Ryan Industries

Founded by wealthy investor Andrew Ryan just after World War 2 in 1946, Ryan Industries was established in an effort to understand the miraculous healing which occurred among many people who were injured in the bombing of Pearl Harbor.

After being rejected by multiple science laboratories, a nurse by the name of Brigid Tenenbaum had approached Andrew Ryan in the hopes of obtaining financial backing for researching what she thought was the source of the healing – sea slugs!

Mr Ryan invested in Tenenbaum’s work, supplying her with the necessary tools to both verify the source of the healing, and to isolate the miraculously healing substance in the sea slug.

In 1947, a topical chemical was presented to a war weary US Government which exhibited nearly instantaneous healing powers.

In the first ever documented move of Imminent Domain by the United States Government, the entire organization was immediately classified as top secret, in a partnership with the US Navy.

The USS Arizona was moved directly over the location where the unusual sea slugs inhabited, and an underwater research facility was built just under what was to become the USS Arizona memorial.

The Research Facility’s name? Rapture.

A bitter rivalry between Andrew Ryan and the US Navy ensued, as Ryan had barely been compensated for his costs and nothing more as he saw the company he had founded and spent two years of his life working on stripped away.

To make matters worse. Not only was Andrew Ryan prevented from opening up another company by the name “Ryan Industries”, in ways that baffled him, but anything he attempted to do in and around the development of the products he originally invested in met with disaster.

Sensing a conspiracy. Even being ridiculed as being insane by those he made inquiries to within the US Government, He changed his name to Frank Fontaine, his favorite comedian of the day.

As Andrew Ryan later explained:

“If they want to make my time and effort into a joke. It’s a comedian they’ll get who will roll with the punches and deliver some on his own.”

Almost immediately, the original researcher, Brigid Tenenbaum, ‘defected’,  explaining to Ryan the US Navy’s goal of creating super healing super soldiers ‘like the kind you find in comic books’.

“But what of their emotions?,” she told Ryan, “After a thousand battles would they even be considered human anymore?”

Not long after the reunion, Brigid Tenenbaum discovered the real source of the regenerative nature of the sea slug, which in fact wasn’t as much biological as it was a biological process, which turned out to be a reproducible process using off the shelf chemicals. .

Brigid and Andrew were married in 1959, a little more than decade after their business partnership began. And their company saw many, many products and brand names hit the consumer shelves over the years under various aliases to not draw too much attention.

In 2006. Andrew Ryan worked with the US Government to purchase the abandoned facility underneath the USS Arizona monument in Hawaii.


To preserve it’s historic and cultural importance, the US Government has designated the monument’s current location AND Frank Fontaine aka Andrew Ryan’s series of companies as the tenth of 13 domestically based entities to be classified as critical to the security of the United States.

On or before January 20, 202o, the USS Arizona will be moved to it’s original location and a newer monument will be erected in memory of those who were lost in World War 2.

And at that time.

The City of Atlantis, the world’s first submersible city and new headquarters of Ryan industries which can house nearly 500,000 employees and their families – will be unveiled to the public.


There are currently 50,000 people operating Atlantis, mainly research and support, with 170,000 working in various roles around the world for the newly resurrected Ryan Industries.

Ryan Industries specializes in chemical and biological engineering, oceanography, marine biology, and other newer areas of research such as underwater civil engineering and related support.

On a final note: Andrew Ryan and Brigid Tenenbaum are both nearly 85 years old and still married….. And they don’t look a day over 35! Another (un)fortunate benefit of having worked with the regenerative chemicals as they underwent development!

Ryan Industries is an avid supporter of Greenpeace.

Ryan Industries is also decidedly against the EEO and hires according to whatever standards it darn well feels like.


Transfer of Ownership Papers:



‘Extinct’ bird rediscovered: Last seen in 1941

A scientific team from WCS, Myanmar’s Nature and Wildlife Conservation Division — MOECAF, and National University of Singapore (NUS) has rediscovered a bird previously thought to be extinct.

Jerdon’s babbler (Chrysomma altirostre) had not been seen in Myanmar since July 1941, where it was last found in grasslands near the town of Myitkyo, Bago Region near the Sittaung River.

The rediscovery was described in the recently published issue of Birding Asia, the magazine of the Oriental Bird Club.

The team found the bird on 30 May 2014 while surveying a site around an abandoned agricultural station that still contained some grassland habitat. After hearing the bird’s distinct call, the scientists played back a recording and were rewarded with the sighting of an adult Jerdon’s babbler. Over the next 48 hours, the team repeatedly found Jerdon’s babblers at several locations in the immediate vicinity and managed to obtain blood samples and high-quality photographs.

The small brown bird, about the size of a house sparrow, was initially described by British naturalist T. C. Jerdon in January 1862, who found it in grassy plains near Thayetmyo.

At the beginning of the 20th century, the species was common in the vast natural grassland that once covered the Ayeyarwady and Sittaung flood plains around Yangon. Since then, agriculture and communities have gradually replaced most of these grasslands as the area has developed.

Said Mr Colin Poole, Director of WCS’s Regional Conservation Hub in Singapore, “The degradation of these vast grasslands had led many to consider this subspecies of Jerdon’s Babbler extinct. This discovery not only proves that the species still exists in Myanmar but that the habitat can still be found as well. Future work is needed to identify remaining pockets of natural grassland and develop systems for local communities to conserve and benefit from them.”

The Jerdon’s Babbler in Myanmar is currently considered as one of three subspecies found in the Indus, Bhramaputra, and Ayeyarwady River basins in South Asia. All show subtle differences and may yet prove to be distinctive species.

Further analysis of DNA samples taken from the bird will be studied at the Department of Biological Sciences at the NUS Faculty of Science, to determine if Jerdon’s babbler in Myanmar should be considered a full species. If so, the species would be exclusive to Myanmar and be of very high conservation concern because of its fragmented and threatened habitat.

Explained Assistant Professor Frank Rheindt of the Department, who was a key member of the field team and leader of the genetic analysis, “Our sound recordings indicate that there may be pronounced bioacoustic differences between the Myanmar subspecies and those further west, and genetic data may well confirm the distinctness of the Myanmar population.”

This work was carried out as part of a larger study to understand the genetics of Myanmar bird species and determine the true level of bird diversity found in the country. Already Myanmar has more species of bird than any other country in mainland Southeast Asia and this number is likely to increase as our understanding of birds in this long isolated country continues to grow.

WCS’s work in Myanmar which led to this discovery was supported by The Leona M. and Harry B. Helmsley Charitable Trust.

Further information: http://orientalbirdclub.org/2015/03/05/jerdons-babbler-rediscovered-in-myanmar/


The asymmetry of decay

Reposted from (the amazing) Seth Godin’s BLOG

When things get a little better every day, we take the good news for granted. It takes almost no time at all for the improvement to turn into an expectation and for the expectation to be taken for granted.

But when things decay, we can’t stop thinking about the loss, extrapolating the pattern all the way to doom, and then living with that doom, long before it arrives.

This is a bug in the system of our culture, but that doesn’t mean we can’t work to hack it. When we curate our media intake (and create our own) and when we decide what story to tell ourselves (instead of accepting the story of someone with different objectives than ours), we can rewire our inputs and the way we process them.

Same facts, different experience. On purpose.

(Q’s note: Journalists regard this as spin.

Telling ourselves our own story of this thing we call life and reality is our prerogative in my opinion)


Graystone Industries

In 1996, a small startup company by the name of Graystone Industries introduced its – what they thought was state of the art high resolution Virtual Reality goggles known as Virtual IO at COMDEX in Las Vegas.

The Virtual Reality Goggles flopped.

But not before getting the attention of the US Army, who immediately took interest in the Goggles.

Working with the DOD,  the US Army – through the NSA – purchased Graystone Industries and its technological assets in their entirety.

But the public hadn’t forgotten about the technology, and with television shows like Star Trek demonstrating Virtual Reality in an advanced form, consumers and investors alike began pursuing the company after it became classified, hoping to work with the technology as it evolved rather than waiting for it to be perfect.

This caught both the US Army and the NSA off guard, as typically, consumer flops usually resulted in nearly no questions asked about the poorly implemented technology.

The NSA, having acquired the technology and dissolved Graystone, were hoping to get consumers and investors ‘off the scent’ of the now non existent company who manufactured the virtual reality glasses.

This led to the NSA’s creation of the shell company known as “Virtual IO”.

And led to one of the most bizarre events the US Government has ever documented.

Investors flooded the company with offers.

Yet didn’t ask a single question about the name change.

It was almost as if Graystone Industries didn’t exist.

Billions of dollars were being offered, in fact, were being offered, from all around the world, with literally no strings attached, just so the company would continue development of their product.

The intelligence community was baffled.

And those with corporate ties to the NSA who were occasionally briefed were equally concerned.

After all, they worked hard to preserve their brand names, so why were investors and consumers alike unconcerned about brand?

A special team was put together to answer that question at the specific request of then President William Clinton.

The shell company known as Virtual IO refused financial support,

News releases were published outlining internal development issues. Stagnated development. Engineering problems.

Interest in the technology and inquiries only intensified.

This led to the question:
“Was there something we’re missing with this technology or company?”

In 1998, Graystone Industries was resurrected. Most of the original staff were brought back – with specifications nearly equivalent to what the US Army was striving for – an artificial mechanism of competition.

Full funding for the company was re-established.

Yet not one inquiry was made to Graystone Industries despite being in the same location and having the same phone number it had previously had.

It was as if public memory had completely forgotten about the company and it’s relationship to the product.

In 1999, President Clinton assigned the organization to become the ninth of 13 domestically based firms to be classified as critical to the security of the United States.

The US Army’s research and goals were consolidated and handed back over to Graystone Industries, and the NSA closed the shell company known as “Virtual IO”, issuing the public statement explaining the closure as having had irreparable technical management issues.

In 2002, Graystone’s development computer systems were hacked, and the ‘beta version’ of the United States Army’s Virtual Reality simulation was released to the public domain.

The hackers were then traced to an internet cafe in Cluj Napoca, Romania. And as the FBI set up it’s offices in the region.

I was sent on behalf of the NSA to investigate.

Where I was taught a lesson about myself and how others saw me.

Graystone Industries has remained hidden in plain sight.

And goes by a different name, for now.

It presently employs nearly 150,000 people directly, and about 1 million more people as private contractors around the world.

Microsoft Graystone Industries also does extensive research in Corporate Development CSR education services and software and is shifting the entirety of it’s software operations into Virtualized Learning Systems (VLS), and will be releasing a consumer version of a fully immersive holodeck based on technology developed jointly with countries around the world on or before January 20, 2020.

It is also the primary investor in the International Space Station, and the development of the world’s first space station which is the largest visible object in the night sky.

It’s name?

Deep Space 9, named in honor of the TV series of the same name.

On January 20, 2020, Deep Space 9 will be unveiled as a part of the upcoming President’s inauguration speech.



West And United

To say I remember things about my past would be a necessary lie.

To say I have come to believe in what this country, nay, to say I have come to believe in what this life stands for, would not be.

Thank you for the lessons.


A Tale of Scale

Imagine being in California, and feeling the hot Santa Ana winds blow unexpectedly.
“Where do those winds come from?” You say out loud.
In that instant, time seems to speed up, what was previously a 60 mile per hour gusting wind is now a devastating 600 miles per hour wind. Yet strangely, the world around you remains intact, as if it – and you are not feeling a thing other than this amazingly strong gust of wind seemingly blow right through you.
Off in the distance you see the plume of a nuclear cloud extend as high as you can see.
A bomb had been dropped.
Your question was just answered.
“But why?,” you ask out loud, “is everything not destroyed? That blast should have leveled the entire city yet it – and yet I still stand?”
In that instant. As if your mind is wanting to help you understand. You are whisked up.
The people below fade away and look like ants.
You are whisked up further.
The cars and trucks and building begin to look like play toys.
You know, the ones you played with as a child.
You are whisked back further.
You see the plume cloud from the nuclear blast beneath you.
You are whisked back further. And faster.
The plume cloud is barely visible as you see the entire earth, as gorgeous as she is with the moon in orbit.
You are whisked further away.
Other planets appear in your field of view, with moons orbiting them.
You are whisked away further, your speed dramatically increasing but you aren’t feeling a thing.
Earth disappears in the vast blackness of space, as you see countless other stars and planets zip past you – as you keep on going further and further away.
You are whisked ever further away, but something weird is happening – the distance between the blackness of space compresses, and it appears like…
You are whisked away further….
Is that a solid object forming? That blackness seems to be being replaced with … color?
You are whisked away further….
You hear a noise. It sounds like…
You are whisked away further….
The object solidifies and you see what is clearly a human hand….
You are whisked away further….
And the noise is deafening…. and the noise you’re hearing is clearly what caused your nuclear blast….
You are whisked away further….

As you find yourself looking down through eyes that had always been yours…

“Is that a?,” you think out loud as you see what was causing the noise….

You see words on the side of the thing causing your noise, but before you can make them out…

….. But right then… You hear yourself say:

“Damn hands.. they can never seem to get dry with these stupid things”

As the words become visible “Earth Dryer”.
You walk out of the restroom, after using the public dryer…
Your hands still wet.
And your conscious mind none the wiser as to what just happened at the subatomic level of your body.
… but your subconscious mind…
Has a hell of a story to tell you….
.. if you could only learn to listen ;-)
Kingdom Come

Kingdom Come: An Amazing Display of What’s To Come With Non-Combat Video Games!

Imagine a video game set in the times of Jesus, or In Rome circa 1400, or in Ancient Phoenician times, or on planet Earth in the year 2400.

In this game – you can buy a house, tend a farm, take a job as a builder of ships, as an architect, or as an engineer aboard a space-faring vessel.

In this game you can sell goods and services in the local markets, you can get married, have children, live, laugh, and love and interact with and take part in that economy, and when you leave, your character remains.

Imagine being in the year 1700 and taking a walk through a forest without fear of getting robbed by thieves. And if you do, you can work with the local police force to get them to police the area better.

Imagine being in the year 2350, and you come up with a starship design which ‘fits in with the time period’, as you become a famous designer selling your starship designs to the highest bidder.

Imagine relaxing on a nude beach in France, or driving that classic Ferrari you always dreamed of in the 1980s as you listen to that ‘new group’ Van Halen for the first time on the radio…

Now imagine this is real.

Role Playing games as they were meant to be. Not about warfare and combat. But about playing a role you otherwise wouldn’t play to contribute to the development of different times and different eras.

This isn’t fiction.

As I work on my space based futuristic version of this.

A ‘game’ where combat may happen, but is highly unlikely because players are more interested in preserving the roles and careers they worked so very hard to establish.

Enter “Kingdom Come”.

The first game of it’s kind to let people simply live their lives and be a part of a community. Just like in real life. Only at a different time and place. And looking absolutely real.

Kingdom Come


Beautiful ain’t it?

For more on that game, check out the Youtube video here.

Quadriplegic woman flies F-35 fighter jet with nothing but her thoughts

Bodies? Where we’re going – you don’t need bodies….

Arati Prabhakar—director of the Pentagon’s advanced research arm DARPA—has revealed a breakthrough achievement in machine mind control. Jan Scheuermann, a 55-year-old quadriplegic woman with electrodes in her brain, has been able to fly an F-35 fighter jet using “nothing but her thoughts.”

This is her:

Quadriplegic woman flies F-35 fighter jet with nothing but her thoughts

Scheuermann—who is quadriplegic because of an hereditary genetic disease—was recruited by DARPA for its robotics programs. Scientists and doctors implanted electrodes in the left motor cortex of her brain in 2012 to allow her to control a robotic arm, which she did successfully. But she’s not using the robotic arms to control the joystick in the Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II simulator used for the tests. She is controlling the plane with “nothing but her thoughts,” according to Prabhakar, pure neural signaling:

Instead of thinking about controlling a joystick, which is what our ace pilots do when they’re driving this thing, Jan’s thinking about controlling the airplane directly. For someone who’s never flown—she’s not a pilot in real life—she’s flying that simulator directly from her neural signaling.

Quadriplegic woman flies F-35 fighter jet with nothing but her thoughts

The F-35 simulator in action

Prabhakar, who made the announcement at the first Future of War conference, celebrated last week in Washington, expressed some concern about the future applications of this technology, which was initially created to enable soldiers and people affected by motor problems, extending their bodies using robotic parts:

In doing this work, we’ve also opened this door. We can now see a future where we can free the brain from the limitations of the human body and I think we can all imagine amazing good things and amazing potential bad things that are on the other side of that door.

I can’t see the “bad potential” of this overweighting the good potential. Sure, we can use machine mind control to remotely control killing robot soldiers on the field, but we can already do that just like we control drones.

What I can see is an incredible breakthrough that will one day enable people with motor problems to overcome whatever limitations they have. If DARPA has achieved what Prabhakar is talking about, this is an amazing breakthrough for the seamless integration of robotics and humans—and a giant leap towards the singularity.

For more on the original article, see the original article on Gizmodo.



Protovision was established in 1969 by Doctor Robert Hume in Sunnyvale, California to formalize his relationship away from Stanford University with the NSA working with the United States Department of Defense, the US Air Force and NORAD command at Cheyenne Mountain to create a computerized “War Games” tactical and strategical simulation.

In its initial incarnation, the system was single-mindedly programmed to do one thing: to respond to an Inter-Continental Ballistic Nuclear Strike with Mutually Assured Destruction encoded as a part of the system’s solitary instructions.

The system went into place in NORAD on June 23rd 1973, not without glitches, and a number of other facilities throughout the United States afterward.

It has since seen its functions and capabilities expanded extensively since that time.

In 1983, Protovision became the eighth of 13 domestically based firms to be classified as critical to the security of the United States.

As such its entire operations have been hidden since 1983 under a veil of security and extensive series of shell companies, with its headquarters located just outside of Portland, Oregon under a security holoveil.

Protovision is a specializer in strategic, tactical, and role-based training software and simulations, and develops both the software and proprietary hardware to support their extensive research based organization which employs nearly 200,000 people around the world.

Protovision also does extensive research in Applied Intelligence Programs and Virtualized Learning Systems (VLS), and will be releasing a consumer version of a fully immersive free motion virtual reality room which will not require goggles or haptic feedback devices of any kind on or before January 20, 2020.

At that time, it will also be officially declassified to operate its own consumer division under its own name.


Official Transfer of Assets Documentation:




ENCOM was founded by Dr. Walter Gibbs, Ph.D. on July 22, 1972, originally from inside his garage (Not really, he was married and working in his den, but loved Steve Job’s Story so much he actually thought about plagiarizing it because his story sounded so much less interesting).

Within less than ten years, ENCOM grew into one of the world’s leading computer companies, and is now known the world over as ENCOM International and is an American multinational computer technology corporation which develops many important programs and technologies such as digitization hardware and software, the MCP and, of course, TRON.

In 1979, A few bored engineers working at ENCOM pieced together the video games “Space Paranoids” and “Light Cycles” on company time, which almost saw their dismissal, but ENCOM threw caution to the wind, dipping their toes in the video game entertainment industry, which saw a great deal of success for these engineers and for their employer.

In the 1980s, ENCOM was mainly focusing on defense related systems and mainframes, but quickly shifted focus in the late 1980s with the success of Space Paranoids and Light Cycles into the digital medium – as ENCOM scientists widely began to accept the multiple universe theory as fact and began engineering everything accordingly.

The United States Government soon approached them about the video games – which led to a joint effort with the United States Government and DOD – all collaborating on “Game Theory” and Video Games for a wide array of research and development projects.

It was also in 1980 when ENCOM brought its first mainframe online, leveraging a patented ENCOM chip design which was optimized for ‘peer to peer’ computing. It was a significant breakthrough in processing power and distributed processing through chip-to-chip communication.

The software that managed it was referred to as the Master Control Program, or “MCP”.

Development of MCP began as a chess program.

In 1980, Shortly after the release of the video games, Disney approached ENCOM, who presented the concept of a unique movie detailing the inspiration behind the making of the video games, with a a wide array of fictional elements to keep the public entertained in an original fictional story.

ENCOM and the scientists engaged in the research LOVED the idea.

And even went so far to name it:


A shortened version of elecTRON, the primary constituent necessary to create video games and digital entertainment.

The movie was a hit success, and as it was being developed, the original engineers were jointly developing yet another video game which was to be co-released with the movie – aptly named TRON.


It wasn’t long after the TRON game was released that clones were being sent to the United States via Asian distributors, oddly enough, with the logo “Midway/Bally”.


A lawsuit ensued. A lawsuit which ENCOM was most assuredly going to win. A lawsuit which oddly had Bally/Midway unable to explain how these machines even came into existence.They claimed that they were completely unaware of the distributor’s actions

In an odd twist of fate, the scientists working for ENCOM asked ENCOM lawyers to ‘stand down’. They had been convinced this was ‘evidence’ of the multiple universes in action, and that maybe they should spend more time researching these situations and profiting off that understanding rather than defense of existing profits.

On learning of ENCOM’s intention to abandon the case, the Department of Justice stepped in, concerned that ENCOM’s inaction would result in a precedence of intellectual property rights violations by other companies.

Having the DOD as a partner in high tech research helped establish ENCOM position, and quickly found the Department Of Justice would accept ‘one and only one’ instance of intellectual property rights violations allowed like this in relation to ENCOM.

With one caveat.

In 1982, ENCOM became the seventh of 13 domestically based firms to be classified as critical to the security of the United States.

As such its entire operations have been hidden since 1982 under a veil of security and extensive series of shell companies, with its headquarters located in Livermore, California hidden under a security holoveil.

ENCOM employs 17,800 people in Livermore and another 110,000 people around the world, largely in digital education, sciences, engineering, and related research.

It will become fully declassified and publicly unveiled on or before January 20, 2020.


Ownership Transference Documentation:




Cerberus’ core belief is that humans beings deserve a greater degree of freedom, latitude and liberty than they have historically been allowed in shaping their own destiny, and accordingly, is an organization built on the philosophy of guaranteeing the ‘human experience’ for those who have seen their basic individual rights and choices questioned or disallowed when more traditional avenues and protective systems have failed.

On December 1, 1954, a senator Joseph McCarthy – who had led the McCarthy hearings ‘hunt’ for communists – and spearheaded the ‘red scare’ within the US government – met with senate members in private where he was ready to tender his resignation.

He had actually felt intense guilt of someone having committed suicide as a direct result of his actions and no longer desired to be a senate member.

With many people of vast wealth and power surprisingly in complete agreement of McCarthy’s position, his desire to quit was strongly resisted despite his desire to exit, and he was request to ‘stay’ in his position – as one does not simply quit a publicly elected position when the going gets tough.

He refused. His mind was made up.

Fortunately, an amenable alternative was provided

On December 2nd, 1954, Senator Joseph McCarthy was released as a Senator, historically referred to as an act of “censure”, making him one of the few senators ever to be disciplined in this fashion.

That same day, he walked out of the Senate and into the offices of a newly formed highly classified organization in Washington DC.

It’s name: Cerberus.

Named in honor of its new leader, and the much feared three headed watch dog in Greek mythology who could look to the past, present and future as it guarded and defended those who didn’t know needed defending.

The Cerberus Organization’s primary mission was and remains simple: To help identify, assist, and educate those in need, with quite literally no financial restrictions, limitations, boundaries, and borders on who or what it could provide assistance to.

Two months after it’s inception, Cerberus focused its primary attention on two separate projects to sustain itself and it’s mission –  ‘perpetual project paths’ initiated by Mr McCarthy, something he had hopes could become his legacy in perpetual support of the organization’s primary mission.

The first project, named “Project Axiom”, involved identifying and classifying separate forms of intelligence beyond simple IQ. To Mr McCarthy, who’d come to regret his ‘witch hunt’ methods, he felt it was an ongoing necessity not just for him, but for his organization to understand those he represented on their terms, not his.

The second project, named the “The Lazarus Project”, was tasked with the research and development of technology based on fictional and historical references  – starting with the bible.

What was unusual about Cerberus was the nature of it’s primary and ongoing ‘projects’ – as both were considered “Perpetually Renewable Projects” by the organization – quite literally woven into the proverbial DNA of the firm.

One project used to foster and support the other to foster and support the primary mission of the company.

The organization saw modest yet very sustained growth and respect in private circles immediately. Just prior to McCarthy’s death in 1957, a ‘succession program’ was established to ensure the continued and ongoing success of the primary mission and retain integrity of the organization and education of that mission to successors with an understanding of why it had been established to begin with.

In 1999, Cerberus was meeting, in private, with the WTO in a highly classified and secured location in Seattle to discuss incorporating social and intelligence research Cerberus had discovered into the WTO social programs, when the meeting was confronted by thousands upon thousands of protestors.

The meeting between the organizations no longer secret, and clearly something involving the WTO wasn’t working in the best interests of the Cerberus and/or the US Government.

Due to the vital role Cerberus has had and continues to have with humanity’s interests, the US Senate through the DOD immediately classified Cerberus as critical to the security of the United States to protect it.

But this required dismantling of the ties with the WTO to provide the illusion of dismantlement to allay any further provocations or security concerns.

It is the sixth of 13 domestically based firms to do so, and as such its entire operations are hidden under a veil of security and extensive series of shell companies, with its headquarters in Washington, DC hidden under a security holoveil.

Cerberus has since been rumored to have established a third project – referred only as a checks and balances program’ – and is known internally as “Project Chimera”. Not much is known about the nature and objectives of “Project Chimera”, but Cerberus has explained that any and all information regarding “Project Chimera” will be released on or before January 20, 2020.

Cerberus currently employs 113,000 people directly in a variety of capacities, and has approximately 100,000 private contractors at any given time working in a variety of capacities as well.


Transfer of Ownership Of Cerberus:


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