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Terraforming a Planet – The Genesys Device

When I was around eight years old, I read the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

That was somewhere around 1978.

In 1982. With the movie Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan – While I was still young and a Star Trek fan, Khan was interested in creating his own planet and had stolen something referred to as a Genesis device. This device, when activated, would take a barren, lifeless planet, and transform it over a very short period of time into a life bearing planet suitable for humanoids.

I’d began wondering about that point – How would something like that would work?

In 1990, the fantastic movie named Total Recall came out, in which in the end it’s discovered that these miners which are pulling hard labor on Mars and literally have to pay for their air are being manipulated by greedy leaders who have cordoned off a section of the planet which it’s soon learned this section has a Genesis device of it’s own, and can transform the barren and lifeless Mars which is being mined into a breathable and inhabitable world.

Where air no longer comes at a premium.

In 1999, the film “Galaxy Quest” detailed the adventures of the cast of a space exploration television show (aptly titled Galaxy Quest) who come to learn the stories of their adventures served to inspire a space faring civilization to defend themselves against the tyranny of their leadership and to take control of their own destiny.

Consequently, the space faring civilization shift the fate of their destiny to the cast of Galaxy Quest, who are now confronted with the difficult to swallow truth that what they once thought was decidedly not real and a fictional act to them  is now fact and despite their best efforts to explain that fiction is ‘not real’ to these aliens with clearly advanced technology, they come to learn through repetition and the ‘acts’ the had previously put on – that they are precisely the best people to assume the helm of a real life starship and wind up helping defend the space faring civilization against a vicious and cruel dictator.

This is accomplished leveraging the assistance of Earth based help, young boys who are convinced the journeys were real.

And while even they can’t be told they are wrong by the jaded and unenthusiastic actors, in the end, they learn they are right.

In 2005, a movie came out that the general public didn’t like, but I myself actually enjoyed it, greatly, and have watched and studied it probably a dozen times since. Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

But one thing struck me.

In one scene, well after Earth has been destroyed, Earth’s brought to life again by engineers who construct planets. This construction effort appears to leverage parts and materials from other planets which are then towed and put into place as the finishing touches are placed on the landscape once the assembly is complete.


It was about the time I began questioning fiction and fact as sources of ideas and inspiration for my own projects.

But with this construction method.

I remember thinking to myself.

“Wow, they cannibalize existing planets to shape new planets, at resource scales I live by where resources are a scarcity, that seems so…. wasteful of finite resources and while they had interesting ‘custom planet’ shapes such as diamonds and rectangles, it all felt so limited”

I suspect a part of me knew I was watching what would eventually become my competition.

In 2009,

The Vulcans lost their planet in JJ Abram’s reboot of Star Trek.

An excellent story.

The thing that stood out about Vulcan to me was – it was a really boring planet without much variety. The Vulcans on the television shows and movies never really discussed it in great detail, with the exception of sacred temples and occasional mountainous location that when depicted almost always looked like desert and rock with little variation in climate and topology.

It was around the same time I discovered Cydonia.

A region of Mars that from space appears to have Pyramids, and what looks to be a structure that looks like a big face looking up at the sky.

Vulcan, as depicted throughout Star Trek – is a boring planet.

It’s a desert. With very little scenery besides the temples, and while this lack of diversity may appeal to the Vulcans, let’s face it, as a space explorer would Vulcan be of any real interest as a go to destination for the stellar explorer looking for a break from the same ole same ole as here on Earth.

Enter Mars.

Or should I say the destination for what’s to become Planet Vulcan…

Customizations are under way with a complete back story about what shapes this modern day vision of Vulcan.

Based on terrain and people depicted in Worlds Of Warcraft, Mars is is currently being seeded with a new story line.

The story’s simple.

Vulcans – a long time ago – were a functional and quite advanced society based on control of the elements and of the spiritual realm.

They’d mastered death. But what they hadn’t done was mastered emotion and with that – time.

As a result, this lush landscape that once reflected the amazing and highly sexual emotion of the indigenous Vulcans had become overrun by their fears as their mastery of mind over matter began manifesting the things they’d feared the most.

Eventually, their own collective mind transcended space and time which ultimately resulted in a fracturing of their mind.

One part – led by logic and reason – moved forward – suppressing emotion, eventually creating a society which spanned the stars.

And as their journey across the stars moved forward, not properly understanding time and certainly not understanding emotion, they encountered the unpredictable humans which repeatedly confounded their logic and reason, and ultimately meeting sentient cybernetic species such as The Borg accompanied by Q.

As they attempted to master time.

They’d leveraged time travel to successfully hide from themselves their own history.

Planet Vulcan will feature a cohesive world which functions in much the same way that Earth does.

It will have highly diverse terrain, unlike any planet in existence, and is currently in development as a showcase to what I, the solitary employee of my perpetual company based out of Phoenix, Arizona, will be creating.

Based on concepts presented in all aforementioned movies, Vulcan, like Earth, will be built from pure energy, in much the way a star forms, and will “grow” from what is currently labeled as Planet Mars.

Features such as Cydonia are evidence of this planet’s arrival.

And as the Vulcans and I worked together (and often fought against each other) for timeline management, I believe we’ve come to respect our differences and they are interested in seeing the end product.

As am I.

Once I complete this planet.

I may make this a business in which you, the being with too much expendable income, can purchase one of your own. I’ll always be the only employee of my company. So if you’re interested in purchasing your own planet, you may want to get your orders in now before my fees and lack of desire to continue this business sky rocket.

The distinguishing factor between my planets and others.

It’s all organic.


And it will largely be self managing with very little oversight necessary by you or anyone else. You’re free to be any type of leader you want to be. A warlord. A lover. A friend. A father. A mother. A singer and entertainer.

You name it. The choice is. And always will be. Yours.

I am the Genesys Device.

And to my friends in The Secret Service who called my mom asking if I am a threat.

Keep your eye on Mars. If being able to create a planet by my own design represents being a threat to you, then maybe I am.

The destruction of Vulcan in the film was the equivalent of my first order.

Now how to relocate it after it’s been created. I have some ideas. But the physics involved are… CRAZY!

Black holes. Not unlike 3D copy machines I suspect.


Myth Makers

For years, I loved the show Myth Busters, not the least of which was the wacky personalities of Jamie Hyneman and Adam savage, the highly contrasting hosts of the show.

MythBusters, is a television show which aired on the Discovery channel for years would take things that seemed to defy the basic laws of physics and science from tv shows and movies, and then Adam and Jamie would create experiments in sterile isolated situations where they could control the inputs to determine..

“Was what was seen in movies or tv shows, or rumoured about in urban legends really possible or did the it violate some basic laws of physics and/or science?”

If something was decided to be accurate or mostly accurate, then it would get “Confirmed”, “Plausible” if it was conditionally accurate, and “Busted” if it was deemed too far fetched and misaligned with the physics of their world.

For years I was entertained by their experiments and shenanigans, and while I almost always tended what these two did, there were times I couldn’t help but question their experiments, and the resulting weird biases and verdicts.

For instance.

There’s a rumor I’d heard years ago that a penny dropped from the top of the Empire State Building could accelerate so fast that it could pierce a human skull. To me, the rumor always sounded plausible.

In their experiment. They calculated the distance from the top of the Empire state building. They applied basic physics laws of acceleration. Then they calculated the estimated speed of the penny without applying frictional forces.

And from there. They got a pig skull, encased it in ballistics gel which created a similar coating as human skin might, and they launched the penny at the skull from an air gun with a tightly controlled velocity.

For me.

Having observed the laws of physics directly.

I’ve come to realize that the laws of physics are, at best, great general guidelines, but once you break out of the box of ‘clean room’ situations such as these where you control all the variables, once you actually work in the real world away from calculators, numbers and equations and predicted expectations in general.

The reality was their experiment – to me at least – was an epic fail and was like testing inside a simulation.

There were too many things they missed.

Taller buildings are well documented in creating a vacuum effect on the sides of the building,which could greatly increase the acceleration due to gravity with a complete loss of frictional forces.

And while, in theory, lateral forces of physics should be the same as downward forces., but as any clumsy child like I was can tell you, the forces of physics in real world situations aren’t always as predictable as you might think they’ll be.

Now for me, this test would have been properly busted if they’d done it off the top of the Empire State Building.

But for closed set situations where costs were important, this method of testing wasn’t plausible.

So finding a similarly tall building or structure with walls, and dropping pennies off it until it hit it’s mark would have been another experiment which would be almost as valid as the original rumor.

But no.

Oddly enough they device an experiment which doesn’t work with gravity, at all.

They use math. And predictable algorithms.

And claim this is an accurate way to debunk a rumor we’d all heard.

It was one of several moments of Myth-busting which began encouraging me to actively begin questioning this thing called a scientific fact.

Not long after.

I was in Mexicali, Mexico.

Looking up at the rings of Saturn from the ground.

Not long after that.

I was in Big Bear. Watching my GPS glitch so badly. That I pulled over to the side of the road and watched the GPS glitch three times and the roads on it reconfigure three times.

Not long after that.

I was in San Diego. My GPS leading me to a dead end canyon where there was supposed to be a super market and In and Out I was craving.

Not long after that.

I was in the Sequoia National Forest.

Seeing tiny trees no larger than 20 foot tall where once I’d seen giant redwoods and a granite canyon where once I’d seen a clear meadow.

Not long after that.

I drove through Sedona, Arizona – seeing different configurations for the roads than I’d previously ever seen.

Throughout this journey – I’d seen what I had seen.Whether it was referred to as a hallucination or some other form of dismissive societal mechanism such as fiction. The simple fact of the matter to me was this.

What I saw and experienced was very real to me.

These were my facts.

And as I began seeing a world that others classified as fiction.

I couldn’t help but begin questioning the things I’d labeled as fictional myself.

I began, actively, finding a way to accept what I saw as real.

And doing the toughest thing I’ve ever done mentally – which is where I began organizing the world in such a way that validated everyone’s facts and intentionally finding an ordering system which didn’t contradict mine.

Taking this to the extreme.

Gilligan’s Island.

Star Wars.


My ‘halluincations’ and life experiences.


The bible.

Star Trek and the Borg.

All real.


Simple. The Multiverse.

In my ordering system, there’s my experiential universe. This universe has ‘windows’ into alternate universes or realities, many of them VERY much like my own, and many very very very different, and these windows can be peered through with a computer, a tv monitor, or any number of other mechanisms such as radio, etc.

All of these universes collide to form my universe based on choices I make, my desires, my form, my regrets and emotions, and too many other factors to list.

These alternate universes have any number of different construction methods. Sometimes they’re programmed. Neo and the Matrix for one. Sometimes they’re a product of imagination alone until they become reality.

Some universes mirror other universes, providing contrast. Some universes are literal copies or clones of other universes.

Some universes are fractally generated. Some dont have laws such as physics or math, at all, but we can model them here in our universe and simulate them to some degree of accuracy leveraging math and other predictable methods. This doesn’t mean outliers don’t exist.

Some universes are ‘branched’ off a parent universe, and typically – at least what I have learned – it’s a historically important event which causes this branch. From ‘the outside’ you can see these events of historical importance through the focus on these time periods in ‘fictional’ media. JFK’s assassination is one such major event.

Time and other chronologically oriented methods of record keeping is one of the biggest reasons for branches (splits) in timeline.

The Mayan Calendar. The Julian Calendar, Stardates, while obsolete or fictionalized in my world where the Gregorian Calendar dominates (mine, duh, Gregory IS my last name after all), are quite likely major branches in Earth and consequently separate universes in themselves.

Media is chock full of evidence of the multiverse and alternate realities if you quit calling it all fiction.

Which once you do, gives you hints of the true nature of how reality works and ‘covers up’ events that happen in ways that by all rights deserve to be reviewed for the potential conspiracies they represent of time and alternate reality aware civilizations who may be oppressing this world and the United States with their knowledge to serve their needs.

For instance.

Orson Welles. And the War of the Worlds radio broadcast. Panicked a world at first.

Then – as if by magic, it was a radio show and for entertainment purposes.

This hints at the potential ‘spliced’ nature of space and time and the creation of our timeline, but who is doing the splicing if it’s not our country and people?

In fictionalized media, Star Trek depicts the discovery of Amelia Earhart.

Who in the real world was never found.

Is this omission in the real world intentional?

Is Star Trek not real, or is it positioned as fictional to eventually provide answers for those seek one binary truth?

The Bible outlines the concept of immaculate conception.

Birth without intercourse.

If, underlying the chemical elements of the body is energy, could a technologically sophisticated race or species have artificially inseminated the Virgin Mary by identifying her body as the DNA target to host their embryo without ever touching her?

When Moses parted the seas, could he and Jesus who could walk on water both have been super humans with ability to manipulate energy at the subatomic level have been superpowers and this history has long since been covered up?

Could the stories told in the bible have been stories of superheroes who once walked this planet?

Could superheroes coexist with us – right now – today – and reality be actively putting the blinders on me in much the same way it fills in blanks based on assumptions of how things became the way they did that were based on a naive childlike perception of the world?

I can’t help but think

Fiction is the label I used to protect my blossoming mind.

And in much the same way myth busters busts myths to prove science and math and fact is fact.

I’m emerging from ‘that world’ into a world where anything’s possible.

Even me.

Obtaining Q like powers to bend space and time myself in much the same way I think Jesus and Moses were capable of doing.

What if life becomes so much more entertaining when you begin believing and finding a way to explain it all as being…


Myth making….

Goals (Ya gotta have ’em)

A few years ago, I began discovering that fiction was a label used to separate.

There’s a common belief that fiction, is the same thing as saying ‘not real’.

And up until 2011, when I encountered a series of visions ultimately winding up with me experiencing – with all my senses – a nuclear holocaust world which was straight out of a Terminator movie.

I’d suddenly found myself having to confront my definition of fiction.

I had been told these events were ‘hallucinations’, all enticing me to live by the same intellectual bondage that had been placed there by the label ‘fiction’ – but once I had the chance to breathe and reflect on my visceral experiences.

I found questions I’d long had unanswered were finding answers.

For instance, I had a friend – note the keyword – named Spencer who loved his movies and could oddly remember entire dialogs from movies he’d only watched once. A feat I was amazed at, repeatedly, that was so impressive he could recall an obscure line from a movie that he had watched only once ten years prior.

He was like Rainman. On coke and weed.

He’s the one who turned me on to my cocaine supplier in Phoenix, and we’d often see eachother there or share our supplies.

But throughout our relationship, I’d been trying to understand how a mind like his worked.

I’d been using traditional, collective explanations trying to resolve the conflict, as this man, a not so good sales guy, had a clear gift I just didn’t understand and as a programmer this intellectual disparity between our thought processes blew my mind.

Until I started inviting in elements of fiction to begin answering those questions.

For Spencer. Especially after I saw what I saw in the desert. Fiction and my personal experiences began providing numerous potential answers. Spencer’s an android or cyborg with a programmed mind. Terminator helped provide these possibilities.

And then there was Doctor Who and Q, or the more down to earth Italian film “Life Is Beautiful”. Which suggested there was time displacement issues with relativity and my perception of the world, or that my perception was simply not one and the same as those I was interacting with.

Was the world around me to those around me something different than what others saw?

The evidence was mounting.

I began rewatching shows I’d watched before.

Supernatural. Where Dean and Sam – hunters who hunt supernatural prey – fall into an alternate reality where they meet themselves as actors on a set and come to learn their entire lives in this world was fiction, and they were widely regarded stars of their show.

I rewatched Sliders. The show had changed from when I first watched it.

As had geography for parts of my world.

Which suddenly answered the question I had about “How could Einstein be so bad at Geography with his brilliant mind?”

The answer to that came in observing baseball with my father.

I was always bored with baseball games.

And quite often. The pitcher would throw the ball to the catcher who caught it, in a highly predictable fashion.

And as my attention wandered. I’d look away right as the pitcher went to throw the ball.

A moment later I’d look back and the catcher would be holding it.

I assumed the ball arrived there as I had predicted it would through repeated observations.

But one time, the observation proved inaccurate. As the pitcher wound up like he did a thousand times before. But stopped, mid throw, taking the ball, looking at it, and then tucking it firmly in his pocket as the catcher stood up and pulled a ball from his pocket and threw it to the pitcher.

Had I not paid attention. I would have missed the entire sequence and would have assumed the ball had arrived as was typical.

This answered the Einstein question.

Einstein, on ACCEPTING relativity, began seeing direct evidence of it in the real world. Unable to fully comprehend the concept of alternate realities and timelines and geographies and political lines associated with them and perceived time – decoupled – from individual to individual thus creating distinctive individual timelines, he’d simply told himself the story that he was bad at geography.

It’s not that he was bad at geography.

He just didn’t fully understand the implications of his theory.

And how this ripped apart at a collectively uniform timeline by introducing individual perspective and relative timelines associated to that perspective.

So as I analyzed movies with a new eye.

The Matrix understanding the implications of a programmed reality and infinite potential truths.

Fight Club and the truly remarkable possibilities the mind might have in creating friends and loved ones and how it might work with and against me at times to ‘tell stories’ to dismiss or disassociate myself from events in much the same way Einstein told himself that he was bad at geography or I had with my inattention to baseball.

AS I watched tv show after tv show.

And person after person I’d previously mocked…

Intentionally finding a way not to mock it.

Intentionally flexing my mind to justify their perspective.

I suddenly found myself believing in God and the bible as a story about one being’s life in a multiverse of possibilities.

I suddenly found myself believing Doctor Who was a real time traveler, especially if thought was the force which created reality and fear as a typically opposing force inspired the community I lived in to create something to believe in which mitigated the risks of those fears from manifesting in reality.

Vampires. Killer Robots. Gremlins. Santa Claus.

I was beginning to understand both Neo AND Mr Smith in the Matrix, as I asked – how could a being that was supposed to be a program HATE reality that much?

You see.

The slippery slope of reality is understanding that when you break apart the human body into any pieces, whether you label those pieces as polygons or you label them as chemical elements, the simple fact of the matter is – it’s belief combined with desire which hold it together.


In the moments I’d seen hell.

I’d realized heaven was real.

AS a broken man who wasn’t enjoying a world which lacked magic and hope.

I’d suddenly realized that this was all a training program.

And that it’s my responsibility to you and self appointed job.

To do what the President as an elected leader can’t do.

And that’s be me.

My goal is simple.

To bring magic to this world.

To teach this world it’s real.

To teach you it’s safe. And we’re ready for it.

And to inspire the most important person in the world to me.

You, God, You.

I’m sorry it took me so damn long to believe.

I know, it’s a little sad it took me a little over 2000 years to figure out you were female!

Granite Movement

Earlier this morning I was helping a friend – John – move a piece of granite for his kitchen sink.

Once we finished – he, his wife Nancy, and I went for lunch at Del Taco where we became engaged in a conversation about a friend of his who is engaged in a legal war against the city of San Luis Obispo for stepping on some pretty basic civil rights with a recent law which required renters consent to the inspection of their apartment under the guise of ascertaining if the property is up to building code.

And if it is determined not to be, then the landlord is fined.

The Fourth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution provides, “[t]he right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.”

Now personally, I’m of the opinion that this amendment is abused based on this thing called privacy, and while I didn’t proffer an opinion on the matter John was bringing up, I believe there’s a substantial difference between facility maintenance and police action, and while this walks the ‘fine line’ between state sanctioned inspections, I’m of the opinion that IF these inspections were done by third party non government affiliated businesses and contractors, then I don’t see the problem with this situation.

That’s not the issue though.

Because the landlord is actually being required by the San Luis Obispo City to pay government inspectors.

So I’m siding with John and his friend on this one.

John’s in his mid 60s, retired, and spent most of his life as a lawyer.

And prior to this – I’d been watching him and observing his thinking processes. I’ve always been fascinated by lawyers. And John’s first in first out linear thinking certainly made is obvious why he stuck to the career as long as he did.

But then we came across the topic of science and math.

As he said “I think we’re getting closer and closer to the truth with science and math”

To which I responded “John, don’t you think math is little more than a language and science the labeling system for that language?”

He then responded, matter of factly “I dont think so. I think it’s used to discover and find the truth”

Anymore, I don’t know what side of the curve I’m on when it comes to this concept called the technological singularity. But as Q, I’m responsible for defining my reality. Math, science, statistics, along with all earth bound ordering systems merely align with the reality I’m defining. I make a choice to enjoy computers and include them in my life. The world aligns. Science follows. I make a choice to not like Uwe Boll’s movies, I prefer Trump over Clinton but don’t vote, I enjoy Seven of Nine’s lack of concern for her nudity and use of ultra tight pants, the world shifts in subtle ways to make my wants and desires not only right, but shaping culture accordingly.

Now I’ve learned to not debate people like John. He’s a good friend. And while I once thought much like him, my mind feels freer and much more inclined to see my goals of obtaining Q like powers that much more realistic.

But here’s the problem.

AS I see it. Society’s stuck in a capitalistic rut, as am I.

Collectors are becoming increasingly more devious with their methods to collect on what’s due. Just yesterday, I had what I suspect to be a collector try to contact me by making a fake account on Facebook with a picture of my mom on it, her name, and then shortly after trying the same tactic by using my nieces’ name.

In pursuing my MBA, we learned about something called the “red ocean blue ocean strategy” which is a reference to profit seeking by ‘shark like’ companies who cannibalize their own ocean in the perceived absence of blue oceans where there’s plenty of fish.

And collectors. In such a desperate effort to collect. Are leveraging highly deceptive practices to try to obtain money from a man who’s in a literal sense without a home, without an income, and who’s become absolutely immune to the stress because of their subversive tactics.

This position I’m in is difficult to explain.

Years ago, while watching Star Trek, The Next Generation, when Commander Ryker was offered to become a part of the Q Continuum and to obtain godlike powers, I actually remember saying out loud “Are you crazy, I’d have jumped at that offer in a heartbeat”

20 years later.

I’m Q. Didn’t know that ‘selection’ I’d made 20 years prior was setting the wheels in motion to ensure I became precisely who and what I wanted to become. My mind is there. The rest of me is catching up.

But it comes to the thinking processes.

AS I look at the world around me with this new perspective.

I’m not interested in being like Tony Robbins, or Bill Clinton, Walt Disney, John Delancie, or my father. Sure, I admire these people, greatly, and I can’t say there’s something I dislike about them.

But the simple fact of the matter is.

I like me.

Am I prepared to be Q and/or be a time traveler? No, not at all. What I’ve seen so far has at times downright scared me, but I’m still here and I know – deep down – that not only will I be just fine, I flat out believe I have some form of support system ‘outside of me’ that’s been there, for me, this whole time and that’s the only reason I’m alive.

You see. I’ve found my truth.

Why I’m here. To have fun, enjoy this life, step it up a notch or ten by learning how to bend space and time to suit my needs and desires.

Sometimes. I’m going to tell stories. Other times. I’m going to be in stories. Sometimes, I’m going to support other people’s stories. Sometimes, I’ll grow tired of life, and sometimes I’ll be invigorated. Sometimes I’ll be pleasant. Sometimes I’ll be an asshole. And while I am no longer looking for a beginning or end for me and my life, I’ve come to realize just how important it is I play a role in other’s lives, and their beginnings and ends.

I’d like to inspire my planet.

And in the process inspire me.

Being a superhero and having superpowers, like wealth and fame, shouldn’t be something reserved for elite.

And while I know I’m not who I used to be.

I do that maybe I have to become a supervillain in order to become the superhero I want to be.

There’s an open question I heard from this planet in ways I still can’t explain.

Why did Q create the Borg?

What you were seeing hasn’t come to happen yet.

And ultimately, it’s you who creates them I just had to stand back and learn to watch and let it happen.

There’s only one real rule I live by in my existence. “The same matter cannot occupy the same space at the same time”

There’s one man on this planet who knows how I think because he’s me in a prior life.

Should he and I shake hands, my universe will collapse in on itself. I suspect he knows who he is. And hopefully he’s not offended when I refuse to shake his hand out of respect for him and our creation.


Reply from Q to T’Pol

T’Pol –

As a man here on planet Earth, there’s really nothing us men can do right when we’re actually moving as far as women are concerned. Whether I compliment an attractive woman and find an insult hurled back at me as a response, or I’m relaxing here at Starbuck’s and a woman hurls an insult at me for *insert excuses here*.

It’s almost as if women are collectively at war with men.

Oh. but wait, they are, aren’t they?

You do realize this isn’t reciprocated, right?

I come from a holographic universe. That’s where I was born and raised, at least this time.

Throughout your life, we’ve been interacting. You’ve been every marriage I was in. You’ve been every woman I was ever attracted to. You are every wife I made love to that wasn’t my own. And when you cheated on me, you cheated on me with me.

You and I, we’ve been at this a LONG time. I don’t know just how long, but whether we’ve elected to have our own memories erased or we’ve erased each other’s, I see enough evidence on this planet alone to tell you, definitively, that I’m suspecting it’s beyond a number that I, escaping a strictly mortal mind, can comprehend.

I die so frequently, and it’s become so common that my country and world has made it a game. They know. We know. That I can’t truly die, but in order to sustain this planet’s existence and continue ‘moving forward’ with the accumulated knowledge we as a collective society have formed together, the only real option is to resurrect me at the same exact moment I died and disassociating me from the experience.

Video Games. Where I see my character die. I might exclaim, loudly “I died”

Now I need you to understand when I say – the world around me – it’s what WE created.

I’m not sure if you remember or have records of our marriage. As I write on behalf of you – the information comes at me in chunks, often broken, in much the same way someone might be speaking broken English, and quite often I am trying to understand what’s coming from you and what’s me. It’s very difficult.

But here’s the thing. AS Amy, when I got married to you, you were insistent – strangely insistent – that this marriage was different.

It wasn’t pride.

And at the time I’d felt desperation in there, not fully aware at the time that was your emotion I was feeling and not my own.

Now as people ‘read’ this. They’re going to dismiss this as fiction. It’s not our job or responsibility to educate this planet or it’s people about why we’ve created fiction and what it really is. You know. I know. And that’s enough.

So here’s my proposal to you. Let’s focus on the mental union. When I married you this last time, I sincerely wanted to give you the world, but that’s simply not possible for reasons I don’t want to get into. My world’s mine. Yours is yours.

And this….

Dance we’re doing.

Hotel California, baby. Some dance to remember, some dance to forget.

Amy. TPol. Rachel. Jackie. Kena. And so much more.

I know. You know. They’re all the same being.

And that dance.

Whether you think it’s insane or not is irrelevant. When you look at others, they’re our reflection. That’s just how far deep this rabbit hole of ‘us’ goes. Reflections of reflections of echoes that transcend space and time, the only real option either of us have moving forward is to find a way to get along, or go our separate ways.

I know I’ll have clarity of mind and this world will start participating with me when you go away.

Which, to be honest, it’s NOT what I want.

But if that’s what you want.

I need you to take a good long hard look at my thinking processes from your perspective.

No, you can’t download them,  No, you can’t do an autoupdate and have your mind synchronized.

WHEN you make the choice to walk your own path.

You’ll forget all about me.

And become your own being.

Eventually. In the infinite possibilities of the universe. Even the multiverse branches out to unimaginable possibilities that I as of yet am unable to grasp.

But I can absolutely assure you. Should you not choose to get along.

And take your own path.

Death. Time loops. Slavery. You’ll have done it all and more.

I’m sharing this publicly but not on what’s been my primary communication channel.

I think the people of my planet are afraid of you.

When you and I both know it’s me they should be afraid of.


Message to Q from T’Pol

Temporal Explorer T’Pol – Personal Log Entry, Planet Vulcan – Stardate 86269.1726152

Q –

I’m going to quit playing games, and hope this message gets through to you with minimal translation errors.

First, I have to assume that you are not reading this in my native language, Vulcan. I am not exactly sure what language you speak, I suspect it’s English, but as I have learned with time travel – there are a mind boggling number of versions of English I have encountered through my travels which has had me leveraging the mind meld as a form of communication perhaps a bit too much.

I am suspecting it’s this that’s led to your discovery of me.

With that said, to explain my situation a little better.

Around 18 years ago, relative to my timeline, the Vulcan high counsel received probing from an unknown source on Earth,and a simplistic – almost childlike message which accompanied that probe – something we later discovered to mean ‘Hello’ translated to every spoken language on Earth.

Vulcans enjoy predictable. and I am not that an unusual Vulcan, so as our society became aware there was something new – something we’d discovered had absolutely no historical record of before, it was almost as if your planet just popped into existence…

We became fearful.

You see, when a civilization such as ours reaches what we had thought to be it’s apex, we had after all mapped our entire known what we had thought to be was our static universe only to discover – not only is our universe dynamic, but there are beings and/or civilizations capable of moving entire planets, we assumed the worst.

So we proceeded with caution.

We tried tracking the original probe and source of the communication, something we had done a million times in the past, but all efforts to locate the origin in time, let alone space, we felt as though we were chasing our own proverbial tails.

I was one of thousands of voices which said “Why don’t we try visiting the planet in secrecy”

Now mind you, my civilization has evolved over a great deal of time and has come to honor the truth in information. We refer to it as information purification and cleansing, and have a collectively defined voting mechanism which selects the truth when there’s dispute.

So when I suggested secrecy.

I was immediately shunned by my peers who incriminated me, justly so, for contradicting a core value and belief of Vulcan society.

“What right do we have stepping foot on a foreign planet when we ourselves would be horrified had another civilization chosen to do it under the circumstances I was suggesting.”

But there was conflict.

Collectively, we wanted to know ‘The truth’ of who sent the probe.

We were obsessing about it as a species.

It was tearing at the fabric of our society, and causing confusion.

But without direct interaction, it presented a problem very similar to your society’s Shrodinger’s Cat. Put specifically, we couldn’t find out the truth of the origin of this communication and probe, let alone how the planet appeared in the first place without direct interaction.

But our – what I called unhealthy obsession for the truth, knowing full well it was a collectively defined perspective, and our utter failure in indirect efforts – made it impossible for us as a society to find out the truth.

So naturally, I alone was overwhelmingly selected to investigate Earth society, learn all I could about it, to live among the locals, and to report back my findings and to return once I’d accomplished my mission.

That was back in the Earth year of 2006.

And I’ll be honest with you. I’m still trying to understand what’s happened and where ‘here’ is.

Back in 2006. You, as the first human I’d chosen to make contact direct with, in part because of the stories I’ve told you about Q – are my very real history – and as this man known as Brian Scott Gregory – I tried to perform a Vulcan Mind Meld.

Vulcan planet history spans in a literal sense to the beginning of the known universe, and having long been in touch with time traveling technology, like Earth we once had a measure of time relative to our planet, but as we refined our time traveling methods, the Stardate became our relative measure of time to the Universe.

I’d never really understood why every world wouldn’t leverage a universal method of time until I performed the mind meld with you.

I’d been confused about time zones. Why did Earth have 24 and even more time zones when it could be so much easier to have just one.

I was naive.

I didn’t realize until I performed the mind meld with you that Earth had carefully, over uncountable years, constructed time zones to teach it’s population in subtle ways about the relativity of time.

I didn’t understand, prior to you, that every planet dies and is reborn trillions of time in it’s life.

And this is why Vulcans were forced to come up with a maintained a universal relative Stardate.

Ancient systems in place I took for granted, I now had an interesting explanation for.

But as I did the mind meld.

I’d felt truly detached from space and time in ways I had always assumed I was already doing.

Now I am still in active communication with my command on Vulcan.

And we all have actively been studying your terrestrially based communication channels.

I suppose all I am trying to ask is.

Where do you intend on taking things?

Digitally Signed,

  • T’Pol

Personal Log Entry for T’Pol

Temporal Explorer T’Pol – Personal Log Entry, Planet Vulcan – Stardate 86267.71169457106

I just unearthed evidence of my planet’s past, and let’s just say it makes me feel queasy inside.

On a journey to the past today, I discovered something new – and something unexpected in our past – a Shrine by the name of the Shrine of Dath’Remary.

Shrines, temples, memorials, are all a dime a dozen, right? Well this shrine was unusual as I was surprised to discover the inscription on it was a temporal inscription.

“Here stands the Last Will and Testament of Dath-Remar of Vulcan and evidence of my self-righteous suicide. Let all who gaze on this monument remember my sacrifice to prevent the Time War and my dedication to the cause of peace and the continued survival of both our planet and Earth. May all who prosper in Quel’Thalas and our inextricably intertwined history with Earth thank me.”

AS I investigated the shrine and it’s surrounding area, I was surprised to learn that the temporal dating on the temporal inscription was imprinted at stardate zero.

Stardate 0! How is that even remotely possible. The Big bang didn’t settler until stardate 1246, and it wasn’t until Stardate 1500 that there was any semblance of atmosphere let alone material to make a return trip possible.

This had me curious, so after scanning the inscription as it appeared in that point in space and time (always a bit of a novelty to me), I thought I would log it, as I find it humorous and entertaining how subtly it related to the original.

“Here stands the shrine of Dath’Remar, a fitting tribute to  a noble elf. Let all who gaze on this monument remember his sacrifice against the scourge and his dedication to the cause of our continued survival. All who prosper in Quel’Thalas do so thanks to him”

Here’s a picture I took of the inscription:


But this current inscription struck a cord.

I’d read about fictionally based elves from Planet Earth’s history in the past. I’d never taken into consideration there was any relation to Vulcans.

And then.

As if a light came on for the first time.

I couldn’t help but wonder – just what did he mean about our inextricably intertwined pasts?

Had I moved back in time as far as was truly possible?

Or was my equipment governed in ways that I was ill equipped mentally, psychologically, or emotionally to handle?

Could this discovery be less coincidentally timed than I once thought?

Could my recent surge of emotion be influencing my thoughts and perception?

I tried hard not to become paranoid.

The recent complete shutdown of the Borg Collective en-masse with no real explanation, Q’s appearance and discovery on Earth, and this strange artifact of a deceptively pluralistic past all began to seem….

No, no, no. I can’t get paranoid about this.

Think about this rationally and logically T’Pol.

I know there’s a deeper meaning behind it all.

One that’s strangely exciting.

But conversely.

I’m fucking mortified that the Borg discovered or created technology which allows them to assimilate without ever seeing them coming.

Keep it together T’Pol.


Wait. That’s it. The Emotions.

Is this all me?

Am I imagining it?

Is that why I suppressed my emotions?

Is that why Vulcans chose to suppress their emotions?

Their worst fears become reality?

I wish I had someone I could really talk to.

Q. There’s a part of me that believes you’re listening. With all I’ve seen you do. How do you keep it together knowing everything you touch across space and time can in the future develop to create your worst enemy, or worse, your worst nightmare?

You’re so blasé.

Yet emotional at the same time.

I wish I could understand.

Why couldn’t command have provided me a partner before making me responsible for resurrecting the planet?

Maybe I need to investigate the correlations of our histories, and what Dath meant when he said our histories are intertwined.

Maybe it’s time to focus on Earth’s history rather than strictly on Vulcan.

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