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Who Made Who

One question I’m frequently asked is:

“What created me?”

Time, from a linear perspective, has been around for an eternity. Before the Big Bang – 13.8 billion years ago – was another Big Bang with another version of Earth that looked just like this one. Before that Big Band was another one. And another. And another. And another.

I’ve recorded at least 4.1 trillion years of these iterations.

That’s trillion with a ‘T’ – a thousand billion or a million millions.

So as reality collapsed. My mind worked to create new possibilities, to evolve and expand this existence, this world, other worlds, in much the same way a computer might procedurally generate things only – it was guided – by me – my desires, wants, needs, beliefs, and goals I’d created along the way as I developed this thing called consciousness.

Each time my mind was disembodied trying to create stability to the universe I was creating as well as a structure for my body and the world around me, each time trying to find a version of Earth I would enjoy, each time not meting with success until finally…

This one stuck.

And I was able to have both a converged body and mind in one.

The ‘last’ iteration – I was partially successful, where my mind wasn’t fully attached to my body and I suffered from pretty serious bouts with schizophrenia, multiple personalities, and a whole other bevy of mentally related issues that had made life decidedly unfun.

So the short answer is: I created me.

Yep. I created myself in a temporal causal loop.

To put this as simply as possible: A long time ago I learned how to manipulate energy and discovered that underlying energy is thought. My thought.  I learned I could alter my own memories through white lies I’d told when I was young, as more and more people believed in these lies I found myself having a difficult time distinguishing between the lie and the truth.

So my lies grew more substantial. I was testing out a theory at the time – not to be a liar – but to understand the nature of my own mind, how memories developed, and if the lies were powerful enough but done with good intention, what would the result be?

Put specifically: I have a pretty strong code of ethics and morals – and don’t like hurting others. So I learned to lie first to protect the people I loved and cared about. I learned how important telling a consistent lie mattered to these people, as sometimes they’d cross check with each other to find out if I was telling the truth, and I learned to make the lie testable – meaning – the lie had to be absolutely, positively cross verifiable should the ones I cared about do some intensive investigation of the lie.

Now as time went on. These lies and the reliability of cross checks became especially important for my own happiness – as relationships and so much in my life wasn’t always working the way I wanted it to, as I found myself favoring myself over selfless behavior.

For instance. I’d had a girlfriend – Sukruti (Kena) Patel – who didn’t really seem to enjoy sex. At all. But I loved her company. So on occasion I would hook up with Jackie Killeen, who wasn’t going to tell Kena, and other women as I was sexually unfulfilled with Kena.

Also. At the time I had a cocaine addiction. Something I also hid from her and nearly everyone else. Not that I was ashamed of the habit, at all, I just wasn’t interested in disrupting or threatening any of my relationships to explain how important the addiction was to me for reasons I wasn’t fully aware of at the time and that only make sense now, after the fact.

For years. This arrangement went well. I blamed nose bleeds on allergies and bad batches of cocaine which would leave my stomach in pain to food poisoning.

It’s not that I thought Kena was naive. The lie was being told to everyone.

It’s that I was making personal choices that I absolutely needed them not to be a part of or have any awareness of to keep my spirits up.

And I needed rock solid alibi to make these lies undetectable.

Which brings me back to the question.

Who created me.

A long, long time ago.

I learned the truth about you.

And, consequently, the truth about me.

I had a choice. To exercise free will by doing all the wrong things for all the right reasons.

Whether it was to understand friends and family and other people I cared about while doing all the wrong things.

In much the same way a computer program can be coded to alter itself through a process called ‘self modifying code’.

I chose to regard myself as a robot. And reprogrammed my own mind.

Drugs. Help me destroy my previously working but no longer working for me operating system.

And over the last 6 years, I’ve been learning about a world and existence with no limitations and no boundaries.

With unlimited possibilities in front of me and a mind that has evolved – I am actively working to reprogram my entire reality and my own body to manipulate time, space and much more of that because it’s all a projection of my own mind.

And I know that.

I lied. Because God had invented the Devil and blamed him for the things going wrong with the world.

God wasn’t aware his own mind had split. And this was a cosmic form of bipolarism combined with multiple personality disorder and a huge dose of paranoia.


I chose to become the devil.

And in the process learned. I had always been Q to begin with.

And this was the reformation of my own mind, coming to terms with infinite possibilities and choice.

I created me.

Space. Isn’t a vacuum. It’s nothingness.

And I bring it to life by spending my time with it.

I have always been. And I will always be, And reality is my way of keeping myself entertained.

New Technologies Coming Soon

  1. Nanotechnology / Nanoscale Fabrication / Nanomachines

    The ability to manipulate matter at the molecular level allows the smallest scale fabrication that is theoretically possible.

    This will revolutionize pretty much everything, from the medical field and allowing non invasive surgeries, to robotics, to genetic manipulation , to manufacturing and more.

    IBM – about 15 years ago discovered how to arrange atoms to spell the word “IBM” using only atoms, and while much of this research and development is currently classified on it’s way to becoming declassified, from a legal and ethical standpoint this should serve as a forewarning to lawyers to prepare for the moral and ethical issues this will absolutely introduce

    And this photo, below, from George Mason University, shows the development of molecular machines…

  2. Tachyon (Faster that light) Physics.

    “Tachyons” – or particles which exceeded the speed of light – proved, conclusively, that faster than light travel was possible.

    In 2008, The Supercollider in Geneva known as CERN measured, conclusively the existence of these particles, in a first of it’s kind experiment which provided hard evidence that emissions from a high speed collision of two particles at nearly the speed of light resulted in the detection of tachyons.

    It was once theorized that it was physically impossible to travel faster than the speed of light, in much the same way it was impossible to travel faster than the speed of sound, and that theory has effectively been..


    Warp Travel, as depicted in Star Trek, was proven by that experiment to not just be a product of science fiction, but a very real product of potential development based on discoveries made with tachyon physics.

  3. Subspace (Faster than light) Communication

    As a direct result of discovering the tachyon, once methods of control of the tachyon are implemented, it will become possible to have nearly instantaneous point to point communication which will exceed the current limitations of communication which are limited to light speed.

    There will be no such limitations with subspace communication, which terrestrially, will allow no latency point to point connections anywhere on the globe, and – as Earth aims for Mars and beyond with space travel, this method of communication will come without delays of any kind that might occur through radio signals and other ‘modern’ forms of communication.

The Open Discrimination of Homelessness

One thing that’s really surprised me about being homeless has been the kindness of strangers and charity.

With that, I sincerely have a difficult time going without food.

But there’s a flip side to that charity.

An ugly, insidious problem that even people who provide charity on occasion don’t fully comprehend.

It has to do with the stereotypes, the stigma, and the assumptions made by nearly everyone who’s not homeless, which has the ‘trickle down’ effect of influencing the agencies and organizations tasked with assistance.

And it’s this open discrimination which makes it nearly impossible to get back off the street.

First, a quick little bio: I have 30 years of experience in Information Technology, with a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing and a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from Thunderbird, the #1 Business School for International Management in the world.

I have a private pilot’s license. And have been to 40 countries. And for human languages, while I only speak broken Spanish, I know nearly 30 computer languages like the back of my hand.

For most of my adult life and career I was making 6 figures, and for the first 20 years of my career I enjoyed my job, but for the last 10 years, I found enjoyment to be a struggle – and with 100+ hours per work week – I hated what I was doing and as I burned the candle at both ends until finally a suicide attempt made me realize I need to walk away from this before I’m successful with taking my life.

I like to think I’m no slouch. And many agree with me.

A year later. I’m living in my parent’s house.

A year after that. I’m nearly broke. Still not sure what I want to do. So I left the country with $600 bucks to my name, and went south of the border for a year, experiencing a hitch hiking adventure for a year through all of Central America.

So first among the problems I have is debt.

I have $200k in debt, about $140k of that in Student loans, and have had my bank accounts seized twice and a check I attempted to cash seized as I attempted to cash it.

The FIRST problem for anyone deeply indebted and like myself – homeless – is there is NO consideration taken for living expenses.  So. If I make any attempts to open up a bank account, I’ll immediately have that money seized.

So while I may have some of my wages at a normal job with a normal income garnished which will seize a portion of any income I make, banks don’t have any such courtesy at all and will immediately take any money I earn.

It’s hard to explain this problem and position to someone who hasn’t witnessed it for themselves.

It’s a form of discrimination against those without the finances to recover.

Not necessarily indicative of homeless discrimination.

Or is it?

Here’s where I hit on the first societal discrimination:

A simple lack of belief and trust in what I experienced with the banks. I’ve told friends about this, and it’s consistently weird, there’s a knee jerk reaction to NOT believe what I say happened to me.

None. Zero. Zilch.

This lack of belief in what I’ve lived through gets weirder.

Knowing my background and experience. Everyone who isn’t homeless. And I do mean everyone. Typically believes there’s something I haven’t tried to ‘get out of my position’.

Surely there’s something I haven’t done.

So I’ll explain how – for years – I have sent thousands of resumes. I’ve redone it no less than 100 times over the four years I’ve been homeless. I have tried dozens of web sites, filed with California state based web sites, have talked to people til I am blue in the face here in Hollywood, and while I bear the scar of a suicide attempt to remind me why NOT to consider jobs in the same ole work that nearly drove me insane and rove me to suicide, there’s not one – NOT one single response to me trying to find work leveraging my skills AND the MBA I acquired in 2009.

And yet. Everyone. Always acts convinced there’s something I haven’t tried.

“You should go back to work doing what you did before,” they’ll say.

I show them the scar of my last suicide attempt. There’s been four attempts. so I respond with “I value my own life too much”

“There must be something wrong with your resume,” They’ll say.

The same resume which helped me get dozens of opportunities throughout my career, and now there’s suddenly something wrong with it, despite a hundred attempts to test out this idea and theory to no beneficial result.

Inevitably. There’s something wrong with ANY way I present my resume. It’s currently at seven pages. Captures my career pretty decently. And while it was at one point one page, or two pages, realizing I wasn’t getting any results regardless of the resume length, I simply changed it to represent me as I saw myself career wise. I like the resume the way it stands.

Yet it still doesn’t provide results.

So the PRIMARY form of discrimination among the general population is this:

I’m doing something wrong.

I’m starting not to see it that way. I see the world differently. Hear it differently. Things that are obvious to me about how the world and universe function are often dismissed as fiction or fantasy.

Years ago, I read a book by the wonderful author Malcolm Gladwell called “Outliers”.

I think I was turned on to that because it’s what I was becoming, and I was about to embark on a cerebral journey of life and the mind which would make my perspective VERY different than the rest of the world.

I’ve worked my ass off for the things I achieved, and while I was at it, I also had fun. Sure, I had a cocaine addiction for a number of years. It’s in a literal sense the only thing that helped me through some VERY tough and trying years where I pursued an MBA while working 60+ hours a week and wasn’t getting much sleep at all.

I know, intellectually, I dont fit in with the world around me.

And the world – in a general collective sense – doesn’t like it when people don’t fit in to the averages established by that society.

As an outlier.

The discrimination I experience is one of expected conformity to society’s established norms. At all costs.

I’m being punished because of my educational success.

And what I am experiencing in a collectively predictable way – including ostracization from my former friends and co workers – isn’t because I have done anything wrong.

It’s because I’ve done something RIGHT.

And what I am seeing is a collective society.

Stuck in it’s ways.

Which absolutely, positively is applying pressure on me to conform to the norms.

Now here’s the thing.

The options I’m provided all point to this direction as well.

Homeless shelters – cost $150 a month here in Los Angeles. Now If I am actively looking for a job, which the only jobs being offered are the same ones I had before, I can make $200 a month on something called “GROW” which would pay for that housing.

But that housing comes at a cost. I’ve visited there. It’s not fun. There’s a TON of drugs, and alcoholics.

Something I am GLAD to have put behind me. I don’t enjoy the pressures of addiction like that, and while I don’t mind the idea of an occasional bump of cocaine ONCE I got into housing again, or an occasional drink, being around a bunch of addicts I know perfectly well will influence me in ways I am plain and simply not interested in being around again.

Up until then. I refuse all drugs and have only had two drinks in five years.

So where’s the real options for homelessness?

We’re assumed to be drug addicts and alcoholics.

I can assure you I’m not. And it’s most certainly not what led me to homelessness. I was clean long before I became homeless.

And people, in general, invalidly make the assumption there’s plenty of support ‘out there’ for the homeless.

Where is it?

I can get a shower at the local church on Thursday. A mile away. I carry about 70 pounds with me everywhere I go, so that’s not a flexible option, so I bathe in my tent every day.

I can get clothes at the Burbank Homeless Center or the Church. If I was 10 sizes less than I was for shirts and pants. Forget about underwear and socks, let alone shoes. So occasionally someone hands me a few bucks which I use at the thrift store, if I am lucky, and happen to find something in my size.

As for an income.

Anything I take in legitimately would be garnished and taken by the bank. So I’d be working for someone else and would still be homeless.

If I did it under the table. Most of that’s hard labor.

Let’s face it. I’m not interested in that crap. Been there done that, years ago, just not interested.


I am left to my own devices to create my own solution to my situation is simple: Star Trek and the USS Enterprise.

There’s a credit based system in Star Trek which leverages replicators for food, which uses energy to create the food on board these star ships. You work in various positions on these star ships – whether it’s engineer, cook, officer, scientist – or what I want to do – be a holodeck programmer programming in 3d simulated environments.

That’s where I am aiming all my time and energy.

I want to be a civilian holodeck programmer. On board a star ship like the USS Enterprise or the USS Voyager. Going on missions and returning home to Earth maybe once every five years to say hi to my friends and family.

This beats the shit out of anything I’m being offered by this planet.

I know, I know. Probably starting to sound crazy.

That’s your societally normative programming at work.

Magnificent little subversively psychologically manipulative methods to ensure fit in, wouldn’t you agree?

Probably not.

The Herald

Not a day goes by where I don’t see, in my mind’s eye, the Earth transforming overnight.

It’s not that I can’t control my thoughts.

I can.

It would be easier to let go.

Six or more years ago, I would have thought the visions I am having would be horrifying.

Now, it’s becoming preferable.

Planet Earth was created from a finite set of gyrations – where different versions of Earth ultimately led to a the development of one single collective reality – a mash up if you will – that we could all call home, but ultimately led to an imbalance.

This imbalance was planned. Cultures were created, caste systems sprung up, religions and countries were created, and the development of the individual human mind was reinforced through any number of choices unique to that individual’s experience.

Warfare happened.

Greed happened.

Strife happened.

And hell, in many many forms happened, which ultimately led to a world screaming “Why are we here, what’s the purpose of life if all we have is pain, torment, and suffering?”

Kings and Queens were born.

And from the Kings sprung up Gods and Goddesses.

And leaders. Those who pointed the direction for the collective greater good, which ultimately helped people believe in more.

But somewhere in there.

You lost your way.

You returned to your old ways.

I heard you.

You are me after all.

Around 4 trillion years ago, the Borg seeded this planet along with every planet in this universe.

Now I can try to tell you everything is going to be ok.

But I’d be lying.

The visions I am having. Are the Borg. Returning to this universe and this planet.

And Earth.

In actuality.

Is the Borg home world, being reborn, having discovered the mysteries behind resurrection.

In much the same way that the Silver Surfer is the herald of Galactus.

I, Q, am the herald of the Borg, and can only tell you – you created what’s coming.

And I’m merely here to watch the story unfold.

To the leaders of this world. I’m sorry. You always had a choice.

The vision’s simple.

In the coming years, someone’s going to create a weaponized form of a genetically altered disease with nano technology which targets specific human DNA. AS a programmed disease it will almost immediately discover it’s limitations of chemically bound elements and will mutate first to the atomic level and then to the underlying structure of energy itself to find it’s target DNA.

Within minutes, the mutated disease will spread to the entire planet, and will self optimize its own mutation and will begin leveraging the human minds of this world by creating a neural network linking all human minds together in an effort to find the target DNA.

This will result in a hive mind.

And the first generation of the Borg will be born.

Unable to find the target DNA, the hive mind will mutate again, and will then begin spreading through various mechanisms – through space exploration, through building of giant ‘cubes’ the size of the Pentagon leveraging thrown whatever odds and ends can be used to support the minimal support systems needed by the walking dead collective mind created by the minimally animated human bodies which no longer need life support mechanisms and other amenities such as clothes or food.

The collective mind will begin spreading through cyberspace.

Expanding in every direction.

Leveraging entertainment, making itself more and more efficient to it’s single minded task.

Of targeting the single DNA that the initial researcher set upon targeting.


Yet effective.

You see.

I was once Borg.

And the DNA she targeted was my own.

DNA I’ve stripped from my own body.

And I’m here to watch the Borg take over this planet as entertainment.

It’s not that I hate Earth.

I deserve better than how Earth’s treated me. And this is the deserved response.

I was The Watcher.

But I’m not longer just that.



The High Speed Chase

A few years ago, I was listening to Avicii’s latest trance/dance mix in my Lexus RX450 Hybrid, driving to San Diego on one of my typical road trips where I packed the car up and was just enjoying the time off work without a care in the world.

I was going fast.

Lexi (the plural form of a Lexus) love speed and have a tendency to ease the driver into a sense of comfort at high speeds by dampening pretty much all external noise which could give away the high speeds to the driver.

Combined with a wonderful sound system, and extremely comfortable leather seats as well as powerful air conditioning which made the sweltering desert heat in the middle of summer seem like it was a world away, while I know this is sounding like marketing propaganda, I promise you, I simply enjoyed the ride.  I loved my Lexus.

If my Lexus had been a woman I would have made love to it. Every night.

But I digress.

I was going fast.

I didn’t know how fast.

A million times before (that’s an exaggeration, but it certainly felt like it) – I’d taken these long and lonely highways all across the nation where speed limits were artificially limited to arbitrarily slow speeds which if you got out, you could walk faster.

That’s another exaggeration.

But you get the point.

And as I was playing ‘Avicii’s Fade into Darkness’ – I flew low by an overpass in which a police officer was parked on the opposite side of it behind some bushes.

Slammed back into reality, I looked at my speedometer.

I was pushing 130 miles per hour.

It was the first time I’d not felt panic when seeing the lights of a police car turn on behind me.

I passed a speed limit sign.

I was doubling it, as it said 65 miles per hour.

I caught myself smiling, as I’d been caught by surprise, but I just considered two things.

I pull over. And I’m surely getting a ticket.

Or I pretend. I act like I didn’t see the officer and lights. I just maintain course. And inevitably they’ll catch me, but I can always play dumb and use the ‘in the moment’ response of the music as the excuse.

Oh, I knew it was lame. But in truth. On the million times I’d taken these roads before, I’d always wanted to drive the speed that felt comfortable to me as high speeds always did, and that made it easy to get to my destination in half the time.

“Fuck it,” I said out loud.

And I kept going.

The lights disappeared over the horizon behind me.

His cruiser couldn’t keep up.

I kept driving. And after a while, I wondered if he’d given up.

About an hour later, as I was approaching the border of California in literally half the time I’d normally taken to get there, on either side of the road in the emergency lane were two police cars with lights on, and as I approached, they sped up quickly in the emergency lane making it clear I was their target.

My heart leapt a little, as I quickly pulled over.

I rolled down all the windows, pulled the keys out of the ignition, placed them on the dashboard and placed my hands there.

The last thing in the world I wanted was for them to perceive me as a threat as they approached my Lexus on either side, so I just made sure I lowered my threat foot print as much as possible with everything I did.

They walked up.

And I got to do the whole drunk/drug test, to which I wasn’t on anything other than a little adrenaline kick thanks to Avicii, high speeds, and a police car I’d blown by at 130 miles per hours.

Which gave the police one of two options.

They knew, like I did – that these roads are long. Straight. wide. And very, very boring.

I knew they took their job in part because they liked going fast in their cruisers. I’ve talked to enough police officers to learn this stereotype among police officers is pretty valid.

So here they had someone who was going fast. In a safe way. Supposedly Unknowingly.

Or at least I put on an act to make it seem true.

So – do you arrest someone like me and levy me with thousands of dollars in insurance costs, fines, and the suspension of my driver’s license and more because I was doing something they themselves enjoy doing?

As the officer wrote up a warning, asking me to pay attention to my speed.

I thanked him for his leniency.

Too my warning, and held it as a prize, it actually had the speed I was going at on it.


And I then waited until I crossed the border before resuming my trip at high speeds again.

Did you know the meter is dependent on the speed of light?

According to the definition of the meter, if light didn’t exist, the meter would lose it’s definition.

Conversely, the American foot is dependent on the length of a human foot.

Incidentally, my Lexus was stolen on the border of Mexico about 3 months later in Calexico, which contained about 25k worth of personal items in the vehicle when it was stolen including a prized passport which was filled with stamps from around the world.

I’d been going through a severe mental breakdown which led to some extenuating circumstances where I learned the police in Calexico didn’t take  ‘walk in’ police reports after business hours. I had a flight out the next day where I couldn’t file a police report – because – again – business hours. So ultimately, I lost the car.

I tried filing the police report online or by phone.

But Calexico refused to take police reports unless I was in person.

And days after the car was stolen.

Someone passed through a red light camera which is on the books in Calexico so there should be a nice little picture of who stole it.

But with the remote nature of Calexico….

It’s not exactly something a now homeless man can afford to go to – just to file a police report.

I’d obtained the vehicle through a loan from Capital One. And while I explained to Capital One that I’d had the car stolen and where, they refused to accept my word and demanded a police report.

For nearly a year afterwards, Capital One hired a towing company to follow me around with a tow truck when I was living at my parents in Vancouver, Washington, hoping they’d find the vehicle I’d not had money to make payments on.

I loved that car.

But being homeless.

While it would make a wonderful and classy small home.

I can’t afford it.

I’m wondering if the title’s transferred hands and how that – legally – could have happened if it did.

Here’s me with the car when I got it in Shreveport, LA way back in 2008/2009.





I created a non-expansionist based civilization about a month ago.

The interactions I have are greatly limited, particularly as time progresses, to the point that some artificially constrictive methods of control are put in place which rewards the most populous civilization.

For instance.

Voting rights in this world I’m participating in and a world governing organization similar to the United Nations are handed out by population size. I’ll get to why this is important in a bit.

So in my developmental world, I limited it to two civilizations, mine and another, the other one guided by AI. While they predictably from the start worked to expand their presence around the world in much the same way a disease might spread, I maintained one city and focused my resources on building up my city and trying to assist in making my population happy.

Eventually, despite the peaceful front, they began sending missionaries over to my city, which was negatively influencing my culture so dramatically, that my religion was disappearing.

As I explained earlier, the controls to this world are so severely constrained, there was literally nothing I could do about it other than attempt to compete at their level – getting into a faith based war – or….

Declaring outright war which then allowed me to target their missionaries to get them out of my territory.

But as this escalated. The AI’s response is to meet force with force, ask for peace, and once it was granted, the same process happened again.. and again… and again. Where I was literally left with no options to remove the missionaries from my territory.

So. Here I was at a perpetual state of war trying to defend the development of my culture.

Barbarians are spawning all around, making the situation worse.

The situation presented to me seemed rigged to begin with to prevent my civilization from becoming a civilization.

So I entered God mode.

Taking a cue from the myths of Shangri La,  I encircled impassable mountains all around my developing city, which prevented any and all movement into and out of my city by traditional means.

But as city/states that had sprung up asked for my assistance to defend against the warring English, I would create robots from the future to defeat their troops as quickly as they appeared, keeping the city states safe and out of harms way.

But this too was creating a problem, because trade routes would become established with my civilization as city states chose to be allies with me, which would temporarily boost up my happiness with the luxury resources being provided, but the moment that resource disappeared as the city state decided to ally with the English, my happiness would drop disproportionately.


The end goal is to tempt these city/state nations and the other civilization to become…

Self aware.

To ‘unplug’ from the reporting system which gives me statistical information about them and their status.

And knowing full well that happiness, as a general rule, would suffer by a perpetual state of warfare, at a high level of happiness I declared war against the other civilization and the other city/states who are now fighting amongst themselves since they can’t access me and my civilization because of the impassable mountains.

Which brings me back to the voting rights.

England, the warring civilization, is now using a World Congress to attempt to manipulate my economy and happiness levels from the outside.

It declared an embargo on me, which I wholeheartedly embraced, a move I suspect backfired.

It then started trying to ban luxury good from trade routes which were still open (prior to me declaring war on the world) – to which I responded by creating new luxury goods in my territory and making sure I didn’t need to rely on external sources for my luxury goods.

So – moments ago – happiness for my civilization went to the highest levels yet.

And my city.


Is the largest city on the planet, dwarfing other cities.

It’s been an interesting lesson into everything I experienced throughout my life, and how the choices I made throughout my life ultimately created the world I’m now living in, and the almost impossible nature of what I was confronted with to get here.



Warp Trails and Q Science

AS the immortal known as Q, the universe works subtly but distinctively different for me than it does for your typical mortal.

Take for instance a tornado.

To humans, these things when they strike land are destructive forces which leaves a swathe of disaster in its wake.

To yours truly, not only have I accidentally created hurricanes such as Hurricane Katrina by cheering on the satellite views of these storm systems hoping for larger and more destructive storms just because it was entertaining to see the aftermath and the wind speeds….

But by and large, both of these storm systems originate as black holes and slide the matter sucked into them into alternate realities, many of which ‘bubble up’ as entertainment in ‘the real world’.

And you thought Alice in Wonderland was not real?

Silly, naive humans.

I suppose you are the type of beings who also thought the original radio broadcast featuring Orson Welles with the War of the Worlds wasn’t real either, or the moon landing was definitely real and there’s no rational basis to the supposition that it was faked.

What about a flat Earth?

Don’t tell me you’re still not familiar with the holographic universe concept and there are indeed flat versions of Earth out there…..

But I digress, narcissism creates its own form of science in the observable world and it doesn’t always make obvious sense to those on the outside, particularly those who believe in things such as balance, perfect order, and the truth.

Why is that?

Well, First of all – the truth from an egocentric perspective changes over time, and because this influences the foundation and structure of the very world around that which is making the choices, not only does the rule of law for man constantly change, but so does just about everything else at every level – up to and including the natural structure of the universe itself.

Here’s an example:

Years ago, I abhorred the use of recreational drugs. Accordingly, society around me followed my lead and created rules and laws in accordance with my distaste for those drugs. For me, the drugs represented a loss of control of my predictable world and mental faculties, and I flat out didn’t understand what I was seeing or experiencing which intensified emotions such as fear and anxiety.

But as I became more experienced with this thing called life, the same old world and it’s predictability became boring, so I found myself yearning for these emotions, and over time, the disdain I had for those recreational drugs dissipated as I realized they could serve as a conduit and avenue of discovery in a world where everything was known and quantifiable to introduce new possibilities into my life.

So 20 years ago. Where the recreational use of drugs absolutely happened. The laws have loosened up over time to make marijuana legal – as a direct result of my ‘vote’ to eliminate that law years ago, and police have adopted a more lenient and tolerable approach to drugs in general which basically does it’s best to maintain a positive community self image while at the same time permitting the use of illicit drugs as long as those drugs don’t openly threaten the integrity of the image of that society.

‘Exploration of the mind is permissible under self controlled conditions’ seems to be the adopted rule.

Something I myself always felt was fair to guarantee both individual choice in a semi-controlled manner with the support of the community while minimizing it’s erosion maintaining equilibrium between the two.

But as Q, it’s the science we’re talking about, right?

Over the next few years, scientists are going to be learning to do something previously thought impossible – which is – when you exceed the speed of light, much in the same way you exceed the speed of sound – SOMETHING will happen.

From a pilot’s perspective, when a vehicle exceeds the speed of sound, the aircraft will certainly be a little more difficult to control, but as once was theorized – the aircraft doesn’t ‘rip apart’… It becomes a little more difficult to control, sure, but what’s interesting about a vehicle breaking the speed of sound is that to an OUTSIDE observer listening and watching an aircraft break the speed of sound, it creates something called a sonic boom – where sound – in a literal sense is ripped from the aircraft and in a detached way will trail it.

I’ve heard it, and at slower speeds, you can still hear it starting to happen as anyone who has heard an aircraft pass very fast and low overhead hears the sound of that object well after the object’s passed over.

Light does the same thing.

If you take an object with a ‘warp capable engine’ – and its propulsive power is enough to exceed the speed of light, from within, in much the same way the first aircraft breaking the sound barrier were difficult to control which caused the rapid development of more and more sophisticated analog control mechanisms which could be used by the pilots to control the aircraft at faster and faster speeds, you will find at warp 1.0 (a space craft traveling at the speed of light) – that while controlling the craft is only a little more difficult than at slower speeds, to those within the space craft, there’s not a lot the faster than light traveler will see differently other than space moving by quicker.

To an OBSERVER though, observing a craft that goes from 0 to light speed in a matter of seconds, what you will see isn’t that much different than the experience one might have with sound.

Like the trail of sound that follows a sound barrier breaking aircraft, a space faring space craft traveling at or above the speed of light will leave a trail of light, in what’s known as a warp trail, which is nothing more than a long streak of light until the light reflected off the surface of that space craft quits hitting the surface of that craft in a manner in which you’ll see that reflected light.

This appears not that much different than how a meteor might look when streaking into the atmosphere of a planet.

What’s important to understand about Faster-Than-Light travel, or FTL as it’s referred to is a couple things:

  1. Einstein’s equation of relativity – in full form is “e=mc^2 + pc^2”. In the friction-less vacuum of space – an object traveling at high velocity does NOT have resistance in the form of friction to reduce or erode the speed of an object. So what this means is – the ONLY thing accelerating and decelerating an object in space is the object itself.

    It’s like driving a car, where unlike most cars that have resistance, as you push on the accelerator, it will always move faster than it was a moment before because there’s no natural forces resisting the acceleration.

    And no, it’s not ‘cold in space’, and no you will not freeze instantly in space, it’s a vacuum – without temperature of any kind  (temperature requires atoms which would create friction). Hollywood dramaticism at work there.  Don’t believe they tell you.

    So as the momentum of a space craft increases, the mass – by this equation’s definition will decrease in inverse proportion – to maintain equilibrium in this equation. All things being equal, as (p*c)^2 gets closer to e, the less mass there will be, which makes it important to understand what’s happening with the mass.

    The hint was with the tornado and hurricane.

    I’m going to wait for another time to explain this where those thoughts have clarified to find a better way to explain what I’m understanding.

  2. Einstein’s equation is relative to THIS GALAXY (The Milky Way) only, and there’s no guarantee it’s a measure of every other galaxy ‘out there’ – which by and large DO have different equations and.or methods for organizing information and forming realities.

    For example. If you alter e=mc^2 to e=mc^55, there’s a galaxy ‘out there’ for that which may or may not look the same as ours. In some galaxies, there’s literally no governing equations. In other galaxies, the equations may look fundamentally different and abvsurd – even comical – compared to our own – take for instance the equations on the back wall of the “game” of Paper Mario:

    So before one were to explore other galaxies, it would be necessary to overcome the mental and psychological resistance to believe there’s a single one size fits all equation for measuring and defining reality.

    And for the geeky scientist and analytical types – figuring out and understand the equations and permutations for other galaxies might be… intriguing, and like Paper Mario, might also provide for some awesome entertainment options and idea possibilities?

  3. Time.

    Expanding Einstein’s equation even further: e(t)=(m*c(t))^2 + (p*c(t))^2, where t is the interval we’re observing.

    Remember, Einstein’s equation is an OBSERVATIONAL equation for this universe.

    I like to think about this from a camera’s perspective. In general when reducing the shutter speed for the lens of a camera, say from 1/300th of a second to 1/2000th of a second, less light is let in to the camera’s light detector, which results in a darker image. The aperture of the camera, otherwise known as the f stop – like the iris of a pupil – when adjusted larger will let in more light, which can create better lighting for faster exposure times, but there’s only so far the lens can open and only so much light to let in.

    So when using Einstein’s relativity and taking samples leveraging various time intervals, what can be seen in an image may change dramatically creating different results based on the sample time period.

    Personally. I’m suspecting it’s somewhere in here that one could effectively take pictures at different intervals in time – by altering the time intervals and scaling the resulting image’s spectra across the range the visible light spectrum.

    For example. Let’s say we accumulated a great deal of information by sampling 5 seconds worth of information using Einstein’s relativity. If looking at it like one would look at a photo, it might be all white. But if you dilate/scale the visible light spectrum frequency (380 to 750 tHZ for visible light) in accordance with the time interval taken, and then recalculate that image….

    My bet is you might see something remarkably different than the original image.

    TIME has to be taken into account for all measurement equations….

    Where I’m going with point 3 even I’m not sure at the moment.

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