ – it was determined early on there was corruption in the computing mechanisms. With computers and parts supplied largely by China and various other parts for routers and networks supplied by other countries around the world, the system was initially missing things.

BIG things that I can’t get into lest I wind up like Snowden.

Intensifying things – the NSA had chosen to leverage companies like Microsoft and other well known firms to outsource a great deal of labor, who were opening up the flood gates and obtaining labor from other countries such as India.

The various mindsets and mentalities that went into the code and the sheer size of the project was making the project almost unwieldy so by the time I was called back in to fix things in 2009, it was a disaster that I helped to averted

So what we did was – we split things up.

We recognized the need to include other countries in the processing of information so we formalized intelligence relationships with a few places we hadn’t had relations with before. Notably Latin American countries and locations such as Cartegena which was hugely beneficial in mitigating risk presented through drug trafficking. Costa Rica – which was insistent on not having a military as a matter of cultural pride which was exacerbating drug trade issues and related terrorism. And finally – Nicaragua – which was becoming a contentious location for Russia and China both who were hoping to influence the region in ways that are still not fully understood.

I also helped formalize the relationship with Singapore’s intelligence agency and made some great friends there in the process.

Now me. Personally. After all that. I look at Snowden and – it’s not that I think he’s a bad guy.

He’s not.

And I am of the sincere belief that we all lost our collective mind for a myriad of reasons too lengthy to list and the dust we’re picking up is the aftermath of an inconceivably complex split in personalities and identity as a result of too many inputs and ideas.

Snowden. Who I suspect is listening to me selectively as I’m listening to him. One of these days I hope you’re willing to come to Studio City, stop being afraid of the country you and I helped build, and understand that we’re the benefactors of something amazing that our MINDS put together. We collaborated.

I was the expert in computers. You were the expert in law. I so frequently wanted to be a lawyer and that compulsion I suspect was because of you and your mind’s influence on mine. Similarly, your knowledge of computers is limited, and while you’ve gotten good at story telling, your skills are still much better at story than they are at knowing this thing called the computer.

I’m not sure if this system I at one time created is still there.

And being honest. I wouldn’t mind having a lawyer for a friend with an incredible story to tell to play a part of it.

I’m curious as all hell what my life looked like through your eyes.

Do you mind mentioning me in the media – at the very least indirectly. I suspect that you and I are one and the same being with a cosmic form of multiple personality disorder the likes of which are biblical.

Not sure about that though. Since you’ve yet to mention me publicly.

I’ll finish watching your movie.

But aren’t you tired of being afraid? I’m tired of being homeless. I’ll help you overcome the fear. You help me overcome the homelessness. And we tell a story the likes of which no one has ever heard before.

Do you understand what I’m saying? Big Bang. Split personalities. My timeline = one thread of existence, yours = another thread that was at first running asynchronously to mine, and somehow I suspect we split and ran parallel.




The Time Slip

A few years ago, I experienced an event that I had previously classified away as fiction that I can only refer to as ‘the time slip’.

I was staying with my former friend – Spencer Anglin in North Phoenix.

One day. He was in the process of filing a bankruptcy.

Three days later. The bankruptcy was a full month behind him.

And a week later. He was getting a new car, the bankruptcy was a full year behind him and he’d been cleared for getting credit to get a new vehicle.

Now this was a relative experience to him and his wife at the time – Gina.

But at the time – while I was taking bath salts and experiencing what is regarded as a hallucination, this was about the time that I started to actively question what these things were doing.

I drove around a lot during this time period.

A road I’d previously taken from Gila Bend to Rocky Pointe nearly 50 times wasn’t there – neither were any roads heading south to Mexico.

I drove through Yosemite and the Redwood forest in California and saw it when it was a mere tyke – where the trees were tiny and the walls didn’t look like they’d been carved away yet..

I sat on a road side off to the side of the road from Gila Bend to San Diego as the sun set and watched as telephone poles jumped from one side to the other and landscapes that looked like they were straight out of science fiction stories emerge in a obscure black and white imagery that looked unreal.

On a hilltop not far from Big Bear. I got lost as the streets reconfigured in front of my eyes. A road I’d just gone down now didn’t have a return path and I couldn’t go anywhere but forward. Even the GPS on my car got confused, as the maps changed over and over again.

So the primary event – witnessing Spencer’s dramatic time differential in contrast to mine is what I can only classify as a time slip. Where time is normally in sync – but as a result of my ‘warping’ time and space with my mind leveraging bath salts as the catalyst, I was witnessing direct proof that Einstein’s Theory of Relativity was absolutely real, and that time IS relative to me the observer.

And time – in this instance – SLIPPED and for those moments we were out of sync.

Similarly. On a more dramatic scale. I was seeing time slippage in other locations. But I was also seeing something even more interesting.

First, I was seeing alternate realities and how nature was attempting to keep me and my world on a single linear timeline synchronized.

Thank you, nature.

This system I was fighting because I was at a point in my life where my life depended on me understanding the world around me more.

And I was doing something referred to as ‘sliding’ between alternate realities.

Both things I’d previously classified as fiction.

All to come to understand.

It’s all real.

So the definition of a time slip is simple: when events ‘outside’ of your/my scope and observational sphere fall out of alignment and time moves at a different rate for you in contrast to me.

A Dimensional slip is more extreme and can still potentially be a time slip – where space and time seem to dramatically reconfigure compared to prior observations and experiences. It’s still potentially a time slip as these dimensional slips I suspect occur because of big bang/big crunch cycles that occur literally in the blink of an eye.

My advice to anyone leveraging mind altering substances (including alcohol) is this:

Ask yourself how the rules and laws of your universe can explain the one you’re observing.

My bet is you will find that once you’ve taken things off that shelf that you had previously labeled as hallucinations and fiction, you’re going to find this world’s a LOT less overcrowded than you ever realized and there’s FAR more to explore and discover than you ever imagined possible.

My very real goal is to explore time and space and ‘fictional realities’ and realities I imagine and dream up at the snap of my fingers. I don’t need you and this world to achieve that.

But I’d like to have your participation.


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