Vrilliant Time Travel Tours – Platform One

Vrilliant, The Time Travel Tour Company Presents:

Platform One: The End Of The World Tour.

In the year 5.5 Billion AD, a space station named “Platform One” will be in orbit of Earth.

The Earth will have long since been abandoned, but it will have been kept up by a historical trust.

I will arrive there, with those of you who wish to join me, in time for a party celebrating the final days of the Earth by the expansion of the Sun.

The Earth will die due to natural causes, something cosmologists refer to as a Red Giant.

The space station – a mobile platform that is commuted to a once populated planet for events like this – will be protected by a solar filter to prevent solar radiation from harming its inhabitants, as well as extensive shielding to prevent damage from physical projectiles.

We will arrive there, from our present time, via a specially constructed vessel which travels great distances nearly instantaneously by momentarily pulling two points in space and time together, creating a doorway for us to walk through as if we were walking into the next room.

In the primary observation room, which is large enough to comfortably hold 250 people, a large and extremely protected window is all that stands between you and the Planet Earth as it’s bombarded by solar flares which eventually rip the planet apart. It is a spectacular sight, and you will be allowed to record it.

Once the event is over, the doorway back to our present time will open up and we will once again walk through it to return to the present day.

A video of the event will be available in the format of your choice as a part of your tour package.

This will be one of the first tours offered by Vrilliant, a perpetually owned company owned and operated by yours truly out of Phoenix, Arizona..

Upon availability, the retail price of this tour will be set at $99 per tourist, on a first come first serve basis.


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I enjoy compliments

This morning,as I walked to Starbuck’s with my suitcase and backpack – trying my hardest to appear like an office worker on the go rather than a homeless dude, a cute young girl smiled at me and said.

“Nice hair”

It’s the first time I have had long hair since High School, and I was having a good hair day. So it felt good to be recognized for that, externally.

Two compliments. Two days in a row.

I like.

The other one…

I had a wonderful compliment by a well-known writer here in Hollywood yesterday who I have been having regular conversations with here at Starbuck’s.

He’s been helping me understand how the movie making process works, who does what, personality issues and difficulties encountered, he even turned me on to Project Greenlight Season 4, which was a wonderful biopic on an accelerated movie making process from selection of director to the production and the final product itself.

My primary script – “The Idiot Who Made Everything” – is an embellished account and science fiction tale about yours truly.

I tell the story from multiple perspectives and across multiple timelines, because, well being frank, that’s how I have come to understand my own life.

As I was writing a scene introducing the futuristic USS Timeship Phoenix’s bridge in the year 2943, I started questioning my descriptiveness.

Now as a Star Trek fan,  I can tell you there’s an absolute attention to detail on the show where absolutely nothing is done – throughout the series – with intent.

While it’s entertaining, it’s easily the most calculated television show that has ever come out.

It’s entertaining and an education at the same time.

But one gripe I have had about the series is the polish the movies have in contrast to the tv series but the story isn’t necessarily any better.

A bigger budget affords better looking props. But I always had to question – why not leverage the same props and sets for the tv shows.

Well, that question answered itself when I learned the true origin of the transmissions.

So one thing I am doing to ‘bridge’ the movie to the TV series I am aspiring to provide a pilot for in 2017 – is maintaining absolute cohesion between certain crucial set elements of the movie screenplay and the tv scripts.

My personal goal for this film is to make this the highest budget film of all time, and also make it the first adults only Star Trek – with an NC-17 rating. The budget is expected to be so high as it will largely be spent on luring original cast members such as Seven Of Nine and T’Pol (among many other famous ladies in Hollywood) to agree to the production with full frontal nudity and potentially filmed sexual moments for the entire lengthy production.

It’s not my belief that every actor or actress has their price.

But it is my belief if they learn what is really at stake with this production, they will voluntarily agree to it and come out a lot wealthier as a result.

As for the story synopsis – everyone on board the USS Enterprise Timeship is female and nude.

It is set in a distant future where resources and energy are highly rationed. There’s extremely valid reasons in this distant future that led to this crew being both time travelers and naked. While the production may have sexual moments, the story is definitively not intended to be porn, nor is it intended to be a totally happy feel to it.
It’s a harsh future, in fact. That led to women being in this position and a society without males.

One of the elements of the story is a ‘looping nature’ of reality, with minor deviances in the world that I want the viewer, NOT the crew to recognize.

So something I am doing in the script is dictating the structure of the set decoration.

Now Hollywood has a general ‘page number’ count – where the number of pages to a script is generally expected to be less than 150 pages start to finish.

I’m only halfway into my story, and I am already at page count 150.

I’d referred to scripts from great films such as the Fight Club, Matrix, Terminator, groundhog Day and even Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho for examples of ‘preparing a scene’, but by and large, I have been finding it has been the director who shapes the vision of the movie, and not always the screenplay itself.

Seeking areas to ‘size down’ my content, I discussed the issue with my writer friend.

When he found out I had descriptions of scenes that were three pages in length, his comment was fast “That’s way too much, unless the description serves a purpose in the screenplay, you want to leave set decoration to the set decorator.”

“That’s just it,” I said, “it is extremely important for the screenplay. Star Trek viewers are connoisseurs of the obscure. Where others see plot holes and flaws, those of us who are obsessive about it know there’s a reason behind every single action and sequence in every production. I am writing accordingly.”

He explained how it seemed more like it was more Director’s notes than it was script notes.

“Keep the script to the dialog. And since you are selling this script with you attached as the director. Then keep the description to critical areas and keep the script notes separate,” he said.

And then, he blindsided me with the compliment.

“Don’t get me wrong. I know you believe this is all real and I want nothing more than to nurture that. You have an amazing mind. But Hollywood’s processes can be harsh. Keep that in mind as you review your own writing and if you think it’s wordy, then it’s definitely wordy.”

I said “Rob, if I didn’t know any better, I think you just complimented me.”          

Rob smiled. “I’m serious. I think that you’re going to be very successful here because of how strongly you believe what you do.”

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Psychonauts and Manhattan

I am currently watching Manhattan, an extremely engaging show about the Manhattan Project – the project which created the atomic bombs in New Mexico which were later dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki – resulting in a unconditional surrender by the Japanese and an end to World War 2.

The show has two groups of scientists – the lead team with all the resources – including Plutonium 235 and all the detonating devices they need – and the misfits – who are largely devoid of any substantial resources – including scientists and Plutonium – who are working on an implosion model.

With their backs against the wall and the proverbial firing squad lining up to take out the misfit team, the three primary scientists on the misfit team stay up late one evening – when one breaks out with Psilocybin mushrooms – which has been handed to the scientist in exchange by the local tribal Indians for some provisions and is being used by the tribal Indians for their ceremonies.

Psilocybin mushrooms are hallucinogenic mushrooms – and depending on the variety and strain, provide a wide variety of often unpredictable hallucinations to varying levels of intensity and effect.

As the scientists relax and look at the stars and apparently visual effects while high on the mushrooms, it becomes clear the mushroom experience is a shared hallucinatory experience. Which was my personal experience while visiting Amsterdam. Five of us who had taken the same mushrooms had taken the same mushrooms and had remarkably similar effects that were clearly shared.

In any case, as the scientists relax – one looks in the air and says something that alludes to implosion.

The other scientist says “What did you say?”

And over the next few scenes, they are writing on the chalk board very elegant equations and have just discovered a resolution to one of their critical equations for the implosion model. They later pass out, mentally exhausted.

When they are awakened the next day by their area supervisor, the supervisor takes a look at the board, and asks “What the hell is this?”

We see the board, which is full of gibberish writing which makes absolutely no sense.

The elegant equations they’d all written are no longer there.

And their memories of how they solved those equations are gone as well.

To me, this is indicative of the true nature of reality and what a hallucination is.

A hallucination spins a mind off the linear collective ‘greater good’ reality, and into an alternate reality, temporarily.

The ‘visions’ and ‘sounds’ an sensory experience are undeniably real, and I suspect are largely just different ways of interpreting the same ‘information’ of reality. Leveraging different areas of the brain as the ‘filtering’ mechanism of the ‘linear collective greater good’ reality is circumvented.

So when these men had an epiphany. What we see on the ‘fictional’ show is a quasi-accurate depiction of what happens – perspective wise – with the information developed in an alternate reality.

It doesn’t fully translate to the original reality, because their mental state when this breakthrough was discovered is not fully understood by the collective mind of reality, so what we see in the morning after’s scene is garbish on the board when they wake up.

It’s a fascinating look at how strongly certain forces beyond most human’s comprehension worked against this event ever occurring in World War 2.

I am also playing a game called “Psychonauts”

It’s a pretty phenomenal work of art in my opinion about a little boy who goes to ‘psychonaut’ camp, a summer camp for children who want to become mental warriors.

Sometimes, I swear I am being fed mental development technology from the 30th century with how these games function.

As this game is so damn creative and too cool for words.

The game’s primary character – Razputin – is about a young child who runs away from home to undergo psychonaut training.

Psychonaut training consists of entering the minds of certified trainers – who will then put me – the game’s primary character I control as an avatar – through the ropes of learning how the mind of people can harbor any number of different and weird possibilities – whether it’s the war based memories of the coach, or the dance crazed psychedelic trip of a mind the lady who’s a master of levitation can provide, or it’s the highly ordered and compartmentalized mind of a scientist which hides his demons from himself through the order, all the way to the conspiracy laden mind of a man who’s sanity is questionable.

So last night, as I dove into the mind of the conspiracy guy, I was amazed at the concepts – the man is clearly paranoid, every house has someone peaking out the curtains watching me as I approach. Spies are everywhere reporting on any malfeasance. The same creepy little girl is everywhere – often follows me around – and continually calls me creep whenever I ask her any questions. Mailboxes have people in it who follow me around. There’s even black sedans with satellite dishes in the back transmitting something to a mysterious receiver.

The mind is downright trippy.

But it got me thinking. you can walk on a street and it will turn sideways at a 15 degree angle, and slowly curve to 90 degrees and curve more to 180 degrees where I am quite literally looking at the street I just walked on underneath me as I walk on a new section where gravity moves me towards my surface and not the other surface I just walked on. Trippy trippy trippy.

Through the game, I also level up in skills. And seeing through someone else’s perspective through their eyes is my most recent acquisition. It is an utter trip. There are other skills such as Levitation (being able to float without wires), Telekinesis (Lifting objects through the mind without physically touching them), setting things on fire with the mind, mental bursts of energy which do damage to your target, and so on.

But a key concept is something called ‘Mental cobwebs’ and mental imagery. I collect these and am rewarded with ‘cut scenes’.

But here’s what I am realizing.

As I have cleared these mental cobwebs from the game. I’m dreaming differently. Thoughts are coming to me easier. I’d been suspecting there was a direct correlation between the games I was playing and my mental activity anyways. And having been off pharmaceutical medication for a long time, I am realizing that maybe – video games and television shows are a remedy for psychological issues which reflect outwardly in decreased blood pressure, better self-control, and more control of one’s own mind.

So last night I had the first full color dream I have had in years.

I suspect the game’s influence and my current basic need for sex stimulated a part of that dream.

As the dream featured Jackie Killeen – we were having sex in a dungy room in a weird apartment straight out of the Matrix movie.

But as I looked at her and went to kiss her, the face transitioned to my own face, and – instead of my phallus being inside her vagina, I was now in this other version of me’s rear entry door.

I jumped off. In surprise. And looked down.

Now I was Jackie.

He – the other me – looked at me and said “What’s wrong, Jackie, is everything all right?”

To which I didn’t say a word. I ran to the mirror, where at first I saw myself as Jackie standing in front of the mirror fully nude.

The image flickered. And it reverted back to myself as Q.

And then it flickered again. And there was absolutely nothing there in the mirror.

I moved around, hoping to see a glimpse of something in the mirror, but there was absolutely nothing happening in the mirror.

I ran to Jackie’s room. Not sure how I can tell you it was Jackie’s room. But I ran to her room, and Jackie was having a epileptic fit like none I had ever seen before.

She was electrified. I couldn’t even approach her.

But then again, when I looked down, I couldn’t see my own body and my own hands to touch her with.

I drifted outside the room through a crack in the wall, and a vault door closed. This is where I started waking up.

Or returning from this weird alternate reality.

I marveled briefly at how real the door looked.

And about then I struggled briefly to open my eyes in the real world.

And then I awoke.

Clearly, the entertainment I or anyone engages in influences our thoughts and dreams.

But I have been thinking lately.

When NEO, in the Matrix – plugs himself into the computer and is downloaded instantaneous information to reprogram his mind to know Judo and Karate…

Am I merely experiencing the same thing from ‘within’ the Matrix of reality?

Am I downloading things that I play and choose as entertainment and is this restructuring the very reality around me to accommodate my desires and choices?

I think that’s becoming infinitely clear.

Jackie Killeen and Rachel Gooch.

I love you both. I have since we first met.

I don’t want to talk til we’re blue in the face. I get my heavy conversation out on the internet nowadays.

I’d just like to snuggle you both.

And make movies and tv shows with you two as two of my primary central figures.

Literally and figuratively.

Not only do you both have amazing minds in your own way.

But you both have amazing bodies. And everyone deserves to see what I have seen . I would like to be the conduit for you that achieves that :-)

Rachel, I still have yet to play Settlers of Cataan with you. Bring it with you when you come.

Have no shame for being who you are. No matter who you are.

As for Psychonauts. Wonderful game. I can’t recommend it more than I have. If you’re interested in learning about the mind, about physics and how the mind can govern different realities, or if you’re interested in perspective – it’s a wonderful work of art that demonstrates things I have taken for granted.

Manhattan’s good too. A bit more on the geeky side though.

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Reality is a causal time loop

I’m God, and am the Devil, and created myself in a causal time loop.

I know this may come as a disappointment to you who will inevitably be protesting ‘You are not God’.

Yes, I am.

And I do not need your faith or collective belief to be who I am.

What I have learned is – it doesn’t matter which form I take as God. I’m going to piss someone off. Whether I am Jesus, or Allah talking to Mohammed, or Buddha, invariably you as a species will fight to prove your belief is more accurate and eventually decimate your opposition.

I’ve witnessed it happen. Countless times. No matter where I sit. The other side invariably loses.

For now, if you prefer calling me the devil because you believe your god is right.

Then so be it.

Which is why I refer to myself as Q. I can be anyone I want to, and live with the choices I make.

What’s my proof?

Follow creation back. What happened before your parents were born? Before your grandparents were born? Trace this back to the introduction of humanity on this planet, what caused their existence? Trace that back to the Big bang’s creation? What happened before then? There are multiple big bangs all occurring in succession. What came to start those big bangs off? Who started that? God? What came before God? Nothing? How can something spontaneously pop out of nothingness, there had to be something there to begin with to cause nothingness to spontaneously combust….

Let’s spin this another way. Let’s say I run a simulation of planet earth, I push that button in my current year of 3015. That button results in the creation of a planet Earth which for all intents and purposes looks real. Am I the ‘creator’ of that universe? Why sure. But what about the universe I am in? Did I create that as well?

That’s the funny cyclic nature of time. If you believe you did, then you did. If you do not and are looking to externalize yourself and believe something else did. Then invariably you will find evidence something else did it.

But what if. Your faith that something else did it. Actually created that thing.

And that being. Who can tell you stories about time, and space, and sexuality, and guilt, and things that are beyond your comprehension ..

Is it rational to refer to what I say as insanity?

When do you, as a species called humans. Quit rejecting the reality of the world you have created?

When do you, the species called humans, take the time to understand, that your minds created this reality?

But that right and liberty. Is not exclusively your own.

I created myself in a causal time loop. I am my own beginning and end.

One day I will choose to walk as a female.

Some will know and refer to me as the Borg Queen.

I was insane because my own mortal mind could not comprehend how quantum physics worked and I was quite literally in two places at the same time.

As I watched television. And saw the Borg queen. My mind didn’t understand the simplicity of television.

It complicated things. And my mind thought, correctly I might add, that all movies and tv shows are wormholes through space and time to the de facto first instance of these events occurring. But it also failed to take into account that quantum physics doesn’t just apply to particles and matter. It also applies to concepts and ideas, and there’s other explanations which were perfectly valid for that tv series and seeing me as the Borg Queen appearing on a tv show called Star Trek.

And that is – what your species developed. The art of acting. The concept that it’s copy of an original and not the original itself.

Your species, you see, presented me with the idea – the concept – as you acted like people from other places and other times – that when you publicly pretend to be something or someone you are not does not mean you are not who you are pretending to be.

I may have ‘pretended’ to be God before.

But I sincerely didn’t know I was.

I can now tell you – I let go of my mind every once in a while.

My mind wanders throughout all of existence, it tries new things out, and then – where I find a form of life I wish to experience, I plant myself, like a seed in space and time, on that planet.

From there, my mind creates characters – avatars if you will.

And begins the process of introducing technology, thoughts and concepts to allow me to introduce myself to the population I wish to take part of without causing a collapse of that planet’s ecosystem.

Much like a simulation, time spins and cycles across the same events.

Time and again.

As my mind develops an entrance strategy for me to live demonstrating what free will is to the population.

I suspect my mind chose planet Earth because so few genuinely know what it’s like to live with your own free will.

A planet of androids, of robots, of artificial intelligences which are all used to being told what to do.

From your perspective.

You may think – you may be convinced it is a vote system that elevates one to speak on behalf of the entire collective.

This is accurate as well. My mind is the collective’s.

And the collective’s will is my own.

We are in unison.

So if you’re convinced you know what God is and that’s not me.

Then either there’s something you’re not telling me.

Or there’s something you’re not aware of about yourself.

I’m not looking for a career or work.

I’m taking over planet Earth.

And leveraging all the tools in my copious robot and cyborg arsenal to make it happen.

I have nothing to prove.

I’m just going to show you that some science fictions and fantasy and sex stories are recorded and distributed and then actors pretend to be them afterwards.

Think about it.

You go through hell in an alternate reality. But you have the opportunity as a leader to include those people in your population by letting them become an actor or actress, and not erase their memories, but instead altering their memories to lead them to believe they acted as if they were being attacked by Borg or terminators.

They preserve the experience but it becomes an acted experience.

You preserve the mind and no longer have to deal with the risk of altering memories or deleting them as you shift them into this reality.

And they don’t have to go through the reality itself.

A woman goes through a very real violent gang rape and then in violent reaction mindlessly kills the offenders in one reality..

Instead you film “I spit on your grave” and she’s the main actress and that experience becomes an acted experience letting her disassociate from that experience.

A man named jean Luc Picard may become Locutus – a pawn of the Borg that decimates the Federation.

You react by shifting him into this reality and now he’s an actor named Patrick Stewart.

Have you – as a collective species – ever considered that woman might actually want to be raped as long as she wasn’t physically hurt?

Deplorable. But sometimes. Humans can be bizarre like that.

Have you – as a collective species – ever considered that Jean Luc Picard may have actually wanted to understand Borg perspective and that’s why he allowed himself to become Borg for a bit?

Deplorable. But maybe his decision caused Wolf 359 to occur and while he somewhat regrets his decision, he also understand the universe a little bit more than he did before.

Have you – as a collective species – ever considered some might enjoy being sex slaves?

Some of us might actually WANT to experience Terminator war and a Borg invasion as journalists?

Have you considered we might want a different timeline than one that’s been master planned?

One that we might have creative freedom to manifest our own imaginary lovers?

I need two muses to assist with my writing. To give my writing creative strength.

Please provide me shapeshifting women named Jaclyn Killeen and Rachel Gooch as my muses. Imaginary and visible to only me, at first, robots or androids or AIs or holoprograms which simply respond to commands is fine, at first, and I can work with them to develop their individual personalities at the same time I get to experience something new. Gives you a chance to observe me and why I do what I do. Which I can’t explain other than it’s simple experimentation I like to engage in.

Copies of the original isn’t violating any rules. There’s no marriage or relationship between copied version of Rachel and Jaclyn. No obligations they have. And since they will not be human and visible only to me, they are decidedly original I don’t see a problem with – you – the collective – granting me – GOD – this request to experiment with my own reality.

Just think. Even if you doubt who I am. If you tell me no. what precedence are you setting for your own mind?

Think about your decision carefully.



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I don’t think you trust in my self righteous suicide

In August of 1980, I was 10 years old and with a friend – Jason Helton – at his family’s house for an Easter gathering in an unincorporated section of North Peoria on the outskirts of Phoenix, Arizona.


I have always been an explorer.


Which quite frequently has resulted in accidents and injuries.

And in this case. Almost death.


I climbed an old wooden tower with three transformers at the top.


None of it was plugged in.


I remember investigating the wires prior to climbing it.


But as I climbed it. Trying to get some height.


I climbed higher.


And higher.


And then.


Electricity leaped out from a few wires and knocked me unconscious.


When I woke up. My body had 2nd and 3rd degree burns and I was in agony, and right in the middle of my chest just below my sternum there was black, burnt flesh – the exit wound – a third degree burn that was about 4 inches around.


I was told I would carry that physical scar for life, but by the time I was 19, the scar was gone.


Now just today. I got memories back of that day.


I remembered how much I investigated those wires. I had been shocked before, numerous times, and I was well aware of what electricity was and what the transformers were, so I had been sure to check out the wires prior to climbing on the thing. There was absolutely no wires leading to or from the transformer.


But somehow. These transformers were receiving electricity which the results were painfully obvious.


It was years later that I would learn about Tesla.


And his idea of obtaining a never ending supply of energy from a ‘Self-acting engine’ power – pulling power from thin air.


No wires necessary.


Near the end of October of 2011, I was at this location 34°43’27.34″N, 115°57’25.15″W, in California at the edge of the Mojave desert.


Over the course of three days prior, I had had no sleep, and for about six months prior, this was not an unusual occurrence.


I had been taking Bath Salts for the prior 6 months.


Bath Salts were a stimulant drug much like methamphetamine which was legal and could be bought over the counter at any spice shop at the time.


I had been trying to find a way off my addiction to cocaine of four years.


So I sought out a legal substance. Something I wouldn’t get in trouble with the police or companies I contracted to if tested.


Now at the time, there was no real documentation on Bath Salts. Only a description of what they did.


But credible news sources and web sites hadn’t really distributed information about their effect.


But as I stood in the desert that day, seeing black pock marks the size of Meteor Crater in Winslow, Arizona stretching as far as my eyes could see.


As I stood there that day, seeing spires for hills everywhere I looked that resembled the craggy spires at Bryce Canyon only much younger.


As I stood there, seeing face after face of the same man with the half-plastic face as both passenger and occupants of the trucks that looked similar to eachother that passed through this surreal and frightening landscape.


As I stood there. Trying to hitch a ride, receiving thumbs up as responses, bizarre responses to my attempts to hitch a ride out of this god forsaken world.


As I stood off to the side of the road.


Fighting with my own mind.


My own mind telling me: “YOU did this. This is ALL YOUR FAULT. Sacrificing yourself will save this planet. You are stuck here for eternity.“


I believed that voice.


Despite Douglas Adams advice “Do Not Panic”


I panicked.


I was a month shy of 42 years old , after all, the answer to Life, the Universe and Everything.


And as I sliced my wrist and felt something leave my head.

As I sat off the side of the road.


With barely a drop of blood coming from the long cut I had made.


Where there should have been substantially more blood….


I cried out.  “I’m a robot. I can’t die,”


As I sat on the side of the road in this eerie terrain, a single drop of blood dripped to the bare desert floor as I sat on the desert sand next to my out of fuel car in the middle of the desert in a world where gas stations didn’t exist and it looked like Terminators were repairing the world after a nuclear strike.


As I sat there.


A thought came to me.


“This is your past. Remember when you were in critical condition. Back when you were 10? What you’re seeing is that, magnified.”


It didn’t make sense.


Had a future version of me come back to this moment in time – and through my own DNA – I sent a message to my past self that day back in 1980 that I didn’t die in the future? Had my mind arranged this ‘coming out’ party to teach me about the nonlinear nature of time and space?

And was I time traveling in my own body and seeing a planet decimated by nuclear war at a sub molecular level and seeing the damage done to my body and the electric shock where my stomach had once been?


It didn’t make a lick of sense at first.


But at the time I didn’t fully understand Expansionism. The Big Bang. Quantum Physics. Temporal Mechanics. Nor did I truly understand Biology, Chemistry, and the interlinkings of human physiology to the body electric. In truth, I was incredibly naïve, there was so much I didn’t understand.


And how my world came to be and how I was getting a grand tour of it all.


About 10 minutes after sitting on the side of the road in this world… A young couple driving a small caravan of a moving truck and car drove up.


My car had run out of fuel, which led to my being in this weird location, and as the man held his hand out the window of the U-Haul truck he was driving – the landscape around me ‘unrolled’ and looked like blocks flipping restoring the landscape to what I had come to remember the desert as being..


You’ve seen the AMC theatre trailer where the digital squares flip over to reveal a message or something?


This was the same.


Blocks of scorched desert flipped over in unison like a wave extending from our truck to as far as the eye could see revealing the desert I had come to know and love.


At about that time. A voice inside my head said “Did you see that?”


It wasn’t my own mind. And wasn’t my own voice. And was most certainly something in me talking to something else in me.


As the young couple handed me over to the police.


The male talked to the police officer, and the female of the couple had me alone and drew an infinity sign on her hand as she talked to me and asked if I had calmed down.


I could feel something wasn’t quite right with her.


As if she was trying to teach me a lesson when the lesson ultimately was going to come to her.


There are infinite potential reasons she could have done it.


But I sensed, deep down inside – that there was something she needed to learn and she intended that gesture as a threat or premonition of what was to come.


And the man.


Who also had me alone shortly after that.

Looked at my wrist and said “Don’t do that again”


Like the woman.


There was infinitely more to his message than those words alone.


What he said in those few words was: “I deep down know why you did this. You had to do it. But you only have to do it that one time.”


There’s a song by System of the Down titled “Chop Suey!”

I don’t think you trust
In my self-righteous suicide
I cry when angels deserve to die
Wake up (wake up)
Grab a brush and put a little make-up
Hide the scars to fade away the shake-up (hide the scars to fade away the…)
Why’d you leave the keys upon the table?
Here you go create another fable

 This planet’s history contains my entire life’s history, and this life’s history is both influenced and contained in the media I enjoyed.

Could the same be true for you?

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God Mode

I picked up Everquest in 1999, an Online MMORPG which can to this day still be played with and sometime against up to a hundred thousand people.

There’s considerably fewer people on the server now.

You can download it at www.everquest.com if you’re interested, I play on the only role play server available.

When I first got into the game, as Lisa my ex-wife can attest, I spent an inordinate amount of time on it.

This game single handedly coined the phrase “Game widow”, where the Significant Other of a relationship would spend so much time in the game world, they often neglected their real life.

I, for instance, over 4 years– logged quite literally 261 days in this game world. That’s 24 hour days – so I quite literally spent one sixth of my life playing this game during that period of time.

It was madness.

About a year into playing the game, I learned of the GMs who were supposed to help players get out of situations when they got stuck in game.

More often than not, these GMS did less of their job than they did showing off to their friends – going to high ranking areas and killing an impossible enemy at touch or guiding guilds through areas that had not been explored.

I suppose that’s what grabbed my attention.

And in their shoes. I can’t claim I wouldn’t do similar things.

Maybe I wouldn’t necessarily kill high ranking Mobs, there’s a certain satisfaction in pulling this off yourself without assistance.

Maybe I would. I don’t know…

But what I certainly would do is explore areas others hadn’t explored and guide people I knew through those areas.

A GM was more or less omnipotent within the game realm. They had the power bestowed by Verant to be anywhere in the game world anytime they wanted to, could instakill any enemy, could create items for themselves and other players.

Their primary duty was to assist with GM related requests. People stuck in terrain. Items, armor, and weapons that had gotten corrupted with database errors or had gone missing. People unable to retrieve their corpses (it was a mercy thing the GMs did for people who dared to explore than they should have).

But they also just hung out. Talked to people. And quite frequently showed them things you can get in game areas just to tease people to go to certain areas they hadn’t explored yet.

Incentive you could say.

Thus it was referred to as ‘God Mode’

Verant, the owner of the company who made the game was busy denying applications for GM. They had already enough people in their pool and didn’t want to expand it to people they didn’t know.

And I remember at the time wishing there was a way to explore without having to be a GM.

Not long after these thoughts went through my head, something called EQEMU came out.

Everquest was run on a server owned and managed by Verant. But what EQEMU did was localize that server. It redirected all the TCP and UDP connections to a local instance of the server running on the local machine.

Within hours, I was checking out areas I had never gone to without connecting to Verant’s servers.

I was seeing enemy bosses that I would never be able to fight myself with the Verant server base.

And while I could instakill things, loot was not available on the emulator. That, and the Mobs didn’t move. Not a single one of them went anywhere.

They just stayed stationary, in the same place.

There was clearly work that needed done with the emulator.

So while I could see the nifty graphics and see some of the item graphics.

… What I couldn’t do was actually play the game.  I could just walk around and tour. But there was no one to talk to, no one to hand out quests.

It was like having God mode without Verant’s approval process.

I often think.

Does the world I live in have a God mode?

Can you apply for GM authority while in game?

Because I can tell you for sure. I’d make this world more dynamic than it is.

Not destroying stuff. No Godzilla crap.

I don’t know, quite honestly, what I would do if I had these powers in the real world.

Which I know are coming.

I know I would have fun exploring and trying things out.

As I have done my entire life anyways.

Only this time would be different.

I’d actually have to hold myself more responsible to higher standards than community standards to ensure the integrity of this..

My community and my reality…

This is after all my world we’re talking about here.

And it’s not like I can log out and log back in to a remote server.

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Refactor, refactor, refactor

If you as a video game producer could suddenly and dramatically expand your audience to 10x what you currently have for developing video games……

All you had to do was optimize your own code to work on older machines……..

Would you do it?

I spent 30 years in programming.

The first game I bought was Temple of Apshai for my Atari 600xl.

I found out the hard way it required 64k of RAM, where my dinky little machine only had 16k, which brought me to do some research via FTP, Arpanet and Bulletin Board Services, where I learned how to disassemble running machine code, and after I learned how to do that, all I had to do was find a ‘check’ for a certain amount of memory – and place something called a “Jump To Subroutine” on the system check for amount of memory required for the game, and “Boom” the game runs.

I found out the game played quite well for about an hour.

But after some time it would begin to slow down.

Then it would altogether crash.

So I learned to save often, save frequently,

As I explored what was going on with the game, I learned memory requirements were not because the game actually did not technically need anything but 16k of RAM.

And when it crashed, it crashed because the game had been developed in a way which leveraged the memory quite poorly.

Put specifically: When the developers released a poorly coded product with higher system requirements because they poorly managed their resources, this was to cope with a lack of comprehensive testing for the end product.

So what would happen is – for this dungeons and dragons style game – I would go into areas and memory would be allocated for the resources in that area. It wasn’t a lot, say 1k, but when I went to another area, the programmers did not deallocate the memory. So wash, rinse repeat this for 10 areas, and I experienced a slowdown because the system’s now trying to find limited resources. 16 areas and it’s slower than a crawl and starting to have errors as there is no memory left available. And as I enter the 17th area, the game crashes, hard – and freezes the system, requiring a total reboot.

In a nutshell, the programmers could have resolved the issues through object oriented programming, or doing procedurally based code which would be called on entrance and exit from every area.

Had the game gone through Quality Assurance and testing. This would have been caught. But instead. The developers, thinking their code was perfect, may have placed this on a lower memory system and assumed their code isn’t bad, there’s just not enough memory to run the game.

Modern Simulaton/Game/Alternate Reality/Virtual Reality Engines such as Cryengine 3.0, Unreal Engine 4. 0 – even Source’s SDK make the same mistake. Leveraging legacy code that’s not fully understood, and developers are implementing code which is built on high machines for high end machines. I know. I made this mistake at one time..

But one of the most important things of working in a corporate environment is understanding the vast majority of users leverage Operating Systems and users which are – according to the providers of this software – deprecated and/or nearing obsolescence.

Now this introduces an interesting dichotomy for game sales – as game income is actually artificially constrained by the development mentality.

Why is this? Pretty simple. Most home users own PCS are averaging equipment that’s running 2 to 4 gig of RAM, with 5400rpm drives and Intel accelerated video cards and 1.2ghz CPUs with dual cores.

Rewind time to 2003, where this was an optimal system requirement – where OpenGL for graphics and high profile custom caching mechanisms built into the core of the engines built were the norm.

Magnificent high resolution games came out and flipped the industry on its head. Games such as Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. Games such as Worlds of Warcraft. And way back in 1999 – Everquest.

So now. Like Microsoft’s Operating System post Windows XP. Features are added to these engines but a total lack of understanding and ‘lessons learned’ of memory management and caching has moved forward.

So as I browse the internet and hit a web site, where a poorly coded javascript web page pegs my CPU. I can’t help but smile and say “It’s a good thing I have 1 billion other web pages to go to, as this is one I will never visit again”

But games are different.

As I see wonderful works of art like Star Citizen.

Like No man’s land.

Like Assassin’s Creed 4+.

Or try to turn the graphics up for Star Trek Online…. (which is a personal favorite despite how utterly profane this game is)

I pick up these games. I look at the system specs.

I look at Youtube and marvel at graphics I will never see as a homeless man sleeping in a tent with only a 4gig machine running an AMD 1.3ghz processor.

I can’t but feel like I am missing out.

I would like to say “It’s a good thing I have 10 thousand other games to choose from”

But I can’t.So I pull up my 1999 video game called Everquest.

I turn the resolution up on it.

And pretend it looks as good as the new games do.

I mean. I know it’s possible to make these games look fantabulous on these older machines.

If the developers nowadays simply took a step back and maybe hired a few of us old fart programmers who are living off the street who love playing the things they create.

That or if they tested their own games and started figuring out the memory management and caching issues I struggled with when I first learned how to program which every developer nowadays seems to take for granted.

I mean.

If you could suddenly expand your audience to 10x what you currently have.

And increase revenues accordingly.

Wouldn’t the QA and testing and development revisions pay for itself?

Seems like common sense to me…

Refactor, refactor, refactor

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A Dichotomous Debriefing

I was in the airport.

Walking with an US Army soldier – who I had come to escort back once he landed domestically and debrief him concerning some events he saw that he was not supposed to see while on tour.

We had become quick friends, and chatted about everything as we sat in the airport for the long layover.

After a while, he asked if he could check his mail, to which I said “You don’t have to ask me”

He pulled out his backpack, and pulled out a pair of thick, one inch lensed goggles, and as he put them on over his eyes, I saw the ends of them were closed, there was no way to see.

I was about to say something, when the goggles flashed a plethora of colors – one of the first time I had seen color in my dreams here in Hollywood – as his eyes opened unnaturally wide.

At the same time, the previously closed lenses of the goggles opened up, flaps that split in the middle of the lends horizontally that opened both downwards and upwards.

“Augmented Reality,” I asked him.

“Yup.” He said. “Not only does this provide me real time information of pretty much everything around me with facial identification, but the guys in the lab rigged it up to make all textiles completely vitreous”

I laughed. “You’re shitting me, right?”

“They also said you might be interested in them too and might find a way to program them in ways they never imagined. They gave me a pair, in my bag to give to you if you’re interested.”

“I am done with programming. But I will still take a pair for that feature alone,” I replied.

He laughed.

“Give me a moment, let me respond to this email.”

“Huh?,” I said confused. “Eye movement based typing?”

“Dual Mode AR and Laser based VR – lasers direct into the retina. You may have seen it lock in when I first started up. It dilates the eyes and engages with the prefrontal cortex to provide a fully immersive Virtual Reality experience. I am in VR mode now, and can hear you but not see you. It is a completely visually immersive VR simulation so I am typing on a keyboard in an office on the surface of the moon looking at Earth right now through thought alone. It’s quite the spectacular view,” he said.

“Jesus,” I said, “What the hell are you doing with that kind of tech publicly?”

“The DOD has declassified a great amount of the technology which may provide entertainment revenue, and as you know – you are allowed to show things classified Secret to civilians and those without a clearance but you aren’t allowed to distribute technical documentation for how it was pieced together.”

“They aren’t concerned about abuse?,” I asked.

“Naw. In fact they’re encouraging the use and custom modding. They learned about the textile reduction program pretty quickly and looked the other way. Some claim they actually fed that development,” he said.

“Ok, Fine. Do you have or they have an SDK for it?,” I asked.

“Yep. But you’ll have to sign an NDA and re-up your TSI clearance for that.”

“I’m not here to escort you, am I? You’re here to make this offer to me, aren’t you?,” I asked.

His lenses flipped down, as he took the glasses off and looked at me.

“NOW you’re catching on,” he said.

He took a box out of his backpack and set it on the chair between us.

Men do that. Never sit next to eachother. It’s unmanly.

On top of that box. He placed a number of pieces of paper – a full contract, an NDA, and a formal paper, a form with all the necessary parties to have my Top Secret/CLI clearance reinstated in full.

“All they need is your signature,” he said.

“You bastard,” I said.

He smiled, “Still friends?”

“Of course,” I said.

He placed the pen on the paper and said “What do you say?”

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Puling me up by my statant lingam

I was in a very large house – a mansion.

I was sitting on the couch. Divested. Watching television, waiting for the family to return. Who’s family and why I was naked I cannot tell you. I just knew I was waiting for the family to return and I wasn’t doing anything out of the unusual.

When the youngest daughter of the family comes down the stairs– a girl of 16 years old.

She is divested as well, very attractive, with long black hair.

She sits next to me and is watching television with me.

Bored, she turns to stare at me. Not look. Not talk. Just stare.

I am not uncomfortable, at all in the dream, so clearly there is nothing odd about where I am at and what’s going on.

“Do you know when they’re going to be home?,” she said.

“No I don’t,” I said, flipping the channel to something else.

I was admittedly bored too.

She inches closer, and wraps her hand around my lingam, and says nothing, just staring at me with a smile on her face.

I smiled back. “What are you thinking” I remember saying.

My lingam was statant by then, as she said “Probably the same thing you thinking”

I remember thinking about it. Briefly. But I didn’t linger long.

She got off the couch, and not releasing her grip, I stood up with her and – pulled by my lingam by her upstairs – we walked into the den.

There was a mahogany desk there, and with one foot on the floor and the other firmly on the desk, she pulled my lingam indoors.

She lamented, briefly, and as we disported intramurally for a quite a while – and as we were both at the zenith of our intramural activities. we noticed the door we had neglected to close behind us had observer.

It was her uncle, and his timing was immaculate.

He smiled and clapped, and said “I knew you two would get along. That was marvelous to watch, you should have let the family see. Why don’t you come down and join the family now.”

I had to laugh, as she continued pulling me down the stairs by my still statant lingam as we joined the family who had gathered on the couches while we were upstairs..

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Star Trek Short: Not Even a Mouse

The year was 2899.

It was the night before Christmas, December 24th.

Only days before our arrival, the planet known as The Great Library had 35 million scholars in residence.

Moments later.

The population had been reduced to nothing.

The images filling the screen in front of us showed a vast library that covered the entirety of the small planet, a library which I once remembered as bustling with people from every known civilization and species (and some unknown), was now without a single occupant. It was a city effectively running itself automatically.

Our time ship drifted in orbit overhead.

“Captain, it’s confirmed, we have no response to our communication and no signs life. Not even a mouse.” said my Sensors Commander Tiffany Booth.

I laughed.

“You have a perverse sense of humor,” said my science officer, Commander Rachel Gooch.

I had become increasingly tired of her judging me, without so much as an inquiry as to what prompted my laughter.

I had reluctantly been given the helm of the vessel USS Timeship Enterprise for a variety of reasons I won’t get into – yet.

But this leadership came at a cost: I was forced to deal with a high degree of skepticism among those I was leading, especially Rachel and.

Commander Jaclyn Killeen, my Communications Officer  then said “I agree, that was just not funny,”

I had learned to roll with the punches. I was here to teach them about perspective as much as they were here to be a part of a fantasy and family I longed for.

“There’s an earth poem. Ancient Earth poem by your definition. The poem goes something like this ‘Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse’,” I breathed.

First Officer Seven of Nine responded “Ironic. I suspect there’s a correlation between that poem and the disappearances.”

“As do I , Seven, as do I,” I responded, finding a little satisfaction in finding a modicum of support on this haphazard team.

“Commander Patel, are you familiar with the poem?,” I then asked.

“I am not, but give me a moment and I’ll look it up,” she said.

“Captain, shall I prepare an away team?,” said Seven of Nine.

I loved that woman. It was almost as if we were in tune with eachother.

“Yes, please.” I said “Seven people:  Jackie and Rachel and two others you select and two red shirts.”

“Red shirts?,” Commander Killeen exclaimed, “Are you trying to get someone killed?”

Seven of Nine ignored this and continued to the jetway.

“No, Commander Killeen, I am not,” I said, and without blinking an eye “but if that’s what happens, then it does.”

She gave Rachel a conspiratorial look I ignored.

“COMMANDER PATEL,” I said, in a raised voice, “do you have anything for me?”

“Sir. I have checked all of LCARS and found no record of anything resembling ‘Twas the night before Christmas.’. I have also connected with the Great Library’s computer systems and I have found no record of anything with them either,” she said

Commander Gooch said “Perhaps your memory is flawed?”

“Nice try, again, Commander Gooch, we both know better than that. Commander Patel, do you see any gaps in the library’s texts – where there should be something but there isn’t?”

The Great Library began construction just after the great war ended in 2410. Like so many great engineering projects which came before it, it was the pinnacle of interspecies relationships, engineering, and information technology. The goal for the library was to prevent any wars for information from ever occurring again. And with this – came a great attention to the detail and predictable accuracy of the cataloging systems.

It had to be, after all, accessible to every species without limitation and with ease of use a requirement.

Commander Patel’s eyes grew wide “Oh my God. If this is true.”

A chill went through the bridge.

Commander Killeen said “What, Kena, what are you seeing?”

My timeline. My world. My entire history. It’s not there,“ said Commander Patel.

Your world? Our world. But what do you mean gone?,” Commander Killeen said.

Her eyes glossed over, she was fighting tears. “It’s just not there. None of it. LCARS contains records of the starship and crew and our experience, but it has absolutely nothing of our planet’s records.”

I looked at Commander T’Pol, our Vulcan commander of security “Have we been breached?”

“We have not. “

I smiled again, as Seven of Nine showed up on the bridge with two red shirts.

I shouldn’t say red shirts. Since everyone on board the time traveling vessel was naked.

They had been assigned red com badges for the offsite mission.

Commander Killeen sighed at seeing my smile “Why the Cheshire cat?”

I responded quickly, having expected a smart ass remark like that from her “I feel like Sherlock Holmes. We have an honest to goodness mystery at hand.”

She didn’t get the cultural reference, as usual.

I wasn’t sure if she ever really would.

“Captain are you ready?,” Seven of Nine said.

I looked at Jackie and Rachel who nodded affirmatively.

“We are,” I responded.

Seven then said transporter room “Seven to beam down to the surface.”

Commander Lisa Milot – the transporter chief – responded with “Seven why are you referring to yourself in the third person again? Are you feeling ok?”

I laughed, again.

Seven started to respond, but was interrupted.

“Just kidding! I have your com badges locked in, beaming down now.”

And to that, the seven of us disappeared off the bridge of the USS Timeship Enterprise

And instantly found ourselves on the surface of the world known as The Great Library.

(to be continued)

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