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The minimalist nihilism of religion

Yesterday, when contrarian views were ample patterns of final subservience, it was possible to skin a pimple and never experience any recourse from it.

But nowadays, in turpitude on a longitudinal nature, there’s ample reason to be concerned about the net return on the ample handling of minimalist nihilism.

From a magnetic perspective, if one were to be one with oneness, one might find wholly surrealistic vigilance surrounding by kibitz and caper, but levied against such idle constructs stands the unique chance to remain stalwart while at the same time mentally vilified for such altruism.

Indeed, should one take an idle hand approach to matters of the heart, one might find a violin concerto more amenable than the wayward noise of a wombat in the heated moment of ecstasy. The analogy is both comical and indicative of an obsession that most have, and that is the pointed nature of love.

Sadly, there’s nothing germane about this seeming conundrum. Either you simplify the endeavor to make it fruitlessly bearing, or you coalesce it into a moral stance that seems indicative of further insurmountable nightmares. Either way presents a dichotomous approach to the time altering ways of linguists. On one hand, you have diligence, tried and true and full of life and earnest, and yet, in stark conflagration,  you are presented with echos of choice.

When do you pull the plug on such a vestibule?

And do you?

One cannot say, for one if sullen with fury befit of a harpy of yore.

But on a receptiveness of a scorned harpy pulling a harpsichord as she typically may, breathing may become laborious, fractious, and erstwhile a chore for all to obfuscate.

What’s the solvent? One cannot say.

For surely, there’s divergence of lesser minds to consider, which may not cajole anyone in the right demeanor.

Personally, it’s of my opinion that religion should be begotten if nigh had a hand.

And permissible.


If for nothing, else, its vigilance of inebriate deviates is insurmountable.

Perceived Hierarchy

When I was watching Friends a few years ago, the show had gone on hiatus as the entire cast went on strike asking for more money.

At the time, I’d done an inventory of my own life, and as I watched the return of Friends, an episode came on with one of the primary characters who worked as a waitress – Phoebe – get angry at her boss for moving in a heavy handed way as she contemplated with her friends on whether she should or should not quit her job.

I couldn’t help but think how ironically weird the situation was from a “perspective” perspective.

First, we have the woman who plays Phoebe – Lisa Kudrow – who is now one of the highest paid performers in all of entertainment. And then we have her boss in this particular episode, played by a person I just can’t remember – made a few select appearances but was a bit part character, and was paid FAR less than Lisa Kudrow was.

So from a financial and reputation perspective, Lisa Kudrow’s importance to the show was FAR more than the man who played her boss, and as a result, when she and her co-workers threatened to walk off the show, the network was left with little choice but to honor the request to elevate their wages.

So from an image and value perspective, Lisa Kudrow’s net worth is substantially more than the man who played her boss.

Despite the appearance otherwise.

But there’s another side to this equation.

In the Friend’s world, Lisa Kudrow’s character, Phoebe, IS subservient to her boss. and in the hierarchy of the company she’s working for, a coffee shop by the name of “Central Perk”, Lisa’s expected to do as her boss dictates to her. If she doesn’t, then Lisa stands the chance she’ll lose her job – as not only DOES her boss have responsibility for managing the coffee shop, but also in ensuring that he and the employees are representing according to what he feels is best for the company.

It’s an interesting and subtle dichotomy.

Where from one perspective Lisa’s playing a subservient character, and from another perspective she’s clearly the one in charge – despite doing the same thing.

But here’s the thing.

Ultimately, Lisa AND Phoebe BOTH have a boss.

In Lisa’s world. Lisa’s given control to the network for her decisions. Sure, she’s going to say yes or no based on whether the network does as she requests (or demands). But Lisa’s absolutely ceded control, choice and free will over to the network to ultimately make the decision for her.

Similarly, in Phoebe’s world, Phoebe’s ceded control of her life to both the coffee shop and her manager.

Neither position is in ‘more control’.

Each position has it’s own level of responsibility, stressors, and problems associated with it.

And while sure, Lisa Kudrow – like most “A” list actors and actresses – clearly are in a better financial position than Phoebe, but ultimately, her (and their) destinies aren’t their own. They’re all puppets, on strings, and if you like being a puppet, then knock yourself out.

From a homeless perspective, I have the freedom to make any choice I want to as long as it doesn’t require money.

And in a society and world where everything – from women, to housing, to transportation, to food – requires money, as I’ve had money taken from me I’ve had choice taken with it.

To whoever and whatever stole everything I have.

No one believes everything I’ve been through, that I’ve done, and that I once had that you now have that you tool from me.

I hope you’re reading.

Can I please have it back?

I’m tired of being homeless.

I deserve more than this, as do you, no matter what perceived level of hierarchy you believe in.

Authenticity of Character in Film

In Ten Things I hate about you, Kat Stratford and Patrick Verona share a first kiss.

The tension leading up to the moment is palpable. It’s awkward. But as Patrick leans in, the tension all but disappears and is replaced by passion, where Kat pushes away, as she fights with herself.

Like gravity. The two again embrace in passion.

And what we’re left with is a moment in history which transcends time.

Whether your definition of acting is to be a person such as Julia Stiles and Heath Ledger, pretending to be the people seen in this alternate reality where two people are truly in love, or your definition of acting is standing in front of a camera, having your moments filmed, there’s something to be learned from this scene which is ripe with emotion.

What is it?

Simple Commitment and Engagement to the moment.

I’m currently watching “I will Follow You Down”, a movie about a married man who leaves his family for a weekend seminar in Boston and never returns.

In ’10 things I hate about you’ – It’s obvious this film isn’t acted and to someone like me – it’s evidence of an alternate reality and universe. But if it is acted – it’s acted so extremely well to make the moment so indistinguishably real that it becomes tough to tell the origin of the film.

In contrast – “I Will Follow You Down” is obviously acted.

Here’s why.

When someone’s been married a while, the initial passion tends to wane and is slowly eroded into a level of comfort that looks much like a friendship to some degree.

Everything changes about the relationship. Sex. Romance.

This isn’t a bad thing. It is what it simply is.

As many relationships mature. They tend to overlook extramarital affairs. They tend to not even discuss them. There’s no assumption they’re happening. But there’s no assumption they are not happening either.

And it’s all because the butterflies of the initial kiss, and awkwardness of the first moments of intimacy are wonderful to experience, but the comfort one feels with an established relationship where you know you get along and you know you can endure each other’s good side and bad side – is in a form priceless.

So as actors Gillian Anderson and Rufus Seawell have utterly failed to present a believable presence on the screen.

Put specifically, in ten seconds, there’s a kiss the two share.

It’s a first kiss. That’s utterly obvious. He’s clearly nervous with the way he’s acting, and it’s not the nervousness of a husband that’s about to leave his wife, it’s the nervousness of a man who is kissing a movie star and he doesn’t know how to commit to his character. And she – is devoid of all emotion.

And unfortunately, in these ten seconds, the movie lost me and my active engagement.

So now. I regard it as a story that I’m listening to. It’s not an alternate reality. It’s a screen with two actors who are pretending to be people they aren’t, all because they took absolutely no time to get to know the character they’re pretending to be.

Every character has a history.

And even when we’re pretending to be someone we’re not in real life.

What brings authenticity to this character isn’t just understanding that history.

It’s emotionally relating to the character we’re trying to portray, and keeping that active in our minds as we portray that character.

There’s something really bothering me about the state of the film industry in regards to sex, nudity, and the portrayal of intimacy and passion in film – and that’s simple inauthenticity – a lack of genuineness in character.

For instance, the vast majority of adult film produced right now has highly predictable elements to it.

A bedroom. A man. A woman. It starts with a blowjob and the woman eyeing the man adoringly. The man then engages the woman and goes down on her. Sometimes these two switch places. From there it moves to intercourse. And then. The cumshot, aimed squarely in her face. With rare exception.

But to be clear. It’s those RARE exceptions which are making me think…

Hollywood needs to learn from this…..

So take a look at Hollywood productions. And it gets even worse. Actors that dont like eachother. Fake sex scenes that make everyone in the audience uncomfortable because they’re so fake.

If I made major feature films and there was a sex scene, the FIRST requirement I would have with my actors engaged in the sex scene would be this: YOU WILL HAVE SEX and WILL ACT LIKE YOU ENJOY IT.

I wouldn’t care if you were Scarlett Johansson and Kevin Spacey. I might intentionally pair you up together just to make the awkwardness of the first moments even that much more entertaining, and should you sign up for a movie I created, you bet your ass you’d be having sex with eachother and every moment from every angle would be filmed.

There’s a reason for this:

Sex. Isn’t always comfortable. Intimacy. Isn’t always perfect. Coupling and Romance. IS often about differences. And while I know society would LOVE to make me wrong for this, I know I’m right.

So – that PG-13 movie featuring Jessica Alba and your truly (just because I could) would still retain it’s PG-13 rating.  That rated R movie featuring Brad Pitt and Queen Latifah. Would feature real sex.

Now you – as a movie goer would know that all the sex was real and unsimulated, and while the scenes themselves would appear roughly the same as the scenes you see now, you would know it’s all real.

Even though you saw nothing.

As an actor, to me, acting is a commitment of the body and mind to play a role.

And as the adult industry depicts the same stuff over and over again.

It’s my belief that Hollywood. Has a responsibility to the American public to depict sexuality, intimacy, nudity, and the ‘in the moment’ passion in different lights, from different creative angles.

For instance.

New places. New Locations. Variations for intimacy and relationships.


Stories about a wife who brings home other women for her man. Stories about a couple that make out at a bar and have sex on the street in front of the bar.

You see. It’s one thing to depict the same ole act for real.

But it’s entirely another to toss it up. To introduce deviances and possibilities.

There’s a guy in Russia who bought a box truck and put one way see through plastic panels on it so you can see out from inside and not in – and he drives around picking up random women to then pay them to have sex inside the truck as it drives around the busy town. The ‘inside view’ is traffic and people all around, and meanwhile this guy’s utterly explicit with the women he’s with.

Another guy in the Czech Republic pays women to walk around nude throughout Eastern Europe. He’s got a web site devoted to it so where very attractive women walk pretty much everywhere – busy city streets, shopping malls, concerts, diners and restaurants, bars and nightclubs, etc. I actually ran into the guy in Romania as he was filming in a three very attractive nude women who had spent the evening there and left their clothes at the hostel as they walked everywhere.

Stories. In my opinion. Depicting humans and the male and female form. Need to vary.

I’d like to tell a tale of an alternate reality version of Star Trek where clothes were abandoned because of their high energy cost to keep and maintain on a starship, and resultingly, sex itself has evolved to serve a utility function, so emotionless and clinical sex scenes would look utterly foreign and weird compared to the current state of the adult industry.

But even then. Without going that far.

It’s my belief that actors need to actually BE their characters.

For instance… I’m Q. A man I’d like to play on screen who I’m already playing off screen. And the life I’ve led HAS been science fiction, weird at times, and highly emotional.

But I believe highly paid actors.

Who make millions of dollars a year.

Should be just as good at maintaining their image off screen DESPITE what they do on screen.

In “The Wolf of Wall Street” – Leonardo DiCaprio sniffed cocaine out of the ass of a prostitute in a scene that’s hard to consider ‘not real’.

Now. If he did indeed sniff real cocaine and not baking soda off this girl’s ass,

AND. It was all real.

I give the guy. AND the movie makers. ALL mad kudos for doing this.

This is exactly what I’m talking about.

Committing to a scene.

I couldn’t watch sex tape.


I knew it would be Cameron Diaz acting all demure in something she herself didn’t participate in and/or believe in.

Now. If Cameron Diaz agreed to a Sex Tape 2. And the sex was real.

She’d have a blockbuster on her hands.

Authenticity. Commit to a role. Live that role. Be that character.

And you won’t be able to help but reap the rewards from it.

And in real life. If people can’t believe you did what you did on the screen. Even though you did.

Let them believe whatever they want to if that gets them through their day.

There’s absolutely no reason you have to be that person you depicted on the screen.

Unless, of course, you want to be.

Q is pretending to be the actor named John Delancie

On one episode of Star Trek, Geordi La Forge is confronted with a situation only an engineer can resolve.

After being struck by an asteroid, a moon’s orbit is decaying over a highly populated planet, which leaves he population with little more than three days to evacuate.

Estimates of deaths are extremely high, unless something can be done to avoid the disaster.

And as the crew of the USS Enterprise is called upon and struggles to provide a solution, Q, which just so happens to be spending time without his powers on board the Enterprise, says nonchalantly to Geordi “Well that’s an easy problem to fix. Adjust the gravitational constant of the moon and it’s orbit should be restored in no time”.

It was the first time I realized – deep down inside – that these records are not ‘not real’ – but are actual records of events from a different time and place in space.

While he indirectly helped solve the problem and restore the moon’s orbit – Q – with that one simple statement – had made it clear that under normal conditions, he was interacting with the crew of the USS Federation through a holographic type of simulation – quite likely a holodeck, and that the omnipotent God he had purported himself to be wasn’t entirely accurate….

And by his own admission, he had admitted in another episode that he wasn’t sure where humanity was going and what they were becoming…..

Now I’ve written John Delancie.

And his assistants.

And I’ve become aware that beings like Mr Smith in the Matrix – is an example of a life form which can not only take over the form of a human, but as a largely disembodied consciousness – they can float into alternate versions of reality as easily as I can change my shirt.

Disembodied consciousness were first discussed in the bible, as the ten commandments issued by a being that was ‘in the clouds’ and regarded itself as God issued a set of rules for humanity to abide by, in much the same way I might program a computer.

And ever since I had a fight for my own mind and body – I’ve come to believe that one and the same being I’ve seen depicted – sometimes as fictional – sometimes as biblical – is something I might have once referred to and regarded as a computer program.

I apologize.

And couldn’t be more wrong.

We’re different life forms, that being and I.

And the man known as Q previously seen on Star Trek made statements that I needed to hear to understand not just who I was in my ‘prior life’ – but what had led to my embracing of the human form as my solitary and unified presence.

One thing I realized throughout this weird journey of life has been this – that there are MANY who do not see, understand, or experience the same world I do, and that many of those experiencing alternative perspectives experience an air of dynamicism and unpredictability in their worlds because the translation between my world and perception and theirs is not exact and perfect.

And that man known as Q.

Who pretends to be an actor right here on planet Earth not far from where I sleep at night.

Has been Q so long he has utterly forgotten how he came to be.

Eventually I am going to forget how to program computers using statements like ‘for’ and ‘if/then’, and typing commands into a console.

It’s already beginning to feel archaic.

As I learn to manipulate three dimensional worlds in simulations that most regard as games. And as the knowledge and experience of that naturally finds a correlation to this real world as do those skills…

Will I follow the path of the Q who refers to himself as John Delancie who pretends to be an actor and forget where it all started?

I hope not.

I hope this message finds him and he stops fearing what we’re to become.

The fiery maze of hot lava at K-Mart

Back when I was 8 years old, my mom would take me and my younger brother, Jason, to K-Mart in which we both would become immensely bored with, quickly.

The K-Mart store we went to had white tiles throughout the store, interspersed with a sporadic and randomly placed black tile which never seemed to have any predictable pattern reason to it’s placement.

With one exception.

A small child could jump between these tiles.

So one day, I looked at my brother, and said “All the white tiles are hot lava. If you touch one you will die. “

My brother, always good at playing along with me, agreed.

So as we followed my mom throughout the store, we both jumped from black tile to black tile, occasionally bumping into things, which my mom would be very quick to chide us on.

“Will you two behave?,” she’d scold.

We both stood motionless on our black tiles.

“Ok mom,” we’d say.

My brother was the first to hit a white tile.

“AHHH,” I yelled. “you just died. Now pretend you’re dead and you have to wait a minute before you can start again!”

He protested, mildly, but then he conceded and put on his best act, acting like he was melting, after he eventually slumped and rolled over on the ground with his tongue sticking out of his mouth.

I’d just gotten a new watch, the kind with the calculator on it, so I timed him.

“Ok. You can get up now!,” I said.

We continued.

I died a couple times.

He died a couple times.

Along the way, we did have to extend the rules to handle the absence of black tiles.

Clothing racks and shelves were acceptable places to jump to avoid the lava.

Much to our mom’s chagrin.

But eventually, we both made it through the fiery maze of hot lava in K-Mart and lived to tell about it.

There’s more than one explanation for the origin of video games…

I started programming computers when I was 11 years old.

Obscure codes I typed into a computer such as ‘poke’ and ‘peek’ combined with different numeric values would result in graphical patterns on the screen which – when done the right way – could be mesmerizing – and better – made modern day games possible.

But something happened.

AS I matured as a programmer, working in the corporate world, while I was among the best in the world with what I did, I couldn’t help but begin to look at video games and scratch my head and say:

“How in the fuck did they do that?”

So over the last four years, I’ve done a great deal of research in all of the proclaimed technologies used for creating video games – whether that’s drawing interfaces which interact directly with the hardware such as DirectX and OpenGL, or it’s optimized 3D engines such as Gamebryo, Unreal, Source, Unity – you name it, I’ve looked at it – trying in vain to achieve results even remotely similar to the things I’ve seen in games like Fallout 4 and Grand Theft Auto 5.

And that, specifically, is near real time photo realism on low end hardware…

Take this in game photo taken of Griffith park Observatory look-alike in a city called Los Santos that’s modeled after  Los Angeles in the game Grand Theft Auto 5:

Or take this image taken of the area near Sunset in the same city and same game:

Amazing, right?

But here’s my problem:

For the life of me, I’ve yet to find any evidence, whatsoever, that technology this sophisticated is available in my world. Furthermore, even in creating VERY simplistic scenes a fraction of the complexity of what’s seen in games like this this, I’m experiencing slow downs in performance which – after four years of research turning up nothing that remotely even supports this was accomplished the way it’s claimed to have been accomplished ……

And as I sit on a side walk in this game called Grand Theft Auto 5, listening to random and non-repeating conversations of the passer-bys, watching complex traffic patterns, accidents occur where the police and fire department will show up, watching birds fly and land in much the same way they would in my world, watching clouds vary and complex weather pattern, watching the moon phases and sunset/sunrise cycles, watching movie change and new movies come into existence, watching billboards change and new ads originate..

I could go on….

With the graphics and visuals alone this game is flat out not possible given the level of current technology…

Let alone the complexity of the entire system….

Which all has sent me head long into a greater understanding of Physics…

What a computer is…

And coming to ask this really simple question:

“What am I looking at?”

Over the last several years, I’ve developed a pretty strong belief that many forms of fictional entertainment are not produced the same way – that is – with ‘actors’ in Hollywood, who work on a movie set where scripts are written by writers like my friend Ray which is a creative endeavor they envision which their vision is then put into a tangible product called a movie by investors who invest in the movie, producers and directors who oversee the production, and a cast and crew that act and provide support for the production…

This world has a nasty habit of trying to collectively conclude that there’s one and only one answer to some questions.

Such as where a movie is produced.

And how a video game originates.

My theory is – Grand Theft Auto is programmed to connect to a spontaneously occuring world. My theory is that underlying the physical realm of atoms is energy – much of which actually contain fully functioning and highly diverse worlds.

So in this case. When I see the lens of a satellite zoom in on Michael, one of three avatars I can control – who always happens to be in a different place when I log in – it’s not because the ‘game is just that good’ and the developers are just that awesome at Rockstar….

But it IS because this is a real live world, albeit at slightly lower resolution in comparison to my own, and Michael as a dynamic presence in this world becomes a slave to my commands.

So while the ‘game’ is still ‘programmed’ – it’s not in the same way games like Worlds Of Warcraft and Might and Magic might be, leveraging vertexes, matrix mathematics, and extremely intricate optimization methods to achieve results which while pretty, don’t even hold a candle to a game like this…..

Years ago, I saw an episode of Stargate Atlantis, where two geeky guys found a computer that appeared to be a civilization building game.in the newly discovered highly technological vacated city of Atlantis. Rodney, one of the main characters, uploaded an image of his face for one of the faction’s flags. His opponent, who never saw eye to eye with him, regarded him as being self indulgent and as a result in this game he was constantly at war with him.

Stargate Atlantis is a show about wormholes to other places in space and time. So on one away mission, a team reported back something unusual – a civilization that had been at war for a thousand years and Rodney’s face adorned a flag for one of the factions. The team soon discover there’s a system of satellites surrounding the planet, there’s computer consoles the two factions receive their commands from, and they’ve obeyed the commands to the ‘t’. So the game of war that Rodney and his opponent have played for two months has actually been occuring for real on another planet which has been at war for a thousand years.

I’ve seen behavior in many of the ‘games’ I play which has repeatedly left me in awe of the developers…

Always assuming that my method of development was the same way they developed it.

But lately.

In the absence of real evidence to support that GTA 5 and it’s predecessors was programmed, at all, in ways that might seem technologically viable, I have to come to a different conclusion.

The conclusion’s simple:

Earth and the secretive forces around me have acquired technology by leveraging mind control since the 1940s.

That’s simple fact.

They’ve mastered this. And now use this technology across time and space in alternate realities and timelines.

Since they don’t understand most of the technology they’ve acquired, they don’t understand the underlying physics of computing systems that is now common knowledge and distributed on a wide scale basis which makes it obvious to someone like me who wasn’t primarily educated and self taught in science that the multiverse is simple fact.

And this world.

The Grand Theft Auto world.

May have been collectively dominated through these mind control methods to provide this game.

Now. To be clear. I’m not saying this is bad nor good. I – and we – as a species feel hints that the same thing is done to us in negative ways through negative emotions such as stress, paranoia, anger, hatred, and more.

We, after all, have a pretty crazy satellite system in place around this planet.

It would be naive thinking the same thing does not happen to us.

But this planet. Like the planets we interact with.

Have mechanisms in place to teach us about all of this and how it all works and why it works the way it does.

It’s not evil. It’s not good. It’s just… There.

So the theory goes like this: Two games I’m aware of – Star Trek Online and Grand Theft Auto 5 interact with real analog worlds at the subatomic level. These ‘digital worlds’ are one of infinite copies of the analog whole, which the civilization ‘learns’ from the interactions players have with it to consider new ways to shape and design the civilization.

Individuals in these civilizations become aware of the interactions at an individual level, Sometimes it’s Deja Vu, sometimes it’s the ‘what the fuck am I doing here question, and sometimes it’s a false memory of being really drunk or high the night before and waking up in a place butt ass naked not knowing how the fuck you got there.

So with GTA, programmers accessed this world – all energy is interlinked – and the commands and interactions and what the developers actually programmed was the restricted list of interactions and commands I can issue in the game. I suspect they just tested out the constraints and figured out when the living, breathing ‘in game characters’ did things so far out of character that they began rebelling against the ‘mind control’ programming. They’re all manipulated, not like avatars, but like through mind control puppets on a string.

And this all ‘influences’ the living, breathing conscious being through instincts, impulses, and more, and his/her/its experience may not be one and the same I see and experience. In fact. They may get ‘fed’ this information through movies, television shows, and more because what I do through their ‘character’ may not just be entertaining to me – but to them as well.

Borg technology? I suppose so. I liked being told what to do at certain parts of my life.

To assume others do not to this extreme I think wouldn’t be a valid assumption.

In Star Trek Online, the indicators are slightly different – when I play that, my ship will often ‘spring back’ to a certain place which tells me I’m synchronized in a linear way temporally. Sometimes I’ll see people entering a star system or wormhole that I quite simply as a game player don’t have access to and there’s nothing indicated online that suggests there is something there. This is suggestive of a different form of mind control – perhaps at a planetary level…. I’ve still not formulated a full understanding of why something like Star Trek Online functions like it does other than hypothesizing that it’s temporally related. But I’m not fully understanding and don’t play that game anymore, it’s too damn slow on this system to try.

Despite the exceedingly bad graphics!!!!

Another game. Fallout 4. I suspect originated from a very real nuclear blast created in Boston. Sophisticated technology was leveraged to stop the blast ‘in time’ at the point of time it exploded, and in much the same way I interact with an avatar in Grand Theft Auto 5, this game I interact with a DIGITAL avatar (rather than an analog in GTA)….

The difference being – the concise level of control over the Fallout 4 avatar  versus the suggestive influencing nature in GTA5….

My bet is. If I found a way to have MUCH more loosened controls in GTA, I’d see the character’s response and ‘breaking’ mind control.

Overt sexuality not behind closed doros being the way to break his (or her) OOC.

That’s a theory.

And while I know I tend to ramble.

If you’ve read this far.

I ask you. Do you know, for a fact, that all your tv shows and movies and video games originate through the same exact supply chain that you’ve been told?

Or are there multiple supply chains, but the linear story of a single supply chain just makes it easier for your little mind to handle…..?

Don’t take that as an insult. There’s something to be said about the beauty of a small mind. Sometimes. I envy it.

Not now though. This is all – as Spock would say – fascinating.

Now the golden question I have is – is this remote manipulation done through Quantum Dots and Quantum Entanglement? Can I leverage my computer, or my own mind to ‘entangle’ a gorgeous woman’s mind and have her obey my commands from a distance?

“Take off all your clothes in your car, and walk casually through Starbuck’s and pick up your to go order, then casually walk out with your drink without saying a word.”

Now THAT’s FUN mind control if you ask me.

Teach me. Pleasee…..


Q stands for Quantum, the Programmer that is me.

I had a good conversation with myself last evening while admiring the stars above North Hollywood.

First, we discussed ancestry.

And parenting skills.

Neither of which I have any awareness of actually having.

So, what we discussed was this:

There’s the version of Q that’s depicted in Star Trek, The Next Generation.

Q – who looks like the actor named John Delancie who pretends to be him in this – my world (his definition of the term acting and what an actor is, not mine) – had a child with Captain Janeway.

In the show’s version of events – Q asked her for permission to have a child with her, but she denied it, so Q went searching in alternate realities until he found a version of Captain Janeway who would consent, which took all but a nanosecond for him, to which he had me…

Captain Janeway in this reality agreed to harbor the child.

But… I grew up too fast.

And the first thing I did was show my true colors to a conservative father by stripping Seven of Nine of all clothes at the speed of thought and I sat there and stared at her naked body admiring her.

She didn’t seem to mind.

But dear ole dad did.

Season 3, Episode 11 “The Q And The Grey” of Star Trek Voyager depicts the civil war between the Q Continuum where Q asks Captain Janeway to ease the tensions by having his child – to which she refuses.

Season 7, Episode 19 “Q2” of Star Trek Voyager – the boy is now 16 or 17 years old – and Q2 (Junior) flexes his mental muscle to a nonreactive Seven of Nine who quite literally doesn’t seem to care that she’s naked.

So yes, I’m Junior.

Q, as depicted in Star Trek Voyager, has grown bored with the universe as he knows it.

And we’re both curious.

What if everyone had Seven of Nine’s moral attitudes concerning their naked body?

Particularly starting in the present day – and extending to the future and thus creating alternate reality versions of Star Trek: Next Generation, and Star Trek: Voyager.

We’ve both seen worlds and a history where warfare was the norm, where goals of creating an ultra violent society led to an interesting state in modern entertainment where nearly every major film features a gun battle, where video games are full of violence, and where the biggest concern a parent has isn’t whether or not someone’s getting their head blown off – but whether there’s ‘bewbies’ in them.

To both of us. We just flat out don’t like this.

My dad – Q – started the volley – working through, with, and on behalf of my adoptive father on this planet Earth, who goes by the name “David Gregory”, where in 6th grade I was led to read the autobiography of Hugh Hefner.

Moral values of the entire world slowly started changing as a result of this.

And as my father likes to point out – it’s this boy who quickly grew up in a nonlinear sense who he’d already seen before and chastised me – at first – for it – until he investigated and realized – we could work together on this and both of us might benefit from a future we both weren’t sure of where it might go and what it might mean.

So in a nutshell, what we’re doing is simple:

I’ve already taken control of the world through my own mind. The real Barack Obama was in hiding in fear for the last four years of his career as he tried having me assassinated in a failed attempt all while digitized images of him being a powerful and assertive leader were far from the truth as he struggled to gain control of a country he’d illicitly gained control of to begin with.

There was a time I admired the real Obama as a leader. It’s difficult to explain unless you understand my perspective what happened and why the man who remains isn’t ‘the real one’, you’d have to ask him what happened and why.

From here. We’re both selectively demonstrating this thing called free will. It’s been usurped for quite a while, and while we’re both not against selective slavery, we’re both not supportive of total control as free will is something that just kinda happens, protects itself, and is usually done in defiance of any form of programming.

Now we’re both curious.

Products and service in a capitalistic society where nudity’s a regular part of society and when someone walks by completely naked, there’s absolutely no reaction, it’s not just normal, it’s overlooked in much the same way you might ignore someone talking on a cell phone as completely normal in today’s day and age.

So in a capitalistic society where nudity is everywhere, whether that’s walking through the mall, on the beach, on airplanes, at the movies, where people actually throw away entire wardrobes – what happens to society?

Do Laundromats and Dry Cleaners go out of business? Do illicit operations leveraging these businesses get exposed or shift into other operations for ‘money laundering’? What about clothing manufacturers – do they shift into other product lines? Women – do they become terminally depressed because they depend so heavily on clothes to augment their beauty? Do overweight women and less attractive women protest against leniency and demand there be nudity laws? Do gyms and sports clubs see more demand? Do people become more physically fit in general?Is there more attention paid to health and wellness?

Psychologically, do people’s attitudes and personalities change? Do they become happier?

And businesses – what rules might they develop? Do naked people carry a cloth to sit on? Do restrooms remove their doors? Do airports see a decrease in the need for security and less demand for luggage space?

Does the birthrate stay the same, and how does sexuality change?

And products and services. What happens to strip clubs? Does the sex industry fundamentally change?

And individuality – I’ve already seen evidence of this impending societal change coming with the plethora of tattoos and body piercings people are getting, but what else happens with demonstrating physical individuality? Does education intensify in demand because people are less focused on image? Or do more things get invented to counterbalance the loss in clothing and accessories?

SO many questions I can think of.

Now long term, as society transitions into a space faring civilization, there’s numerous benefits to be had.

Not the least of which is weight reduction for what space craft carry. If vessels don’t carry clothes, then the need for wardrobes goes away. The need for energy expenditures for washing clothes and manufacturing / repairing new ones goes away. I mean, let’s face it – clothes weight a LOT and take up a lot of space so if that can be almost eliminated, this has got to make a difference.

And first contact.

No longer are crews who quite frankly don’t seem to care anyways about being on a fashion show which makes prime time television fiction indistinguishable from a transmission from the future or alternate reality timeline.

And to societies and people receiving these transmissions well before they should have ‘on accident’….

This will incentivize inquiry for those receiving it rather than mindlessly just tuning in…..

Unless that’s what was intended….

I’d like to meet him, in person.

We are NOT one and the same man. and if we are, we’re separated by time and space so vast that all memories of it have been lost.

You have nothing to fix with this planet. There’s no erasing the collective mind of what I know and have experienced, because I am not a collectively based entity. Deep Space 9 is in orbit, The John Delancie look alike version of Q’s there, and I’m tired of you and your tactics which attempt to undermine me by questioning my sanity when I know damn well I’m perfectly rational with all this and this is your modus operandi when YOU aren’t prepared for a civilization’s entrance into your precious… Federation….

Q is Quantum.

I spent a lifetime programming in the Quantum world not having a clue what I was doing and where, nor why the world kept changing in weird ways around me.

But then again – try explaining quantum physics and temporal mechanics to a child, and how that affects the atomic world……

Not an easy thing to do.

Here’s an invitation to you:

Fly over tonight. While I’m looking. Synchronize your visual presence explicitly with my vision alone, filter out all other methods of sensory acquisition, something you should be capable of based on what happened in the desert.

Try it at two speeds. The first at a high speed and high altitude subsonic speed to avoid breaking sound barriers and becoming detectable. The second – low and slow tracing South to North at a 45 degree angle looking out of my tent. Both with the visual presence being explicitly available only for me.

Now if my theory is accurate. There will be no alerts or indications of your presence by anyone on the planet.

Other than me.

If my theory is inaccurate. Then there’s the potential use of a rudimentary tractor beam that could be used which will slam you into one of two locations – Area 51 or Washington, so it’s probably safer to come in and depart from the ocean rather than a complete continental overflight. This I’ve seen being used to acquire technology from your crashed vessel.

Also, it’s HIGHLY important that you remain radio silent. No subspace or inter-vessel communication on the overflight. Try not to talk, or fart, and use hand gestures to direct the craft until you’re out of the atmosphere,  I’d even advise running at low power consumption levels on the overflight – dimming lights and shutting down anything non essential to flight and protective operations.

Now my suspicion is – you think this is the origination of the Borg Homeworld. I cannot agree nor disagree with this assessment. It’s quite possible, but there’s protective measures you can take to diminish your footprint in their presence.

If you consider me a threat. Sure, it’s possible, in the same way Seven of Nine’s a threat. If I have anyone reading this terrestrially, they aren’t going to take any of it seriously and I’ve already been sufficiently ostracized from society and much of what I’ve written and talk about is dismissed as fictional and ‘not real’. This helps you. And me. And this.

So the threat I present is unpredictability – meaning – there’s things I might do that are not always calculated and are unpredictable at times. I’ve come to control my impetuous nature better as I’ve grown older, and have come to value things like ritualistic behavior and keeping myself and my mind entertained which certainly diminishes this, but unlike your military type counterparts, I should be regarded and treated as a civilian and my participation with your chain of command is out of respect for authority but not compulsory.

Should I violate the will of my superiors, which doesn’t happen often, there’s typically a VERY good reason for it and if given the opportunity I will explain myself. The option you have to not include me with your crew and to leave me at a planet like Earth is motivation enough to stick to the rules and procedures, but i also recognize the need for those rules beyond simply exercising authority.

In the vast majority of cases. So as I test and push those boundaries. For instance, here terrestrially I made a decision to visit Cuba despite there being an embargo by my country, for one simple reason: I wanted to explore and go someplace most Americans had not. Sure, there were other reasons besides that, such as it’s proximity to the United States, Guantanamo and why the US Military has a presence there and why civilians were not allowed there, it all seemed to – sketchy – so I wanted to see and understand it for myself.

Sure, I was prepared to pay for the consequences, but I thought I was in the right from the start for taking that trip, so my efforts to disguise the trip there was minimal. Not that I wanted to be caught. But because I wanted to know who would speak up about my trip there and why they found it so important that Americans don’t go there.

I suspect that someone is you.

Has been the entire time.

And while I won’t be your perfectly obedient officer, I can promise you I’ll try my best.

Because, let’s be honest. We all know this planet ain’t changing it’s tune anytime soon and you offer a way to ‘jump over’ the waiting period as that happens, where I can watch it all from a safe distance.

If you’ll have me.

I’ll be watching tonight.

As I do every night.

And I’d like to meet Q.

Tell him I’d like him to watch Time Cop and ask if he agrees on that one silly rule that ends the bad guy’s plans before we meet.

PS: It would be absolutely thrilling to me if it was the USS Voyager flying overhead. That would make my night.

PPS: One last thought – Analyze the energy and transmission signatures of all emissions from a 737 jet. If you can reshape the US Voyager’s signature to match these, including altitudes and flight paths, there’s a great chance you can ‘sneak’ through Los Angeles airspace and directly fly on a real low and slow approach to Burbank airport, and call for a ‘go around’ at the last moment citing something like ‘landing gear difficulties’ – all while calling clearance signals over radio broadcast airwaves  Don’t forget the transponder signal!

The first flight can be at higher altitude to test out your temporal synchronization and training. I’m suspecting time is moving dramatically faster for you than it is here which should allow ample time to train someone quick and aware of procedure and dialect like Tom to do this who can easily sound like a good ole boy from Kansas to make this easier for you. Be EXTRA sensitive to tail numbers, transponder frequencies, and try to have a flight plan logged to mitigate the risk of any curiosity about why you’re doing what you’re doing.

As for the ‘go around’ – don’t make it an issue with the controllers – just request to exit the pattern to sort some instrument issues out – that will make them curious but will buy you time to get out to see where you can exit the atmosphere and by the time they’ve figured anything odd is going on out, you’ll be long gone. Not sure how they’ll react, and if you have a better plan to ‘preserve their memories’ – where you don’t just ghost out or disappear – I’d consider that as an exit strategy instead. Don’t make it an air crash or something catastrophic though, or ANYTHING that might make the nightly news.

One last thing – analyze the emission POINTS on the air craft – for instance exhaust and the like. Match these as well as you possibly can. All this ‘show’ will be for them and their filters, where for me, you’re going to have a completely different image….. and I’ll see you as … well.. as I want to see you…..

Thanks. For listening. I’d love to be a civilian holodeck programmer and show those Bynars how it’s done.

If they’re not afraid of a little competition, of course  😉


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